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a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest

very excited to share the details on this party because we went all out and it turned out so pretty! it has been awhile since we got to host a party for no reason other than to celebrate and hang with friends on a warm summer evening and this ended up being perfect. the only thing we knew from the onset was that we’d be hosting it at ROW DTLA on one of their rooftops and that we wanted it to have a mixology tie in, i love when events have some type of interactive/learning element! it’s a good ice breaker and people walk away with a little knowledge they didn’t have before. we landed on the theme of Tiki which felt like the perfect combo of summer and celebration.

a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest

the roof top offered a completely blank slate. the background is of downtown LA and has killer views so i knew we wanted to highlight that and to also create a relaxing, intimate environment.  i invited about 15 friends so i didn’t want the party to be too spread out. to create the atmosphere, i started with found rentals, which is an amazing furniture company in southern california. we’ve used them for many events and they have the best selection. they have a bunch of cool rattan pieces that were perfect for the theme and i mixed in some colorful rugs, pillows and tons of lanterns.

a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest

we worked with of the flowers (she did my wedding florals too!) and she really nailed it with all of the details from the palms decorating the bar to the dried leaves and flowers over the day bed and the lanterns and greens hanging on the lights. she created small center pieces for the table we’d have room to make drinks but still have a punch of color and texture.

a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest

for the food, we hired Haute Chefs who always do a great job of creating a vibe and they really focus on the details, which i love. we had a tropical fruit station to start and then passed appetizers like mini poké bowls, fried chicken sandwiches, crab cakes and mini pineapple dole whips for dessert. they also helped us curate the drink list which included a pain killer and the classic mai tai. since it was an all female crowed we wanted to have a female mixologist for the teaching portion and haute chef’s introduced us to Nikki who was perfect for the evening. she taught everyone a bit about the origins of tiki culture and bars and also how to make a mai tai, do a whip shake and some different elements to have on hand for creating tiki cocktails at home.

a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest

everyone really brought it with their outfits, so many pretty patterns, colors, kaftans, and breezy looks!

a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest

everyone was outfitted with their own mixology kit. the shakers and jiggers were from cocktail kingdom which is one of our favorite places to buy bar supplies, they have such pretty glassware! a linen napkin from hawkins new york (which has a gorgeous store at ROW DTLA and the best curation), a tiki mug that we collected from all over the internet at places like etsy and ebay, a metal straw (from Flask & Field, they also have a killer wine selection!) and a tiki drink pick.

a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest
a tiki party at ROW | designlovefest

this post is part of our year long partnership with ROW DTLA which is one of our favorite places in the city to shop, eat, drink and hang. we’re super excited to be hosted two more events there. you can see all of the shops and restaurants they have here.  and you can follow them on instagram to hear about new openings, events and parties!



rose infused vodka | designlovefest

we have some seriously talented remote contributors here at designlovefest and i absolutely love sharing the content they create. it’s such an honor to work with so many incredible women! today’s post is from sarah from bird dog wedding with beautiful images from kristen kilpatrick. sarah produced this gorgeous post on naturally dyeing fabric and she’s back today with another equally stunning post on infused vodka!

rose infused vodka | designlovefest

“The end of summer is fast approaching and we’ve been trying to soak up every last minute of it! Our favorite way to slow down and enjoy these long sunny days is getting  together with a great group of friends to sip on a refreshing cocktail to beat the heat.

Playing around with different cocktail recipes and ingredients is always fun, but I thought I would kick it up a notch this summer with a DIY vodka infusion! It’s a playful and easy way to personalize your drinks and give them a unique twist. You can tailor the infusion to your specific taste and preference since you can infuse vodka with almost anything! Some great flavors to try are lemon, watermelon, blueberry, basil, mint, lavender, jalapeños, or even vanilla. Since I’m a sucker for all things floral I thought I’d give a rose infusion a try. It was such an easy process and turned our vodka the prettiest shade of peachy pink with delicate floral notes.”Sarah

rose infused vodka | designlovefest

What you’ll need:
For the Vodka Infusion:
• 4 cups vodka
• 4 tbsp organic dried rose petals

For the Cocktail:
• 1/2 oz. simple syrup
•  1/2 oz. rose water (optional)
• 2 oz. rose infused vodka
• 2 oz. grapefruit Juice
•  4 oz. tonic Water

rose infused vodka | designlovefest

• To create your rose infused vodka simply combine dried rose petals and vodka in a clean airtight container and let sit for at least 24hrs or up to a week depending on how strong you prefer. I chose a ratio of about 1 tablespoon rose petals to 1 cup vodka. To note- choose a high quality vodka that you enjoy drinking but keep in mind that the higher the alcohol content the stronger the infusion will be. I sourced the organic dried rose buds and petals from my local grocery stores bulk tea section.


