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we’re excited to giveaway a Cuero&Mør blush pink mini tote from their latest collection! each bag is handmade in spain and they come in the most beautiful colors. one lucky winner will receive their new blush pink tote, and it comes with the cutest little clutch inside. click through below to enter and get an exclusive discount on their entire collection. good luck, everyone!

cuero & mor bag giveaway | designlovefest
free wallpaper downloads | designlovefest
cuero & mor bag giveaway | designlovefest
cuero & mor bag giveaway | designlovefest
bag giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the cueroandmor site and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite products!

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, august 31st at 10am PST. use the code DLF10 for 10% off through 8/30. open to international readers!



















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    the blush mini tote please! gorgeous.

    Clara says:

    Honestly, I really love this one

    The color is just amazing and so unique!

    colette says:

    My heart can’t decide between the cognac mini tot (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-mini-tote) and the forest crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody). The green color is so amazing!

    Dominique Boubion says:

    Yep, I do need that bag! I am drawn to the simple black mini… it is so elegant, I wouldn’t even have an outfit to match! If I do win, I’ll have to shop for an outfit that can keep up with the purse 🙂


    Caroline says:

    The mini tote bag is definitely my favorite but I can’t decide for the color. I love them all! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote

    Ann Z says:

    I’m fan of emerald color and tote bags, so I like this http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-tote

    chloé says:

    The BLack Crossbody! WOW!

    Amelie says:

    I love bucket bags and this black one looks like an amazing closet staple! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-bucket

    & blush is such a pretty and feminine shade, it looks so great on the tote! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-tote

    Billie Hatfield says:

    They Are All Beautiful!
    May Favorites
    Are The Blush.
    They Are Gorgeous!

    Moonlight says:

    I love the black, alhambra and blush colors in the crossbody, but my fav must be this one: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-bucket (blush bucket)!!!

    Samantha says:

    I love the blush forest tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-tote) but I’m also in dire need of a tiny crossbody bag, and I LOVE this one: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody

    Jessica Dame says:

    I have never heard of this brand, but I am totally hooked! Love basically everything in black and blush. Favorite is the mini tote, and the bucket is really different and interesting!

    Catherine says:

    That blush bag is so pretty! But also this Forest Bucket is giving me major heart eyes http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    jessica says:

    What a great company!
    i love the blush crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody) and the black bucket – especially the contrast between the black and gold detailing (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-bucket)

    Veronica Hohenstein says:

    Oo, la la! The black crossbody is perfection (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody) and the black mini tote would be great for work (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote)! The pieces are very chic and simplistic in the best way.

    Susanna says:

    Fantastic colors and a quality product, how can I pick a favorite?

    Noel H. says:

    While I love all the colours and styles, the black tote is calling my name.

    jennette says:


    Oh I love this blush color, and I’m a tote girl. 🙂

    kelli says:

    i’m loving the blush tote featured here. on the website, i’m loving these:


    that color is just so pretty!!

    Juli says:

    I’d love a big classic black tote

    Ashley says:

    So pretty! This would make a great grad school class bag.


    Isabelle says:

    I love this colour!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Allie K says:

    Love the blush and Alhambra crossbody!

    Olivia K says:

    The buckets are just so cool and unique! I’m really loving all those! Beautiful bags. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-bucket

    Claire says:

    Besides the blush tote, I also really love the crossbody. In black it’s so simple and classic! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody

    Sandra C says:

    Love the blush tote and also the forest crossbody! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody

    Joanie Turgeon says:

    I think this one is gorgeous!


    Eva-Marie says:

    Gorgeous tote! I also love the crossbody purse: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    Lauren D says:

    Where have you been all my life Cuero and Mor!? All of these bags are perfect for the professional, sophisticated, stylish working woman. So hard to choose! Love the Alhambra cross body in Forest http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody

    Amanda P says:

    The forest is gorgeous, although, it’s hard to go wrong with a cognac or blush. Thanks for the opportunity!

    I love the blush tote and I also think the bucket bags are super cool. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-bucket

    Anne says:

    Ooh it’s lovely. The crossbody is great too – love it in the forest especially http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody

    Nadilla says:

    Immediately fell in love with this one. It goes perfectly with any style.


    alexis says:

    I love the blush mini tote and the blush cross body. Thanks for sharing – I didn’t know this designer!http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote


    Ansley says:

    There bags are so timeless and I know my mom would LOVE that blush tote, I would definitely gift this to her if I won. My favorite of there other bags is definitely the little crossbody, it’s the perfect size for an everyday bag! Really love the forest green color too!


