giveaway alert! this week you can enter to win a framed 16 x 20 print from team woodnote. i have this santorini print in my house and love it. which one is your favorite? click through below to enter, good luck everyone!

framed print giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) follow @teamwoodnote and @designlovefest on instagram!

2) visit the team woodnote site and take a look around!

3) leave a comment below with a link to your favorite print!

one winner willΒ receive a 16×20 framed print of their choice. the winnerΒ will be chosen on july 12th at 10am PST. open to our readers in the u.s. only, sorry!


















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    lori ann henry says:


    Chelsea says:

    There are so many great prints but I particularly love the Hollyweed one (https://teamwoodnote.com/products/hollyweed). Too funny!

    Sue says:

    Eat your greens…beautiful print.

    Kelsey Chavez says:

    I really love the Cuba Cruisin’ print (https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cuba-cruisin). I’m a fan of the contrast between the old age buildings and the new age convertible. Makes me want to hop on a plane and visit Havana.

    Kaley says:




    these 3 are my favs! love the color inspo <3

    Jasmine Yunus says:

    Moving into a new apartment, in a new city, & this would be the perfect thing to brighten up the walls! <3


    Erin says:

    I like the SO 2017 print!

    erica says:

    i LOOOOOOOOOOVE the FLIP print. it’s perfection.

    carrie purcell says:

    So 2017 is my favorite!

    laura says:

    i would HAVE to have this santorini print, because this is where we eloped to last october!! would mean so much to have this!


    Kara says:

    It’s such a hard decision, but I think I would have to pick the eat yer greens!!

    Katy says:

    Wow! All of these prints are so gorgeous! “Eat Yer Greens” is probably my favorite but “Cuba Crusin'” is a close second. It would be a treat to hang one of these beautiful prints in my home.

    Lindsay K says:

    I absolutely love TEAMWOODNOTE x SARAH SHERMAN SAMUEL ONE. It would be a great reminder of my trip to Jaipur 10 years ago!!!

    elizabolt says:

    I love the Santorini print and it would look amazing against my pink walls! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Meredith says:

    Love the BLUSH print. Perfect all around.


    Ashley Perault says:

    I love the Two Lips print!

    Tori Cote says:

    Santorini print is so cute!! Take me back!

    Ashley says:

    Absolutely adore the Antartica/Jaipur collab. Simply stunning and two dream travel destinations!


    Natalie Chaung says:

    My favorite is Santorini https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Courtney Pearson says:

    there are two that i love that would LOOK perfect over my article blue velvet sofa – so i would win one and buy the other!! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/teamwoodnote-x-sarah-sherman-samuel-one

    Mallory R. says:

    I love seeing @teamwoodnote’s photos pop up in my insta feed, and her prints are absolutely dreamy! It was hard to choose my favorite, but I kept coming back to “Franz.” It’s kind of surreal-looking and I just love that <3

    Emma Twersky says:

    I am SUCH a fan of gallery walls and prints, especially this one: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/two-lips?variant=39093464392
    I recently went to the tulip festival in Seattle and fell in love.

    Kathleen says:

    So many good options but for me it would be a toss up between Inner Child and Santorini.

    Kayla says:

    I’m having a hard time just choosing one favorite. SO 2017, Santorini, and Eat Yer Greens are all so great.

    Correy oneal says:

    Ummm let’s talk about the collaboration between Teamwoodnote & Sarah Sherman Samuel … this is to die for gorgeous https://teamwoodnote.com/products/teamwoodnote-x-sarah-sherman-samuel-one

    Leah Walters says:

    I’d follow your lead and snatch up the Santorini print. It’s perfection.


    Elle says:

    Santorini HANDS DOWN (because mine didn’t turn out nearly as beautiful as this one!). <3 https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Jessica San says:


    Always wanted to visit Santorini! I know if this is framed in our new home. I’ll make an effort to go one day! πŸ˜›

    Lindsey says:

    The Santorini print is my favorite, although the Eat Yer Greens is a close second. Love these prints! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Kate says:

    Blush Blooms. I love anything covered in roses! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/blush-blooms

    Stephanie says:

    Having a hard time deciding, but Two Lips it is! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/two-lips

    Kellie says:

    Santorini πŸ™‚

    Laura says:

    I love tulips. I grew up in a town that has a festival to celebrate the flowers every spring. This print reminds me of home and I love the colors!


    Sandra Preti says:

    I LOVE Cuba Cruisin!

    chery horst says:

    Luv your print shop!!!
    Salvation baby! πŸ™‚

    Rebecca says:

    the santorini print is a dream!

    tamara says:

    wall is too naked w/o this beauty!

    Ashley Gurney says:

    Eat yer greens!!