• Once I was satisfied with the strength of the infusion I strained out the rose petals and transferred my vodka to a nice bottle. I decided to go one step further and create a sticker label for a personalized touch. I simply used a floral stamp I had on hand and wrote the name of the infusion and date on the label. I really loved this little handmade element! And it would make the infusion such a nice gift!

rose infused vodka | designlovefest
rose infused vodka | designlovefest

• Now, for the cocktail combine the vodka, simple syrup, grapefruit juice, tonic water, and rose water in a chilled glass filled with ice. Add some rose petals for garnish, stir, and enjoy!”

Sarah Reichardt for Bird Dog Wedding
Photography by Kristen Kilpatrick
Kitchen by Claire Zinnecker Design



pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest

we have another gorgeous DIY project by alyssa hoppe that we are excited to share with ya. we talk a lot around here about how to make affordable art, and this is a perfect way…pressed flowers. let’s learn how!

pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest

With so many flowers in full bloom right now, I can’t help but gather stems while I am out walking. I love drying and pressing these flowers to frame or use for other fun projects but instead of continuing to fill up all my books in my house, I thought I would make a DIY flower press and share how to make it! Alyssa

pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest


• 2 pieces of wood
• 4 bolts, wing nuts, and washers (home depot)
• blank newsprint paper
• cardboard
• flowers for pressing


• drill and drill bit
• scissors
• clamps

pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest

• Start by lining up your two pieces of wood and drill a hole on all four corners 1/2 inch in for the bolts.

• Slip your bolts in to make sure the whole is loose enough for the wood to slide up and down.

• Take your cardboard and newsprint and cut off the corners of each side so that there will be room for the bolts once inside the press.

• Layer the cardboard and newsprint together five sheets of newsprint to one sheet of cardboard. You can create as many layers as you want depending on how many flowers you want to press.

pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest

• Then place your flowers you want to press in between the layers of newsprint. 

• Once all of your flowers are placed, slip the stack of cardboard and newsprint between the wood and tighten the wing nuts. 

• Make sure to press firmly on the wood while tightening the bolts so that the flowers are really pressed. 

pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest
pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest

Let the flowers dry for ten days and then carefully pull the newsprint layers off to reveal your beautiful stems! Frame them for an affordable and beautiful piece of art in your home…

pressed flower DIY | alyssa hoppe for designlovefest

and don’t forget about this DIY dried floral room spray right here.

project by: alyssa leanne hoppe
photography by: nicole moser




we’re feeling ready for the holidays over here! this time of year comes and goes so quickly that it’s nice to get a jump start on festive activities to soak up every minute of it. today we’re talking about gift wrapping techniques with simone and kristen. simone is a trusted resource in los angeles for specialty gift giving and gift boxes and kristen is our go-to floral genius. take it away, ladies!

there are so many different ways to wrap a gift and today we’re focusing on florals and fabric. imagine the look of delight when you pass one of these gifts along to a loved one!

here are kristen’s tips for incorporating florals into your holidays gifts:

• With holiday foliage a little goes a long way. I like to use lots of different greens to create a fragrant holiday gift topper. I make a bouquet of greens and attach it with ribbon to the top of the gift. forging outside is a great and inexpensive way to make this work.

• When adding flowers to a present I use floral glue. Hot glue would also work in a pinch! You just have to be careful to add the flowers right before you are going to present the gift. Use hardy florals like tulips, hyacinth, roses, amaryllis. and avoid flowers that fade fast out of water like peonies. 

• Some of my favorite (and easy to find) holiday greens: pine, spruce, cedar, juniper, holly, fir, and pine cones!