    Kelly says:

    the green bucket bag is so cute

    Abigail says:

    Love the crossbody bags!

    Kati says:

    I mean, I wouldn’t turn down any of these beauties but these are by far my favorite. I have the problem of always buying the same color bags (normally a tan, beige, camel or black) but I’m in love with the blush and forest!






    Suzanne says:


    I mean, one of everything really! What a beautiful line. Fingers crossed!

    Rachel says:

    Such cute bags!

    The Forest Bucket bag would make the cutest camera bag!

    Also in love with the Mini Tote for every day!


    Isabelle says:

    The Mini Tote is what dreams are made of!

    Lauren says:

    I love the tote bags and the crossbody ones. I’d love to choose blush but I think I’d choose black or cognac.

    Jess Walter says:

    The forest tote is amazing! Such a gorgeous color palette all around though. Impressive collection!

    Skye says:

    Love them all! Especially the blush tote and the cognac bucket http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-bucket

    WOW, I LOVE this company’s offerings and I never had heard of them before this post. I love this – http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody (It’s my “it” color right now); this – http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-tote (classic!!), and this – http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-bucket (maybe for a small picnic? It’s gorg!)

    Taylor Weakland says:

    My personal fave! Simple and love the structure!

    Natalie says:

    Oh my, that cognac tote is speaking my language!

    Natalie says:

    Oh I love all of the crossbodys! That green one would be perfect for Fall. xx

    Emma says:

    Wow! Such beautiful design. I love the Alhambra Crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody) and the Black Tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-tote).

    Great giveaway… thanks, Bri!

    christine says:

    mimi tote, in cognac for the fall. classic, easy, practical and beautiful all at the same time.

    Anne Nelson says:

    I adore that blush mini tote!! It’s so fun that there is a detachable clutch. That is just for perfect day to night transitions!

    Tina says:

    I actually really love the blush tote, but if I was choosing another, it’d be the mini tote: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote. I love the bucket bags too! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-bucket All in Blush!

    chelsey says:

    the blush tote is amazing, but this cognac tote is just such a classic color! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-tote

    Mallory says:

    Everything is beautiful, however I was immediately drawn to this bag:

    Heather says:

    The bags in forest green are exquisite. That is a perfect green. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-mini-tote << googly eyes.

    Holly says:

    The bucket bag in forest green is amazing!

    Alyssa says:

    I love these! I like the Alhambra crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody) and the Cognac mini tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-mini-tote)

    Joannah says:

    I love cross body bags! And this color is just to-die-for!

    Thank you so much!

    maki says:

    I love the crossbody! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    Problem is, it’s so hard to choose which color!

    KiKi says:

    The Forest Bucket bag is what dreams are made of: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    Perrin says:

    Love all colors of this stylish bag!

    Bridget says:

    What fabulous colours and classic designs! I Love –

    Nika says:

    *-* wonderful bags! I like this one the most http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody What colour!!

    Corina says:

    I love the black mini tote it looks so classy and would look good for my everyday work tote.. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote

    abigail says:

    love the blush bag!!! but I also love the shape of this bucket bag!

    Romi says:

    Lusting after that forest green bucket bag!


    lindsey says:

    Oh man, the forest tote is gorgeous! It is professional but still so fun.


    And the cognac crossbody has a great clean design!


    Anika says:

    Completely love the ALHAMBRA CROSSBODY. It’s so simple and chic!


    Liane says:

    I love the classic black cross body…


    and for a fun switch up from my usual, the cognac and forest bucket bags would be perfect!


    emily says:

    I love the shape of the buckets! the forest bucket is stunning!


    Blair says:


    This one!!!👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
    Thank you Bri for this blog, I’ve had ups and downs and reading this over the past 6 years has always been such a treat, you are beautiful and relatable and hilarious! Cheers!

    Anna says:

    What a great company- thanks for the introduction 🙂 I just fell in love with this beauty http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-bucket Hello from Germany 😉

    Mariana says:

    you guys come up with the best giveaways. these are my faaavourite!


