exiting GIVEAWAY today! enter to win $500 to spend at ateljé nord. they have so many well-designed items for your home. i have their afteroom bench in my entryway.

we love the scandinavian designs of their home decor! what are your favorite pieces? click through below the enter and let us know! good luck everyone!


here’s how to win…

1) visit the ateljé nord site and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite items!

one winner will receive $500 to spend on any item(s) of their choice. the winner will be chosen on december 13th at 10am PST. use the code DESIGNLOVEFEST20 for 20% off through january 1st. open to international readers, yay!


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    alyssa says:

    love these classic, clean shapes and colors! i think they’d look timeless in any home and would be beautiful to use everyday or at get togethers


    Krista says:

    oh my goodness I love everything from this site! Love this mirror especially – https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/horizon-mirror

    Olivia K says:

    This chandelier is absolutely amazing, it would be such a statement anywhere! Beautiful.

    Theresa Sullivan says:

    I loooove plant stands so I’m all about this one: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/wire-pot-base

    Lauren says:

    I love the darkly mirror, the cushions and all the kitchen stuff 🙂

    Anna says:

    I especially love this little side table (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/cage-table) and so useful!! I also love these round pillows (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/basic-round-cushion) – the colors are to die for!

    Kelly says:

    So chic! These pillows https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/upside-down-cushion would make my bedroom feel so luxe!

    Jess says:

    My favorite is this shoe rack: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/sko-shoe-rack

    It would look great in our entry

    Emily Stone says:

    Wow never heard of this site, so happy about this post!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bench!!


    Rebecca Rubin says:

    I love all the Georg pieces! But I think the Georg mirror in particular would look amazing in our bedroom!

    Alexandra C says:

    Love that the block table has wheels.

    Marina says:

    Love everything, especially this mirror: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror

    Chandra says:

    Love this mirror for the entryway

    And these cushions for all over the apartment

    Anna says:

    everything so cute, especially this mirror! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/horizon-mirror

    Allison Beck says:

    I am OBSESSED with the Harrison Chandelier! I love how it is simple, yet looks like molecules (clearly, I’ve got a science bbackground). I want this in my front hall, or in a vaulted family room! This is fantastic!

    Sarah says:

    Wow, basically love everything on this website, especially:

    – Jubilee stool: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-jubilee-stool

    – Nordic sand tableware: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/nordic-sand-tableware

    – and the linen napkins: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/linen-napkins

    Marilou Bisson says:

    I love everything but the Georg mirror has my heart !!

    Sara says:

    The website is giving me so much color inspiration! But I was sold as soon as I saw the cage table. That and a fun pillow would be so so good.


    Everything is beautiful!

    The Slid Tray (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/sild-tray) and Nomad (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/nomad) are meant to be in my house.

    Allie Kulpa says:

    My living room is screaming for some throw pillows, so this would be perfect! So many to choose from!

    Maria Anne says:

    Give me all the velvet pillows. all of them.

    Yuri Kwon says:

    Linens! And that dang hang chair. I love that chair. But really my fave is this monkey: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/monkey-lamp-sitting

    Anna V says:

    I think the Stem Vase is beautiful. So clever and such beautiful design. https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/stem-vase

    Katie Keller says:

    So many good things….This monkey lamp is amazing: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/monkey-lamp-sitting

    Mai says:

    love the jewel vases!

    lauren says:

    I’m dying to fill my living room with tons of velvet pillows. I love this cushion in Monstera!


    Kasey M. says:

    Margo Tray or the Chamber Chandelier

    Tracey says:

    I love the bench in your entryway! I also love these rose mirrors https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/circum-mirror

    And this Georg bench is amazing: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-bench

    I love the turn mirror as well: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/turn-mirror

    Elyse G. says:

    The Georg mirror took my breath away! *fingers crossed* https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror?rq=mirror

    Zoë says:

    One of everything please!
    The afternoon bench really is divine: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/afteroom-bench
    I love the Gutta trinket box too: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/gutta-jewelery-box

    Ali Newsom says:

    A few of those Emma pillows … so lovely

    Kim P says:

    I’m obsessed with rose gold! If I had to pick one thing it would be the Circum Mirror Rose. Its magnifique <3!


