we’ve got a HUGE giveaway for you today! you’ve seen our designlovefest cell phone cases, right? in celebration of the NEW glitter cell phone cases one lucky winner will receive a brand new rose gold iphone 7 (LUCKY!) along with our brand spankin new glitter case to go along with it! (a $1000+ value!). check out the glitter cases in the shop and let us know your favorites to enter!

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Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


here’s how to win…

1) visit the casetify shop and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite cell phone cases!

one winner will receive a rose gold iPhone 7 and 1x designlovefest glitter case. the winner will be chosen on 3/22 at 10am PST. use the code DLF15 for 15% off  through 4/15/17. open to international readers, yay!

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    I’m from SA and so obsessed with the Designlovefest blog and all of Bri Emery’s beautiful products.I would absolutely love to win this prize! All the cases were so pretty and it was really hard to choose. I really liked these 2 designs.



    Keep up the beautiful work

    Love from Cape Town:


    Ayelet says:

    Love this one

    Hello from Spain! Big fan since… well, since forever 🙂 Hope luck is on my side today. My favorite:


    and the palm trees + glitter, of course!


    Taylor says:

    They really are all beautiful, but I love the abstract stuff, would have to go for this one!


    Estéfane says:

    I love PINK SPRING BY CHLOE HALL ( https://www.casetify.com/pt_BR/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604)
    . This pattern is already my desktop wallpaper and I’d love to match it with my phone case!

    Kim says:

    The boobs. Cactus love. All the glitter: especially the one in this giveaway!

    Lindsay says:

    I love so many of these, but the cacti = 😍😍😍! https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 The new glitters are so pretty too!!

    Amy says:

    I love them all! Especially the Lush Floral Watercolor case (http://bit.ly/2mZlEb0), the Moon Phases (http://bit.ly/2mIWMlo), and Marble (http://bit.ly/2nECfxC).

    Thank you for this giveaway! I’m in love with the Cacti one! I’ve recently been to Mexico and now I want everything with cacti on it! Phone cases, pillows, clothes… <3 https://www.casetify.com/pt_BR/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Erin Hargis says:

    I absolutely adore the cactus case! I’ve recently put some small cactus plants in my home office and it’s changed up the entire space in the best way. I truly admire this blog and am inspired each time I visit!


    Wow Bri, these cases are truly gorgeous! Congrats! How cool would it be to literally walk around with a piece of art in your pocket all day? 🙂

    I really had a hard time choosing but this is my fave: https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case


    Olivia Williams says:

    Thank you so much for doing such an awesome giveaway! I have been following the blog for years and am obsessed with the Casetify collab you did. Below are my faves!



    Fingers crossed! Xoxo

    Vanessa says:

    You are doing it again and again.
    All the cases are beautiful but the cacti explosion stole my heart because I miss living in Nevada, the desert and just camping out there and having the driest skin ever: https://www.casetify.com/de_DE/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    I never win anything, but I thought you deserve a shout out for these pretties and usually I only comment on IG. love
    xo vans from germany

    Megan S says:

    I love the marbled case: https://www.casetify.com/product/marble-by-will-wild/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    All of them are so lovely! Congrats on the new collection.

    Kate says:

    Love all your designs and inspiration. https://www.casetify.com/en_GB/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    So hard to choose and so glad to be a part of this

    Caroline Ramey Roberson says:


    This is my all time favorite case from your collection! I definitely had a hard time choosing but you can’t go wrong with simplicity and a pop of color. Thank you so much for inspiring creativity and passion in me through all you do!!

    Xx, Caroline

    Christina C. says:

    I’m still supporting the 5S and would love an upgrade haha! 😂 I’m loving the quartz moon case: https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Jasmine G says:

    LOVE all these cases, but this cacti one especially! Reminds me of my favorite west Texas landscpes. ❤ https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Chanee says:

    With equal parts of whimsical, magical and downright SUPER DUPER GORGEOUS, this case won over my heart faster than you can say ‘I need this in my life right now, where is my credit card?’.


    Analu Montoya says:

    I absolutely love these two!:


    They would brighten my day 🙂 still on a slow iPhone 5 with no storage, so fingers crossed!

    Sophia Costello says:

    Hi! I’m a full time college student working two jobs, so winning this giveaway would be a HUGE blessing for me. I love the sleek marble case, the ladybird case, and the adorable cactus print as well!

    Nora says:

    They’re all so cute! But I love the clear ones where you can still see the logo like this one:
    But the glitter ones are perfect!

    Luiza I. says:

    Thank you for this giveaway, I love this blog so much ❤️ I am really in love with the Quartz Moon by Laura Stewart

    Sasha says:

    They’re all so beautiful!😻😻 (they all have pink in them too, my favorite color) https://www.casetify.com/product/marble-by-will-wild/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 was an obvious choice because who doesn’t love marble?!, https://www.casetify.com/product/ocean-pink-by-83-oranges/iphone7/iphone-7-wallet-case#/358600 this one reminds me of home, Miami. I live in Vegas so anything beach related, love it!!
    Didn’t they tell you that i was a savage?! Yaass!! ✨✨

    Pamela Marie says:

    Hiii! This was so hard to narrow down because I die for anything gold/rose gold and blush pink right now and you have so many options! I like this one because those pretty cacti make me feel like Spring is here. 🙂


    Laura says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Love all your ideas all the great products you share! Hoping for a victory Win!!! 🙌🏻💗

    Kate Huntress says:

    Hi! I love the palm leaf one with pink glitter in the picture for the giveaway! For some reason i couldn’t find it on the website though so i don’t have a link… It looks just like a painting i did and i think that’d be so cool to have it in a phone case!

    Hello! My name is Kayleigh Lane and been in love with this blog for years 💖 This is one amazing giveaway and much needed new phone! I love the moon case!
    Thank you! ✨

    Jen Turley says:

    I am a moon girl. Howling always and definitely in need of a lil glitter. Inspired.

