happy friday everyone. i am sitting alone on my couch in my robe and 4 blankets (i am becoming that person and i love it) i thought i would just come check in because i haven’t in a while. the past month has been kinda strange…

after 6 months of a lot of travel i felt super worn down, physically and emotionally. we both actually got extremely ill with a bacterial infection in beijing last month and part of me doesn’t feel 100% still. it was actually really scary because justin got sick first and i have never seen him like that. i’ll spare you the details but basically throwing up everywhere and in a lot of pain. and then it came to me the next day! but you know what? it kinda brought us closer. it’s not easy being somewhere unfamiliar, sick, it can be difficult to communicate (i was running around the streets looking for a pharmacy or someone who could help me quickly before i decided to wheel him across the street to a hospital) but while we were going through it, we were together, sometimes laughing at how bad it was, ordering toast and congee to the room on repeat, basically getting bed sores. it took a while to recover!

i’ve also been going through some personal stuff, my mom and step dad (who’s been in my life since i was 2) are getting divorced. and while i have been through divorce once before, it hasn’t really been easy to accept and it’s brought up a lot of feelings. i’m working it out in therapy and luckily my medicine has still kept me really on track with my anxiety most days. but i’ve definitely been putting up a barrier around me, staying home, cooking, hanging out with justin and occassionally having a friend over. it’s been simple and slow and i like it for now. we decided we are going to stay in california for the holidays, decompress and cook a big thanksgiving meal at home. and then maybe run away to vegas for all you can eat buffets for christmas. TBD but sounds fun and weird.

in exciting news, wedding planning is going really well!! we have the date, location (new orleans because justin is from there!) the venue, the florist, the dress, the photographer, the catering…it’s all working out and i am so happy! we actually aren’t doing a ceremony, just a big dance party with tons of southern food. i want to keep it as stress free and fun as possible. but i guess that’s everyone’s goal right?

joanie and i started cooking school…a 20 week program at the new school of cooking. more on that soon because i would love to document things we have learned! i’m trying to really focus and follow this new passion of mine. never know what could come of it, and for right now, it’s giving me a lot of joy!

hmmm what else? we are heading to ireland in about a week, i’ve never been! we are road tripping around for a job and trying to find a bunch of cool stuff to do and document. let me know if you have any favorites, please! and is it SO scary to drive on the other side of the road…i’m a little spooked.

ok i hope you have a very chill (or very exciting, whichever you prefer) weekend. it feels nice to check in, i need to more often! xx bri


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    molly says:

    <3 <3 <3

    rimi says:

    I love this kind of post! I hope you both get better. You have amazing plans ahead ♡

    Hello lovely! I’m in Dublin, Ireland and happy to give you recommendations or answer any questions you may have. Give me a shout on [email protected] (it’s not so much the driving on the other side of the road that will be the issue, a lot of Americans seem to struggle with a roundabout, look up the rules of the road for roundabouts and you’ll already be ahead of the game!!)

    P.S. So glad your wedding planning is going well!

    Rebecca | http://www.peppermintdolly.com

    Amanda says:

    Love these posts! Thanks for sharing.

    katia says:

    Thanks for sharing – and sorry to hear about the tough stuff right now. I find these things get even weirder as an adult, like how do you react to your parents’ lives now that you’re not dependent on them and whatnot? I find it always brings up my inner child feeling scared, and that’s such an uncomfortable feeling. So BIG hugs! And I hope all the fun stuff is helping you keep calm and chill through it all <3

    Sophia Castano says:

    If you would like to, check out the cliffs of moher. They’re just stunning, but quite dangerous because of how steep they are. I would go again in a heartbeat.

    caroline says:

    ireland is soooo damn gorgeous! i really preferred the calm countryside and you get pretty used to driving on the other side of the road. if youre near northern ireland make sure to check out dunluce castle and the giants causeway. just find tiny fisherman towns. cant go wrong.

    Nathalie says:

    Longtime reader ahoy 🙂 I’m from Dublin, happy to help with any tips or recommendations. If you can, definitely pop into Irish Design Shop and Scout for gorgeous contemporary Irish craft buys while you’re over. For food, Delahunt is delish for dinner and The Pepperpot cafe is a really sweet spot for lunch (lots of gorgeous independent stores in Powerscourt, the shopping centre it’s in).

    Galway city is also worth a trip, full of charm and tasty food (Ard Bia and Kai for wholesome, brilliant grub, The Stop B&B for sleeps, Dough Bros for pizza, Loam for beautiful Michelin star eats)

    Enjoy the trip!

    I love your posts like this. One of my favorite things about your blog (and why I’ve been a long time follower) is that you share both the good & the bad in your journey.

    I’m so sorry you got sick in Beijing! Both of you! But you’re right that it can bring you closer as a couple! My husband and I have been through that both physically and mentally. But now, we’re stronger than ever. I see it continuing along that path. 🙂

    Also, I’m terribly sorry to hear about the divorce of your mom and step dad. My parents got divorced just a few years ago, and there’s still so many wounds on every side. But we are making progress. Slowly. Painfully. But healing is often painful. Prayers to you and your family as you all go through this.

    SO excited for your wedding! I know we all hope to see lots of pictures! And no matter what happens, stress-wise, at least you’ll be married at the end of the day! That’s all that matters. 🙂 says:

    Ireland is so damn gorgeous!

    Amanda says:

    I feel you on the sick in Asia bit. I got dysentery my first month living in Indonesia. Getting a proper diagnosis was the toughest part and took quite a few doctors visits.
    But I lived to tell the story and ended up living abroad for another two years!

    mariele says:

    If you can swing it the Aran Islands are more amazing and beautiful than anywhere I’ve ever been. So gorgeous. Ireland is seriously the best.

    Laura K Falck says:

    Thanks for sharing. Amazing how its the things things that make us not feel normal that are actually so relatable!

    Tracy says:

    Gurl, that’s some stuff! But sounds like you are balancing out now so good job. In Dublin please visit Considered Cafe by Helen James, a friend and #girlboss extraordinaire. Her Considered home collection is at Dunnes stores. Have yourself a wonderful trip!

    Kirsten says:

    I hope you enjoy Ireland. A good friend of mine went there this summer and loved it. About therapy, good for you. I am in therapy for many reasons and it makes me feel good, revived, rested in mind and spirit. Peace.

    Moonlight says:

    My country is a commonwealth country so we drive on the left. It’s also a relatively small country so we are not used to huuuuuge roads, but driving on the right side was not THAT scary when I did it. The scariest was driving while in Amman, Jordan, actually! And I was told Cairo, Egypt is even worse! :p Don’t worry though, you get used to the “other side” once you realise that you are sitting on the other side to begin with!

    Mauro Delano says:

    Melhor Artigo! Abraços do Brasil

    Sandra Moura says:

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    Serena Abreu says:

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    Clarity says:

    Divorce is never easy but anyone can overcome it.

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