    Lauren Rogoff says:

    Love the herringbone knit cushion, among others!

    Josefin says:

    In love with the Turn mirror:

    & the colorful cushions are lovely too!

    Madison says:

    Cue googly eyes for the Riviera Lounge! I would spend so many afternoons reading outside and taking naps in the sun on this beautiful piece of furniture.

    Tori says:

    I love the curve magazine holder! <3

    Natasha says:

    Love these. Pretty and modern and retro all at the same time. <3 https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/emma-cushion

    Julie D says:

    Oh em to the GEE, how many things do I want under my tree? For starters, I love the Gutta Jewelry Box https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/gutta-jewelery-box and the TVIS Cutlery https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/tvis-cutlery. Oh, and the GM Pendant Lamp: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/gm-pendant-lamp. Thank you for the chance to win!

    Christin B says:

    These colors! I can’t get enough of the contrast and deep hues! Not to mention the simple lines. Love!

    Laurence Labelle says:

    Just in love with these lamps!


    And I need one for my shelf in my dining room 🙂

    Chelsea S says:

    I’m seeing ciiiiircles…love the moody styling.

    This rose mirror: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/circum-mirror

    and that round cushion in curry: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/basic-round-cushion

    Kelsey says:

    Not sure how I am supposed to pick just a few items, when I love everything on the shop!

    Always a sucker for:
    linen napkins https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/linen-napkins
    gold flatware https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/tvis-cutlery
    unique vases https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/jewel-vase-small.

    kaela says:

    Oh jeepers. They have everything I never knew I needed!!!!!! 😉

    This mirror is too good

    And your bench…

    Oh and the rose gold mirror, obviously.


    kristen says:

    I adore the colors of these dreamy tea towels: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/zig-zag-tea-towel and want the entire Esrum tableware set: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/esrum-tableware <3

    morganwdenno says:

    Wow, such wonderful things! I’d have to say that the cushions and vases with Atelje Nord captured my heart, mostly because these tiny things add up to such a big impact in the home. For years I’ve accumulated these plain, boring, free vases, but I’d love to replaced them with the Jewel Vase in Amethyst: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/jewel-vase-small and the CHV Vase in Rim: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/cph-vase. The Basic Round Cushion is such a gorgeous fabric and the rich colors, like Curry, Wine and Mostera would be such a great fit in my space: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/basic-round-cushion Plus, the Carrie LED Lamp is the perfect thing to light up my apartment during cold and dark Seattle nights: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/carrie-led-lamp-1 Thank you for running this giveaway 🙂

    Rachel M. says:

    LOVE the look and feel of these pieces. So modern yet classy and would fit perfectly in the interior/exterior of any home.

    Turn Mirror: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/turn-mirror

    Between Lines Deck Chair: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/between-lines-deck-chair

    Tori says:

    turn mirror is BEAUTIFULLLL

    Cassidy says:

    Wow, everything is so trendy! Love it! Especially these items:


    maggie says:

    This table is amazing! I live in a studio and having a rolling side table would be incredible: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/block-side-table

    Morgan says:

    This mirror would look incredible in my entryway!


    Simon says:

    This is the perfect mirror, I’ve been on a search for a mirror that would go awesome in my new room and love the little chair that matches with it

    Melissa Porras says:

    Beautiful home decor! Really love the textiles, especially these cushions:

    Nicolette says:

    So many thing! I love these loungers

    And these trays with the metal inlay pieces… so good!

    Annika says:

    Love the yumminess of the upside down cushions! Just redid the sofa in my living room and these velvety cushions would be so perfect!

    Simon says:

    This is the perfect mirror! I’ve been on a search for a mirror that would go awesome in my new room and I love the chair that matches with it too


    Forgot the link, oops.

    Aleta Lynch says:

    I LOVE all their cushions and would adore this elegant bowl! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/marble-bowl

    Henry says:

    love the bench for a minimal entryway!