    Samantha Kranz says:

    The Santorini print is the DREAMIEST! <3 https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Miki Carter says:


    I love this one and would want the largest size for my living room! It reminds me of my trip to Jaipur and my close friends in India!

    Paris says:

    They’re all so beautiful! But I particularly love the Teamwoodnote x Sarah Sherman Samuel One.

    Laura says:

    TEAMWOODNOTE x SARAH SHERMAN SAMUEL TWO is so nice!! Follow you both on IG! xx

    Suzannah says:

    tough call – SO 2017 or THE FLIP!

    Rachelle Johansen says:

    The composition, the color, it is all Perf and would look dreamy in our upcoming new home! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Hailey Daner says:

    Oh my gosh! Santorini vibes would make me so very very happy.


    Catherine says:

    Such a tough choice! Would have to go with one of the collaborations with Sarah Sherman Samuel. The colors on that building are stunning! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/teamwoodnote-x-sarah-sherman-samuel-one

    Chelsea says:

    Obsessed with these prints!! If I had to choose, I’d go with the pool shoes β€οΈπŸ’¦πŸ‘ 


    Caitlin says:

    Hi there Team Woodnote & DLF! I am in love with this dreamy pink cabin print! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/big-bear

    (Although the Santorini one would be such a beautiful pop of color to add to any room!)

    Kelly says:

    Oh lordy, I love them all. But I especially love the cactus print in front of the pink building! *heart eyes*

    Kelly says:


    Oh lordy, I love them all. But I especially love the cactus print in front of the pink building! *heart eyes*

    Anonymous says:


    This is the one I would choose!!!

    Ashley says:

    I love the Santorini print! It reminds me of my honeymoon six years ago. The best memories.

    Danielle Katz says:

    Santorini https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini!! I visited Santorini years ago and am dying to go back. What a beautiful print!

    Roman says:

    Love love the SANTORINI print

    Usha says:

    love this one! they are all so cute ahh!

    Alyssa Ferrari says:

    I would love to put this in my new apartment! I am originally from El Paso, TX which is a border town to Mexico and the vibrant colors and cactus reminds me of being home. Nostalgic. All are gorgeous!


    Colleen says:

    So many beauties! I think I would pick Santorini, too! Take me there… https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini?variant=39093180680

    I love the Santorini print – my husband and I visited Greece for our honeymoon <3

    Jessica Carfagno says:

    i’d love Love LOVE this santorini print for my bedroom. I visited Santorini in May for my 30th Birthday and my pictures didn’t turn out at wonderful as this one – https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini
    PLUS the colors of my room is pink & white & blue in Venice beach πŸ˜€

    Jade says:

    The Santorini print is lovely! x

    Rebecca Dargay says:

    I’m torn between CAKE CAKE CAKE https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cake-cake-cake and SANTORINI https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini but if I had to choose I would choose Santorini because I JUST got back from there two days ago and still can’t believe I was actually there. Such an amazing place to visit!

    Savannah Payne says:


    I love the Santorini print! This will look perfect in my new apartment!

    The Santorini print is my favorite! It would be the perfect print in my dorm this year when I’m feeling nostalgic for my travels. It would also match my room colors this year!

    Jessa Murphy says:

    I am such a fan of ORANGE YOU GLAD because I love to fill my house with things that inspire me artistically and this is inspiring to me. https://teamwoodnote.com/products/orange-you-glad

    allison says:


    it was even too hard to narrow it down to 2 faves: “EAT YER GREENS” and “TEAMWOODNOTE x SARAH SHERMAN SAMUEL ONE”. But the contrast between the colors of the bright red-orange of the building in Jaipur and the ocean just takes the cake. Jaipur is on my list for the next time I go to India!

    Christa says:

    My boyfriend and I just traveled to Santorini a few weeks ago and fell even more in love! Having this framed in our apartment would be such an amazing reminder of how incredible and special life can be! I am not one to enter Instagram contests but when I saw this print on your feed I really could not help myself…Thanks for sharing and introducing me to teamwoodnote!!


    Jennifer Booth says:

    Stunning!! I love the Blush Print, gorgeous!!!

    Abagail Halstead says:

    Absolutely love this one! I have family in big bear and I always love walking around the neighborhood looking at all the different cabins! πŸ’•πŸ» https://teamwoodnote.com/products/big-bear

    Molly says:

    cactus OR santorini but really they are all beautiful! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/eat-yer-greens

    Lindy G. says:

    My favorite is Santorini https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini
    The magic lies in the little pink house right in the center. It pulls me in πŸ’ž

    Emma Bellamy says:

    What a lovely give away! Cant seem to get rid of my attitude these days (although it’s a TOUGH choice) , so I will have to go for FLIP. Let’s put my feelings on the wall in a beautiful way! Love the giveaway xo

    Victoria says:

    I love the Eat Yer Greens print! Thank you so much!