    Gabrielle says:

    I’m in love with the bucket & cross body styles. Perfect in Forest and Cognac for fall!


    Rachel says:

    The perfect everyday crossbody bag! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    I also love the regular tote, especially in this fun winter color! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-tote

    Brianna says:

    I like the blush mini tote and the cognac mini tote. The forest color is also really pretty, but i’m not sure how versatile it would be.

    Lillian Lockhart says:

    I’m usually not a pink girl but I’m in love with this.

    Julien says:

    I’ve been eying this beauty for quite some time, but love every style on their site. Aren’t they the best?! (Love the founders!)

    Erin says:

    I love the structure of the Alhambra Bucket bag but also how it has a zipper! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-bucket
    But I also love how classic the Crossbody is too. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    cassie dulworth says:

    Love these bags. So simple and chic. This bucket bag is probably my fave but i love them all.


    Orsolya says:

    I’m love with the alhambra crossbody❤️That vivid color http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    Audrey says:

    The Crossbody in Cognac is just perfect!

    C grove says:

    Cushing on the black mini for my new fall bag!

    April says:

    I LOVE the Black Mini Tote. So versatile! Perfect for work, weekend getaways, etc. Classic look.

    April says:

    I LOVE the Black Mini Tote. So versatile! Perfect for work, weekend getaways, etc. Classic look. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote

    Jillian Saldana says:

    This bucket bag is everything! Especially in the Forest Green!!!


    Becky Burris says:

    LOVE the forest crossbody! Such beautiful and simple products! <3

    Thanks Brit and team!


    Sandra says:

    Can we talk about the amazing colours these bags come in? Totally heart eyed over The Forest Crossbody and the Cognac Mini Tote!!

    Radmila says:

    i love the same mini tote style, but forest green color is my favorite!

    Nora says:

    I just love the cognac mini tote, a perfect compagnion ! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-mini-tote

    Irina says:

    They’re all so uniquely amazing but my favorite is this one: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody ! Would cheerish it forever 🙂

    Ann says:

    Beautiful blush crossbody is my favourite after the mini tote and clutch! Thank you for the giveaway!!!! <3 http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Tamsen says:

    Love love love the blush tote/mini tote.

    Romina says:

    The Forest Tote!! Love it! The color is amazing!

    Libby Riemersma says:

    So many cute things, but I’m leaning toward this one. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    Joanna P. says:

    Except the pink tote, also this one

    Nadine says:

    I love the blush mini tote!

    Alicia says:

    I love this camel tote. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-mini-tote
    It would be perfect for Fall

    Jane Wieberg says:

    Love this color!
    Also, who doesn’t need a black cross body?

    Emily says:

    The bucket bag is such a fun shape! Looks sturdy, too. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Jenny Lourens says:


    I am in love with this one xxx

    Lucia Moore says:

    They are all awesome bags but the forest bucket bag is my favorite. It is soo beautiful😉

    Holly says:

    Love the bucket bag!

    Holly says:

    Love the crossbody!

    Elise Bailey says:

    The tote is just lovely!

    Julie Stokes says:


    I’ve been looking for a bag just like this one! Glad I found it.

    Eli says:

    I’m obsessed with cognac color so there you have it: the cognac tote! I love it!!!

    Kayla Gonzales says:


    This is so cute. I love the cognac color and the size of it. Perfect for day or night!

    stephanie says:

    obsessed with this!! —> http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody
    it’s so classy and feminine <3

    Jella says:

    I absolutely love the cross body in blush!! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody
    It’s so light and beautiful.

    Ruthie Baudoin says:

    You had me at PINK! I love the give away mini tote the bestest! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote

    Kasey McCourtney says:

    I realized, while looking at these bags, that I don’t own any black one, so: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-tote

    Rosalee says:

    Such beautiful designs; I love the clean lines. I think the forest crossbody is my favorite! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody
    The bucket bag is probably the most unique though, and the mini tote would be so practical. Very cool!

    va says:

    crossbody and bucket bags are the best .


    Erin Brady says:

    I’ve had my eye on a new cross body bag over at Kate Spade, but this blush cross body just made me forget about that! IT’s STUNNING. So simple, but so perfect. I love the gold detailing too.


