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a year or so ago i found a rachel comey bright pink jacket on super sale (pictured above!). it has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet and something i look forward to wearing when the temps drop. the winter months can feel dark and grey, i’m originally from michigan so i understand dark and cold! having a bright coat to wear can feel uplifting and a departure from the gray, camel and black that is the majority of outerwear. a few favorites below! – joanie

Anthro faux fur jacket $60 – cute and cropped! this little jacket can be worn all year round.

Puffed sleeve coat $228 – very much love the bright yellow/green color of this coat. it appears to be on the lightweight side so you can buy it now and wear it into spring.

Theory wool/cashmere coat $208.50 – this is a great price point for a wool/cashmere jacket. and I’m a sucker for a vivid pink. i think it’s a pretty color on everyone and it really pops.

Mango wool coat $230 – I’m into the oversized silhouette, especially for winter when you may want to layer up underneath. Wearing it open, during warmer months, would also be very chic.

Quilted satin down coat $524 – put this on the dream list! the wide quilted panels and this jewel tone make a really beautiful jacket.

J.Crew boiled wool coat $165 – i’ve had great lucky with J.Crew coats over the years. i love this one in the saffron and coral color too.

Shawl jacket $100 – this one looks to be half robe/half jacket and extra cozy.

Club Monaco relaxed jacket $159 – not a bright at the others but this shade of blue is lovely and this would work well for a polished work look with broken-in jeans and a t-shirt on the weekends.

Balenciaga floral trench$996 – another one for the dream list! but now i’m inspired to shop vintage and find a fabulous 60’s trench coat. i love to look at designer pieces and then find similar options shopping vintage on ebay or etsy for a fraction of the cost!









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