    Holly Morrison says:


    This has my heart! I absolutely love this and would be honored to be chosen for this incredibly generous giveaway! I’ve got my fingers and my toes crossed! 💖

    Taylor Anderson says:

    How to choose?? All of them are just so darn happy! This one puts a smile on my face for sure:

    Great give-a-way! Hoping to win so I can properly document my move to LA in May 🙂

    Anna says:

    Super awesome giveaway AND open for international readers? YAY!
    i´m really into the new glitter cases, because: who doesn´t love glitter? But these two are also super nice:

    Lauren parnell says:

    From the UK. This one is mt favourite, I’m a designer and in love with florals! Your designs do inspire me 😍😍


    Melissa says:

    I LOVE this one! Reminds me of a beautiful swirled palette of paint! <3

    Allie K says:

    love love love all your cases (and your target swag!) my favorite is the Rose Floral or really anything with a bit of glitter and sparkle 😉

    Melissa says:

    I LOVE this one! Reminds me of a beautiful swirled palette of paint! <3


    Sara says:

    Oh my god, they are all so amazing! My favorite is definitely this one: https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Andrea Walters says:

    I am lovin this giveaway! Did not even know that glitter cases for iphones existed….would pick one of these beauties featuring snowflakes..https://www.casetify.com/product/flurries–transparent-/iphone7/glitter-case-gold-chrome#/378600
    Or a mandala…https://www.casetify.com/product/white-circle-mandala-1-/iphone7/glitter-case-gold-chrome#/378600

    maki says:

    I’m so torn between the gold glitter and multicolor pastel but I’m going with this one!

    Siobhan says:

    This one is really cute!
    But I am absolutely loving those glitter ones!! I definitely want one.

    Laura says:

    Hi there! Honestly these were all so gorgeous I had such a hard time haha!
    I think I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite being this one below, thanks so much 🙂

    Love all of your designs! The Target travel collection is especially cute. I love love love the spring floral prints that you do, one of my favorites is this case, https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case-cotton-candy-pink#/298609 . Keep making gorgeous products!

    Katie Nuckols says:

    Eeps! I love them ALL! Here are three faves.

    Pink shells🐚 https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-clam-shells/iphone7/glitter-case-unicorn-pastels#/378603

    Part Marble 🔲 https://www.casetify.com/product/marble-side/iphone7/glitter-case-rose-pink#/378602

    Palm Baby🌴

    Obviously I’ll need to buy like five. Thanks for all of the fun products and ideas!!


    Meredith Finley says:

    I love them all, and these are the cutest glitter cases I’ve ever seen! I’m a sucker for florals so these three cases are my favorite
    P.s. I can’t wait to take your target luggage series to college next year! You never fail to inspire me, thank you for creating more amazing things everyday!

    Peggy says:

    Thanks for such an incredible giveaway!!! So hard to choose a favorite but I love coffee so I had to go with

    Susie says:

    I love all of Bri and DLF’s products and giveaways!

    I especially love this glitter case: https://www.casetify.com/product/pure-oasis-in-polka-by-dash-and-ash/iphone7/glitter-case-unicorn-pastels#/378603

    Carla says:

    This case would be perfect for me because I love putting photo booth pictures in the back of my phone!

    But this would be my dream case, who wouldn’t want to stare at that glitter all day long?https://www.casetify.com/product/glitter-standard/iphone7/glitter-case-unicorn-pastels#/378603

    Kaila says:

    I would loveee to win! Your prints are the prettiest, and these phone cases are seriously the best!
    This one is my favorite, I actually had your similar print as my phone background for a while, it makes me happy to look at! And with the rose pink glitter, ahhh all the heart eyes!

    Thank you 🙂

    Uhb-sessed with this one. Butterflies are totes my thing. Representing freedom, growth, and endurance. Even if it’s just a small iPhone case, it’s a great reminder to keep a positive & healthy outlook on life!


    Hey from Bermuda! I absolutely love this marble design: https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 and pink is my favorite color! I just ordered a tee with a cactus print on it and this case would look PERFECT with it: https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604. LOVE!

    What better way to ring in the Persian New year and the first day of spring then with a much needed NEW PHONE! OMG!!! It’s hard to pick just one case; they are all so coool, but this one is uber cool; https://www.casetify.com/en_CA/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    Thanks for the continues great creative feed.

    Mychelle says:

    I love everything so how can I narrow it down?!? I do really love the Flossy by Home-Work and Garden Rose by Kelli Murray. I’m a sucker for anything floral. I love the simplicit designs of the two. It’s simple but yet stands out.
    Flossy: https://www.casetify.com/product/flossy-by-home-work/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    Garden Rose: https://www.casetify.com/product/garden-rose-by-kelli-murray/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    P.S. I love how you provided a 15% off code!

    venea meyer says:

    since I am a lover of all things cacti, it is no surprise this one below took the win 🌵. love all these beautiful cases.


    I absolutely love the pink daisies case.


    As well as the garden rose.


    What a cool idea to sell cases like these! I discovered your blog on instagram. Definitely bookmarking this page xoxo

    Haylie says:

    Love the white flowers with the glitter! Reminds me of Andy warhol 🙂

    Hana says:

    I am OBSESSED with this little tropical number : https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 !

    The print makes me wish for summer and for all this nasty snow to melt!

    hananh says:

    I love the Polka and Pure Oasis case, actually going to get one for my phone!

    Goretti says:

    Too many options makes this a difficult decision but:


    Would be on my chooses..So tropical and fresh, at least I would feel my hometown thru my phone

    Maggie Greene says:

    I think the pink daisies and cacti ones! So pretty <3

    Olivia says:

    I love the daisy one and I also love how u made the pictures move showing the inside of the cases! New post/ http://www.oliviaschueller.com/?p=999

    WSAKE says:

    these are SO fun and beautiful and since i just dropped my iphone in the toilet and it´s gone for good this would be PERFECTION!
    this would be my favorite case:

    Cathy Hegarty says:

    Hello from Ireland! My tastes are delightfully inconsistent and I love both https://www.casetify.com/product/pure-oasis-in-polka-by-dash-and-ash/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 and https://www.casetify.com/product/bXEQs_moon-phases-by-kelli-murray-/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604. I love the juxtaposition of the organic leaf and the dots! I also love the moon phase design as I love all things moon related: pictures, prints, glow-in-the-dark, you name it. Would love a new phone to handle my photograph hoarding 😛 Lovin your work! Cathy

    Leanne Stone says:

    Loving the simplicity of the flossy one! Looks so good with the rose gold background!