    Sofia Araújo says:

    the Alhambra mini tote! looks stunning and the perfect size for everyday use! 😀


    Tori says:

    This has got to be the most amazing tote I’ve ever seen. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-tote

    Yoshiko says:

    All the colors are so on point, but I’m really taken by their green bags:



    Alicia Cilfone says:

    The Forest Bucket is absolutely stunning!

    Jade Sheldon says:

    I adore the forest bucket bag & blush crossbody!

    LaNae says:

    looks like I’m one of many who love the cognac tote!

    Joana says:

    The Cognac Crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-crossbody), the Forest Bucket (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket) and the Blush mini Tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote) are amazing! The colors are stunning! I want them all!

    Katherine says:

    Beautiful designs!! Crushing on this blush mini tote 💗

    Georgie says:

    Love the forest colour, especially the bucket.
    Super excited for a competition open to international entries!

    Erin says:

    These are gorgeous bags! Thanks for the giveaway. I love the bucket bags, they’re so cute!

    Greta Forino says:

    All the bags are stunning, but I especially love the cognac tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-tote) and the forest mini tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-mini-tote) !

    Lydia says:

    My favorite is the forest bucket!

    Ale says:

    THIS FOREST TOTE IS GORGEOUS! it’s perfect for me – I’m a beach bride-to-be! 🙂


    Bronwyn says:

    The bags are all so beautiful but my favourites are the blush bucket and the cognac mini tote!

    daniella dolenc says:

    I love all these bags!! This would be the perfect bag to take on my honeymoon to Sri Lanka


    Hope I win!!

    coral says:

    i love the forest color
    but any of these bags could be a classic, so chic!

    NatalieG says:

    Every bad is classic and gorgeous. I am obsessed with the http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-mini-tote Cognac Mini tote (also love it in black and blush.) It would be perfect for work and traveling. The crossbody is perfect for a fun and flirty night out on the town.

    Michelle P. says:

    I love the black bucket! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-bucket

    & the Blush mini tote is gorgeous.

    But really, they are all so pretty! *fingers crossed*

    elizabeth says:

    I love the black crossbody: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody
    as well as the alahambra bucket bag:

    Azul says:

    I love the black mini tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote) it seems so confortable and it’s a classic timeless bag! I also love the black crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody) it is really chip and so suitable for different occasions!

    Tammy Tan says:

    I love the black cross body! The cognac is also to die for!

    Mia says:

    http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody is gorgeous and classic! The blush tote is heavenly as well!

    Olivia Miller says:

    the blush is beautiful
    also these (but really all of them) http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-tote


    Lilian says:

    The bucket bag in cognac is so on point! Minimalist, structured, and feels modern but can totally be a classic.

    tori says:

    why are these all so cute?!

    that blush crossbody bag is literally a knockout.

    gloria lee says:

    mini blush tote!

    nicolette says:

    i love, love the blush tote – but also LOVE the proportions of the bucket bag! wow. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    Liz says:

    oh my goodness! the blush crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody) and the blush mini tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote) are both so lovely!

    Olivera Savic says:

    FOREST MINI TOTE – The perfect one. Wins by perfect match of simplicity of form and sophisticated, yet exciting green color tone. Feminin and modern.


    Alyssa says:


    GORGEOUS. The cross body bags are up my alley as well.

    Camille says:

    Gosh they are all so stunning and chic!
    I can’t go past the colour of the blush crossbody http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody and the unique take on the bucket bag: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket


    Kate says:

    This cross body is everything!!!! Blush is my newest obsession. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Frances says:

    I love the Cognac Crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-crossbody) & the Black Mini Tote (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote) would be absolutely perfect for work!

    Mallory says:

    You know the feeling of guiltless pleasure and satisfaction you get when you eat chocolate chip cookie dough on your period? This brings those feels.

    Maria says:

    Either the blush or the forrest cross body bad – both colors are amazing!


    Jena R says:

    The Forest Bucket is to die for!!!!! I love all of their pieces.

    Claudia Leitch says:


    love love love all but especially the mini totes! all colors but the pink is cute and unexpected. black is so easy too! and tan! ah!

