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it that heatwave time of year in LA and i’m feel hot and bothered by the rising temps. in an attempt to combat my bad attitude i started thinking of all the things i love about LA. the little things, the things that are part of my life and that really make this city the one i love. i often feel a bit bad for the tourists that i see in los angeles, the city is so spread out and they’re trekking all over, sitting in traffic and going to hollywood which is crowded and a major let down. but there really is so much to love about this city, and here are few of my favorite things to currently do in LA, just in case you’re looking (most of these are on the east side!). i say currently, because this list is always changing!   – joanie

lou wine shop: in my opinion, this is the best wine shop in the city. their focus is on natural and unusual wines and they can offer all sorts of information on the farmer and family the wine came from and what to drink when and where. it’s in my neighborhood and i go there often. he also does $15 tastings almost every friday and saturday.

the left bank: i love second hand shopping, vintage or consignment and this little shop is the perfect place. the prices are very reasonable. i always leave with something and some of my favorite things in my closet are from here. plus two parking spots in the back that are often open!

griffith park + trails cafe: i hike this a trail a couple times a week with my friend katherine. the little cafe at the bottom is the perfect post hike reward, and has the best homemade almond milk lattes and egg in a basket.

rocco’s italian market + deli: their roasted vegetable sandwich is my favorite. take it to go and go sit at Barnsdale for a pretty view of the city.

la favorites | designlovefest

the NOW: it’s relaxing as soon as you walk in the door, it always smells good, they have easy to get to locations, go treat yourself to a 50 minute massage.

bay city italian deli: another deli, i know. but this is the perfect post beach stop when you’re hungry and want something cold to drink. the lines can be long. i love grocery stores so wandering the aisles while we wait is fun for me. our beach of choice is will rogers state beach.

dune: this is also close to where i live and is a semi-regular spot for me and my husband. we usually sit outside and i almost exclusively order the fried chicken plate. if you go for lunch, grab a coffee at proof bakery after.

homestate: they have a couple of locations, the highland park one offers frozen margaritas and a big patio which is a big plus but we more often go to the Los Feliz location and then stop in go get em tiger after for coffee. it’s a great weekend combo.

the vista: the only have one screen so fingers crossed it’s showing something you want to see, but this theater is always worth visiting. grab a coffee from across the street (they let you bring it in) and enjoy the AC.

la favorites | designlovefest

studio metamorphosis + maru coffee: not sure if a workout class fits on this list but i really love the combo of a great workout and then a grabbing a coffee (literally next door!) at Maru. try the spiced cold brew, it tastes like fall.

heyday: bri and i both really love the facials at heyday. you’re in and out quickly, they are effective but not painful. i go to the beverly location, ask for Nori, she’s great.

pine + crane: we’ve been hitting this place up a lot lately, my go-to order is the dan dan noodles, splitting the beef roll, and a passionfruit black tea with boba. the best!

if you’re looking for more LA tips we have a ton of posts you can read here! Xx

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