    Gaby says:

    Love this one 😍https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 thank you for putting together this awesome giveaway! Would love to get a new phone/beautiful case just in time for my bday 🙂

    Ellen McVetty says:

    All the design work is so on point- it’s nearly impossible to narrow down and pick just one! Thanks for such a great contest!

    Lauren S says:

    Hi! I love all your posts from heartbreak to magic! You are so lovely!!! Welcome to Austin! Hope you enjoyed your stay! I’m always dropping my phone while taking pics of all the dogs I care for! I’d love a new one and all the cases are fab and especially the moon or glittery ones!! https://www.casetify.com/product/bXEQs_moon-phases-by-kelli-murray-/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Molly Bluhm says:

    Hello! Thanks for this opportunity, my name is Molly, (currently here in Ohio.) Been checking out some of your cases but narrowed it down to a favorite :


    Haley Harriman says:

    This is the most perfect case I have ever seen in my whole life! I knew I needed it the moment I saw it a few weeks ago when you asked on your snap story if we thought the glitter one was something we would be interested in. Thanks for making a case that let’s me be a professional woman who still loves to rock pastels and glitter! 💘✨ https://www.casetify.com/product/pure-oasis-in-polka-by-dash-and-ash/iphone7/glitter-case-gold-chrome#/378600

    Claire T says:

    With summer coming, I want to switch things up and go tropical! https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case-cotton-candy-pink

    Or this glitter case – and as a bonus I think the glitter would be a great distraction for my kid 😜

    Victoria Hodges says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win this!?😍 I mean all the heart eyes. Obsessed with all of designlovefest products. Even used the paper ware for my wedding rehearsal dinner and desert bar at my wedding. Also, desperately need a new phone and having one of these cases to match would be a sweet cherry on top. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻💕

    Tara says:

    so awesome! would looove to win this. I love the marble by will wild!

    Kristin D says:


    I’ve been following DesignLoveFest for years, so I always get excited for your new collabs. This one may have just taken over as my new favorite!
    All of these cases were gorgeous and covered in my favorite creative designs. However, here’s my personal favorite: https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-daisies/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604.
    Keep up the fabulous work!

    Tami says:


    That case is my favorite one because it is geometric and simple. I love your designs and your products are beautiful! I hope to win but I wish luck to everyone else!

    Alicia Nieto says:

    They all are so freaking amazing!
    It was quite difficult to choose just one, but here’s my favourite:

    Danielle says:

    I love the variations of blue cases, especially the Turquoise Wash: https://www.casetify.com/product/jJSZs_turquoise-wash-by-yao-cheng/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    I like that it’s beauty is in its simplicity.

    Jenna FitzGerald says:

    Love this Cacti case! They’re all really cute!


    Erin says:

    These are all gorgeous. My fave reminsenct of my morning ocean swims and beach runs


    Tanja S says:

    Casetify and you?! Best giveaway ever!
    I had some cases from casetify on my wishlist for months.. but its so hard to choose one! and you know.. don’t really have the money to buy them all lol. So here are my ultimate faves:


    I love all cases which represent summer and warmer weather.. palm trees.. banana leaves.
    Greets from Austria! (and the not so warm weather). xx

    Lindsay says:

    I’ve been trying these giveaways for years, but I still have a spark of hope within! Plus, I could really use a new iPhone with a sparkling case. Thanks for the giveaway! I really love DLF products and wouldn’t mind having one in my hand all of the time!!! -Lindsay

    Shan says:

    Pink spring by Chloe is adorable!

    Lindsay says:

    Oops! Forgot to mention how much I love the Lush Floral Water case! So dreamy….

    Breann says:

    Austin SXSW survival guide: you don’t need no stinking sleep, tequila is a food group, queso saves lives, Topo Chico cures any ailment.

    🌵is callin my name! ://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case-cotton-candy-pink#/298609

    Great little collection! 😘

    Virginia says:

    I follow you on instagram and LOVE your style! These cases are so cute, but this is my fave:


    Melissa denucci says:

    Dying over the quartz case and the cacti case? My birthday is next week and asked my boyfriend to pick on and surprise me!! Fingers crossed 😃

    Lori Pitts says:

    I love the floral case by chroma in clear. My iPhone is barely working it would be great to have a new one with a beautiful case!

    Antonela says:

    I hope I will finally be a winner of this perfect giveaway! And this is my choice..baby and mom elephant..just like my babyboy and me 🙂

    Azka Shafiq says:

    THIS IS AWESOME -https://www.casetify.com/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Kerry says:

    Beautiful! Too many to choose from, but I especially love this one:


    Carly says:

    This one if my favorite: https://www.casetify.com/en_GB/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Reminds me of my trip to Costa Rica! 😍👌

    Anne Berger says:

    Hello Hello!

    Here is my favorite case, pink and sophisticated! Love it! https://www.casetify.com/product/origami-in-pastel-pink-by-coco-sato/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    What a great idea to partner with Casetify. I love them! You’re always partnering with THE best.

    Hope to get this iPhone 7 to look more and more at your Instagram, Blog and Pinterest, but also hope to be able to call you to thank you!!!

    All the best,

    Anne the Frenchie

    Stephanie Nelson says:

    Favorite is the Pink Dasies case, followed closely by Quartz Moon, but I looove the ones shown in this post with the glitter!!

    Diana Baide says:

    I love pink pine, cacti and quartz moon – in that order. Funny because I never pictured myself willfully purchasing a pink iPhone but all these cases look lovely with a metallic pink background!


    Gwen says:

    So many beauties! Picking a favorite is really hard!
    Here are 2 of my faves:
    ‘Spring’ by Chloe Hall (love all her illustrations): https://www.casetify.com/fr_FR/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    ‘Sea’ by Green Tie Studio (stylish, smart, and gorgeous hand lettering and texture): https://www.casetify.com/fr_FR/product/sea-by-green-tie-studio/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    But they’re all gorgeous, really!