    Caitlin O'Connor says:

    There are so many great things I’d like to put in my home…

    I love this mirror for next to my bed: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/circum-mirror
    With this shelf next to it: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/angui-shelf

    This mirror would be great for my living room: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/turn-mirror
    ooo and I love this for my living room too: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/ogk-safari-daybed

    Please pick me! Please pick me! I would be so grateful!!

    christina says:

    so many things but i love this mirror! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/horizon-mirror

    Jessica says:

    Need one of everything but ESPECIALLY https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/horizon-mirror

    Hope says:

    Growing up I used to collect tea sets. The kettle teapot and the heater for the kettle teapot are stunning, and would be a modern, sophisticated addition to my childhood collection 🙂

    Rebecca Zellmer says:

    Everything is gorgeous. I love LOVE the afternoon bench. And the Circum Mirror in Rose.


    Cameron Robb says:

    Scandinavian design is a huge inspiration to me as an interior architect, and I love all things from Atlje Nord! I want basically every velvet cushion in their collection but this one speaks to me the most —https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/emma-cushion. I’m also obsessed with this wall lamp — https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/tribeca-staple-wall-lamp.

    tami says:

    img string lounge chair pair or safari daybed? gah!!!!

    Jill says:

    Wow, beautiful pieces paired with beautiful photos. So hard to choose my favorite! Love the lines in the “Hang Chair” as well as the simplicity of the “Wire Base” plant holder. The “Harrison Chandelier” is also out of this world.


    Natalie says:

    I love the Georg Mirror. I usually find mirrors on Craigslist or thrifting, so having a mirror like this would be wild! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror

    Kathryn Bass says:

    Loveeeee the herringbone knit pillows😍😍

    Mallory Wiese says:

    I know it is simple, but I love this mirror!

    Jen says:

    Amazing giveaway!! My decor is tired and in need of a refresh. I’d love to add these chairs!

    Anonymous says:

    Would love this mirror in my new apartment!


    Kayla says:

    I’ve been looking for a great looking watering can and the Vivero Watering Can fits the bill.


    Kallie B says:

    I would likely get the deck chair https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/between-lines-deck-chair and also love the metal base with the pot holder. Beautiful products!

    An endless list of items to love on the Ateljé Nord site. Here are a few of my faves:
    What a perfect meeting of minimalist style & modern functionality in this chic Nomad shelf! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/nomad

    Elegant, Danish design makes this Manu bottle opener look like a magic key: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/manu-bottle-opener

    And you can never have too many pretty pillows:

    Hee Jin says:

    I would love one of everything. How can you not? But if I had to choose I would get the Tribeca Staple Wall Lamp and the Stem Vase. Too gorgeous and absolute need in our house.

    Chloé says:

    Just moved into a new apartement and I would definitively buy the Georg Desk Console table or the Vivero watering can

    Destiny says:

    I have an obsession with gold mirrors and haven’t been able to find a nice rose gold so this would be a great addition!

    Sophie D says:

    Oh my goodness what an awesome giveaway! Hi from Australia! If I was lucky enough to win I would LOVE to purchase the Stem vase https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/stem-vase as I have never seen anything like it and I would also purchase some of the TVIS cutlery https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/tvis-cutlery and a few of those stunning linen napkins https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/linen-napkins

    Kim Newton says:

    This Georg Mirror in oak has my heart!! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/?category=Furniture

    Jessa Murphy says:

    Given that the dark Winter months are upon us, warm lighting to create a cozy hygge atmosphere is of top importance. I think there are a few beautiful pieces that would tie a room together nicely.
    1. Tribeca Staple Wall Lamp
    2.Amp Lamp
    3. Mouse Lamp
    Layered Lighting Galore!!

    Amy says:

    I am loving many many things but the Cage Table and Circum Mirror Rose.

    I love Skandanavian design. It’s always the perfect blend of being chic and cozy. Atelier Nord nailed it! I’m loving the color palette of all the products: nice reds, beautiful pinks, and mood greys. My favorite items are:

    1. The Angui Shelf because it would be the perfect focal point for my hallway https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/angui-shelf

    2. 4 sets of the Nordic Dand Tablewear. I need some news dishes and love that these are clean but interesting looking https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/nordic-sand-tableware

    3. Finally I love the Tint Throw in Nude. It would be the perfect color pop for my living room https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/tint-throw

    renata says:

    you must be guessing things out because my mom just said today that she wants some purple velvet cushions!

    Alexandra Ronca says:

    Is it weird that I’m obsessed with this paper towel holder???!