• I have been into strung blooms lately and think stringing hydrangea petals or hyacinth blooms to create a ribbon is a unique way to decorate your holiday gift. Rose petals would work well too!

simone’s insight on wrapping…

Fabric: I love the idea of wrapping packages in your favorite fabrics, or else a fabric you think the gift’s recipient will love. We used one of our favorite HTH linens (which of course can be reusable) a crisply preppy gingham, a beautiful leather. The idea of the wrapping itself being a keepsake piece really adds a nice layer to this.

Tip: When you choose your fabric, make sure the fabric you choose is a bit bigger than the boxes and make sure you have extra for mistakes you might make. Most of the time, tape won’t be strong enough to hold fabric, so you can use a tiny little bit of a glue gun (don’t overdo it for the sake of preserving the fabric). If you’re really ambitious, you can hand stitch it on with a really loose whipstitch, which will produce a relaxed look. Another way to secure the package is to wrap the package in the style of Japanese Furoshiki (directions below) accented with a sprig, or with the with the ribbons you use (more on that below!)

• Lay out your fabric on a flat surface

• Tie two opposite corners together over the package

• Pull across the other two corners to meet together and tie.

Ribbons: this is such a fun accent to add to a gift and it really can take it to another level. Ribbons are a great, easy way to add texture and personality — you can chose a ribbon that’s clean and classic (like the black grosgrain), layer ribbons of differing widths, even string flowers onto sewing thread.

If you use a doubled ribbon, a cool technique is to layer it and use a wider and thinner option for dimension (this is great because, let’s face it, we can never quite decide on just one ribbon!)

We also used a wide silk for the leather wrapped gift which we wrapped around a couple of times. For the fresh flower petals, you just thread a needle and trail it through petals. It’s actually really easy —it just takes a bit of time. Such a beautiful, romantic detail.

Keep in mind that the above are such personal touches. It’s all about play and having fun with it. The wrapping doesn’t need to be perfect, the ribbons can be a bit organic in feel  – push things off to the side! Wrap things a bunch of times and layer them. Have fun with it.

For an added touch of surprise and texture, add non-gift-wrap items to the gift i.e. crystals, bells, foraged pinecones. Think of unexpected elements that work with the color palette, theme, and general vibe of the gift. Bonus: These will act as keepsakes in and of themselves.

The most important thing is the idea of letting go of pristine perfection and instead thinking creative, fun, and festive. You gift recipient will love you all the more for it.

florals by: moon canyon 
gift wrapping by: simone LaBlanc
photos: ivan solis




as you probably know, i am a huge flower and plant fanatic. they just make me so happy. for the designlovefestival, it is going to have a jungle theme (more info soon on it!) so we wanted to do a portrait session where kristen from moon canyon florals (she’s amaaaazing!) and jesse chamberlin (who can’t take a bad photo if she tried) could get creative with your portraits! we will probably only take between 8-10 people so that people can have time to play and get the shots they feel happy with.

UPDATE: SOLD OUT (but we should do more of these!)


we will send you a little questionnaire where you can tell us a bit about your personality, and then kristen will style flowers specifically for you and your portrait session with jesse. this will be a really fun extension to the designlovefestival (it will be the day before, and you will get a sneak preview of the action) and you will get some awesome photos of yourself! (or you can bring your significant other or sibling?!)


or you can bring your little one! jesse is amazing at shooting kids, so that’s a great option too. check out her children’s photos here.


to sign up, here are the details! (ONLY OFFERING 10 SPOTS TOTAL)

where: the moon canyon studio in silver lake 

when: friday, october 23rd

details: this is a portrait session that will be shot by jesse chamberlin with personal floral styling by kristen of moon canyon. once you sign up we will assign you a 20 minute time slot between 11am – 4:00pm on friday. we will ask you to fill out a personal questionnaire that will be used to style your portrait. you will need to arrive 15 minutes before your session as it will start and end exactly on time. 

what you’ll receive: we will send you five large digital files 3 weeks after the shoot that you will be able to use however you’d like. make a poster for your home!

click to SIGN UP HERE FOR SESSION 1 (sometime between 11am-1:30pm)

click to SIGN UP HERE FOR SESSION 2 (sometime between 1:30pm-4:00pm)