    Abby says:

    The forest green colour with the gold zip detail on http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket is stunning and a real feature piece!
    The gorgeous thin strap on http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody is also a real knock out and while i’m dreaming with Cuero and mor i’ll also take the http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote for work thanks 😉

    Hebah Khan says:

    Love the blush cross body and the cognac tote! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody


    Kelly D says:

    YES! This bag is adorable and a great color. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody
    also the Cognac Mini Tote http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-mini-tote

    Rachel says:

    I’m super in love with this green cross body 😍😍😍😍😍 http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody

    >>> for sure the Blush tote!

    >>> and the cognac one!

    I’d style it with something a bit more frilly like this SUNO dress I’m drooling over:


    Kristine Keane says:

    The forest bucket tote is so great for fall.

    Christa says:

    The blush mini tote is beautiful. I love the mini clutch too!


    Nathalie S says:

    I’m in love with the CONGNAC TOTE http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-tote


    skyler hestnes says:

    the cognac tote is stunning. you really can’t go wrong with this one as it is the perfect color for soon-approaching fall. size is great for day trips, a work bag, or if you’ve simply got a lot of stuff. absolutely love the little clutch that comes with it. can be used as a perfectly matching wallet or a clutch for the necessities on a night on the town.


    Andrea Celica Santos says:

    This Forest Bucket immediately caught my attention. Not only is its color eye-catching (shouts high fashion!), the style is so unique. This can really uplift a simple t-shirt and denim outfit! It will definitely get anyone’s attention.


    Allison B says:

    All the cross body bags…especially the Cognac, Blush and Forest colors!

    Mariela says:

    I’m completely in love with this cognac tote !!! It is simply perfect ! I would love to have it !!

    Melody says:

    Definitely the forest bucket … No wait. The Alhambra Mini Tote!
    How can one deside with all these georgeous bags? Would wear them all with proud!

    Sarah says:

    I love the alhambra cross body!! I would wear it all of the time!!

    Amy V says:

    The Alhambra Crossbody is the most perfect bag!

    Tiffany Wong says:

    ////////////// Forest Crossbody! //////////////

    Szabina Luzics says:

    I’m in love with this pretty beauty


    Emily says:

    LOVE the forest bucket and all those totes. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    Basak says:

    i love the cognac mini tote – simple, classy, chic. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-mini-tote

    Jess says:

    Love the Blush cross body! Such a cool colour & versatile bag http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Milynne says:

    Loving the blush crossbody and black mini tote!

    katie says:

    What a perfect business lady bag! I actually love the tote, although I would go for forest green 🙂


    Dominika says:

    all of them are great, but this color is best http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-crossbody :))

    Mariana says:

    They are all so beautiful, classy and so delicate. Hard to choose one ! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Erin C says:

    Love the simplicity and lovely color of this blush mini!

    Sara Anne says:

    I love the blush mini tote, but I am also really feeling the forest bucket bag!

    Jenna says:

    I love the crossbody bag in an unexpected color like Forest. So pretty and chic! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody

    Erin says:

    Besides the amazing blush tote? There are so many to choose from!
    The blush crossbody: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody
    And also this forest green – gasp! It’s beautiful and I love it in the bucket bag: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    Jackie Hodges says:

    Cognac crossbody!

    Danielle Gardner says:

    The blush mini tote is a gorgeous color, and I love the Crossbody Bag in Cognac as well.

    Amanda Nagy says:

    I just love the Alhambra Crossbody! SO CUTE!

    Maude says:

    I love the Blush tote http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-tote
    Useful and cute!

    Diana Razulis says:

    Beautiful! The cognac tote is my favorite and perfect for work. I’ve been looking for something that is professional, functional and beautiful!

    maite canto stevenson says:

    These! Thanks for the discovery, lovely brand 🙂

    Andrea says:

    They are all gorgeous! But if I had to pick a favorite. It would be. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Kristin B says:

    What a lovely shop! Thanks for sharing this gem with us. I love the colours they have, particularly that forest green colour. Yum. On a bucket bag, and I’m in.

    I actually really love the blush mini!
    although, the blush bucket is a close second!

    Olivia says:

    I love the simplicity of the crossbody!! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Ali says:

    you picked it! that blush mini tote is too cute!!

    Monique says:

    I love the black cross body! Great for an every day purse 🙂 http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody

    Chelsey says:

    Love love loving the buckets and crossbody.
    I think this is my favorite since I have no bucket bags!

