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it has been awhile since we did a #dlfgetfit check in and i’ll be honest and say that 2016 hasn’t involved much working out for me. i was on a crazy travel schedule and consistency just wasn’t possible. all of my trips did involve a ton of walking which was good but i definitely needed to step it up a bit. i’m back in LA for awhile now and have been refocusing my energy on creating a manageable fitness schedule. that joanie, she always has a way of bringing me back to this healthy side.


last year when we started this challenge i really dove in head first and took it super seriously. i completely changed how i ate and went from working out zero to 5 days a week. looking back, i think setting that pace for the start wasn’t really manageable for me. i went full force for awhile and then completely burned out. so this time around i’m focusing on consistency and setting myself up for long term success. i shifted from doing all different types of workouts to just one studio and that has been a great adjustment. i realized that i need structure and moving around all the time wasn’t providing that for me. i also realized that i needed a place that doesn’t allow for an excuses, no lack of parking, or super busy studio. basically, don’t give me a reason to skip my workout because i will take it. and so far it’s worked, i’ve started by committing to just two days a week which i know doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s better then my zero. and i hope to increase it to three days a week in the next few weeks.

i’m working out half on the treadmill, and half pilates. the class size is small, it’s close to my house and i’m actually loving the running portion. well…i don’t love it while i’m doing it but i love the feeling afterwards and it’s been cool to watch myself get faster and faster. i’ve probably only gone about 8 times so far and i am already seeing small changes in my body and mind. i’m excited to see the real results!


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i must admit…this part is the hardest for me. still struggling with the same story…i eat out too often during the week, and with a travel schedule it’s hard to limit myself and feel like i’m not depriving myself of something i want to do. eating and drinking is FUN. but, i do know that if you want results with your body you have to put in the work. there aren’t a lot of shortcuts. so i’ve been cutting back on drinking during the week. i guess i don’t really neeeeed that glass of wine or two with dinner. it’s probably more of a habit anyway. and i don’t keep unhealthy food in my house. if i stay in more, i’m bound for success, right? usually the working out kickstarts the healthier eating, so i am just waiting for that to kick in honestly.

so where are you at in the fitness journey? are you working out, struggling for motivation, killing it and never felt better? we’d love to hear. health and fitness is a journey and we all need as much love and support as we can get!

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    Marla says:

    So glad you’re doing DLF get fit again!! I’ve missed the updates. I was going through a similar thing where I was really good about eating healthy and working out for a while and then I get busy and it all goes to shit. I did recently do Whole 30 and honestly… LIFE CHANGING. The way I approach food is so different and so much healthier than before!

    Jess Zimlich says:

    I workout about 5 times a week, but I’m realizing now more than ever that diet outweighs all those sweat sessions. To be honest, it sort of depresses me. I love working out, but I also love eating! And it’s usually foods of the cheese/carb/booze variety. I’m hoping to make a few changes to my diet to see if it gives me the results I want and if it does..I might just have to bite the bullet and stick to it. This is my favorite column of yours, so I hope it’s back for good! 🙂

    designlovefest says:

    i’m with you 100%! i work out 4-5 times a week but negate it with plenty of drinking and junk. i’ve made little adjustments to my diet over the past year and it has helped a lot, small change in the kitchen and reminding myself that every meal doesn’t need to be an indulgence! good luck!


    Inma says:

    I had been super healthy and had been moving lots up to Easter, and then I went to Spain for a week, a friend came to stay for two weeks… and that was it, my routine out of the window! I now wonder where I found the time – it feels like such an effort, when before easter I wouldn’t even think about it – it was automatic how I would get home from work and change into my trainers and out the door I went! So I’m trying to build up to it slowly and be patient with myself.
    Would love more of these, as I find I can totally relate to what you’re saying and therefore it’s super motivating! Good luck with your fit journey!

    Inma x

    designlovefest says:

    be patient with yourself, it’s hard to get back on the train and it’s normal to have lapses in the health journey. don’t beat yourself up and just keep moving forward!


    Elly says:

    So glad it´s back. You motivate me. I´m trying to start with workout and watch my diet. I recently had some health issues due to stress and being really out of shape. Like obese out of shape. I know that now is the time to really change something. But it is pretty hard with a very busy work schedule. But if not for your own health than for what, right? Thanks for getting me motivated 🙂

    designlovefest says:

    you got this, girl! start small and work your way up. even 10 minutes of exercise a day is a great place to start! keep us posted!

    Diane says:

    WB! Thank you for sharing! I am back on walking and running again. This may just be the kick I needed to get up and start going to the gym.

    san says:

    get fit is hard i’ve made a huge jump… five months ago i was zero fitness person now i do crossfit… i know :/ though is crazy, because crossfitters are intense, it’s inspiring too. Now i do things i never thought i could, and i must admit i’m not much of a kind of a crossfit -attitude but i’m proud of myself :), and yes get in fitness definitely improve your body that is soo good… but for me the cooler part is how it makes me feel. Good luck with dlf, try to enjoy it!

    designlovefest says:

    that’s amazing! zero to crossfit is a big jump, congratulations! and agreed, the biggest benefit to exercise is how it makes you feel.