    Michelle Flook says:

    Such pretty stuff, I want it all! some faves:
    I love the Zigzag tea towels https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/zig-zag-tea-towel
    The Esrum salad bowls https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/esrum-tableware
    The Darkly mirror https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/darkly-mirror
    The Harrison Chandelier https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/harrison-chandelier

    Ashley Kriegel says:

    That vent stool 🙌 we just renovated our house and I’ve been searching for an amazing vanity stool!!! This may be the winner. https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/46gq0xjpj01uafwe3sgcecw8l7a7f7

    Vanessa says:

    Love this shop!

    leslie says:

    I love this mirror. The shape is awesome!

    The Sild tray would be gorgeous for cheese plates.

    Andrea says:

    The Emma cushion! One in each color, please 🦋 https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/emma-cushion

    courtney says:

    uhhhhh, holy amazing! i had never heard of this shop before. it literally blew my mind. i don’t think there was one thing i wasn’t in love with. but this mirror was my favorite. it’s hard to find a unique and beautiful full length mirror so this was the winner:


    Alyssa Miller says:

    So in love with everything on their site!

    But especially, the Emma Cushion

    The Turn mirror is too beautiful not to mention.

    Ughh, I want it all! My space would look so fab!

    Andi says:

    Pretty obsessed with all of it, thanks for sharing! I think the Afternoon bench and the Chambers chandelier are my biggest swoons at the moment as I’m trying to furnish our new home in highland park! <3

    Samantha S says:

    Wow. So many gorgeous things on their site. I love these simple linen napkins in all the lush colors:
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/linen-napkins and this incredible tea kettle! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/kettle-teapot

    Andrea says:

    Allllllll of the cushions! But for reals I would probably blow the whole $500 on the cushions!

    So much goodness and so many things I’ve been wanting! I’ve been wanting one of the menu JWDA lamps for my entryway most of all, so that’s first on my list. I just want to live in their website!


    Jen says:

    Theses spoons omg 😍
    Need these bowls for my new bathroom shelves ASAP
    Super cute stuff ❤️

    Hannah Proff says:

    Love the curva magazine rack.

    Beth paz says:

    Their light fixtures are amazingly cool! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/monkey-lamp-hanging

    Lauren Atwell says:

    I have been looking for salt and pepper grinders for a while and these fit the bill perfectly! No plastic!!
    This light is really cool/beautiful!
    So happy to be introduced to this company. Thanks

    Sahana Kumar says:

    Agh quite literally everything but the lighting in particular is gorgeous


    Michelle says:

    I’m in the middle of renovating my master bedroom and would love to bring some swedish calm to the space. Could use a number of things but would have to say my favorite was the turn mirror, which would look incredible in our new bathroom.

    Jennifer says:

    Love the Pepe Marble Mirror, Georg Jubilee Stool, and Circum Mirror Rose! Oh and also the Edge Pot and Edge Vase. 🙂

    Alex says:

    I’ve been looking for a clean and simple plant stand and this is perfect: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/wire-pot-base

    ALSO this vase: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/jewel-vase-small

    And this: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/willmann-vase


    Shannon palmer says:

    Those round cushions!! We don’t have a room for a couch, so a bunch of those pillows on the floor would be *amazing*!


    Libby says:

    I’ve been DYING for new plates and bowls. This Esrum set is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    These throws are super dreamy, too.

    Emily B says:

    NEED (want) a set of these chairs and ALL of the mirrors:

    Kriszti says:

    My absolute favorites are the monkey lamps. 😍

    Kayla Grise says:

    I’m dying for this mirror. Omg. https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror

    Korin B. says:

    This would come live at my house. . . . so gorgeous. https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/pepe-marble-mirror

    Tonya says:

    Thank god I saw this on your insta-story!! I am so excited about this giveaway and couldn’t come at a better time because I am actually moving into my first one bedroom apartment tomorrow!! I am looking forward to getting out of my current studio, but I need some furniture! haha Here are my favorites:





    Fingers crossed and thank you for the opportunity!

    Jenny D says:

    How to even decide on a favorite?! I might just buy ALL the round pillows!!


    Brit Greenquist says:

    This mirror 😱 Renovating my house and this would be a dream in my bathroom: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/?category=Furniture

    Sina says:

    Absolutely adore this mirror https://www.atelje-nord.com/!!!