    LeAnn says:

    The two glittery ones in this post are so fun and of course, considering I lived in Tucson for 4 years…this one!! https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome contest, Bri!

    Samantha says:

    The unicorn pastel glitter on the flossy case is possibly the greatest phone accessory I’ve ever seen. Love this entire collection, so impressive!



    Melissa says:

    Love this one! Thanks for the chance, I need a new phone and case since I broke mine! 🙂

    Deanna says:

    Sooo hard to choose because they’re all beautiful! But I keep coming back to this one!


    Danielle says:

    huge fan of these cases and your wallpapers, I always display them and get compliments! Sooo hard to choose but this one makes me feel calm: https://www.casetify.com/product/ocean-pink-and-blue-by-malissa-ryder/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Thank you! xo

    Andrea Garzouzi says:

    I absolutely love the, “the moon, the sun, & the sand” case. So simple and so pretty and honestly, what’s better 🙂


    Gaby says:

    Flossy by Home-Work. So classy, elegant and girly.
    But the glitter ones….on my….

    Katie Keller says:

    I love everything DLF does!!! My favorite is the moon phases case <3 https://www.casetify.com/product/bXEQs_moon-phases-by-kelli-murray-/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Bryanna says:

    Thanks for putting this contest together because I discovered Castify and love their cases! If I had to choose two then I’d choose the below.

    I literally can’t even! They’re amazing 😉



    julie says:

    So pretty. Love their cases!

    Joy Allen says:

    This one is right up my alley, I don’t know why I haven’t just ordered it yet! Can’t WAIT for the glitter.


    Love the ocean pink and blue case!

    Layne says:

    so in love with all of them, but totally crushing on the marble, lush floral, and ocean pink & blue!

    Nikki says:

    So fun, the glitter would literally keep me distracted for hours!


    Mary says:

    This one is my favorite:


    The cacti are SO cute! I love it!!

    tessa says:

    So hard to choose ONE. These are amazing. I want, I need!!!! Love your work, Bri!

    I love this!
    All the cases are so pretty, but the quartz moon is my fav and would go perfect with the rose gold iphone 🙂

    Alla says:


    I just love all the choices, but since I I adore the sea, these are just perfect for me 😍😍😍😍

    Talia Hubble says:

    🌟 🌈 🌷 AHHHH all of these cases are rad!!! 🌸 🍭 ✨ 🎀

    My personal favorites are… 💝💕 https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-farm-by-britt-bass-turner/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    (Also, hi Bri! I saw you speak at Create & Cultivate last May and you inspired me to “Get my grid together”.. true story 🙌 long time admirer)

    Thank you!!!

    Angeliki C says:

    They are all so pretty- like one for every day!
    This is one of my favorites https://www.casetify.com/product/torbR_lush-floral-watercolor-transparent-by-julie-song-ink/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 – it’s like fresh flowers from the farmers market!

    I love the black and white bases. Simple and sophisticated.

    Bernadette says:

    They’re beautiful! Like your wallpaper designs~tempted by the moon phases but love the colours and style of this one…
    Thank you for the chance!
    love, bernadette

    Tracy Cistoe says:

    Ahh! So excited about this <3 Would love to add to my DLF gear collection!

    I loove these:

    * https://www.casetify.com/product/torbR_lush-floral-watercolor-transparent-by-julie-song-ink/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604


    * https://www.casetify.com/product/ladybird-by-britt-bass-turner/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Chrysanthi Kontaktsi says:

    Hello from Belgium. I’ve been following you for years. Absolutely love this one https://www.casetify.com/en_GB/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Justine says:

    My first instinct was to go for the moon one, but I think I’d prefer the purple quartz moon instsead.


    Heather says:

    The cacti case is cute!

    Allison Winey says:

    Definitely the moon case! My daughter’s middle name is Luna so it’s a no brainer!!

    Ann says:

    Ahh love the new sparkly cases!!! Also love this fun cactus art one 🙂


    Jessica says:

    Adore the Pure Oasis in Polka design … and love it even more with the addition of fun + fab glitter!


    jenn says:


    Love all the case! huge fan of your brand and all the products you have created!

    I love all the phone designs, esp this floral cases. so cute!!


    Jenny says:


    The diamonds! My daughter’s name is Gemma and we always use that diamond drawing as her sign.

    Laura Fursman says:

    Picking just one is too hard! I’m going to have to say Marble, but the Turquoise Wash is in a very, very close second place.

    Katie Weltner says:

    Looooove this origami one https://www.casetify.com/product/origami-in-white-by-coco-sato/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    and any of the see-through ones, like this one: https://www.casetify.com/product/rose-floral-by-chroma/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    although glitter’s pretty darn great too.

    kweltie at gmail dot com

    Kate says:

    I moved to the Big Island a year ago, and this floral case is reminiscent of all the gorgeous blooms we have here on the island! Thanks, Bri!

    Brandie says:

    Hardest choice of my life! I think I would have to go with either https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 or https://www.casetify.com/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    I am currently pregnant (21 weeks!) and found out I’m having a little boy so any pink I can get in my life right now is great.

    thank you for the opportunity.

    Olivia says:

    Hello! These are my two favourites! I love the sparkle cases so much, ive always wanted one and now its matched with a beautiful design! Hope i win the giveaway! 🙂



    Christa says:

    Love them all! Especially loving the Flossy 🙂 https://www.casetify.com/product/flossy-by-home-work/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Also love it with glitter! <3

    Kiersten L says:

    Girl Power! Loving this case:
    Love from snowy Canada 🌸❄️

    I love how simple and abstract the Pink Pine case is by ali. Would look so adorable on a new “Won’t shut down when it’s below 40 degrees” phone 😉


    lauren minty says:

    Hi – I love all these cases, however I think below is my favorite!


    Also I did not see the cases with glitter shown in your post.

    Madz Madaje says:

    Awww this is too awesome <3

    I'd love this pink to orange fade case. This reminds me of sunset hues which I really love because of its beauty. ^_^


    Marina Penalosa says:

    I’m about to move to the States and my first thought was “ok, that means that I could boy Design Love Fest things on stores”. HA-PPY.

