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Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

last week we went to vegas for a quick two day trip to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. i was excited to see all the new appliances that Samsung is introducing! i have their flex duo and family hub fridge in my house and they have been great supporters of my cooking journey this past year. i never thought i’d become such a kitchen nerd but i truly am, i get so thrilled even thinking about cooking and i loved learning the in’s and out’s of their new products. The Chef Collection has a lot of the same features of the industrial ovens we’re using in cooking school. i never realized how important temperature is until culinary school, and being able to adjust a burner to super intense heat and also simmer consistently at a very low temp is awesome.

AND! i’m going to show you joanie’s new favorite recipe for pad see ew (so quick and easy) and a look at the new products samsung has available for those of you looking to update your kitchen!

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest
Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

i love how they styled their new Tuscan Kitchen collection. the whole idea with this collection was to bring nature and home together, so they created this earthy tone that goes great with woods and natural textures. i also love that the color really compliments its surroundings and picks up the hues of what it’s next to.

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest
Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

they worked with Samsung Club des Chef members, an advisory board of Michelin-starred chefs for Samsung Kitchen Appliances, including Chef Kostow on creating the Chef Collection, using their years of restaurant kitchen experience and bringing that to the home cook. there was so much cool technology and connectivity (feels like the future) like being able to pre-heat your oven from your phone, knobs that tell you if you left a burner on, steam cooking capabilities, etc. as well as simple nice design details, like how you can get a fridge that blends seamlessly into your walls and cabinets, matching the finish and having a completely flat exterior. the matte black color is super cool too.

thanks for having us, Samsung!

ok, let’s make a recipe…

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest
Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

this recipe is from the night + market cookbook which if you haven’t purchased you definitely should, it’s amazing!

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

what you’ll need// if you have a thai market in your town, go! but if not, many of the items are available for order online.

• 1 cup chopped tofu
• 1/2 cup blanched broccoli, chopped
• fresh pad see ew noodles (some whole food carry them, or your thai market!)
• egg
• 1 tablespoon black soy sauce (this is a thicker, slightly sweet soy sauce!)
• 1 1/2 teaspoons white sugar
• 2 tablespoons seasoning sauce (this is chef yenbramroong’s special sauce, it’s 1 1/2 cups thai seasoning sauce, 1 cup oyster sauce, 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar, mix it all up and keep in your fridge to use as need!)

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest
Samsung KBIS | designlovefest
Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

one tip he gives in the book is to not double up the recipe, if you want to make more than one serving, do them in separate batches to maintain the proper heat in the wok and not over crowd it.

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest
Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

  1. heat your wok until it starts to smoke, add 2 tablespoons canola oil and swirl. add in the tofu and cook until golden brown, about 4-5 minutes.
  2. add in the noodles, sprinkling with the sugar so they don’t stick. add the 2 tablespoons seasoning sauce and mix. throw in the broccoli.
  3. push everything to one side and crack the egg, let cook for 10-15 seconds and then mix in all together.
  4. pour the black soy sauce over everything and mix well. let sit on the heat for 1-2 more minutes, stirring occasionally. remove and serve!

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest
Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

really couldn’t be simpler! don’t be intimidated to try this, once you get the ingredients you’ll have them on hand for many batches of pad see ew to come!

Samsung KBIS | designlovefest

(this post was created in partnership with Samsung)



do you remember earlier this year when i hosted a dinner and showed you guys a tour of the MINI LIVING Urban Cabin in downtown LA on the rooftop? this has been one of my favorite jobs this year. i truly think they are so innovative and i love the concept behind living small. this month we visited Beijing to explore the new Urban Cabin that was right next to the bird’s nest stadium where the Olympics were held!

I LOVE the gold reflections! this space may be small (15 square meters) but it does not lack amazing attention to detail. for each Urban Cabin the team links up with a local architect to bring in a special feature that speaks to living in their city. Chinese architect Sun Dayong, the founding partner of Pendadesigned the “experience room” in this inhabitable space. he was inspired by life in the hutongs in Beijing. if you sit in the swing and look up at the gold facets you can actually see all sorts of different images reflecting from outside, giving you a peek into the busy life that Beijing has to offer.

the MINI LIVING Urban Cabin also has smart design features like revolving doors and windows, a bed that rolls outside, a hammock on the roof, and a peg system on the wall for hanging shelfs and belongings. they really remind us to simplify our lives into the necessities and to remember what is important. there are skylights throughout the Urban Cabin that let in tons of natural light, which i love. natural light is very important to me in a home and this space really provides that.

you can see the bedroom above which has a super simple layout and the option for the bed to be fully inside or partially indoors and outdoors which would make for the best sunny reading spot.

when you have such a small space every single detail counts and it forces you to really consider what you have in your home and decide if it is useful and beautiful. they had these hooks all over the Urban Cabin that you could move throughout so that you can adjust the space based on your needs. i love that they made them yellow, the pop of color is pretty against the light wood.

we spent a half day at the summer palace. i recommend going at 8am when it opens to avoid all the crowds and tour groups. it’s a very pretty place to walk around and explore the history.


a few favorite things we did in beijing:

• strolling around the hutongs was our favorite. (a hutong is a type of narrow street or alley commonly associated with northern Chinese cities) start around the drum and bell and explore that area!