    Carly says:

    I’d definitely buy one of the chandeliers or a monkey light!

    Rachel says:

    LOVE ❤️ Everything about this “Hang Chair”! 😍


    sarah says:

    i’m in love with this cage table https://www.atelje-nord.com/ 😍😍😍

    Lindsey says:

    I’ve been wanting a linen tablecloth and these are GORGeous!!

    Ohhh these lamps would be perfect for our office!

    Nikole Enns says:

    Love, Love the Hang Chair and the Georg Mirror!!

    Markie says:

    I totally dig the Georg mirror! Love!

    Katie says:

    I’m loving these plant stands that can also turn into tables:
    Also this lamp is awesome!

    Alanna Dunn says:

    Ok it is so hard to choose a favorite! But I guess I would have to say the TVIS cutlery and the Jewel Salad Spoons !!!

    Gabriella says:

    I love the esrum tableware, especially paired with the tvis flatware. And the George stool is amazing!

    Nat says:

    Everything is gorgeous!Very difficult to decide. But If I have to mention anything I love the Mojo lounge chair and puff to read in my balcony and the Esrum tableware, beautiful design and I really need a new one!

    Lisa Boudreau says:

    Everything is gorgeous. It is very hard to find cool jewelry storage! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/gutta-jewelery-box. This shelf looks amazing in a tonal room https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/angui-shelf

    Sunny says:

    would love this round pillow for my new couch!

    or this beautiful rose mirror to take cool photos with

    Jordan Koehler says:

    This seems CRAZY, but I absolutely love all of the pillows in each of those shots. I love their color selection. Well I love all of it, thanks for introducing me to a new brand!

    S. Cha says:

    Loving the Sko Shoe Rack! https://www.atelje-nord.com/

    Stephen K says:

    I love the modern simplicity of this table and desk:
    – cage table (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/cage-table)
    – Georg Desk (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-desk)

    Maryland Doll says:

    I love hosting dinner parties and these linen napkins come in great colors and will def. liven up my table! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/linen-napkins

    The rose mirror is my other favorite. I’m currently shopping for a entry way mirror & love this hue! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/circum-mirror

    Love all things marble in here. So shiny and chic! Hard to pick and choose but here are the 2 most yummy ones –
    1. https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/pepe-marble-mirror
    2. https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/pebble-board

    kim crooks says:

    Husband and I are moving to a new apartment next month so I am donating soooo much of our current, super old bottom of the line ikea and crappy second hand stuff for some real adult home things. Here are some amazing finds off this site that I am now in love with:

    magazine holder:

    coolest lamp:

    cage table:

    I’m in love with the cage table!! NEED it.

    Brittany says:

    My place is in much need of some warmth!! Ive got all the bones but nothing that really pulls things together. I would love the chance to see the following in my home: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/tvis-cutlery
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/wire-pot-marble-top <3

    Misty says:

    Loving the Emma pillow in red! https://www.atelje-nord.com/

    Susie says:

    So much to love here! Really drawn to the Margo trays

    Heidi Bakk says:

    Oh my!!! Love it all! I’m Scandinavian, and definitely feel a tug towards that line of design when I have a home. I just love the simplicity.
    These lamps are to die for!! Would be perfect for bedside reading.
    Love this for an entry way, or as a unique vanity mirror!

    Linnea Bast says:

    There is something so simplistic yet unique about the design of the Georg Mirror that is very striking to me. It is a take on a mirror that I’ve never seen before. It makes the mirror more of a sculpture or a piece of art and less of something that you need to hang on a wall. Of course the chair is quite handsome with the piece as well. The rope is a beautiful added detail.


    Alex dye says:

    I’m seriously obsessed!!!
    Fingers crossed I can put this in my place soon!
    The one I have now isn’t it the best shape and this one is absolutely gorgeous!

    just purchased a house with a backyard – these chairs would be amazing on the deck!


    Dee says:

    New obsession. The styling, photography and colors are on point 👌

    Living room incomplete until she has this: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/circum-mirror

    I would also ever so casually drape the living room in these bold beauties:

    I’m a sucker for clean lines and

    Karlie says:

    Loooooove everything but that Chamber Chandelier is to die for 😱😱

    Kelsey A Neal says:

    I like the Nordic Sand tableware and the TVIS cutlery!

