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i feel like i’m on a continual quest of achieving balanced wellness. making smart choices that benefit my body but also not living within a strict set of guidelines that limit my ability to enjoy life and for other people to enjoy being around me. i’m always looking for new resources and new inspiration that aid me in that journey, new recipes that don’t involve $75 of powders and potions, work out gear, articles, etc that encourage a healthy mindset. and weekly we’re going to share some of that with you. if you have a topic or something you’d like to share let us know! – joanie

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i made this recipe almost two years ago and i’ve been re-visiting it lately because of the extreme heat and lack of ac in my apartment. it’s essentially the idea of a smoothie bowl where you can throw a range of topping on there and call it a day. the one piece of advice i have for these it to try and have several different textures of toppings.

be well | designlovefest

i love this simple popsicle recipe by donna hay. the only adjustments i’d recommend is to make them with coconut water and honey or maple syrup instead of agave.

be well | designlovefest

we all know that water is important but i read this book called “you’re not sick, you’re thirsty” and although it sounds extreme it really does make you think about the healing powers of water.

be well | designlovefest

love this post on watermelon pizza from because i’m addicted!


this article on the healing power of mushrooms is fascinating to me. i recently started using a mushroom protein powder from moon juice (20% off your first order if you click hereand i’m loving it so far. the reishi in it is suppose to have a calming effect on the body so fingers crossed it works! i mix two scoops with 8 ounces water, 1 tablespoon almond butter, 5-10 coffee beans and 1 frozen banana.


my friends and i are continually debating the pros and cons of different birth controls and the effects on the body so i appreciated this article and the insight into picking an option. feels like a constant debate between of the unknown side effects of each one so any amount of insight feels valuable. (image from goop)

be well | designlovefest

out of all of the workout clothing i own i by far wear plain black leggings most often. i’m excited to try the new girlfriend leggings that just launched. i’ll keep you posted on how i like them!





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    Zoë says:

    After reading this I jumped on the chance for those beautiful girlfriend leggings. You all really do inspire me!

    I love all the healthy living content, especially the realness of struggling and maintaining, etc. Of course I always like reading about what is motivating you all and what trends seem worthwhile to try out.

    I’d be curious to learn where the team finds inspiration and knowledge. Like, where does so-and-so look to when trying a new supplement or vitamin… any apps or websites to bookmark on the wellness journey?

    Diane says:

    A lot of thoughts! A lot of good stuff, like the watermelon pizza! Great one!

    Anonymous says:

    goop article link doesn’t go to article….

    designlovefest says:

    thank you! we updated it!

    omorfio says:

    Watermelon pizza sounds strange but after reading this article, I came to know about the benefits,in summers it is very helpful.

    designlovefest says:

    it is very hydrating when you get tired of just drinking water!

    Mandi says:

    Thanks for sharing the information, so many effective way for being healthy. Mushrooms powder is really new thing.

    Tony Cox says:

    As a NYC native, I can be a pizza snob; but I must say the watermelon pizza was better than it thought! Thanks!

    Alice says:

    The watermelon pizza looks irresistible!

    Effective house clearance

    hana hanif says:

    be health with good food and good habit

    Chris says:

    The smoothie bowl is looking amazing. I wish you had to share the recipe as well. Refreshing and cool texture.

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