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if i can get my act together, i would love to have a little holiday party this week now that my house is finally feeling more complete. i asked the bash, please girls to show us how to make a cool centerpiece for the party. check out what they made!

We wanted to create a centerpiece that is festive, yet simple (and inexpensive!) to put together.  We headed down to our office supply store and purchased white shipping tubes in a variety of widths, which we then cut into different heights.

We took a variety of papier mache and glass ornaments and spray-painted them in matte paint from top to bottom in shades of pink, mustard, red, green, and white to create a bright color palette for our table. The greens for the table were scraps we got at our neighborhood Christmas tree lot – we made sure to ask for scraps of different types of trees to give the centerpiece a varied texture. The red berries were purchased from the LA flower mart. 

Once we had all of our supplies together, we began building the structure of the centerpiece. Starting from the back and working our way forward, we created an asymmetrical display of shipping tubes, making sure to keep the shortest tubes in the front. If you plan on having your centerpiece visible on both sides, you’ll want to place some shorter tubes on the other side as well.

With the installation complete, we tucked sprigs of greenery into the tubes and added the red berry branches for pops of color.

Simple gold stickers, also from our office supply store, were placed on the wall above the table to spread holiday cheer.

We set the finished ornaments throughout and for a final touch, votive candles were placed inside some of tubes to add a soft glow and warm ambiance to the table.

Happy Holidays!bash, please

photos by: kimberly genevieve
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MAKE IT / 24

ready to make some pom poms? i promise, it’s very easy and the perfect way to switch up your holiday decor this year. let’s get started…

what you’ll need:

• clover pom pom maker size large (available in most craft stores and on amazon here)
• yarn in beautiful colors
• scissors

the steps:

• open one side of pom maker
•  wrap the two pieces (the colored arms for lack of a technical term) together with yarn. wrap enough yarn around so that when you close it the side fits in snuggly. We like our poms nice and pouffy so we use lots of yarn.
• repeat on other side and close the arms of the pom pom maker.

• following the groove in the middle, cut yarn all the way around. If you have used lots of yarn you may find it easier to cut in layers.
• when you’ve cut all the way around slide a piece of 18- 24 inch yarn inside the center groove, pull very tight and double knot.
• grab the white part of the pom maker on either side and pull apart gently to reveal the finished pom pom. it feels like you might break it…but you won’t.

• it’s haircut time. trim to shape into a perfect, plush, round pom pom. make a loop with you long strings to hang if you desire.

***we found that we like the colors on our poms to be random, to achieve this we just wrapped our yarn switching colors often. once you make one or two you will start to see how you can place colors in certain spots on the maker to get different effects. 

two weeks ago we had a little party at anthropologie and demonstrated how to make these fun pom ornaments to 55 crafty gals. i could not have done this without my amazing DIY contributor, natalie! this was a wonderful event and i can’t wait to do another one with anthropologie

we shopped around for tons and tons of yarn so that the girls had a lot of color options for their poms. then we tied them in these little bows…

and here we go…

i thought it would be cool to make these branded pom pom packs for everyone to get when they arrived. i made a rubber stamp with the design the week before and we stamped all of these glassine bags and sealed them with gold washi tape. i loved how they came out!

these girls were pom pom making machines. some of them made SO many for their tree. i was really impressed with everyone’s color choices too. a sophisticated bunch.

have you heard of the donut snob? um…i am not even a sweets girl but these were so delicious! i indulged in the salted carmel and the bacon donut. i will have to keep these folks in mind for future events for sure.

i love how kim captured these ladies having so much fun.

thanks so much to all of you that came & thanks anthropologie!

project by: natalie shriver for designlovefest
photos by: kimberly genevieve
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i’m so excited to host another craft night at anthropologie and i am really hoping to see some of you there. (here’s the video and some photos from the last event!) this time around, my DIY contributor extraordinaire natalie will be joining me and we will be showing you how to make these awesome pom pom ornaments for your tree….

we’ve picked up all sorts of yarn and have been busy putting together little packages for all of the attendees. there will be food, shopping, mingling, crafting and just a good time. and hey, it’s all free, so why not?

there is limited space & supplies so you must RSVP, okay? email [email protected] to hold your spot. we will be taking to first 50 people to email! see you on november 8th at the anthropologie in the promenade! all the details in this invite…

(update: the event is now full.)

email [email protected] to RSVP
photos by: kimberly genevieve



you guys weren’t lyin about seattle having a starbucks on every corner, were ya? and i thought it was funny that i always hear friends complain about the gloom there, and when we went the sun was shining bright the whole time! the seattle blogshop was great (our biggest class yet!). we taught at this really cool artist space called fred wildlife refuge. (check out this huge open room!)

scout rentals made our space all good looking with her awesome furniture & decor (like these pillows i loved!) and look at that beautiful teal + gold laura burkhart abstract painting that we raffled off. i would definitely put that in my loft.

we included a lot of wonderful artists that i’m excited to share with you all. it’s still really fun for me to hand pick the items that students get in each city.

our seattle sponsors!
1. AuRetour – a print studio in brooklyn makes these cool geometric totes!
2. Julia Kostreva – silver foil dotted gift tags & those journals that i quickly became obsessed with!

3. Field Guide Design – those colorful DIY paper ornaments! i hung mine in my office at home!
4. Balue/Co – i was really drawn to this jewelry when i spotted it on etsy! i like the simple silk cord!

5. Our Paper Shop – my dear friend emma just started a card line. it’s hard to pick a favorite!
6. ravenna girls – neon rope bracelets!
7. Lime Greenorganic soap trio

wonderful food by:
homegrown catering, cupcakes with adorable heart toppings by trophy cupcakes, pesto jars by rialto pasta bar, AND these cool cookies thanks to be coolinary!

to see a cool behind the scenes video that Stephan Gray put together, head right on over here!

it was great meeting new friends and exploring a new city for me. thank you all for your creative energy! and as always, thanks to our friends at Adobe Photoshop for your generous gifts!

onward bloggers! (oh, and we have ONE more class that just opened up!)