my e-mailing life looks a little like this – load emails, go through and delete junk/unwanted emails, then go back and prioritize the important ones and start working my way down the list. that lasts for about 15 minutes when new emails start coming in and my little system is totally blown. i send and receive hundreds of e-mails a week and creating some sort of system is completely necessary for survival. i asked beth, who is a professional organizer (and helped me with my closet) to offer up some simple, time saving hacks for our inboxes, hello canned responses, my new best friend!

watch these short 1 minute videos and see if they help ya…


Stop Using Your Inbox as a To-do List: Because you can’t prioritize your email inbox, it’s time to stop using it as a to-do list. Scrolling through a long list of emails usually means something gets left undone and it’s a big ole’ time waster.


Canned Responses, Your New Best Friend: 

Do you feel like you write the same e-mail over and over again? Searching through sent mail so you can copy and paste your previous response to someone? Setting up canned responses in your email program basically feels like you’re performing magic. Because you save so much time by not having to write the same thing over and over again! We use these with blog submissions.

Work Smarter – Turning Off Your Email Notifications: 

If you do nothing else, turn off all notifications. Getting distracted when an email comes in is a huge time waster and effects our ability to get quality work done. It’s impossible to focus on projects when you’re getting constantly interrupted by email dings. We’ve all been there, typing away at an email and then “oh look, ASOS is having a sale…” 


Automating Email with Filters: 

I love automating my email inbox by setting up filters; it’s the easiest way for me to stay in control and it just takes a teeny bit of time to set up on the back-end. You can set up a filter for just about anything (my favorite is setting up one junk mail). I set up a filter to look for the words unsubscribe—the amount of emails that don’t hit my inbox because of this filter is amazing.

hopefully these will save you some time and help you get organized. let us know what you think! what else would you like to organize in your life?


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    a filter for “unsubscribe”? that’s brilliant, i need to do this asap…

    Danielle says:

    Canned responses are about to save my life. No more copy pasting! Thank you so much for sharing these tips!


    Danielle says:

    THANK YOU!! This is the best.

    Meg says:

    Okay I’m new to Gmail & Google style things, but my current job has me drowning in emails functioning in Gmail.

    I LOVE this! My main questions, this To-Do list, is this an app? an add on? a spreadsheet? Please give details!

    Anonymous says:

    Hey Meg! Beth from Bneato Bar here. So happy that you found this post as your new journey on gmail begins! My to-do list that I show in the video is part of the Google Suite and you can sign up here http://www.google.com/keep/

    I keep mine bookmarked on my desktop browser so it’s super easy to access. If you have an iPhone, the app you will want for your phone that will let you access Google Keep on the go is called Turbo Note. If you have an Android, the app is Google Keep.

    Hope that helps!

    Stacia says:

    I love these so much! Great tips!

    Darren Bell says:

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    robbers alice says:

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