    Jamie B says:

    I love so many but this is my fav ❀️ https://teamwoodnote.com/products/big-bear
    There’s just something magical about this pink house.

    Alexandra S says:

    I can’t get enough of the Cuba Cruisin-
    the old world with that flash of pink is both reminiscent of 1950s Havana and still feels very contemporary! It gives me joy! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cuba-cruisin?variant=39091164552

    Rebecca Galvan says:



    Jessica Bartel says:

    I love them all, but my favorite is https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini! So funny I’ve been following you guys both for a while and love everything you post!

    Michelle R. says:

    So many fun ones to look at! I think Blush Blooms is probably my favorite, but love Cuba Cruisin as well!

    Blush Blooms: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/blush-blooms

    Cuba Cruisin: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cuba-cruisin

    olivia says:

    So hard to choose!! I think the Santorini one is my fav though!!

    Liz Stephany says:

    Love this one! πŸ˜πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Holly says:

    I’ve been eyeing this print already! India and ice bergs. I need it in my life. Thank you!

    Katie Redman says:

    Def this one…. keeping the dream alive: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    dani alonso says:

    They’re all awesome but I’m loving the Cuba Cruisin’!! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cuba-cruisin

    Olivia K says:

    Love the Cuba cruisin! So fun!

    Melanie Love says:

    I love this print so much! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/teamwoodnote-x-sarah-sherman-samuel-one
    The colors are perfect and it makes me think of one of my favorite movies, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I would be very happy to show it off in my home!

    Alyssa says:

    Absolutely the flip print!!!!!! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/flip – obsessed!!!!

    Diana Borges says:

    I love Santorini, Cuba Cruisin’, and the Malecon!

    Tyler phillips says:

    Gimme that santorini! Omgosh. All of them are πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Alexis Seecharan says:

    so hard to choose! These are so fun.

    Kelly Patterson says:

    Love love this! Would die to have this in our bedroom! Very happy memories from this exact spot!

    Lisa L. says:

    I don’t know hubby’s favorite, but mine is hands down “two lips”: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/two-lips

    following both on instagram: @okwhaeva

    Liz Barnes says:

    I the candy-colored pastels and architectural shapes of print “SO 2017.” https://teamwoodnote.com/products/so-2017

    Amy DuPont says:

    In love with the Santorini print. My absolute dream place to visit!!

    Megan says:

    Ooh la la, the print from Santorini is delectable!!! 😍

    Holly says:

    Following both on Instagram as @thoughtandsight!

    It’s so hard to pick, but I think I’d choose one of these:



    Yael says:

    Love them all, but this santorini print is my favorite! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini xx

    Katie Schrettner says:

    I love the Santorini print! I know exactly where I would put it! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Alli N. says:

    Love both Santorini and also Eat yer greens. So hard to choose!

    Kaylin Warnock says:

    Moving into a new apartment at the end of the summer and Cuba Crusin’ is most definitely the vibe I’d like in my new home! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cuba-cruisin

    Annabelle says:

    Santorini or Cuba Crusin’, it’s hard to choose & both places are in my travel wishlist!!

    Ashley O. says:


    I would love this print in my house, it’s so beautiful πŸ™‚

    Courtney B. says:

    I like CUBA CRUISIN’ best! thanks!

    Chloe J. says:

    I just adore the EAT YER GREENS print! I’m remodeling my house and the print would look so lovely on my new wall <3 https://teamwoodnote.com/products/eat-yer-greens

    Alyssa says:

    I absolutely love all of Teamwoodnote’s photos, I love looking at her instagram feed! I’m can’t choose one! Cuba Cruisin’ and FLIP are amazing: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cuba-cruisin


    Miriam says:

    I love the beautiful palette of the Santorini print! SWOON! Would love to be reminded daily of my favorite place!

    Nicole says:

    CUBA CRUISIN’ – so much fun! Im redoing my bedroom and this would tie the room together! Love the neutrals with the pop of color – definitely evokes a feel good fun time!

    Meegan Newton says:

    I love the Santorini Print! If I can’t visit then I might as well have the stunning print on my wall! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Katie B says:


    I can’t believe just how PERFECT this print would be in my new home! I’ve decided to go with a neutral color palette in my living space with pops of different hues of oranges and blues so hello?! I think I just stumbled on the wall art of my dreams πŸ˜‰
    Would be honored to hang this lovely piece above my sofa! xo

    Jessica raitano says:

    ☝️ Comment from me above too but it’s sooo early that I didn’t put in my email lol also love this one…
    but wish it was not in a circle – I want the whole view.

    laura says:

    i am currently looking for cool prints for my dorm room- this is awesome!!! seriously obsessed. i especially love “the malecon” it is unreal!! thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

    Kara says:


    I love the blush bloom print. So pretty.

