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i’m excited to bring you another beautiful shoot from bird dog wedding (remember this gorgeous brunch they shared last year?)! they picked the prettiest color story for this 4th of july themed party. the popsicles with edible flowers are the cutest! looking at these photos makes me so ready for summer entertaining…

“As soon as summer rolls around nothing feels better than embracing the idea of outdoor dining and casual backyard get togethers. What better way to celebrate the magic of summer than with a playful 4th of July party!

For this set up we chose to keep it simple with sweet treats, bubbly drinks, and cheerful decor that played off the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme. However, to keep things young and fresh we included pops of citrus, peach, and aqua for an unexpected twist and to brighten up the palette.

No 4th of July party is complete without some pie! Mini pies are set alongside sweet tarts and hand painted cookies in perfect little bit sized portions. And what says summer more than popsicles? Look up a delicious popsicle recipe and add some edible flowers, berries, or herbs into the mix for a fun personalized twist. These are such a crowd pleaser and a perfect way to keep your guests cool. For drinks, we served something sparkling and pink with an assortment of mix and match berries and citrus provided for garnish.

To create a casual backyard vibe offer your friends a few blankets and let them unwind on the lawn. Slip your shoes off, lay back, and enjoy the summer slow down!” – bird dog wedding

thanks again to bird dog for sharing this beautiful story and the great crew of people they collaborated with to make it happen!

concept and creation by: bird dog wedding
photographer: Kristin Kilpatrick
desserts and Popsicles: Green Lily Bakery
vintage Serving Platters: Melody’s Joy
napkins: Leah Duncan
vintage Dresses: The Ivy Retreat
venue: Brentwood Bungalow
model: Kaki Gaines



this is one of those shoots brought to you out of pure inspiration. i got together with two of my friends, floral designer amy merrick (remember this?!) and photographer chantal anderson, to bring to life these gorgeous california inspired still life shots. all three of us are wildly inspired by florals, fruits and this wonderful state, so this is a post dedicated to all of those things. hope you enjoy! here’s amy…

california florals | designlovefest + amy merrick + chantal anderson

As a floral designer and art freak, it’s hard to not feel the pull of classic 17th century dutch master still life paintings as a source of rock solid inspiration. Since I’ve been traveling all through California, I noticed the very same sense of natural bounty that my favorite dutch painters captured also reflected in my beloved Hollywood farmers market, local flower stalls and shell shops. I couldn’t help but pay homage to the painterly still lives of the past by putting through a the rose colored glasses of a Southern California sunset.

california florals | designlovefest + amy merrick + chantal anderson
california florals | designlovefest + amy merrick + chantal anderson

California produce is my ultimate kryptonite as a snowbird New Yorker. Pink lemons, enormous artichokes, blood oranges, papayas, dates- a stop at the year round farmer’s market always astounds me that the most beautiful, delicious things on earth are available for purchase for just a few dollars. I love the idea of setting a big tablescape in your house of produce that celebrates the season. Look for heirloom varieties with variegated or unusual colors.

california florals | designlovefest + amy merrick + chantal anderson

We can’t talk about the natural beauty of California without mentioning her greatest asset of all- 840 glorious miles of Pacific coastline. The ocean is California’s fairy godmother, granting her pink glows every sunset and the best beach towns in America. I have fallen so hard shell collecting as of late, both huddled over tide pools and all out splurges at local shell shops.


It’s hard to imagine that each of these little treasures was once a home, so bring that inspiration back to your place by using shells in a modern way. The dutch masters loved painting shells, so collect a variety and see how well they pair with ocean inspired graphic plants- palms, proteas and papyrus grass.


Flowers run through California like blood in the veins, the year round growing season is impossible to argue with! I created a painterly arrangement full of California’s best- ranunculus, succulent flowers, geranium leaves, kumquats and fritillaria. Spikey wild cucumbers were foraged from a hillside fence in Mt. Washington along with fan palms and bougainvillea.

Using a footed compote vase (like this one I designed in collaboration with West Elm) really amps up the old world drama, but using bright colors and a wild, asymmetrical shape keeps the whole effect throughly modern. Amy Merrick

florals by: amy merrick – see our last collab here!
photos by: chantal anderson
model: siri thorson



women and whiskies invited me and my good friend victoria to host a girl’s valentine’s day party in my studio and it was SUCH a blast. my favorite girls, whiskey cocktails, pretty flowers, food, and dancing made for the perfect evening. i really love the concept of women and whiskies which is to support women and their consumption and education of whiskey. it has notoriously been a “men’s drink” and they want to switch that by empowering the ladies with knowledge so that we’re comfortable tasting, talking and buying the spirit on our own. kudos to that!

we sampled all of their whiskey brands (wild turkey , forty creek, russell’s reserve and glen grant) and mixed up four different cocktails (you can find the recipes, here.) that were all delicious and did the trick!

we had the best time putting this party together and i got to work with some of favorite vendors to completely transform my studio. found rentals really pulled out all of the stops and outfitted the studio with the most beautiful array of vintage rugs and furniture. it was basically girl heaven. i created a “drink pretty” vinyl wall decal and had it printed for over the couch. it really grounded the space and made it easy for me to show people what the hashtag for the party was!

moon canyon made an outrageous centerpiece and the prettiest hanging wall installation as the perfect backdrop to the bar. kristen is such a gem.


and heirloom la absolutely killed it with their color appropriate food for the occasion and impressive setup. have you ever seen prettier deviled eggs? we had a ton of finger foods for everyone to snack on the whole evening.





this year moon canyon and i decided to host a holiday wreath workshop and i think it might have been the start of an annual tradition.

each student started with the same base and then kristen allowed them to come up and select their own variety of foliage to build around their wreath. she recommended stating with a type of cedar and/or eucalyptus and then adding accents from there.

students had the option to adorn their wreaths with unexpected additions like persimmons, artichokes and dried lotus pod (pictured above).

it was amazing to see how stunning each one was in the end. everyone took their vision in a completely different direction and created something that they would feel proud hanging in their home this holiday season.

room forty created an amazing holiday spread for us. the tomato soup with mini grilled cheeses on top were a huge hit.

and the cutest mini pies and deviled eggs. their food presentation is on point! a big thank you to brittany wood for capturing the day so perfectly.

one of the best parts about the wreaths is that they’ll last you through the entire holiday season! get together with your girlfriends and start making some. you can follow this DIY here.

workshop taught by: moon canyon
photos: brittany wood
catering: room forty



there are very few occasions where flowers are not an appropriate gift. they’re the perfect thing to bring to a friend in need, celebrate a special occasion or simple say “i love you.” we wanted to put a twist on the traditional bouquet wrapping so i worked with maddy nye to create several different graphics (that you can download and print below) and then my favorite moon canyon made three perfect arrangements for us!

once you print the graphics, cut it into a perfect square and fold the edges over to create a cone and seal with double sided tape. if the steams of your flowers are wet, put a plastic bag around them before placing inside your cone.

i think the “you’re fresh” one might be my favorite, what about you?



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