so excited about this BIG furniture giveaway and to show you inside our studio space! i’ve been wanting to finish our office for awhile and haven’t gotten around to it but we finally pulled the trigger and got it done with the help of our friends at Article! and to celebrate, one lucky winner will receive a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR shopping spree to spend on anything on article! you can get a few chairs, a table, or even a sofa. click through below to enter and to get a coupon code! we’ve been using their furniture for a few years now and they have tons of cool pieces.

now for a little update on our studio cottage! the goal was really to create a cohesive space that flowed together and felt cozy, relaxed and finished. we worked to complete not only the big pieces but the details as well, everything from the plants to candles and to have the furniture and colors all make sense together. our office isn’t traditional by any means (which we love!) so we went with pieces that have more of a relaxed feeling that fits our work place. you can see some of our article furniture in action below! we started the furniture picks with those two rose velvet chairs because they’re so good and they really set the overall vibe of the studio, and we added the geome sideboard, the fuzzy grey sheepskin rug, and the black floor lamp


we also created a mood board! i have been collecting pieces of inspiration from all of the world during my travels but most of it just lives in my drawers at home so it’s really fun to finally have a place to display some of it! to create the board we covered a foam core board with white linen (stapled it to the back with a staple gun and then just nailed the board to the wall). the total cost of the project is under $50, foam core, linen (which you can buy by the yard at your local fabric store), staples, nails and pins for hanging. here we can collect inspiration, memories, and document past projects!


we all really love how bright and airy the space is. it has such great energy when you walk in there! it’s definitely our little home away from home where we can put recipes together, work with the chirping bird sounds in the background, and have a space to meet with clients.

plus, there’s a memorial day sale going on now that you can shop here.

and, if you’re looking for some home inspiration, here are a few of my favorite pieces they have right now!

these outdoor chairs are awesome!

we have this leather couch and love it, so comfy

this pretty green velvet sofa

this white coffee table

a cool bench for the end of the bed

and here’s a pic from my mom’s recent visit 🙂 now, for the contest…

here’s how to win…

1) visit the article home site and take a look around!

2) click here to enter the giveaway!

one winner will receive $1,000 to spend on any items of their choice. the winner will be chosen on may 24th at 10am PST. open to our readers in the u.s. and canada only, sorry! click here to get $50 off $100+ through 5/23.


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    Katia Engell says:

    How exciting! I’ve just moved into my new space and it’s a first full-on, not-student apartment and I’m in need of many new things (trying to be patient waiting for the right pieces to show themselves!). Thanks!

    Jennette says:

    I’d love love to get the Culla spindle bed! Great contest!

    Courtney says:

    Ok you and your mom are so cute!! I love this space, and how bright it is.

    leslie says:

    Oh my goodness! I love the Culla bench, the Seno dining tables, the Sven chair. The options are fantastic!

    bee says:

    ahhh! such a light and airy space! the combination of all the pretty colors and textures are sure to get those creative juices flowing 🙂

    Article has my DREAM sofa (saved in my bookmarks as “DREAM sofa”) that I’ve been eyeing for months and months and months. boyfriend and I just moved into a hip little apartment in downtown Austin and it would really complete our living room vibe 😉 good luck everybody!

    Christina says:

    Love this giveaway, what a dream it would be!! 😍 love your space as usual!

    Kate says:

    I love Article! Can’t say enough good things about their couches. We’re looking for some chairs to go with our green SVEN.

    Would also love to know where the coat rack and the chairs by the couch are from!

    Jenn says:

    love the new space! I’d love to win those rose velvet chairs.

    Would also love to know where the wooden table is from? it’s a great size for my apartment! Thank you!

    Sue says:

    Love all the sheepskin throws!

    vivi says:

    Ooh, how fun! I love article!! Rose velvet chairs all the way!!!

    Sina says:

    We are in the process of redoing our master suite and the chairs would be the exact thing that we need!

    Nicole Luis says:

    Love your style clean and super fun !!!!!

    maggie says:

    I am obsessed with the Ansa bench! It would look so cute at the end of my bed (and I know my pups would love to lounge on it!)

    greta says:

    love it!

    greta says:

    so beautiful! i love the chairs.

    Julie D says:

    I am SUCH an Article fan!!!

    Jenna says:

    I am obsessed with that gray rug.

    DANG!! This would be awesome to win. I’m currently obsessed with all the colors of the paso throws and I’d love switch out my second hand dining chairs for the svelti lily pink dining chair. UGH

    Megan Brooks says:

    I love Article! I had the absolute pleasure of working with them on a campaign with Pandora music and it was so much fun! The giveaway is awesome which I definitely applied for!! 😉

    Micaela says:

    The space is beautiful! I love the velvet couch. It grounds the space while still maintaining the open and airy feel.

    Jessie James says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Christina says:

    so exciting! I’ve always wanted one of their couches. love their pieces!

    Kristine says:

    The Culla Spindle Walnut bed is beautiful!

    Ashley Maldonado says:

    Ugh those are GORGEOUS!!! I would love to win. Mostly because it would make my heart so warm to have something inspired created and loved by YOU!! ❤️❤️😘

    shaz says:

    The Ansa bench is awesome! Well, all of their stuff is but that’s what I would get first <3

    Kara says:

    Your studio is gorgeous! Love all the pieces.

    Oh my gosh your studio looks amazing! Just entered the giveaway. Crossing my fingers! I’ve always wanted to try Article!

    Ali says:

    Love your style everything is fun and unique! The Ottoman is amazing!

    Renee says:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! <3 I've been eye-ing Article's SVEN sofa in that gorgeous dark blue leather for the longest time. Fingers are crossed! 🙂

    The new studio is so stunning!! Wow!! If this is my work place, I could live here forever~

    Gina Harth says:

    Love the Studio!!! Crossing fingers, would love to win!

    absolutely love Article and would love to win something for the nursery we’re working on right now <3

    Sunchicka says:

    Love the new studio

    katy says:

    Where is the long bowl with three legs on the credenza from !?!?

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