i took a visit to heirloom LA’s tasting kitchen and witnesses matt create THE most gorgeous crostini station. he is a true master when it comes to food. he makes it look like art. check out his process…


“Crostini Stations make the perfect party platters to serve for friends coming over as a pre-dinner snack to eat with wine or cocktails. I love eating fruits and cheeses even as a meal! Here we show you a vegetarian platter with all the most vibrant produce that you find at the market, paired with cheeses and breads and some freshly prepared dips.”


“We eat with our eyes first so it’s all about how you cut and present your ingredients.”


“Something as humble as celery can be transformed if you take the time to peel it and cut it into even, thin sticks. Also just like when you make flower arrangements, think about the placement of your ingredients. Lay down pretty herb bunches to add green (green means fresh) and texture, and use their edible flowers as garnish. There should always be a focal point or three (odd numbers are most visually appealing) and you build from that.”


PS. Isn’t their tasting kitchen so beautiful? Remember when i had my birthday party here??


“Here we show you a vegetarian crostini platter but you can easily include cured meats and pates. If you¹d rather not be bothered to prepare this platter yourself and you live in the Los Angeles area, we¹re happy to create one for you as a drop-off or pick up to make your next gathering really special.”

and here’s a few recipes from the board!


• 2 cups Cauliflower, cut in small florets
• 3 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 1 cup Red Onion, sliced thin
• 1 Passionfruit, cut in half, scooped/cleaned of seeds (reserve seeds and juice)
• 4-5 leaves of Basil
• Salt and pepper to taste

how to make them: Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Toss cauliflower, red onion, olive oil salt and pepper in a bowl to mix. Using a lined baking sheet, roast onion and cauliflower in oven until lightly charred and golden brown. Slice basil into thin strips and place in mixing bowl. Combine the roasted cauliflower mixture, basil and reserved passion fruit juice and seeds and toss to coat. Enjoy as a salad or accompaniment to you favorite cheese.

*Tip: use the passion fruit shell as the bowl for garnish and for less clean-up.



• 2 cups Lima Beans, cleaned, peeled and blanched
• 1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 1/2 cup Garlic, sliced thin
• 2 tablespoons Tahini
• 1 Lemon, juiced
• 1 bunch Cilantro, cleaned and chopped
• 1/2 cup Cilantro leaves, whole for garnish
• Salt and pepper to taste

how to make it: In a small sauté pan, slowly simmer olive oil and garlic until tender. Keep hot. Pulse olive oil, tahini, lemon, salt, pepper and cilantro in a food processor or blender on low speed until fluid. Add lima beans slowly and blend until smooth. Finish with drizzle of olive oil and remaining cilantro leaves. Serve with toast, vegetables or an accompaniment to cheeses.

and look at the take-away packages you can order above. yowza! thanks for hanging with us, matt and tara. i love what you created!!

(photos by brittany wood, recipes by heirloom LA, want more food posts? go here!))


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    Catherine says:

    Love how the board itself looks like a giant crostini!

    Saving this post for the next get together at our house! This would be so much fun for a casual get together with friends! Thanks for sharing!

    Roza says:

    The crostini platter makes me think about the imaginary food in the film Hook (during the great dinner scene where they have a food fight). And I definitely mean that as a compliment! As a kid it was a dream to see food that colorful and beautiful.

    I wish we had places like this in NC! Looks amazing!

    Amber says:

    this is gorgeous and looks very delicious! I wish I had an event to host, just to put one of these together… Or attempt to anyway!

    Chelsea says:

    Holy mother of crostini… this looks AHH-mazing!

    204 Park says:

    This is insane! I’ve never seen such a delish looking (not to mention stunning) crostini platter! Xo, Sarah

    Shannon says:

    Such a gorgeous spread! Everything’s so fresh and pretty.

    Taylor says:

    Wow! Absolutely stunning platters!


    Rachel says:

    Heirloom LA is so brilliant! I love their truck & events.

    Wow! That’s the most gorgeous arrangement I’ve ever seen. Beautiful!

    Angela Price says:

    What a beautiful plate (love Heirloom LA) and gorgeous photos! Talk about eating the rainbow!

    P&F says:

    WOW – You have to be kidding me! Are these pics even real?!
    What a beautiful post and wonderful work of art!

    amanda says:

    this is drop dead gorgeous. i work at a really great event space in brooklyn and see loads of beautiful food but this is totally next level stuff…

    Seriously stunning, a work of art!

    Leslie says:

    It would be the ultimate “party in your mouth”.

    suzy tervet says:

    This is the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen! How can I order one?!

    my god that was complete food porn. i’m going to need a cigarette now.

    Bozena says:

    I love it,awesome .I am going to make it for wine party.

    Edith Colon says:

    Looks beautiful, a piece of art. But too busy for me to eat, dont know where to start, lol.

    Munchies says:

    This is so beautiful. I need to visit them while I am in LA!*eswoons*

    guita says:

    What a beautiful post and wonderful work of art =)

    Bruno says:

    Looks beautiful, Congratulations!

    Joao says:

    That’s the most gorgeous arrangement I’ve ever seen. Beautiful!

    Door Gifts says:

    This Crostini Station is really lovely.

    Rui says:

    Wow! That is really amazing. And the pictures, by the way, are awesome. Congrats!

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