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i recently moved into a new apartment which is bigger than our last by about 500 square feet. and i’m shocked by how much more furniture we need just by adding a little more space. we’re in that weird in between where we want it to feel done but we don’t want to rush any big purchases and want to make sure everything is going to look right together. interior design is not my strong suit so it’s not the easiest thing for me to envision each piece and how it’ll all come together. but one thing for sure is that’ve been strongly feeling a pull towards green. i love all these interior shots below, especially the strong paint color choices and tile. – joanie

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

we already own two green velvet chairs so i’m not sure how much more green our living room can handle but i love this couch by rove concepts. and also this olive green option from CB2 (their fall collection is so good!). this couch from article is also gorgeous.

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

also debating the pros and cons of getting a bed that’s really low, like this one from blu dot. worried that it’s going to throw the room off and how do you clean under it? that bed also comes in lavender which is really fun. blu dot throws some really fun colors into the interior game which is cool.

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

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    I am in the EXACT same boat as you – just wish it was all “done”, but don’t want to rush in either – love the green inspo shots you’ve picked out here, so pretty!

    Rebecca | http://www.peppermintdolly.com

    mk says:

    I LOVE green & unlacquered brass. verde marbles are so classic, too. I work with so many people who are so exhausted before they even start their projects, regardless of size. if it’s exhausting or overwhelming, consider a consultation? they’re usually free and can give you a design direction you’re comfortable with to ease the stress!

    Karmela says:

    Pues para esos momentos en que queremos ver terminados nuestras casas, es cuando están los profesionales del interiorismo…. Tú tiene buen gusto en muchas cosas, pero si ves que el tema te abruma, pide consejo¡¡ Besos 😉

    happy wheels says:

    It is rare to see such as the post. I am glad to visit your site.

    John Forsman says:

    Do not try to walk by a cactus next to your bed at night in the dark unless you sleep in boots

    RouterLogin says:

    A perfect example of cleanliness I loved the arrangements of the interiors want to hire that designer for my house.

    Robert Heroux says:

    Lovely greens! Nicely done! Sorry if I missed it but would appreciate knowing the manufacturer and color of the paint in the bedroom. Thanks.

    Mikaela says:

    What a great makeover! It’s hard to believe that it is the same space. Fabulous job!

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