    My favorite cases are obviously the marble one: https://www.casetify.com/es_ES/product/marble-by-will-wild/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    And the sun moon start with glitter: https://www.casetify.com/es_ES/product/sun-moon-stars-white-galaxy/iphone7/glitter-case-unicorn-pastels#/378603

    Thanks for such an inspiring blog. 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    Amazing collection! So stylish!

    I love that this one makes me feel like I’m in Palm Springs:

    And I love the feminine marble in this one:

    And love the relaxing BEACH vibes with this one!


    Eliza says:

    Holy moly I am obsessed with the glitter cases, but mostly because I am very intrigued by anything glitter.

    Here are my favorites!
    https://www.casetify.com/product/palms-by-wellen-women/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 (also the background on my work computer)

    https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-daisies/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 (because this looks so PRETTY on a rose gold iPhone)

    P.S. Bri – I live in LA and have been following your blog from the very beginning. It’s truly inspiring to see how much you have grown and makes me want to do the same. Thank you for being so awesome!

    Kenady says:

    I LOVE Design Love Fest!! So many great ones but this is one of my favorites https://www.casetify.com/product/marble-by-will-wild/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Devin Etzold says:

    ahh so glad you finally did a case line – seriously OBSESSED – https://www.casetify.com/product/marble-by-will-wild/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 is my fave by far but they are all SO cute!! <3

    Kaitlin says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win a fabulous case with a phone inside? I’m totally digging the diamonds. https://www.casetify.com/product/diamonds-by-lisa-nagel/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Mary Delaware says:

    What a tough choice—they’re all so fun and festive. I think the Palms by Wellen Women (https://www.casetify.com/product/palms-by-wellen-women/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604) would be my pick, with the Moon Phases being a close second! https://www.casetify.com/product/bXEQs_moon-phases-by-kelli-murray-/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Melissa says:

    I am completely obsessed with tropical leaves at the moment so it HAD to be these two!



    (Can I just say… I pretty much LOVE everything you create, so this decision was pretty hard!)

    Hannah Wallner says:

    I want one of each… Everything Bri touches turns to gold and I love it! SO impressed with these designs!

    Unicorn ALL THE WAY!!


    Michelle Brunson says:

    such an awesome giveaway! i literally just dropped my iPhone in a bowl full of water! it is now sitting in rice :/ i love the unicorn glitter in the new cases! simply magical:) i am having a hard time choosing between 2 designs




    the cacti, non glitter case is amazeballs too!


    Micky says:

    I really like the Ladybird case by Britt Bass Turner, it would match my Britt Bass DLF desktop background!

    The Pink Rush case by Ali Yeadon is a close second! I like that it’s transparent

    Colleen says:

    I’ve had the Origami art as my desktop background for months… would love to carry it (and a new phone!) in my purse:

    Also love the classic marble:

    chrissy says:

    this one is my favorite: lush floral watercolor with rose pink glitter. i think it would look really pretty with the rose gold phone. would also be an awesome upgrade from my 5s : )


    VivianK says:

    Hello from sunny Greece!!

    We love you and keep up the great work!

    My favourite case is this one:


    Amelia Terlecki says:

    It’s really hard to pick because they’re all GORGEOUS! If I had to pick I think I’d go with: https://www.casetify.com/en_CA/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Laura says:

    what an amazing giveaway! all these cases are so beautiful but i think the quartz moon case https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 is my favorite!

    Taylor Weakland says:

    Absolutely adore these cases and who wouldn’t love a new phone to match 🙂 This one is my favorite!!

    Briana Smith says:

    I love the Pink Marbled case. I don’t see the ones with the sparkles but I want to buy one!

    Melissa says:

    I am completely in love with the gold sparkly case that is in this post! And…because I love flowers, this one… https://www.casetify.com/product/torbR_lush-floral-watercolor-transparent-by-julie-song-ink/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Bethany says:

    This ( https://www.casetify.com/pt_BR/product/flossy-by-home-work/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604) in glitter would be fun to look at all spring and summer.

    Obsessed with these!!

    Lindsey says:

    These are my FAVES!! So cute! (Also I love how the website lets you preview the cases on different color phones…so useful!)


    https://www.casetify.com/product/pure-oasis-in-polka-by-dash-and-ash/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 This one reminds me of vacation 🙂

    Grace Sarah says:

    Absolutely OBSESSED with Flossy be Home-Work, Pink Marbling by 83 Oranges, and Cacti!!

    Barbara Parsons says:

    First of all, I am OBSESSED with all things DesignLoveFest!! The patterns and designs are so unique, I love them. The two cases I love the most are Pink Marbling https://www.casetify.com/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 and Rose Floralhttps://www.casetify.com/product/rose-floral-by-chroma/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604. Both are so pretty!!!

    Jenna says:

    Ooh, the Quartz Moon case is wonderful!
    What a neat giveaway, thank you!

    Yay! I love these cases they are so fun and beautiful!
    I’m a sucker for florals so I loved this case with the unicorn pastel glitter 😍
    Good luck to everyone!

    Hannah Crooke says:

    I am still not over the floral trend! Luscious pink flowers showed up at my wedding, and they should show up on my phone too!


    Megan says:

    I love them all! But this one goes with my phone background 😀


    Amanda says:

    Rose floral is my fave

    Anna says:

    Aaaah I love this too much! I live in Sweden and the Quartz Moon case by Laura Stewart would be PERFECT for the upcoming spring after, what’s been feeling like, the longest winter since forever.


    Finger’s crossed!

    Anna says:

    Aaaah I love this too much!! I live in Sweden and the Quartz Moon case by Laura Stewart would be PERFECT for the upcoming spring after, what’s been feeling like, the longest winter since forever.


    Finger’s crossed!

    Gladys says:

    Love that glitter case – what a fun idea!! I also love the Diamonds by Lisa Nagel design. https://www.casetify.com/product/diamonds-by-lisa-nagel/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604


    Awesome giveaway! I love all the designs in your curated collection, but this one is my favorite : https://www.casetify.com/product/palms-by-wellen-women/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Fingers crossed because my 5s is on it’s last leg! Thanks for putting this together!

