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i’ve read a couple of articles recently that say wine consumption is at an all time high in america which made me think about my own wine drinking habits and realized that is definitely true for me as well. i used to be a mix of a wine and cocktail drinker. especially when eating out, i’d generally order a cocktail but now a days i’m almost exclusively ordering wine.

i also drink more often, i’ll have a glass most nights of the week and i’ve definitely gotten way more picky when it comes to what i drink. it feels like more than ever people are talking about natural wines and knowing where your wine comes from and that trend has certainly caught my attention. mostly because i’ve tried the natural wines and i feel so much better when i drink them, no headaches or foggy mind in the morning. i also used to purchase at the grocery store and just pick up whatever bottle caught my eye but now i find myself visiting a local wine shop instead, something i never really did because i thought wine shops only carried expensive bottles but i find lots of options under $20 which is sort of my threshold, anything under $20. i will say though that the increase in wine consumption has certainly increased my monthly food +beverage expenditures! but, i do find that i drink more often at home, having a friend over for a glass, rather than going out and paying $13+ for a mediocre one at a bar.

anyway, i’m curious if you find yourself drinking more wine these days? or if you’ve jumped on the natural wine bandwagon? do you drink during the week or only on the weekend? do you feel like your drinking preferences have changed with age? part of me thinks that my gravitation towards wine is just part of getting older. i’m always curious about people’s drinking habits. and if you have a favorite wine maker/label that you love and would recommend. i recently bought a few bottles from amplify wines, they’re a husband and wife team here in california and i just opened their white blend last night and it was delicious.

wine talk | designlovefest

i mentioned to my doctor that i was drinking red wine almost nightly, something i thought he’d try to get me to stop doing but he said he didn’t think it was a problem. he said if you’re having more than two glasses i’d tell you to cut back but 1-2 is fine. i thought that was surprising!

in the opposite direction, i’ve also noticed that there is an increase in people talking about going completely sober. how stopping drinking changed their life and i’m equally curious about that. have you thought about giving up drinking entirely? or have you already done it? – joanie

wine talk | designlovefest

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    Jules says:

    I drink wine pretty much exclusively but haven’t tried any natural wines (at least, not that I know of!). And I usually only have a glass or two (if that) per week, most likely on the weekend.

    xo Jules

    Lizzy says:

    I recently cut back from drinking wine (and sometimes beer) every other night to only on weekends, and I have noticed a huge change in my energy levels during the week. Plus, when I do drink, now it’s more of a treat 😉 I definitely substituted things for wine to wean me off, though, like caffeine free tea in the evenings or La Croix when it’s getting warmer. Cheers!

    bri says:

    I did the only drinking on weekends think for awhile and I agree, it does feel like much more of a treat and something to look forward to at the end of the week! Xx

    Sam says:

    I usually only drink on the weekends unless its been a rough day at the office. I used to drink more wine but have been drinking more beer lately. I am a 1 beer on Friday or Saturday night person, rarely opening a second. But, I have been thinking of moving back to wine for the health benefits, and maybe having a glass during the week. (I am 44 if that matters.)

    A 27 year old guy in my office recently switched from beer to wine and feels amazing. He drinks a glass of wine each night.

    This might be worth investing in if you only want a glass and want your bottle to last. I saw it at a farm to table sort of place. Treat yoself. https://www.amazon.com/Coravin-Model-Wine-Preservation-System/dp/B0168AT5HE/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1523568636&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=coravin&psc=1

    bri says:

    i just got back from wine country and saw the Coravin everywhere! they say it really works, I think I’ll add it to my birthday wish list. Xx

    Karli says:

    About once a year, I take a 2-3 month break, and it always feels amazing, though it is hard to do in the beginning. To me, it’s about breaking a habit and experiencing life in a new way, as so much of socializing often centers around “going out for drinks”. It also gives my body a break, and keeps my alcohol intake in check.

    The is an amazing and inspirational article. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I went completely sober for for 100 days in fall of ’17. It was a life changer for me. I learned to be very comfortable not drinking in alcohol-centric situation and felt healthier and more productive than I’d had in a long time. After I finished my 100 day challenge and reintroduced drinking in my life, I felt like I had a healthier, more enjoyable relationship with alcohol than I’d had previously.

    im not sure if its just because we pay attention to it now, it seems like people talk about it more often? but i agree. and i am a 23yr old living in maui, hawaii. it’s more often i find someone in my age group talking about not drinking, or giving up drinking entirely.

    i just sat in on a class that suggested a 0123 drinking rule. 12-14 drinks a week, up to 3 drinks a day. as long as you don’t exceed those 2 rules, its actually been studied that a drink or 2, especially wine, can actually be healthy. (for your heart i think, like the old red wine saying)

    we don’t have may local winery here, maybe one on island. but it still is pretty affordable (~20$ range). our whole foods also carries organic/natural wines, so that is helpful. i personally enjoy sparkling wines, and find a glass or 2 a day helpful to achieve why i drink, but still not excessive.

    I agree that choosing wineries can be overwhelming. If I were you, I would stop by the Napa Valley tourist office (there are 2 in Downtown Napa) and ask them for recommendations besides the ones I mention here.

    Renee says:

    Genuinely curious about what you mean by “natural” wines? You mean organic, or no artificial additives? I’ve seen some that boast no sulphites, which I’m interested in trying. What I’ve read however is that it isn’t the sulphites that cause headaches, but the naturally occuring tannins in the wine. Thoughts?

    bri says:

    hey renee, honestly, i probably shouldn’t use the word “natural” because it has such a strong and confusing connotation in today’s wine world. i do live right by a wine shop called Lou in Los Feliz (not sure if you’re an LA local) and I’m part of his wine club, his motto is “natural and unusually wines” and i do notice that some of the labels say that it contains sulfates and i still feel great after drinking them. so i wouldn’t say sulfate free is what I’m going for, more about knowing the vineyard and wine maker the wines came from and their practices, i.e. not mass produced, adding sugar during fermentation, etc. i’m not necessarily looking for an organic or biodynamic label because those certifications can be so costly to receive. But if you go into your local wine shop and ask for a natural wine they will most likely have something for you to try, or they can order something for you. i like following Marissa Ross on instagrm, who writes about wine for Bon Appetit and talks a lot about natural wines. Xx

    Alex says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing!

    Olly says:

    Lovely! Really!

    Jana says:

    About once a year, I take a 2-3 month break, and it always feels amazing, though it is hard to do in the beginning. To me, it’s about breaking a habit and experiencing life in a new way, as so much of socializing often centers around “going out for drinks”. It also gives my body a break, and keeps my alcohol intake in check.

    muara says:

    every once a year, I always take a 1-2 month break, and it always feels amazing, though it is hard to do in the beginning. It also gives my body a break, and keeps my alcohol intake in check.

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