    Anne Hamilton says:

    I love these cushions!
    Also – that Harrison chandelier is to die for.

    yvonne strain says:

    These Upside Down Cushions hues are gorgeous! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/upside-down-cushion

    Ersum tableware & those geometric jars! And is much furniture But wow EVERYTHING is beautiful

    Lauren Bergman says:

    In love with everything so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Here are a few pieces I’m dying to have:

    The Chambers Chandelier –

    The Georg Bench –

    The Riviera Lounge –

    Allison says:

    THE Hang chair is so cool, and the jewelry box/tray. Beautiful things!

    Abby says:

    There are so many goods on Atelij Nord catch my eyes! But as for a new cooking lover, I love this Unity tray walnut. As the kitchen beginner, I am more into decorating the food more than actual cooking haha, this the simple but detailing tray catch my attention!

    Karen Z says:

    This reaaaally was a hard one, everything is amazing, loved the rose gold mirror too, but these would look perfect on my dining room

    Kai says:

    This lamp!! (Because my childhood nickname was Mouse, and I’ve never seen anything like it!): https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/mouse-lamp

    Plus just about every cushion on the site…

    Carolsue says:

    What I really like and could really use is the Pepe Marble Mirror

    Jessica says:

    LOVE the bench you got! And also this mirror: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror?rq=Georg

    Charlotte says:

    Ahhhhh thanks for bringing this gorgeous brand to my attention. Buying my first house soon and it’s giving me ALL of the inspo.
    I really love the basic round cushions (especially dark rose)
    The jewel vase’s are gorgeous
    And the darkly mirror!
    I think they are all gorgeous little pieces and details to make a house a home.

    Erin C says:

    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/tint-throw in nude! I LOVE!

    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/block-side-table in nude for the bathroom

    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror in black for my daughter’s room (so she will quit using my full-length mirror!)

    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-bench in black for my entry!

    So many lovely choices!

    catherine says:

    there are so many great items on this site but i am particularly drawn to the basic round cushion in wine: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/basic-round-cushion and the brass vivero watering can: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/vivero-watering-can

    Katie Vanhoy says:

    Love their designs! Especially these mirrors: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/circum-mirror

    And these plant stands would be awesome to have: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/wire-pot-marble-top

    I love the crystal whiskey glasses! Those would look amazing in my vintage bar area!


    I also love the mirror!

    Great store! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Cassie Padula says:

    I would love this beautiful serving trolling as I just moved into my first and very own apartment :)https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/fuori-serving-trolley

    Ria Martin says:

    I love the Georg mirror!

    Ria Martin says:

    Whoops! I forgot the link. 🙂 I love the Georg Mirror! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror?rq=Georg%20mirror

    Kimmy says:

    Oh wowza what a fabulous giveaway and what a fantastic shop. I had a lot of fun looking around. I really could use some new silverware so I would grab these! Normann Cutlery 16 pcs

    Lawren Spera says:

    It sure would feel luxurious to be able to buy a big pile o’ pillows all at once: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/basic-round-cushion

    And I have had my eye on an OGK safari daybed for a long time: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/ogk-safari-daybed

    The herringbone Sild cutting board/serving tray is super cool: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/sild-tray

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to you!

    Yvonne says:

    Wow! Way too many beautiful things there, so hard to choose just a few. These are my absolute favorites:
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/pebble-board Large
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/vivero-watering-can stainless steel
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/wire-pot-marble-top Black
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/edge-pot Sierra Yellow Indoor (any size)
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/amp-lamp Smoke Small
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/jewel-vase-small Amethyst Large
    Fingers crossed and thank you!

    Milena Milo says:

    I just bought a new bed for the first time in over 10 years and I need to make it look cuuuute so I would totally buy a bunch of cushions!

    Stacey says:

    I’m OBSESSED with the elegant simplicity, minimalism, functionality, and coziness that is all things Atelje Nord. I picked a few of my favorite timeless pieces from the site I hope you love them too 🙂 xx


    Willow Sharp says:

    Love these cushions, they are so beautiful and would look great in my living room 🙂


    Brianna Nelson says:

    I’m blown away!! What a fantastic giveaway at an even cooler shop. Hard to choose just 1!!

