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my neighborhood feels like a wonderland right now. arian and i were taking a walk to the reservoir and stumbled upon this wall of bougainvillea a few weeks ago. i had to just stop and stare for a moment. i took julia back here to document it…


this place signifies a lot for me in my life right now. i’ve typed this sentence a few times and deleted it. it’s difficult to put into words…i’m much more of a visual person. however, i think i’ll look back on these photos and understand what they meant to me at the time.


photos by: julia stotz
patterned dress is vintage


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    Leigh says:

    Those flowers are unreal! OMG gorgeous! And you are too! But my lord those flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarah says:

    I love how comfortable you look in front of the camera, and my goodness those COLORS!

    Sherry says:

    wow that wall of red flowers is amazing!! I love the photos

    Roza says:

    Love the colors in your photographs. Bougainvilleas were my grandmother’s favorite flowers, and in Farsi they are called “paper flowers,” which I think is so perfect.

    Chelsea says:

    That is a stellar dress! I love that these photos are reminding you of something special…

    Brittni says:

    Love that dress! It goes perfectly with the bougainvillea wall.

    Hanna says:

    These flowers are insane, wow! Also, lovely photos.

    I also hope you are feeling better very soon. Looking from the outside it seems as if you are living your dream and also a dream life, but sometimes that’s just the illusion of the internet I guess. Lots of luck!

    Nikki says:

    WOW. Picture #2! Gorgeous!

    Sarah says:

    What an incredibly gorgeous wall! It is so breathtaking, and I feel like it must be overwhelming (in a good way) when you see it in person! Does it smell lovely?

    alicia says:

    That’s beautiful! Love them. Also, isn’t it always best walking without shoes? 🙂

    Jensen says:

    Stop it! These photos are just too much! I want to play in those flowers!

    Stefanie says:

    this is so dreamy. i’d like a bed made out of bougainvillea.

    angeliki s says:

    i love this post
    the pics are amazing, vivid, real….


    katie says:

    BREATHTAKING. I absolutely love bougainvillea… so I’m pretty much obsessed.

    I adore these photos! For me, an image captures my life better than any words. Thanks for always sharing such lovely images!

    kelsey says:

    these photos are insanely gorgeous!
    kw ladies in navy

    That’s some beautiful bougainvillea! And I hope everything is going well for you, Bri. Your life is your message to the world, and you’ve given so much beauty to us all! Whenever things get overwhelming, just remember that. 🙂


    I love your creativity and that each photo shoot is so different. That dress is perfect with floweres 🙂

    OH MY GOSH!! That’s so amazing! I know what you mean when you said you typed the line and then deleted it. Things always run through my brain when I’m making art, and sometimes it can be hard to describe at the time. A little time helps in understanding, I guess.

    Alex says:

    hmm..in my imagination, you’ll be opening a floral shop? hehe

    Myrna says:

    Love these pictures. You look gorgeous especially with that back drop. Love your creativity in your photos. Thank you for inspiring.


    Latrina says:

    I know exactly what you mean — I’m a visual person, too. It’s always been easier to express myself through art + imagery than words. I’m sure these photos (and memories) you created will forever stick with you now that you have these gorgeous images to treasure!

    Katie says:

    Holy Wow! Magnificent! Your words have perfect timing as always. I was just reflecting on how far I’ve come in the art of “letting it go”. It’s a constant practice, but it’s working and I’m happy about that.

    Tanja Dögg says:

    Love the dress and the pictures 🙂

    What amazing pictures!! So lovely!!
    Regards from inatrendytown.blogspot.com

    Niki says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like it…a huge wall of gorgeous pink flowers! They totally made me smile this morning 🙂 I often find it hard to put things into words, I images are much more powerful

    Niki says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like it…a huge wall of gorgeous pink flowers! They totally made me smile this morning 🙂 I often find it hard to put things into words and find images are much more powerful

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Stunning in every way, Bri and Julie.
    (I love that you went barefeet!)
    Ronnie xo

    Monica says:

    I wish this was me in these pictures. You always look like you’re having so much fun and you’re surrounded by gorgeous flowers.
    Julia is an amazing photographer!


    Can we talk about how awesome of a vintage find your dress was?! Jealous to the max right now 😉

    look see. says:

    That colour is freaking amazing!

    Vickie says:

    gorgeous photos, awesome spot & I love your dress

    Jasmine says:

    Oh Bri, you’re so wonderfully beautiful!

    Dana says:

    wow wow wow, this color is so beautiful and you too.
    but thats a huge plant. how was the smell???

    xo from Berlin

    Erin says:

    Oh my god! I love all of your compositions so much. love love love love love!

    I love these photos! So bright and cheerful – it made me smile on this rainy day!

    joy says:

    so gorgeous! the flowers are insane in our hood right now. makes me so happy!

    August says:

    The photo of you at the bottom of that huge wall of floral fireworks makes me so happy. It wouldn’t have been the same if you had shoes on. Good choice!

    Vi Nguyen says:


    Can you please tell me where this wall is in silver lake? These pictures are amazing and I would love to take pictures too!

    Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your happiness with us everyday.


    Hannah says:

    You look so pretty – these photos are gorgeous. I think they’ll be wonderful to look back on, and will keep safe whatever memories they hold for you 🙂 fabulous colours xx

    Jaclyn says:

    I always love seeing your different style posts, they are always a great source of inspiration. This one is especially great with the bright colors and your dress, plus bougainvillaea are one of my favorite flowers 🙂

    Stay in the Lines

    pelin says:

    very lovely 🙂

    Sabiha Sadri says:

    Incredibly beautiful flowers!! And you look very pretty in them 🙂
    Lolxxx from Istanbul

    gracie says:

    What Roza said above is really beautiful. God those flowers have just given me a lump in my throat!

    Hilde says:

    wowee! that is the most incredible bougainvillea wall i’ve ever seen!

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