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i had several small things that i felt like mentioning so i decided to do a cup of jo inspired round up of things i’ve been loving lately, so here it goes and i’d love to hear what you’re currently into cooking/wearing/reading/doing if you’re up for sharing! -joanie

this almond cake from Chez Panisse that my aunt told me to make, it exceeded my expectations in every way, made the whole thing in the food processor, make it!

headed to vermont this weekend to visit my sister, she moved to woodstock a little over a year ago and i have yet to visit. excited for farm life and also my 10pm post-flight solo dinner reservation here.

these mules that i’ve been wearing every single day, so comfortable.

i wasn’t keen on owning a juicer before now because i felt like they were such a hassle to clean, but after testing bri’s, i finally got one and i love it, and use it every day. celery and green apple is my go-to.

i know gua sha is all the rage right now but i started doing it regularly a few months ago and i love it. it really helps with jaw and neck tension. this is the one i use, highly recommend if you have any sort of jaw pain!

having an everlane moment right now, their fall basics are so good, these ribbed boots couldn’t be cooler, on my wish list!

musings | designlovefest

i made a new years resolution to read 30 books this year, just started #21, “A Gentleman in Moscow” and i like it already.

i love this time of year, when you can start to feel fall in the air (yes, even in LA!) especially in the early mornings. i’m excited about the change of seasons and getting back to cooking, summer is always a dry spell for me. Alice B. Toklas roast chicken is one of my all time favorite things to make, it’s very straight forward and the orange and port really bring it to life.

and finally, the sweater selection at H&M right now is amazing, this ribbed turtleneck and this half zip sweater (among many other options!) are so cute.

if you’re on the east side of LA and looking for a good candy shop, i recently discovered tuesdays sweet shop and it’s a bulk candy dream.

musings | designlovefest


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    vex 3 says:

    Very good article, I enjoyed reading your article. The pictures of flowers you take are very beautiful.

    Jess says:

    More of these roundups please!

    Liz says:

    I would love to hear more about your gua sha methods. I have only been aware of its skin benefits, not the tension relief. As a teeth-grinder, I’m very intrigued

    bri says:

    i’ll write more about it soon! thanks for the comment! Xx

    Jenny says:

    I made the almond cake for Rosh Hashanah. SO GOOD. ❤️

    bri says:

    yay, so happy to hear that!!

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