    Magazine rack:

    and this vase!!!

    kara says:

    The Turn Mirror has such a beautiful shape.

    Lisanne Hurkx says:

    Yay, international give away! Hi from Holland! I love the peper and salt craft mills, so pretty!

    Melissa says:

    We are in the process of buying a new house and I would love this mirror in our new bathroom! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/turn-mirror

    Reagan says:

    Oh man…i kind of want everything! Thanks for turning me on to this website. Really unique stuff. I would go for this cool wire stand that can be a table or a planter
    this really cool stem vase

    Wow! Thank you for showing me this site. It’s my new favorite. I want basically everything but I do have my eyes set on the WM String Lounge Chair set – https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/wm-string-lounge-chair-set-of-2

    Thalia says:

    This rose gold round mirror! 😍

    Judith says:

    Wow, so many beautiful pieces to choose from at Ateljé Nord! These are some of my faves:
    Happy holidays Bri & Ateljé Nord!

    Nicole says:

    Love this mirror! ❤️https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/turn-mirror?rq=Mirror

    Zyanna says:

    The George bench is so amazing. This website is really beautiful, I love all of it.

    Alycia says:

    I really love basically everything… but this magazine rack is just gorgeous!! https://www.atelje-nord.com/

    Alycia says:

    I really love everything… but this magazine rack is gorgeous!https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/curvamagazineholderatym

    Rebecca says:

    I was looking at the https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/afteroom-bench when I found out I was pregnant. So that purchase got put on hold… but if I win a credit??? I mean, that’s a sign right?
    (Also the safari daybed would be pretty badass in the nursery. Sleeping on the floor has been happening way too often.)

    Oh wow, I’m blown away by the details that go into each product! My favorite has to be the mouse light! My nickname is little mouski and it’s just to good to be true!!!!!


    Sandra Lobos says:

    Hello DLF
    A home is made little by little of precious objects. With hurricame Maria i lost almost all my special objects as tge hurricane itself entered my apartment here in ✨🇵🇷 Puerto Rico . EVERYTHING I SAW ON THIS WEB IS AMAZING, SIMPLE AND FULL OF DESIGN AND BEAUTY. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Please help me make my house a home again

    This s&p set is a great example of beau detail


    Danni says:

    Beautiful products! I like the not-so-basic basics like the teapot with the heater and the handsome sweeper!


    Rachel says:

    Holy cow! What an incredible site! everything is simply impeccable. Some of my faves:

    Thank you for filling my lunch break with such eye candy!

    Danielle says:

    How can you choose just one? Everything is so structured, with pops of colors. Love it!
    Especially love these: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/basic-round-cushion

    SO many heart eyes!!

    Kathryn says:

    Not only are there so many aesthetic home decor pieces on this website, there are so many useful pieces as well!

    Elizabeth W says:

    Love the cushions of course! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/basic-round-cushion

    Also, the linen tablecloth is very nice! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/linen-table-cloth

    Rebecca says:

    What beautiful items! I would love one of the linen tablecloths and the Georg mirror!

    Katherine LeBlond says:

    It’s too hard to narrow down because it’s all so cool and beautiful. I love these though:



    Ali Deknatel says:

    oh my lord, where to start?! I love everything.
    a stack of these pillows:
    swoon for these chairs!!
    and the clean design of this tablewear:

    thank you for the introduction!! I think it is love 🙂

    Joana Moreira (Portugal) says:

    Absolutely love: the stem vase (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/stem-vase)
    the OGK safari day bed (https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/ogk-safari-daybed)
    and lastly… the JWDA lamp https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/jwda

    Diana Hu says:

    I love the sleek lines and shape of the georg mirror

    and the minimal look of the carrie LED lamp!

    Stephanie D says:

    I like the Riviera Lounge. Haven’t seen anything like it before.

    Also am smitten with the Herringbone Knit cushion:

    The TVIS cutlery would complete a holiday dinner table.

    Bre'an says:

    Okay those upside down cushions are dreamy!
    But I would love that darling mouse lamp for my sweet Ellis’ room.


    Wendy Benoit says:

    So many beautiful pieces!
    Love the cutlery:
    And this tray:

    Jen says:

    I’m totally in love with the Echasse Vase.

