i really love gift giving. i like thinking about the perfect gift for that person…picking up on little things they say that give clues about what they would really love to receive. this time i was trying to think of a cool gift for a guy. something unique AND useful. this guy happens to absolutely love showers. i’ve never met anyone who liked them more, actually. so i planned the ultimate shower kit! (because he also loves hotels, so i was trying to make a package that felt like you were staying at a cool hotel.)

now, most guys aren’t gonna go out and buy fancy bath products. but they’d probably really like them if they were given to them. and those are great gifts, right? the ones you enjoy but wouldn’t necessarily splurge on yourself?

this shower kit included:

keihl’s fig & sage body cleanser
keihl’s facial cleanser
• aesop calming shampoo (my favorite! love the smell so much)
aesop classic conditioner
swim club bath salts
birch & goldberry bar soaps
• sea wool natural bath sponge
pumice stone


after shower products:

• keihl’s light-weight lotion
• herbivore botanicals facial serum
• herbivore botanicals body oil
• herbivore botanicals hydrate mist


a white robe!

to wrap, i used some baskets and lined them with reusable graphic hand towels. now, this really is the ultimate shower kit! (of course, you could get towels, candles, and much more) but this is already quite a bit. you can easily do more or less depending on how fancy you want the gift to be. but geez, i’d be happy just to get new shampoo!

do you have anyone in your life that would enjoy this gift?? dad, brothers, boyfriends, best friends?

PS. unique ways to wrap presents here!

(photos by sheila gim for designlovefest, art directed by bri emery)


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    Nan says:

    Oh my gosh I love this idea! Such a perfect unique gift. I often find gift buying for guys to be pretty tricky..so I think I might need to copy this idea.
    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog

    kristin says:

    beautiful! i’d love being gifted aesop products…and so would my husband.

    Maria says:

    I love this idea. My husband also has an undying love for hotels!

    Catherine says:

    What a beautiful gift! I recently bought a whole load of products my boyfriend thought he ‘didn’t need’ because he was happily using mine until I explained that my moisturiser was £36 and the one I’d bought him was £6!

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Beautifully styled and photographed, and such a wonderful idea!
    Ronnie xo

    P&F says:

    What a gorgeous kit!
    So many great products!

    Chelsea says:

    This is the best idea Bri! I want one too 😉

    April says:

    Love this! With the cute succulent!!!! Thanks for including one of our organic plaid towels in this lovely package 🙂 Nice to see!

    Great gift idea! I would totally love this. Every girl on this earth would I think!

    Katrina Sophia

    Alena says:

    Woah! This is such a perfect post. My boyfriend absolutely LOVES showering….it may be unhealthy. He spends more time in the shower than I do, and I know he would love everything in this basket (not to mention I would too, so I would have to steal some).

    Thanks for such a great post Bri! I struggle a lot with gifts for men, and this is on point.

    Lauren says:

    Gorgeous, I love a great bath experience!

    Taylor says:

    I love this idea! I’ve been trying to think of some awesome Christmas gift ideas and so far my favorite idea is a blanket & book.


    This is awesome! Thanks for reminding me I need to get some Kiehls!

    Jazzie says:

    I love this. Maybe a gift for myself! Haha just kidding…. No I’m not… Maybe for my mom 🙂

    Mere says:

    I recently made a gift basket for my mom’s birthday – she just got a brand new kitchen, so it was full of Williams Sonoma gear, high-end gourmet foods, and Paper Source goodies. HUGE hit. Would love to do this one for my best friend’s birthday in September!

    Lily says:

    I just gave my boyfriend a sushi making kit I put together. Kits are a great way to encompass an interest with lots of little gifts. And theme shopping is much easier than single larger things.

    best ideas for our beloved person, small gift basket have the shower is very luxury

    Jennifer says:

    Really good job on the site, Keep up the good work!
    Good ideas for gifts really very interesting.

    An Pham says:

    Great ideas! Love the photos too. Thanks.

    Anna says:

    Good ideas for gifts really very interesting.

    I love this idea! I’ve been trying to think of some awesome Christmas gift ideas and so far my favorite idea is a blanket & book.

    Footwear says:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out more details.

    This gift ideas are really interesting. I love the photos too. Thinking which gift is perfect for my beloved boyfriend. He is very Health conscious .

    Rio says:

    What a great and unique gift idea! I like how you present these shower gifts. Put them into a shower kit and make them like shampoos in hotels. Nice one!

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