    Yolonda says:

    I’m back to working out and like you I started off slow. I’m up to 3-4 times a week average. And would like to get to 5/6 days avg. I went back to a studio which I love but can’t always fit in budget (i.e. I need to stop buying makeup and other crap and spend my money here instead). At the studio I practice yoga and cycling. It’s awesome and motivational. My eating is a work in progress, most days I eat well for lunch, eating a salad. But for dinner its a challenge. I either skip it or eat too many starches. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to work to change that completely. Anyway, good luck with your fitness goals. I’ll be sure to use the tag #dlfgetfit

    Janel A says:


    I hear everything you are saying LOUD AND CLEAR! First of all, my weight has always gone up and down since high school. When you first started this column i remember commenting something like “yes i will do this with you” and well, last year it just didnt happen for me. BUT them came january and I really kicked myself in the ass to change my body because I was not happy with it, i didnt start for anyone else, i decided to make a change for myself! How? Well, i must admit that i owe so much to MyFitnessPal app and Skinnytaste.com counting my calories and changing my portion control has allowed me to loose 20 lbs!!! With little to zero exercise at all. I still go out from time to time but something that i have to remind myself to do is only eat half of the restaurants portions, here is something i read recently. at a restaurant a man who weight 250lbs with a height of 5’10” is going to get the same portion as a female who is 5’2″ and petite… see where i am going with this? the PORTIONS are totally off for one of those people right?? a trick i am trying to learn is ask for a to-go box before you even start eating so you keep portions in check! after all 80% diet 20% work out right? I can handle that… I still have about 10 more lbs to lose for my overall goal but i tell ya it is a lot easier when you can keep your food intake in check. Hope this helps and im happy you brought this column back! cheers to you in your journey

    Janel A says:

    oh, and i still like my wine and beer too!!! I have NOT deprived myself and definitely give skinnytaste.com a try! Her recipes are amazing – nothing I have made has been bad (in 6 months, i even bought her cookbook i love her so much)!!!

    Amy V says:

    Great timing! I just went (dragged myself) to my first yoga class in about a year. I was really into ashtanga yoga a few years back so was dreading seeing the ways in which my body has succumbed to a sedentary lifestyle, but I set my expectations so low that I was pleasantly surprised and feel great for going 🙂 Now to stick with it! Oh, and the sweet stuff is my biggest weakness, trying to cut out unhealthy snacks except for dark chocolate. Best of luck Bri!

    Stephanie says:

    I am so so SOO glad you are bringing this back! I feel like I am in the same boat as you when it comes to working out and eating healthy. I go all in and then get burnt out! I just recently decided to sign up for a half marathon in August to force myself to work out and eat well and this column really helps me stay on schedule because I feel like we are in on this together!! Can’t wait to hear more!

    Kaitlyn says:

    I can relate SOO much to this post! Especially the travel part! The last year I got extremely healthy and lost about 12 lbs and was able to keep it off for the most part. But I am guilty to either being all in, constantly on fitness instagrams and not drinking, eating crazy healthy! Then life happens and I am enjoying going out, drinking and generally being in my 20’s living in a big city! I travel for work (work for an airline) so its very hard to keep workouts consistent. The drinking I find the hardest to cut out. I love wine and feel deprived when I “cant” have it so I tried to just cut down the drinking to only weekends so I don’t go crazy! My one workout I always love is CorePower Yoga. The weighted, heated class burns like 600 calories and I have been going for years. Its a bit pricey but I figure if it’s worth it if it’s a workout I actually enjoy doing! I am also trying to get in shape for my wedding in February so that certianly is motivating! But summer in Chicago it is a constant struggle!

    Viet says:

    What studio? Fit mix? I started getting obsessed with working out last year but have slowed down a lot because it wasn’t sustainable. Looking to slow down the pace too.

    Alison says:

    I love reading about other people’s journeys with fitness and health, thanks so much for sharing. My weight has always fluctuated up and down the same 20 pounds. I’m sad to say that I am at the high end of the spectrum right now and having a hell of a time trying to get back down to a place I feel comfortable with. I got into a relationship about six months ago and it has been a steady creep upwards and damn it is hard to keep up the willpower with dinners out or drinks etc etc. I’m beginning to feel like I am never going to be able to keep up with that constant consistency that weight loss really requires.

    omorfio says:

    It’s medically proven that people who do regular physical activity have: up to a 35% lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. up to a 50% lower risk of type 2 diabetes. up to a 50% lower risk of colon cancer.
    So keep doing regular exercise.

    hana hanif says:

    doing a variety of tiring work without balanced with regular exercise will certainly be bad for health. I always try to use my spare time to stretch my muscles, and on holidays to do sports and activities with my beloved family.

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