the idea that you need to be creative or productive all of the time can often feel like a lot of pressure. we’re constantly working to stay ahead of the curve and put our best foot forward and honestly, sometimes it’s exhausting. one of the most rewarding things i did for the blog was to take a leap and rent a studio space. it felt like a big undertaking at the time but has really paid off in the things that we’ve been able to create. i thought it’d be fun to share some tips about workspaces and what i’ve found to be helpful in establishing a work zone and reimagining the places that we create. no matter if you’re working from your living room, home office, shared space or the 21st floor of a high rise we all need to mix it up every once in awhile because let’s be real, no matter your job, things can get kinda boring day after day.

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make it fresh – take the time to keep your workspace clean, organized and tidy. it does take time -those plants that you love need a lot of care, and those white floors need to be re-painted every year (ours just were!), be willing to invest the time and sometimes money to keep up the things that matter to you. figure out what’s important in your space, and be sure to not let those things go. sometimes just simply rearranging my desk, changing my desktop wallpaper and organizing my desktop folders can put me in a better headspace!

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make a statement – i’ve wanted to get a custom neon sign for the studio to hang over our desks. help me think of cool phrases! i was considering “be here, now” (since i have a problem with always thinking into the future) or “you better work, bitch.” (ha! a good b.spears reference).

make it yours – having your workspace feel like it’s a reflection of you is important. you’ll be more enticed to spend time there and invite people in when you feel comfortable and confident in your office. it took us almost a year to furnish the studio because i wanted to wait for the right pieces and not fill it with things that i’d get sick of down the road. we spend a significant portion of our day at work so spend time making it personal and filling it with the things you love, it’s worth the investment.

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make a mess – whenever i’m feeling uninspired or stuck, i need to just make a mess and create something. call a friend over to the studio to paint or do a fun project. i keep a large area in the studio free to be a blank canvas that is solely meant for projects and shoots. i love taking these behind the scenes “not as pretty” shots. they’re a fond reminder of the creative energy and beauty that has been created in my studio.


make a new layout – don’t be afraid to move things around and mix up your layout. keep yoga mats around for afternoon stretching, put your feet up and work from the couch, push your desks closer together to encourage collaboration, work outside in the sunshine…there are so many ways to work – experiment and see what’s ideal for you.


make a plan – i hate the feeling of having my mind occupied by something that i feel like i’m forgetting to do. so i keep a color-coded google calendar (saves my life) where we keep track of everything. i have categories for personal, blogshop, travel, shoots and designlovefest. that way, i’m able to take the time that’s not scheduled to freely create or wonder without worry about missing something. it’s also fun to look back on a month and see everything you did, it’s nice to let yourself feel accomplished for a minute before rushing on to the next thing.

make it temporary – remember that you don’t always need to think about changes in big permanent ways, which can be overwhelming. it’s fun to make small changes that take zero commitment. like the colorful curtains above —  we looped the fabric over our existing curtain rods. it was simple but made a big impact. i got so much joy out of seeing the light play with the colors and we only left it up for a week and we have the fabric to use for other projects. making subtle changes can help lift you from a rut and give you a different perspective on your work.

i’d love to hear your thoughts on re-imaging the workplace. where do you find inspiration, what’s your favorite way to work, are there certain hours of the day that things really click for you? let me know, i’d love to hear!

 (photos by designlovefest)

this story is brought to you by vapor-distilled smartwater, who found unique inspiration for their water by looking up to the sky. we hope the change in perspective this piece offers will help inspire you.


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    Tilly says:

    Love this post! I recently took the plunge and moved from home office to a beauuuutiful studio (tour here) – it makes me feel soooo inspired and motivated to work! The notion of sitting at the same desk for eight hours a day always felt somehow wrong to me, so I love the idea of working where you feel inspired and moving things around when you feel like it. Oh and yoga mats are an awesome idea!

    Komik Hetai says:

    I’m buying very different size and styles but the gold always comes back. I love how much they add to outfits, even the simplest ones.Really into it; I actually recently found myself buying more and more! I following what seems to be an unconscious gold preference.