    I love this geometric case! It’s awesome. https://www.casetify.com/en_CA/product/geometric-blue-by-ash-bartholomew/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    A new phone would be absolutely incredible for me right now!

    Fabiana Fiesmann says:

    ●I love everything that has a cactus as a print so I choose this case ♡☆: https://www.casetify.com/de_DE/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    ● I also loved this one because you can still see the rose gold underneath the leaves ♡♡♡ ♧♧♧ https://www.casetify.com/de_DE/product/banana-leaves-by-no-ocean/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Lauren W. says:

    Obsessed with everything DLF! Started off by buying the disposable tableware and then bought the new luggage the day it arrived at Target. The designs are so fun! I love these three cases the most. Good luck to everyone!




    Madison says:

    As someone who is on their phone all day answering emails, scheduling meetings, taking photos of obscure things, browsing through DLF for inspiration, etc., the cacti case would be the cutest companion!


    Rachel says:

    Awesome giveaway!
    LOVE all the styles you curated, but my top 3 are as follows:
    1 – QUARTZ MOON BY LAURA STEWART https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 (clear & clear)

    2 – MOON PHASES BY KELLI MURRAY https://www.casetify.com/product/bXEQs_moon-phases-by-kelli-murray-/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    (clear & clear)

    3 – OCEAN PINK & BLUE BY MALISSA RYDER https://www.casetify.com/product/ocean-pink-and-blue-by-malissa-ryder/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Perrin says:

    Love all of them, right up my alley but I do love the glitter ones or this one! It speaks to me


    Heidi says:

    I would choose the pink daisies case! Thank you Bri!! ❤

    London Ryynanen England says:

    Too much goodness but I am on a cactus kick so naturally I loved this one https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    But this one would remind me I am a baller https://www.casetify.com/product/diamonds-by-lisa-nagel/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    Great designs. Thanks!

    Monika says:

    Mesmerising. I have never won anything in my life i hope i will be lucky. You are so popular here in UK @designloveforest. I love everything about you.

    Monika says:

    Mesmerising, i have never won anything in my life yet, sounds good to be true but will try anyway as i am obsessed with you. You are so famous in UK. We love you ☺🙈🙉🙊https://www.casetify.com/product/pure-oasis-in-polka-by-dash-and-ash/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Lauren says:

    I kept seeing your cases on instagram, but I didn’t realize there were so many! I love this one.

    Tessa says:

    Great giveaway! I really appreciate this being open international since I’m from europe. And as a graphic design student I love seeing your designs doing so well! These are my favourites:


    Jenna Nunez says:

    I really love the Palms case and the Pink Pine. They are both super cute and classic. And I think either would look super cute with my DLF luggage 💕⭐️🌸

    Kelly Morse says:

    Love the blog!! Hands down moon phases!!! My sign is Cancer and the moon rules over me. If I win this phone and the moon phases case I will get a tattoo of the moon phases on my body!!!

    Ana Pena says:

    I love this pink to orange fade…both happen to be my favorite color and it reminds me of a Popsicle.
    They’re all beautifully designed but the pink to orange fade just stands out to me. I want a Popsicle now.



    Kelly Morse says:

    Most def Moon Phases! Body Tattoo! 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔

    Sarai Ramirez says:

    This cute cactus case brings back nostalgia of growing up in the mojave desert! So cute!

    Zoe Braziulis says:

    Hey!I would have to choose the cacti one as my favourite case because i´m a big plant lover and this one is a total beauty! https://www.casetify.com/es_ES/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Sarai Ramirez says:

    This cute cactus case brings back nostalgia of growing up in the mojave desert! So cute!

    Kate Monahan says:

    Hey my name is Kate and I am from Ireland (the good ok Emerald Isle!) I absolutely love your designlovefest blog! As for the iPhone cases they are amazing! I’m definitely a beach girl at heart (here it rains all the time) so I’m constantly dreaming of the beach and the sun and sand and sea! This case is beautiful as I love the colour palette! https://www.casetify.com/product/jJSZs_turquoise-wash-by-yao-cheng/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 What an amazing prize! Keep up the good work ❤

    Emily Meenan says:

    Phone cases are my weakness! And you *know* I totally need a new phone to replace my broken one and to match the designlovefest suitcase I just bought. I’d pick this one. Fingers crossed!


    Alexandra Doloughty says:

    Love the iPhone 7 Gypsy Stars Glitter Case!

    Chelsea says:


    Love them all, especially the glitter cases but this one is such a nice pairing of textures and colors <3

    Meg says:

    Hey hey! I’m from Australia and absolutely love love love your blog!

    I absolutely adore this case!


    I’d really really love to win please! ❤❤

    Gabriela says:

    You should sell them in México they are absolutlly beautifull 💕😍

    Svetlana I says:

    I love the “Pink Pine” and “Quartz Moon” designs!

    Brie says:

    PINK MARBLE PINK MARBLE PINK MARBLE! I want this on my PHONE, I want this in my HOME (rhyming), EVERYWHERE! Gorgeous! Crossing my fingers extra tight! Thanks for this amazazing giveaway! And ALLLLL the cases are stunning BTW!


    Matthew says:

    All the cases are so well designed and creative! Hard to choose a favorite! But this beauty…


    Is giving me ALL THE HEART EYES!! Love!!!

    Okay, I’m shaking my magic eight ball asking it if I’m going to win and it says DEFINITELY! Toes and fingers crossed!

    Heather says:

    What is that Marfa book? It’s gorgeous.

    Diane says:

    Oooo La La! This https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-farm-by-britt-bass-turner/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 abstract goodness is EVERYTHING! I want it blown up and on my wall too! Not gonna lie, I’d look daaaaarn good rock’n this beauty! If I tell you I’m a professional HAND model, does it up my chances of winning haha.

