i’m going to let you in on a little secret about love and it’s called homemade chicken noodle soup. few things will win you the undying love and affection of someone more then presenting them with a steaming pot of chicken soup while they’re sick in bed or just plain down on their luck. joanie tells me that this recipe is why her fiancé fell in love with her. maybe i SHOULD try this more often. ha!

chicken noodle soup
yields: 6 servings


• 4 gloves of garlic
• 2 leeks
• 4 stalks of celery
• 4 carrots
• 6 ounces fusilli noodles
• 2 chicken breasts
• fresh rosemary (you can use dried)
• fresh thyme (dried okay)
• olive oil
• salt + pepper
• 2 boxes of chicken broth

• the most time consuming part of this recipe is the chopping. so, i like to get that out of the way first. begin by chopping  the garlic, leeks, carrots, and celery. next, heat two TBS of olive oil in your soup pan over low/medium heat and add your leeks, garlic, and a little salt. sauté gently for a few minutes and then add the carrots. once the carrots have soften a bit pour both boxes of broth into the pan and add the celery.
• add the chicken breasts and cook on low for about 20 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.
• remove the cooked chicken breasts from the broth and add the noodles. cut or shred the chicken into little pieces and return to the pot. heat until the noodles are tender, about 10 minutes. remove from heat, add salt and pepper to taste (we also like to add hot sauce!). enjoy!
(photos by sheila gim for designlovefest, recipe by joanie cusack)


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    Caro says:

    Omg, I get so hungry now! Looks so delicious! 🙂
    Greetings from Wroclaw!


    Deanna says:

    Oh my goodness this looks so fantastic. I want to reach out and grab a bowl <333 I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe.


    Jessica says:

    This looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe x


    ingrid says:

    Beautiful photography Ms. Gim!

    Joss says:

    Looks great but I have to say, I think ‘homemade’ is a stretch!

    Donelle says:

    I think this looks great! How on earth is it not homemade??? Did you make it at home? Did you chop and cook things? IT’S HOMEMADE! Sheesh!

    Emma says:

    How much broth is in a box? I’d love to try it, but not sure of quantities 🙂

    bri says:

    4 cups in each box!

    Nalini says:

    What’s a subsitute for celery? I am highly allergic…always a disappointment because I love soup!!!


    designlovefest says:

    hi nalini! you can totally leave out the celery. i think the important parts are the carrots and leeks. i’ve added onion and kale as well before, which are both great if you’re looking to make it heartier! xx, joanie

    Helena says:

    Hello! I seriously want to make this but I live in the UK and don’t know how big a box of chicken broth is! Can you tell me the volume please? Thanks so much.

    There is nothing more comforting than homemade chicken noodle soup. This looks sooo good!

    Beth says:

    This recipe looks SO good! Planning to make it for dinner sometime this week…I’d also like to know how much 2 boxes of broth is approx? I usually use the bouillon cubes, so maybe I’ll just wing that part 😉

    designlovefest says:

    hi beth! i used two 32 ounce boxes of broth! xx

    Anna says:

    Are the rosemary and thyme for garnish? They aren’t mentioned in the recipe?

    irene says:

    I like your recipe, but fusilli aren’t noodles! Fusilli is a durum wheat pasta. 🙂

    Annie Slocum says:

    Fusilli is totally pasta in the US

    Stephanie says:

    My boyfriend & I tried this recipe last night, came out delicious!!!

    It’s that time of year..when everyone gets sick. I seriously need to keep this recipe for a sick day.

    This looks so delicious and comforting!

    Matthew Pike says:

    My issue with CNS usually is that it’s too watery, the big pasta pieces here solve the problem!

    Kimberlyn says:

    I have to cook this tonight for dinner! :p

    Oh my goodness! This post made me crave for chicken soup – or any soup actually haha! Will definitely save this recipe just in case I get sick. Thanks so much for sharing!


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    Rebecca says:

    Yes- making this tonight! Looks amazing…but what about rosemary & thyme?? Thanks!

    Rebecca says:

    Also….is that cilantro in the photos?

    Cathi says:

    Made this tonight and I used 2 big boxes of chicken broth. I cheated and used grilled diced chicken (frozen). It was a big hit! The picture looks like cilantro… I used thyme and rosemary from my herb garden.

    Lisa Dinsmore says:

    i made this today. Really tasty. Next time I wouldn’t add as much pasta though because it soaked up almost all the broth. I added 2 more cups of broth to compensate this time. I put in fresh thyme and rosemary during the simmer time, but removed the sprigs before serving. It is really good soup for this fall day.

    Jay says:

    This post is awesome,i am going to make this during the holiday.

    andrea says:

    are the thyme and rosemary just for garnish??? no mention of it in the recipe…

    Chris says:

    I’m assuming I’m supposed to put a lid on it…right?

    Alaina says:

    I just finished making and eating this, and it was soooo good. Thank you for the great recipe!

    Christina says:

    The rosemary and thyme aren’t mentioned in the recipe, and neither is the parsley that is pictured but not on the ingredient list. When do the herbs come in?

    Suzie says:

    This is a must try recipe, Bri! Love it!

    Anonymous says:

    I added Rosemary and thyme with the chicken.
    My kitchen spells amazing!
    I also added red pepper flakes for a bit of spice .. Yummy!!

    Henry says:

    Looks really great, gotta try it out

    Anika Tulip says:

    Thank you for sharing.Just wanted to say that I really like this this recipe.I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

    designlovefest says:

    yay! so glad you enjoyed the soup!

    Julia Krenta says:

    its almost 1 year today im following Bri))))and this soup kind of little celebration for dine !!!thank you Bri for who you’ve bocome)my muse.

    Lisa mayo says:

    This is now my go-to chicken noodle soup recipe! It’s so good. Please make this.

    Mattie Scott says:

    These noodles are looking so yummy

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