    Clare says:

    I love the keeping it fresh section! My boyfriend and I just got plants for his apartment and it makes it 1000x fresher!

    Jessica says:

    Simply amazing! I’m keeping some ideas in mind x


    sina says:

    I love this!!! SOOO inspiring!!! can I ask where you got the pink curtain from that you use as a backdrop (the one in picture 5 with the flowers on it)?

    Love this post – thanks for the tips Bri! I just moved, and am about to re-do my home office + yoga space (this week, finally, eee!!). Can’t wait to make it awesome + inspiring 🙂

    – Alex

    Lauren Bernal says:

    I love the phrase “make it work” for a neon sign 🙂 Your space is so inspiring!

    fabulous tips! i refreshed my workspace a few months ago and it has made a world of difference for me 🙂

    Amy says:

    “I’m here to work!”
    —Shangela Laquifa, “Werqin Girl”

    Sam says:

    I love ‘be present’ because for me it’s a reminder to be dedicated to the stuff I’m doing, stay focused and be reminded of what I did to get to were I am now, and how what I am doing now is going to get me to great things in the future. I have the same tendency do let my mind dwell into future projects -I don’t think it a bad thing :)- but for me, it’s important to put just as much dedication into what I am doing now: I just have to be present.

    Sarah says:

    this post was perfectly timed! I’m working on making an at-home studio space right now, and this is super inspiring (right now I just have white walls and a couple bits of furniture and decoration). plus I totally adore your studio! always love seeing pics of it.
    xx Sarah

    I would love to have a creative space to work in like this. No, scratch that- I want to work in this one WITH you!
    You inspire me, Bri!

    xo, Dakota Barber

    hannah says:

    Love this! I miss your business ADVICE posts, they were very helpful and inspiring.

    Stephanie says:

    Love the pop of colors and how eclectic this space is!


    Stefania says:

    Brit Brit refs are fantastic, but “be here now” is an all-out great motto! I think I’m the same way — always jumping ahead to hypothetical and/or not-yet-existent issues — so having these words (literally) in your face could be really helpful (& will obviously look sick in neon lights). 🙂

    Tasha Miller says:

    my favorite motivational quote?

    “baby, there are adventures to be had”

    it keeps me inspired, relaxed, and hardworking.

    Great post!

    Cynthia says:

    I dream of a studio space every night before I go to bed:) Someday! thanks for the inspiration. Love all the natural light too!

    Michelle says:

    I love ‘behind the scenes’ posts! I find it so fascinating to see the chaos that sometimes goes on in order to get a beautiful photograph. I think you should go for the ‘be here, now’ neon sign – it’s such a nice reminder to live in the moment.

    Chloe says:

    Absolutely love it! I’m sure you’ve answered this in another post at some point, but where did you get all of those lovely chairs? Thanks!

    Thank you for such a thoughtful post Bri, these are some great ways to give our spaces a spring clean! I am so very jealous of your studio, it looks heavenly.

    Anna says:

    love this post, so beautiful, joyful and creative!! i would go for a “be here, now” since apparently i have the same problem as you have and it would be a nice reminder!

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    Isaura says:

    I been a fan of you on IG for so long but never read your blog to today this was so lovely and inspiring I just move to a new home a have been remodeling I love it . But I been trying to make another move for the long time I been wanting to rent a studio for my sewing but if feel like such a big step I have no idea how I’m going to make it happen but I will do it soon god first. Thanks for the inspiration

    Christine says:

    I love your work, thank you for post <3

    I have got browse through great deal of webpages and even gone through some,however your work is fantastic.Caps off to your strength of mind and loyalty.Do retain all of us informed in future as well.

    nenad says:

    nice advices, I work at a box – sharing space with several coulegues. I cannot make a lot of changes, maybe just to make a mass

    Mondline says:

    This office looks like my office 🙂

    waffle game says:

    I’m so happy to be a part of this event. Learned a lot from the most influential people and brightest minds within the community as well as countless opportunities for networking, code sprints, and informal conversations.

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