    Bailey says:

    wow!!! such a gorgeous collection. personally in love with this whole dining set https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/nordic-sand-tableware

    Lindsey J. says:

    I would love a pair of these on my bed!

    And this mirror in Oak is lovely.

    Trayce Smith says:

    Well this is an easy one…
    I’ve been lusting after this bench after seeing it in your entry room reveal, which by the way is absolutely fabulous – especially the color and Bowie print, Gah!!!
    It would serve as the perfect replacement to the sad little stool I have in my entryway now.
    And I’d top it off with the Darkly Mirror…
    What better mirror to catch a glimpse of myself in on my way out the door.

    shannon says:


    I can think of several places where I want this!

    Tracy DeLoach says:

    What a wonderful selection of clean modern pieces. Here are a few of the items I’d choose:

    This jewelry box has been on my Pinterest wishlist for AGES https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/gutta-jewelery-box and of course those velvet pillows! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Caroline says:

    It was super hard picking out just a couple, but I think the circular mirror and pillows would look amazing in the bedroom we just redid!!

    Tiffany says:

    Holy moly! The afternoon bench and circum mirror rose sure captured my attention.



    Stefanie G says:

    I would love to get the Georg Mirror – https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/georg-mirror

    charlotte says:

    This is so timely, as I was just looking for a great and beautiful watering can!
    also love these!

    Cat Mouton says:

    I want to get both of these Emma cushions – such gorgeous colors! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/emma-cushion
    I’ve also been on the hunt for a new tray/cutting board and this Sild Tray is functional art for the kitchen! https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/sild-tray

    coral sayer says:

    such pretty things! This mirror and pillow would love to live in my home. 😉

    I’m obsessed with the pepe marble mirrior – perfect for my vanity!

    Emily-Anne Therrien says:

    I can picture myself lounging in this chair!


    Tricia says:

    Ooh I love all the outdoor pieces, especially these chairs:
    Fingers crossed!

    Brittney Robyn says:

    Thanks for the code – I have been eyeing this little beauty off!
    https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/gutta-jewelery-box Yay!
    And if only I already had my dream home to feature this: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/harrison-chandelier
    Absolutely love that their international shipping is reasonable as well!

    Lizanna says:

    Everything looks AMAZING!
    but the Nordic Stand Tableware would be perfect for my pretty food pics 🙂 I could really use anything to help with decor for my new and empty apartment 🙂

    Hollie B says:

    Those knit pillows are my favorite! Just wish I had a larger couch for them… Or maybe the outdoor plant stands! Yes!


    I love their linens and the velvet pillows!

    Emily says:

    love all of their lighting design, but especially this piece: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/harrison-chandelier

    Joni says:

    I love everything, especially the Harrison

    Stephanie says:

    oh this mirror is so elegant. and won’t fall over all the time like the one I have now: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/pepe-marble-mirror

    and this planter/table is a cool design!

    audrey says:

    im obsessed with the herringbone knit cushion!

    Niki says:

    I love so many things, but this mirror https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/circum-mirror and these trays https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/margo-tray are absolutely chic. And let’s not forget about these crystal serving boards for holiday parties: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/chamfer-crystal-serving-board
    Love, love, love everything!

    dee says:

    my faves: ( SO MANY ! )
    -basic round cushion
    -afteroom bench
    -turn mirror
    -georg mirror
    -zig zag tea towel
    -linen napkins & towels
    -nordic sand tableware

    Maggie says:

    I like the Willmann vase. https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/willmann-vase Every once in a while, my husband brings me flowers, and a beautiful vase like this would be perfect for them since it would look equally as beautiful empty. Maybe it would encourage him to get flowers for me more often! 😉

    Kim Myers says:

    I really love this chair 💖💖💞💞

    Amy says:

    I really could use this mirror in my small entryway.

    Sarah H. says:

    I would love to style my dining room table with a beautiful linen tablecloth.

    Elaina Ronco says:

    Ahhh! Did I miss the deadline?!?

    I’m obsessed with these cushions!

    Isabelle says:

    I love the herringbone knit cushion! Too stunning and yet gives such a cozy vibe: https://www.atelje-nord.com/shop/herringbone-knit-cushion

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