i definitely get my love for tabletop decor from my momma. she is literally obsessed with themed tables, so i always grew up watching her work her magic. this season, we were asked to create a fall-themed holiday tabletop incorporating some of our favorite target items. i found so many items that i loved from the line and we went to town….

i kept imagining greenery floating over the table in this all white space and luckily kristen and amy from moon canyon made it happen for me with some string from the ceiling. we bought a bunch of linen for the tables to keep it very simple and elegant (tip: you can buy linen at your local fabric store for under $5/yard), added the bentwood chairs and let the table decor stand out.

i was able to stop by my friend emily henderson’s video shoot (see the final one here!) set for target a few weeks before i started on my table ideas. first of all, i love seeing my powerhouse lady friends in action! there was like a 75 person crew there, and she rocked it. it’s also fun to see them recreate these rooms from scratch and how real they look once you are in them. it’s all pretty fascinating. so i hung out there for a while, got inspiration from their styled tables and picked out a few of my favorites to use in our shoot.

i think my favorite product from the target collection are those threshold cement + gold and polkadot vasesi love the varying heights to create the perfect fall centerpiece, which i find a little more interesting than just one larger arrangement.

the perfect cheese plate has a lot of variety and textures. colorful fruits, nuts, and olives in small containers to keep things separated. salami, pre-made crostinis, and lots of cheese options. we always have fun putting together new variations! we used this agate tray, which blended perfectly with our fall colors.

shop this scene: above: Threshold white hurricane and Threshold serving tray. below: Threshold wood center piece trayTarget rose gold flatwareCB2 drinking glasses, and Threshold cake stand. 

try a simple white cake with greenery around the bottom. it looks so stunning and it’s so easy to create at home. we added little floral bundles and watercolor place cards on each plate. and how great is that rose gold flatware and modern cake stand?

shop this scene: Threshold dinnerware, Target wooden salad bowl, and Threshold hostess set for serving. 

my mom always taught me to pay attention to every last detail. even something as simple as drinks that fit the color theme make such a difference in the look of the table! also make sure to think about your textures! we mixed simple white linen with wood bowls and rustic bread to complete the scene.

persimmons look amazing in the moon canyon arrangements, and also just laying around on the table to add an outdoor vibe.

what did you take away from these table ideas? are there any you would like to recreate for your home? we hope you are feeling inspired for the upcoming holiday months!

styling by designlovefest
photos by brittany wood
 florals by moon canyon 

(this story is sponsored by target, thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create original content for you.)


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    Deanna says:

    This is such an inspiring post!!! I love tables that are set up really nicely and beautifully like these <3 It makes me crave Thanksgiving like wow


    This is my favorite entertaining post you’ve done since you had that bitchin’ taco party with the terra cotta plates! Also I had a tip for anyone who wants to duplicate – I saw the cement-ish/gold vases at Target this weekend on clearance for super cheap.

    so much gorgeous inspiration!

    Caitlin says:

    I am DYING for that gold and cement vase and the link you’ve posted doesn’t seem to work!

    Please help me buy it!!

    designlovefest says:

    thanks for letting us know! we fixed the link and it should be working now!

    Laura Dunn says:

    Love this table! Great job!

    Florence says:

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    Kimber says:

    STUNNING!!! So fresh/natural/but with such FLAIR!! Your work (rather your ART) is sensational! Going to Tarjay on my lunch hour! L♥ve the golden persimmon touches~~Thank you for sharing with us with your tips, keepin it real! So inspiring, and sends out hope that I can “try” to somewhat pull something similar off for the holidaze!!!!

    Tay Milstead says:

    BRB sawing off a tree branch and stringing it up in my office! Beautiful!

    Jayce says:

    What a pleasure to find someone who idienefits the issues so clearly

    Lauren says:

    Excellent color (LOVE the orange) and art direction! Always inspirational.


    Shauna says:

    This is absolutely stunning! Where did you find the chairs? I’ve been searching everywhere for ones just like that 🙂

    Joanna says:

    Looks amazing!

    gloam says:

    I’ve been looking for affordable rose gold flatware — looks like the link is broken or it’s no longer on the site.

    Any idea if Target will be bringing it back?

    designlovefest says:

    hi gloam, some of the items sold out this morning! we aren’t sure if they’ll be bringing the rose-gold flatware back but we’ll definitely add the link if they do. xx

    ashleyj says:

    are the white plates (with black line drawing borders) from target too?

    Tanisha says:

    Love it! Where are the chairs from?

    This is fantastic, I love how fresh it feels while still keeping an autumn theme! The florals are absolutely gorgeous, and that greenery over the table is lovely.

    April says:

    Gorgeous photos and styling. Really beautifully done.

    Anna says:

    I love, love, LOVE the branches hung over the table! Definitely keeping that idea in the back of my mind.

    You did a fenomenal job with this table top, it is stunning! I love the bases as you said, and I also love the way you have incorporated the leaves (both in the table and floating above the table, what an amazing idea!). Finally, your tip on making sure everything matches the color scheme, down to the color of your drinks.

    Gorg!!! We actually used the same cement/gold Tarjay vases in our latest vignette for Halloween (www.rebash.ca/blog)! I love how chunky they are and how the gold really lightens them up. I think my fave out of all of this is the simple white cake with greenery. Perf.

    Door Gift says:

    Lovely table arrangement.

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