• then walk to mr. shi’s dumplings. we loved everything we ordered! (they moved locations but just down the street, there’s directions on a sign)

• the great wall of china is a must. but if you’re like me (lazy ha) and you don’t want to hike for hours, we did the short way and highly recommend! our hotel helped us hire a driver to take us to Mutianyu (a section of the wall that isn’t very crowded but still has amazing views) and then the driver waited for us to take us back. (that was about $80-100) you take a short shuttle from the station, ride the cable car up to the top, walk as much as you like on the wall, and then slide the toboggan down (SO FUN!!!) really happy we did this…

• walking through the panjiayuan antique market was interesting. i found some really cool ceramics and gifts there to take home.

• we loved our traditional peking duck dinner from Siji Minfu.

more random tips:

• important! VPN – i used expressVPN from the app store. make sure to download it and sign into itbefore you leave home. this will give you access to all your social media apps, google maps, etc that will be blocked once you arrive.

• i thought the subway was super easy to get around and understand. bring cash in low bills to purchase the tickets from the machines. cabs are also very cheap and sometimes quicker. bring a business card from your hotel with the address because communication if you don’t know the language is often times tricky.

• i downloaded the google translate app. this way you can speak or type what you want it to translate quickly when you need to. it also has a cool feature that translates menus and words. very helpful!

thank you so much to MINI Living for allowing us to experience a new culture and explore your beautiful cabin in Beijing!

and here is a little video clip from my last shoot with them!

(photos by designlovefest, in partnership with MINI Living)



hoppe shoppe | designlovefest

as you know, i currently have all things home decor on my mind. most of the conversation around re-decorating a room is about the bigger pieces of furniture, the bed, couch, credenza, etc. but sometimes the smaller, accent pieces, make all the difference. i like to slowly accumulate special decor pieces so that it feels like a well rounded mix of items and not something that i threw together in a few weeks when i wanted the room to be done. one of my friends has the cutest online shop that’s filled with pretty pieces, both new and vintage. she’s moving studios so everything is 25% with code HSMOVES and here are a few of my favorite things! and it’s half way through september which basically means it’s time to start holiday shopping! – joanie


(all the prices are before the 25% discount!)

Linen napkin set $36 – our favorite linen napkins that we use in all of our food shoots!

Ikebana vase $158 – love this beautiful piece, so subtle and special. would be so pretty with a single stem in it.

Vintage ceramic vessel $28 – such a sucker for this vivid blue color.

Vintage vessels $32 each  –  i have shelves full of the vintage vessels and pieces i’ve collected over the years and i don’t regret any of the. love the color variation of the black and brown on these.

Vintage clock $146  – we have the not vintage version of this clock on our wall. a clock is totally a undervalued addition to a living space!

Yellow circle mugs $36 – prettiest pop of color for our kitchen.

Brass feather wall candle $48  – for someone who lives in a place with winter, this piece is perfectly cozy.

Mid century black apothecary $98 – black in interior design is definitely having a moment right now.

Brass serving spoon $25 – a non-vintage item but we love all things brass in our studio kitchen.



green interiors | designlovefest
image source here

i recently moved into a new apartment which is bigger than our last by about 500 square feet. and i’m shocked by how much more furniture we need just by adding a little more space. we’re in that weird in between where we want it to feel done but we don’t want to rush any big purchases and want to make sure everything is going to look right together. interior design is not my strong suit so it’s not the easiest thing for me to envision each piece and how it’ll all come together. but one thing for sure is that’ve been strongly feeling a pull towards green. i love all these interior shots below, especially the strong paint color choices and tile. – joanie

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

we already own two green velvet chairs so i’m not sure how much more green our living room can handle but i love this couch by rove concepts. and also this olive green option from CB2 (their fall collection is so good!). this couch from article is also gorgeous.

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

also debating the pros and cons of getting a bed that’s really low, like this one from blu dot. worried that it’s going to throw the room off and how do you clean under it? that bed also comes in lavender which is really fun. blu dot throws some really fun colors into the interior game which is cool.

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

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wallpaper is always a bit of a risk, but the rewards can be so great. there are actually so many beautiful wallpaper options out there right now. even if you want something more temporary there are a ton of removable wallpaper options too. i’m all about palms and pastel prints at the moment. what do you think of adding wallpaper to your space?  – erika

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