    Savanah S. says:

    I had a hard time narrowing it down, but these two are my favorites:

    1. Pink Spring with Unicorn Pastel Glitter (it’s beautiful!) https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/glitter-case-unicorn-pastels#/378603

    2. Cacti https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    I wouldn’t be mad about replacing my Galaxy S5 with an iPhone 7. 🙂

    Katie Curry says:

    These are all so beautiful! I am a watercolor artist so this one really is really perfect for me: https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604! I love the way the rose gold looks with it! I still have my iPhone 5S and it’s barely hanging on! Thank you for the opportunity! Would love to win!! 💕

    Haley says:

    So many freakin’ adorable ones! This si my fave though:


    congrats on the target luggage line! saving up for a piece!

    Ferry says:

    Gold Chromehttps://www.casetify.com/product/glitter-standard/iphone7/glitter-case-gold-chrome#/378600 would look fab on the rose gold iphone 7! <3

    I’m designlovefest’ing my life these days! Gorgeous luggage, amazing iPhone cases…!

    It’s extra tempting to enter this because I’m in desperate need of a new phone, a purchase I keep putting off because my daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and Celiac, leaving me with neither the time nor the funds to phone shop!

    Frankly, every single one is cute, but my favs are:


    You’ve got flair, Bri (and a great name)!

    Aloha from the small town of Kapa’au on the Big Island! 🙂

    I absolutely love this Cacti designed case from Castify!


    Liz says:

    Love these cases! It makes me wish I had a case for each day. Here is my favorite https://www.casetify.com/product/ocean-pink-and-blue-by-malissa-ryder/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    💖 I AM OBSESSED with these new glitter cases, need in my life asap. My favorite case on the site though is probably the see through daisy one, because I have a rose gold phone that I proudly want to show of with some cute flowers on it.


    Jenni Serenbetz says:

    Love your designs and the fun and joy you seem to bring to each of your adventures! I loved the Salt, Sand Sea case! That is my happy place, described!


    LOVE the “Polka & Pure Oasis Blues” Case. My phone case could use some summer vibes here in Minnesota!

    MelissaW says:

    All the cases are super cute, but this is my fave as it reminds me of an agate. I’ve been an agate fan since I was a kid and my grandfather collected them. Thanks! https://www.casetify.com/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Karina Ramos says:

    I must say that Designlovefest has been a big deal for me, I started blogging 2 years ago and DLF inspired me to do so! I took a look around the Casetify shop and after a LONG look i decided that my top 3 favorites are Pink Spring by Chloe Hall, Pink Pine by Ali Yeadon and last but not least Flossy by Home-work!

    Anita Zilis says:

    LOVE!!! https://www.casetify.com/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case-lemon-yellow#/298610
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway opportunity and I love your aesthetic! xo

    Lindsay avina says:

    Hey! I love the white and pink glittered one!
    I’m Denise bovee niece!
    Does that mean I can be a winner 😜

    Rachel Medeiros says:

    I’m all about the glitter cases! Loving the palm one you feature in this post, this space one https://www.casetify.com/product/xcSnw_universe/iphone7/glitter-case-monochrome-silver#/378601 and this marbled case is great and classic https://www.casetify.com/product/nude—pink-marbling-by-83-oranges/iphone7/classic-grip-case-cotton-candy-pink#/298609

    Holly says:

    I love the Moon Phases case!!

    Andy Raville says:

    There are quite a few beautiful options!! My favorite has to be https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/glitter-case-unicorn-pastels#/378603 The color scheme is so fresh and classic! Then there is the addition of the UnIcOrN PaStEl glitter?! Are you kidding me?! Magic! Such a generous give away!

    Lily says:

    I have been following designlovefest for year and I just found out that you had a competition to win an iPhone 7 and a casetify case. I would be thrilled to win 😄

    Lily says:

    I have been following designlovefest for years and just found out that you have a competition to win an iPhone 7 I would be thrilled to win https://www.casetify.com/es_ES/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Julien says:

    Ohhhh! I’m a crazy plant lady (you should see the bay window in my house…) and I love the monstera case! Jungalicous!!

    A new phone would be AMAZING as I’m still rocking a 5s! Nothing would be better than one of these cases to protect my new treasure in style. I really love the simplicity of the white daisies, but would thrilled with any of the beautiful designs! https://www.casetify.com/product/flossy-by-home-work/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Additional side note to above comment: my 7 month old daughter who is already mesmerized by my phone will not be able to deal with the magic of the GLITTER CASE!!! https://www.casetify.com/product/flossy-by-home-work/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Kimberley says:

    Mint green or cotton candy. They’re all beautiful but if I get to choose…… 😉

    Karen says:

    Have been using this as my phone background for YEARS! gonna be oh-so cute pairing it with this phone case 😍
    Love this one too – so chic. Perfect for spring and summer!

    Alya Zain says:

    I aspire to be just like you one day! Designing and just making people happy with the outcomes. I loveee these from the cassetify shop
    2) https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-farm-by-britt-bass-turner/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Vanessa says:

    They are all perfection, but I’m especially smitten with cactus of late. So naturally this is my favorite, https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Megan says:

    Love, love, love these case!! So beautiful and such talented Artists behind them. Have been following your work for a few years and your free wallpaper downloads have been brightening up my computer screen ever since. Have my fingers crossed, this would make my entire year!!

    Janelle says:

    These are all such beautiful, unique, and fun cases! Thank you for the awesome and generous giveaway. These first three hit close to Home for me. Born and raised in Samoa, ‘ulu (breadfruit) and fa’i (banana) leaves were an everyday accompaniment to meals, chores, and pretty much everyday life in the islands. They remind me so much of a place that I hold near and dear to my heart. If you ever have a chance to, please visit 🌺




    This last one is something really different from the tropical scenes that I grew up in. I think the art is done so beautifully – it’s eye-catching and pretty. Cacti are prickly and thrive in desert areas, but the flowers and colors here portray a beautiful and balanced perspective.


    Bernadine S. says:

    Woah, a glitter case and an iPhone!?! And international readers can also apply? Bri, you spoil us!

    And OMG, the site has the cutest gif showing the glitter cases. Now I wish they had cases for my Sony phone.