    Lily Roden says:

    Love, love, love the feel of the Santorini print. The blush pop in a sea of white is dreamy. https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Michelle says:

    we are redoing our master right now and this would be such a perfect print: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/teamwoodnote-x-sarah-sherman-samuel-one?variant=39089634184

    I’m loving these prints, but this one is my absolute favorite:

    Cristina says:

    I am in love with the Cuba print! I was in Havana in February and took many pictures but none of them were as nice as that one <3


    Michelle Flook says:

    no such thing as too much art in the house! My fave is: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/two-lips

    Deana Anglada says:


    Defintely. Just got back from Santorini. Without a question this would look adorable to my other Greece souvenirs.

    Mika Jade says:

    I would love to win this one and put it in my office as inspiration to some day go there <3


    Ana V says:

    Love them all but if I had to choose I’d do 1. Santorini (I could stare at this forever; I had a picture of the Eiffel Tower above my bed for years growing up and finally went to Paris two years ago so I would hope the same magic would happen with this print ;). 2. So 2017 3. The Malecon.

    Megan says:

    I would choose this one because I think it would add a brightness to my dorm room that it is currently lacking. And as a design student, it may offer some inspiration. Plus I’m obsessed with cacti.


    Joanna says:

    Love them all…so inspiring! Would love to have, ‘The Malecon’!

    Nicole Ackerman says:

    SANTORINI is my favorite!!

    j.r. says:

    this past winter i was in a serious and deep depression. i remember that this sign being vandalized made me laugh during a time that very few things did.


    thanks for the opportunity to win!

    steph sarff says:

    loooooving the salvation print. simple yet a statement https://teamwoodnote.com/products/salvation

    steph sarff says:

    loooooving the salvation print. simple yet a statement. https://teamwoodnote.com/products/salvation
    <3 steph

    Elizabeth Widder says:

    I’ve loved Woodnote’s focus of color and texture since I first began following them years ago. HAPPY MAP (https://teamwoodnote.com/products/happy-map) is a great representation of the world through Caroline+Jayden’s lens’ and just how bright, unique, fun life can be!

    Love Love Love the Happy Map print. So colourful and full of life. Going through the many spaces in my apartment that I would love to hang this guy.

    Trina says:

    I really admire J & C’s style — such beautiful texture and colors in all of their prints. I especially love their “Santorini” and “EAT YER GREENS” πŸ™‚ Lovely pieces!

    Erin says:

    Followed! And I love this one: https://teamwoodnote.com/products/teamwoodnote-x-sarah-sherman-samuel-two
    But “DO THE WAVE” is a veerrrrrry close second:

    Isabelle says:

    This one is my absolute favorite!


    Kelly says:

    Love these prints! Moving to my first place on my own and would love to hang this print in my bedroom! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Tessa Gibbs says:

    Love the prints! Followed!

    I think I would choose the Santorini print too! So pretty and not too feminine.


    Rebecca says:


    I love this print! I just moved into a new apartment after living abroad for 4 years and I have no artwork. xx

    Madeline says:

    <3 Team Woodnote x Sarah Sherman Samuel One <3

    Jamie O'Neil says:

    Because I love pink and my boyfriend loves cabins in the woods, I’d have to go with Big Bear! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/big-bear

    Adele says:

    The image of the ice and built landscapes is quite mesmerizing and powerful. https://teamwoodnote.com/collections/vertical/products/teamwoodnote-x-sarah-sherman-samuel-one

    Taylor Davis says:

    dying over the santorini print – talk about vacation fever! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini

    Becky says:

    Hi Bri and team,

    Love Team Woodnote! Would love the “Eat Yer Greens” print!


    Thanks team!

    Hallie Tessendorf says:

    Oh I love these but especially the a frame (big bear)! https://teamwoodnote.com/products/big-bear

    paige says:

    amazing! hard to choose a favorite, I love the circle one of Jaipur because I just went there and it was so inspiring!! but I’m gonna have to go with Big Bear because that pink house is just too cute!


    Sarah says:

    I’m very much in love with the two lips print. https://teamwoodnote.com/products/two-lips

    Thivia says:

    the Santorini one really speaks to me… <3


    Pei Wang says:

    I love Santorini (https://teamwoodnote.com/products/santorini)! It gives off such great wanderlust vibe <3

    Caroline says:

    I especially like Cuba Crusin’ https://teamwoodnote.com/products/cuba-cruisin

    Hmm, I can’t decide between these:


    I also really love Santorini and Big Bear! Help!

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