happy ALMOST weekend! it’s sure been hectic over here in our office. a little life update below…

we decided to move two weeks ago into something closer to our houses, less giant, and more low key than downtown. at the last minute i found this charming cottage in echo park on craigslist and signed the lease the next day. it’s always hard to remember that everything does usually work out the way it’s supposed to, but it doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of stress along the way. but we are all moved and excited to unpack everything and get all settled in to our new spot. i think we are going to be really happy there. there’s beautiful natural light, the perfect breeze coming through all the doors and windows, and great details in the space. i’ll definitely show you guys soon, once it’s not filled with boxes.

things have been pretty calm on the personal side. i’ve been staying in town a little bit more recently. i’ve been dating someone and focused on spending more time in LA with him and my friends. that’s actually been nice, but i am sure i will get the travel bug soon. my step dad got the news that he probably has parkinson’s, which is awful. so my family has been worried about that lately. i just hope he gets better news soon about it. the waiting game when it comes to health is so rough.

lately, i’ve been trying to focus and think about what makes me happy with my career. over the past five years i’ve done a lot of teaching and different adventures…art director at rue magazine, blogshop, social media classes, products, festivals, collaborations, blogging, event coordinator, speaking, graphic design and branding, etc…i definitely have tried a lot of different avenues. i know that i still have a huge passion for curation, travel and travel guides, event planning, creative direction, and products. (luggage and some other fun projects coming soon!!) i’ve just been thinking more about the direction i want my career to go in now that i am 30…or maybe i just need to ride it out and let it take me there naturally. but i’m a bit of a type A planner, so i’m not sure that’s going to work for me. i guess we shall see in the next few months. i think the new space is going to help with my groove.

anyway, that’s what’s been going on over here. ups and downs, just like everyone else. i can’t wait to sit and relax on my patio, water the plants, sit in the air conditioning, and have a delicious cocktail this weekend. hope you have the same relaxing vibes! xx bri

(photo by designlovefest, a collaboration with florist jenn sanchez)



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    Love following along on your journey, Bri! You have accomplished a lot in your 30 years, thank you for sharing the whole spectrum with us 🙂

    Cyd says:

    So sorry to hear about your stepfather’s health issues – I hope all turns out ok there! The new cottage space sounds like a dream, can’t wait to take a peek. xo

    Rae says:

    It sounds like so many things are happening in your life right now – good and difficult – so it is great that you have a loving boyfriend and close friends to help you through this period. I think that each few years as we get older, especially once we pass 25, we sit there and wonder, “Is this really what I want from my life?” And we wonder if we should just change career paths all together or if the one we are currently pursuing is actually sustainable with age – esp. for those of us in the social media world. I am sure things will figure themselves out naturally and I wish you, your family and your uncle the best getting through his health issues.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    Diane says:

    I love when people follow their dreams! Congratulations for yours!

    so glad you found a new space that you’re happy with – can’t wait for the reveal! always love following your journey – have a great weekend! xo – amy

    you are an incredible 30 year old! but you know that already. 😉 love your desire for more. bless you and your family with grace and strength in the waiting and the ability to be present.

    Natalie says:

    Love following you and seeing what ever it is you do next, I very much know the struggle of wanting to plan everything but not quite being sure what it is you want to plan Have a great weekend!

    x- Natalie

    Christina Gliati says:

    Thank you so so much dear for sharing all this with us. Very very glad about the new place and the new guy in your life and hope all goes well with your stepfather. Of course it`s always up and down for all of us. Keep going. Kisses from Greece!

    Marie-Luise says:

    Bri, I’ve made a huge change over the last year from corporate into creative and back to study and your blog was (and still is) a huge inspiration for me to take that leap. The funny thing is, since I made the decision and have put myself out there more, willing things, if you may, so many opportunities have come up. I’m like you, a planning type, but in my experience – and I’m sure you can relate – if you’re doing the things that you love and are really passionate about, you end up in the right place where you wanna be. I suppose it’s a balance of planning and letting go. Excited to see where it takes you!

    Nikki says:

    Congrats on the move, cant wait to see the new space!


    Alex says:

    THanks for sharing!

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