    Rossana says:

    All the cases are so amazing!
    I’m in love with this: https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    I cross my fingers!
    and thank you for the chance

    Katherine S says:

    The ultimate dream is to have a case without paying shipping costs to Australia! 😀


    Eli says:

    Lunar phases, for sure! The best way to celebrate my love for astronomy…definitely me 🙂


    Zippy says:

    Hey, Oh my gosh! I love this page so much! I literally check it all the time!!! I love love love this gorgeous case, Dawn: https://www.casetify.com/en_AU/product/AWRwc_dawn/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    This giveaway is so fab!!!

    Love Z

    Rachel says:

    I am obsessed with palm leaves, this one is perfect https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Betsy Lackey says:

    Welp, these glitter cases are just perfect… and therapeutic. Ha! This one is DEFINITELY my favorite: https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Meg says:

    I saw the glitter cases featured, and those were fun – then The Site! Omg these are the best I’ve seen 😊 I like the farm, cacti, origami, pine,.. all so great! Thank you for this fun offer!

    Cerys says:

    So excited this is open to international readers, yay! MASSIVE fan of a glitter case! I love this one:

    Rachel says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!
    All the cases are so lovely, especially love the Pink Daisies https://www.casetify.com/en_AU/product/pink-daisies/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    Good luck to everyone who has entered 😊

    Mary Schmidt says:

    Love love love this one! I’ve been staring at it for a week.


    And my phone keeps randomly dying so an upgrade would be terrific!

    Caroline says:

    I love them all sooooo much, but I have to say the pink marbling one is my fav!!! Im so excited to buy it!

    Nina Nagy says:

    Wow, huge giveaway! I wish my poor frenchie self could win his one, ha! I would definitely get the monstera case: https://www.casetify.com/fr_FR/product/polka-and-pure-oasis-blues-by-dash-and-ash/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604.
    Thank you Bri and casetify!

    Amanda C says:

    Of course I would adore them all, but if I had to pick just one, the polka dots & palms for my feminine Floridian self!!!

    Jade says:

    May I have one of each, pleaseeee?

    If I had to choose only one, I’d choose: https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Julie M says:

    Awesome giveaway – wow!
    I love the Quartz Moon !
    I also am a frequent downloader of your gorgeous desktop wallpapers !

    Alyssa I says:

    This is such a cool giveaway. I really like the Quartz Moon by Laura Stewart. Has such a cool marbling effect!


    I also really like Ocean Pink & Blue by Malissa Ryder for its beautiful subtlety!


    Kari Griffth says:

    Love the 2 featured on this post, but I also like this one.


    Keep it simple.

    Ben says:

    Love love love! The Pink Spring by Chloe Hall (https://www.casetify.com/en_CA/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604) is definitely my favorite !

    Meredith says:

    What an exciting giveaway! I always love your design collaborations and my laptop background frequently benefits from your “Dress your Tech” posts, so I was excited to see some familiar designs there. It was so hard to pick! But my two favorites would have to be https://www.casetify.com/product/rose-floral-by-chroma/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 and https://www.casetify.com/product/quartz-moon-by-laura-stewart/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Chelsea W says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    I’m in adoration over this “Spring Floral” case https://www.casetify.com/product/spring-floral-by-kelli-murray/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604
    Although I really, really like the origami case as well! So neat

    Danielle says:

    I have just scrolled through the many, many comments and know that it would absolutely blow me away if I actually won something like this. I currently have an iPhone 4 which is definitely better than nothing, but can also be a bit of a pain.
    This adorable case is by far my favourite!! 🙂

    Danielle says:

    I have just scrolled through the many, many comments and know that it would absolutely blow me away if I actually won something like this. I currently have an iPhone 4 which is definitely better than nothing, but can also be a bit of a pain.
    This adorable case is by far my favourite!! :)https://www.casetify.com/en_CA/product/pure-oasis-in-polka-by-dash-and-ash/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Danielle says:

    I have just scrolled through the many, many comments and know that it would absolutely blow me away if I actually won something like this. I currently have an iPhone 4 which is definitely better than nothing, but can also be a bit of a pain.
    This adorable case is by far my favourite!! 🙂


    Ashley says:

    Love the new glitter cases at casetify! would also love to win that phone. My favorite is:


    Zoe says:

    Thanks for this awesome contest that is open to everyone, as i’m from Canada.
    I never buy myself a new case so this is great.
    this one: https://www.casetify.com/en_CA/product/pink-spring-by-chloe-hall/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604 on the site is great too.

    Karla Pardo says:

    Oh my goodness these cases are exquisite 😀 I love them all buy this has my name on it

    Anonymous says:

    I soooo want a glitter bomb phone! Love the tropical vibes in a lot of these but this one especially

    April B says:

    These are all so cute , it’s hard to choose, but if could upgrade my iphone4 I would choose this one! https://www.casetify.com/product/OUFKP_cacti/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    April B says:

    I typed my email wrong, it’s here

    I love a minimalistic case and this white one looks so sleek!

    I also enjoy how it has the texture so its not boring 🙂


    Arielle says:

    They’re all really sweet!
    I love this onehttps://www.casetify.com/en_CA/product/origami-in-white-by-coco-sato/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    -It used to be my desktop background! Love how 3D it looks!

    Stephanie W says:

    I absolutely love this case by Brittney Turner. The colors make me so happy when I look at them. https://www.casetify.com/product/pink-farm-by-britt-bass-turner/iphone7/classic-grip-case#/298604

    Theresa Delano says:

    The Origami white case is adorable!


    Very hard to choose a favorite.

    Areana Sáenz says:

    Heey, I’m from Costa Rica, I’m so glad I found this page and the Casetify one. I simple couldn’t decide between all those beauties.
    But definitely my faves are

    Areana Sáenz says:

    Hi,I love all of them,they’re such an inspiration for all designers out there.
    Iloved the teal leaves with pink glitter and the Blue Roses with Unicorn glider. They’re amazing. Also love the watermelon one.

    Jennette F says:

    Ooh, love the palms with gold and pink.

    Rie O. says:

    Love love LOVE the rose floral https://www.casetify.com/product/rose-floral-by-chroma/iphone7/iphone-7-wallet-case#/358600

    Have a Chroma design as my laptop wallpaper right now!