a cozy kitchen cake | designlovefest
 strawberry sheet cake from a cozy kitchen! 

how are you? it’s getting really warm here in los angeles, starting to feel like summer. it has been fun to watch the seasons change while being mostly inside. southern california doesn’t have drastic seasons as it is but, i’ve found it comforting to watch and notices the changes that have happened. the flowers blooming that weren’t there two days ago, trees that are sprouting green. warmer nights, longer days, all signs of time passing. i’ve stopped gauging time as much in minutes, hours and days because they seem to mix together but i like noticing the passing of this period of time, these 6+ weeks that we’ve been inside. and i guess i must be feeling in the summer spirit because i included a round up of strawberry dessert images in this post, nothing says summer like fresh, juicy berries.  – joanie 

what are you making this weekend? i’m going to make another round of homemade pasta because my husband is making linguine with fresh clams, and i can’t wait. he is also making this brisket which might be poorly timed due to the intense heat and the hours of cooking time required but we’re going to go for it. and we’re also making alice waters fried sole (from the art of simple food which is an excellent cookbook). a seafood heavy weekend!

if you’re burning more candles than normal (i definitely am!) brooklyn candle studio is a great place to buy, the candles are wonderful and they are a small team who has been hard hit by the closures in NYC. they are offering 15% off with code STAYWELL. i love this trio. 

cake by izzy hossack | designlovefest
 strawberry lemon cake by izzy hossack

my aunt and i were debating the merits of different cookware. i think my #1 go-to is still the le creuset dutch oven which i basically use daily but i’m planning to add a great jones pieces to my collection soon. i love the colors and the price point is reasonable. bri has the dutchess which i’ve cooked with and liked. i also love dansk, i think it’s the most beautiful of them all, i have several pieces but the butter warmer size really gets used a lot.

our friends over at lacausa launched the cutest los angeles sweatshirts and tees. i love this one.

is it just me or have you been noticing the resurgence of crocs? i like the printed ones, the strawberry is cute and so is this floral.

i’ve been enjoying listening to taryn toomey playlists on spotify. you can look her up and follow. she is the creator of The Class and i like her taste in music.

before the heat wave, i was taking lots of baths in the evening. i love these lavender epsom salts  and  the milk bath from cuccio.

strawberry tarts | designlovefest

i hope you’re able to relax a bit this weekend! i just started reading, “such a fun age” and i’m excited to dig in. sending you all love!

strawberry tarts | designlovefest



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    Lynne says:

    Oh, I just finished Such a Fun Age and I did not like it at all. I’m interested to hear someone else’s perspective.

    bri says:

    i’ll keep you posted! i’m only a few pages in right now. Xx

    Cait says:

    I raced throught Such a Fun Age and really liked it. I am also a nanny so that might have had something to do with it.

    Annie Slocum says:

    Joanie! Do not buy any pans until I show you the Le Creuset that I want to share with you or any of the family. xoxox

    Where is your link for the strawberry sheet cake? Tried going to the food tab and nothing, also don’t see a direct link?
    Thanks much,

    bri says:

    should be fixed! you can click the image and it will take you there.

    Scarlet says:

    That strawberry lemon cake sounds and looks amazing! And the strawberry crocs sound so cute too.

    Shivani says:

    ooh i’d love to make that smaller strawberry one. do you have the recipe?

    bri says:

    all recipes are linked if you click the photo! Xx

    Thanks for sharing such amazing videos and keep motivating us

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