after that floral tree you might have thought we were done with our holiday decor for the year but surprise! we have one last diy to share with you, a wooden bead garland.


we searched high and low for the most beautiful unfinished wood beads and found the perfect ones here. in addition to the beads all you will need is yarn or cotton cord, a yarn needle and a pair of scissors.


the beading is relatively simple. start by stringing a long strand of beads that stretches the length of the area you are intending to decorate. when you get to the end take your needle and insert it through the bead second to the last, by doing so you will reverse the direction you are working in and create a finished end.


to create the loops continue running the yarn back through the beads you’ve strung up in a line and every so often add a stretch of new beads and then return to your original strand. the swag is created when for example you skip 6 beads on the original strand but add 10 beads to the new strand and reconnect back at the 6th bead.


we found it was helpful to plan out our pattern ahead of time and layout the beads before stringing to get an idea of how many we would need to use for each swag. it’s also fun to play around with the proportions, since the beads are so large it’s fast to string up a few to get an idea of the shape and size any certain number or shapes of beads might create. we tried a few different designs before deciding which one we wanted to commit to.


since the holes in the wooden beads are so large you can create multiple swags if you wish to create increasingly more elaborate designs.


it’s quick and easy but really makes a statement. it’s also the perfect holiday decor for those of us who might not have the space for a tree (or just didn’t manage to get one in time.) and the best part is you can leave this holiday decor up and enjoy it well into the new year.


we hope this holiday brings you lots of happiness and cheer, quality time with family and friends and a little free time to get to a few diy projects you’ve been meaning to try. please tag and share with us what you make, we love when you share your creations.

project by: natalie for designlovefest
photos by: ivan solis


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    Lisa says:

    That fireplace is amazing!

    Mireille says:

    I was just looking at wooden bead garlands yesterday! Thank you for the resources and ideas!

    Elsie says:

    I really love this, I’ve been anticipating coming back today to see how you made it. I think it would be REALLY helpful to know how many beads you bought and even which sizes.

    Jennifer says:

    I second Elsie’s comment. The garland is lovely and I was looking at the beads and wouldn’t even know where to start/what qualities to buy. Any ballpark figures would be awesome!!!

    I love these raw timber beads – I have never thought to use a garland like this. So talented Natalie x

    Cam says:

    Please let us know how size beads and how many you purchased?! I want to try this but don’t want to invest in the incorrect amount since you suggested buying them online!

    natalie says:

    Cam- we placed a general order as I found it helpful to have some extra on hand to play around with the proportions of the garland as I went along. Our order was roughly:

    60 ovals 1 1/4
    60 5/8 round
    40 1″ round
    20 1 1/4 round
    20 1 1/2 round

    we used all of some and had a few left overs of others but I found it pretty easy to freestyle the design. You can really make any configuration of beads work, I would just suggest laying them out how you intend to string them first. This helped me shift beads around as necessary and also made stringing them up a breeze.

    This is gorgeous! It’s like a festive vintage necklace and the natural wood looks so great with your soft colors. Love, love, love!!

    i love love love love your diy, but for an uncrafty reader, these would be awesome giveaways!!!! (just an idea 🙂

    Awesome, i love this garland, and i think it’s to easy make it.!! Great idea!! Thnks for share an explain!!!.

    Anonymous says:

    Love the large print in the center. Can you please provide the source?

    Jamie says:

    Hi! I love how that fire place looks. Can you tell me what type of dried flower or plant (?) is in the white vase?

    Hannah says:

    Love this garland! I really love the look of natural beads and this is so simple but eyecatching 🙂
    Hannah x

    Elsie says:

    Thanks for more info on the beads! I wonder, do you think you could start with two strands of string and off shoot one when you wanted to do a loop?

    Emmy Jones says:

    Love this its super cute and simple. I also love love lovee that geometric pink candle holder. Where did you get it from?!

    Jo says:

    I love your garland, can you please post where you can purchase the wood beads. Thanks for your help

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    Emy co says:

    thanks for this idea. Simple, minimalist, natural and elegant! i have to make it 😉

    Door Gifts says:

    I think that you should spray the bead with add some color to it.

    Jenny says:

    How was the garland attached to the mantle?

    Wer ruft An says:

    It’s just a wood? Those button for girland.
    You have amazing house, thank you for show me that amazing interior

    Emily says:

    I want to try to make this, but I’m having trouble understanding the part that hangs straight down. How do you make the part that hangs down between the loops? Is it all one strand?

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