    Jennifer G. says:

    Those are some beautiful, quality bags! I love that blush pink one, it’s the perfect summer/early fall neutral which I love. I’ve been looking for a tote for so long so this is perfect! Loving their cross body bags too in cognac, black and that forest green colour: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-crossbody. 🙂

    Diana says:

    ugh those blush mini totes are so gorgeous!

    xo, Diana

    Dylan says:


    The blush bucket is amazing! Unique shape and lovely color!

    Rachel says:

    I love this one! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-bucket
    It makes me think that I can put come champaign in there and go on a little picnic in the park!

    Terri says:

    I love everything and the colors are so on trend right now! My favorite would have to be the cognac tote, classy and stylish.

    Dana Cofiell says:

    I hadn’t heard of this brand, but their products are wonderful! The mini totes are adorable, but I’m definitely crushing on the crossbody in blush and alhambra! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Maca says:

    my fav is the green forest bucket! me encanta <3

    Emilie says:

    How can you not love any one of these totes!

    The detachable clutch makes it that much better.
    I do really adore the blush tote. http://bit.ly/2bjwJxk

    Alissa Petersen says:

    LOVE the Forest color! It would definitely compliment and brighten up my minimalistic wardrobe 🙂

    Martha Gabriela Espinoza says:

    So cute! Love everything, and their website is beautiful!
    My favorites are,
    The green crossbody, because you always need a small bag and the pop of color is perfect!
    and of course the blush tote. Perfect bag! Lucky you are giving it away.

    Michelle Uy says:

    Seriously been eyeing this Blush Mini Tote before it was even available for purchase!! To quote Ryan Gosling in the Notebook, I gotta have it… I love it. I go crazy for it. 😉

    ashton c says:

    LOVE the forest bucket – http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/

    Sidney says:

    Love these crossbody bags: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    And the blush tote is fabulous too!

    Rebecca says:

    OMG I love all these bags. Obsessed with this bag http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody and http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote. Both would be great for my upcoming trip to Europe!

    yehsong says:

    the black mini-tote is pure elegance: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote

    Janel A says:

    I love the little crossbody and the tote! a must!


    Lissa says:

    I adore the bucket bags! The cognac or the forest… hmm!
    But that blush tote? Swoon!


    Staci says:

    I loooove the Forest Crossbody, as well as the Blush mini Tote!

    Laura says:

    The Alhambra Tote is perfff <3

    Thuy Thuong says:

    I love the cross body bag!! the color is so lovely

    Nicolette says:

    I love the blush tote and this cross body!

    April Weiss says:

    I LOVE the classic, minimalist style of this cross body bag: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-crossbody

    This tote would make the perfect carry on: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-tote

    Riley Stearn says:

    OMG! I really love this bag website! Even if I do win this giveaway,I need mutiple of these bags! My favorite style is http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody and I picked black because it will match with everything!

    Laurence Beland says:

    ✔️✔️✔️ THAT ◾️ BLACK ◾️ CROSSBODY ◾️ http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody ✔️✔️✔️

    adrienne says:

    I love the forest crossbody – favorite color ever!

    Juliana Sim says:

    I’ve been looking for a functional black crossbody for ages so perhaps this http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody but my heart is screaming for the unique bucket http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-bucket

    Hayley says:

    I love all of their color choices but the forest green color is really speaking to me! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-mini-tote

    Annelise Pollard says:

    Black Mini Tote.
    Yes please.
    So classic.

    Jamie Quiroz says:

    all the blush bags make my heart skip a beat: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Katrin Klink says:

    Yes, Iˋm in with all blush bags, my favourite is the tote bag. What a genius color, and btw all the photos are gorgeous!

    HB says:

    Free worldwide shipping!? Whaaattt!? Yes! Black mini tote please! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote

    Georgiana says:

    The pink bucket is the sweetest http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-bucket <3

    Sophia Barlow says:

    OMG OMG free worldwide shipping?! Great!!!

    Thnx xx

    Katrina Lane says:

    What a classic and stunning bag! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote especially in black.

    Ruya says:

    I love the Forest Crossbody!

    Marty Musser says:

    I wear a crossbody bag everyday and this one is perfect!! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    Austen Gordon says:

    I love the blush tote and forest crossbody.. But if were to buy a bag, I’d get this one http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody. Black is always timeless!

