i’ve had a lot of people tell me that they followed my LA food & shopping guides when they visited LA. i love to hear that! los angeles is such a special place to me. it’s been my home for 7 years and there is SO many great places to share. i truly believe in gathering recommendations when traveling (they can make a trip, right?!) so hopefully these links make your LA experience that much better.

i’ve added a category in the sidebar of the blog called LOS ANGELES. here are some of my favorite LA posts that we’ve done on the blog… (OH! and remember we often post LA companies that are hiring on our job board)


shop & wander

1. poketo: a wonderful store in the arts district (see post here)

2. clementine floral works: where i always buy my flowers (see post here)

3. the americana at brand: where i get my mall shopping done (see post here)

4. heath ceramics: gorgeous home decor & ceramics! (see post here)

5. dream collective: a charming silver lake shop with great jewelry (see post here)

6. mohawk general store: i love to just wander around here. stunning curation! (see post here)

7. the getty: spend the day at the museum on a nice day. a great date!  (see post here)

8. rosebowl flea market: my favorite one, every 2nd sunday of the month in pasadena (see post here)


eat, drink & date

1. the mercantile: a delicious brunch made by a top chef! (see post here)

2. bar stella: an LA must. my favorite bar & hangout spot (see post here)

3. the spice shop: fancy up those cooking skills (see post here)

4. silver lake food guide: bookmark this map for sure! (see post here)

5. the cheese shop: when having guests, i always go here for wine, cheese & bread (see post here)

6. angel’s flight: a $1 date idea. the shortest train ride in downtown LA (see post here)

7. another silver lake restaurant map to mark (see post here)

8. eat drink americano: a romantic spot with the coolest chalkboard wall! (see post here)

ALSO: more date ideas here

and do you remember the video i made with my boyfriend below? we had a day of adventure roaming around LA looking for inspiration.

have fun exploring these spots! my goal is to keep adding to the LA category as much as possible, so check here if you are making a trip to LA and scroll through all the posts. and of course if you have favorite LA spots, please let us know in the comments. thanks! -bri


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    Julie says:

    Just in time for my L.A trip in a few weeks! Thanks Bri 🙂

    Brooke says:

    Okay, I need to make it out to LA! Such a great idea, Bri!

    xo honestly, b.

    Amy says:

    I just visited LA yesterday and I was actually hoping that you’d have a shopping guide because your guides are awesome.
    Maybe next time. 🙂

    Yayy, my ‘hood! Keeping this, sharing this, etc. Thanks so much!!!

    xo, http://www.lilyonfillmore.com

    Chelsea says:

    You make LA look so fun Bri! We’re taking a California trip this month and I’ll definitely be writing a few of these down.

    Chelsea & The City

    Criss Marie says:

    Loved the video — made me want to visit LA 🙂
    Come explore Savannah!
    xx Criss Marie

    maggie says:

    I LIVE here and I still use your guide. Thanks, Bri!

    Thanks for doing this Bri. It really does help to have an insider’s recommendations for a city. I will pass this along to anyone I know that is heading there. Let us know if you need any Chicago recs ( Chicago is changing and opening so many amazing restaurants- it is craaaazy) -Alecia with http://www.likesof.us

    kelly says:

    How crazy, I literally used your silverlake guide yesterday!I live in the downtown area and havent really explored silverlake and my mom came to visit me yesterday and I just wanted to show her a different part of l.a. we went to the broom st. General store and had lunch. We both really enjoyed it and had fun exploring the shops around the area 🙂

    erin says:

    I’ve been dying to go back to LA. This might just push my urge over the edge! xx Erin

    Alisha says:

    This is SO exciting!! I was directed to your blog for your food maps and LA wanderings. I just moved here and haven’t got around to exploring much. It’ll be exciting to get out there and hopefully meet some people too!

    I go to school in LA so I’m always looking for new places to try. Thank you for sharing this!


    laura says:

    SO excited to try some of your tips!

    Helen says:

    I’m so happy you did this! I adored your two maps you put out, and these all look fabulous. Can’t wait to check all these places out on my next trip to LA!

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