    Sophia Barlow says:

    I really love these bags!!xx
    They all look soooo beautiful!!!
    http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody This bag look awesome!! LUV it xx

    Tess says:

    The blush mini tote is my favorite! Beautiful! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote

    Feral Gecer Sargin says:


    Beautiful color… can be used for every occasion, everyday, every season…

    Feral Gecer Sargin says:

    extremely cute and timeless….

    Mani O'Brien says:

    I love this Alhambra Crossbody. So practical and classic:

    Thanks, DLF!

    Alba M. Alonso says:

    OMG!!! All the stuff are so beautiful…

    But this two stole my heart; This one is so lady; http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote and this one is so original http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-bucket


    daria says:

    Love the Forest Bucket!

    Seri says:

    Wow! Thanks for this chance! My favourite products are the following (and I love every.single.shade!!):



    April says:

    Oh man, so hard to choose… I love the blush cross body and the cognac tote though.



    Abigail Boaitey says:

    I LOVE THIS BAG! and this website!! I want the bucket bag and the tote!!

    Yuka says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this brand! All of their bags look amazing – simple lines but elegant design. I love the mini tote (and the adorable clutch!!) but I think I would go for the Alhambra Crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody) because it looks like something I could use everyday!

    Starla says:

    Absolutely beautiful bag and color- I love it! Fingers crossed!
    I also really love the black crossbody!

    Cindy Aiton says:

    I love all of the bucket bags! The Forest color is my favorite.


    Giam Umil says:

    Absolutely love the blush tote but this crossbody one surely comes second! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-crossbody

    Love the minimalist designs!!

    Shir says:

    This is awesome! It’s so hard to choose, they are all so beautiful and minimalist.Love it.
    If I had to choose my fav I would have to go with the forest green crossbody:)
    Meanwhile I’ll keep my fingers crossed;)

    Alyssa says:

    I love the blush mini tote! The color is amazing! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-mini-tote

    Cesd Monsada says:

    Loving the Cognac Crossbody (http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/cognac-crossbody) and of course that blush mini tote! 💕

    Jaci says:

    so much to love! the mini tote is prob my fav!

    Ana Frias says:

    can`t get my eyes off of this one http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    christina says:

    honestly i loveee the blush tote! so cute http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-tote

    Laura says:

    The Alhambra mini tote is lovely! Such sleek design & great colors on all these bags.

    Linda says:

    I think that the Forest Bucket Bag is very cute – http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    Alicia says:

    the blush crossbody is to die for!!! Good Luck Everyone!


    Bryanna says:

    They are all beautiful, but the blush tote is really my fave!!


    Vanessa says:

    Geez. Those totes!? So simple and elegant. Those Forest Crossbody is pretty cute too. But the black tote? Gorgeous.

    Vanessa says:

    Geez. Those totes!? So simple and elegant. Those Forest Crossbody is pretty cute too. But the black tote? Gorgeous.

    Amanda says:

    I want them all, but since I have to pick the blush crossbody is by far my favourite!


    Christie says:

    Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote Blush Tote


    Hazel says:

    The alhambra Crossbody has a great color! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-crossbody

    Jasmine Pham says:

    i have never owned a tote before, so i guess this is my first time looking at totes to buy! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-mini-tote

    Catrina Yao says:

    Absolutely love this, it’s beautiful!

    Charlotte says:

    These bags make me dream of fun nights in Barcelona and Madrid!

    Love the forest bucket bag: http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-bucket

    Kate says:

    Dead, dead, dying. These are slaying me.

    Obviously love the blush mini tote (hopefully it will be mine forever):

    But I’m also obsessed with the Forest Crossbody:

    It’d be like having a soft leather emerald hanging from my side <3 <3

    Angelica Villareal says:

    Hands DOWN!!!! Dear GOOOD. http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/blush-bucket

    Alexa says:

    ANYTHING in the forest green color – so lovely! Perfect for fall! http://www.cueroandmor.com/shop/forest-mini-tote

    Sarah says:

    Beautiful bucket bag please!cueroandmor.com/shop/alhambra-bucket

    Amy says:

    All the products are so lovely. I need the black crossbody for everyday.cueroandmor.com/shop/black-crossbody

    Patricia says:

    The black mini tote is amazing! I love the simplicity of it <3

    Patricia says:

    I love the black mini tote and the simplicity of the design <3

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