you know how you focus on finishing one room in your house…and it’s awesome when it’s done…but then the other rooms in your house feel kinda sad and not paid attention to? believe me, i’m not in a big rush to start another big design project, but i definitely have started THINKING about the direction i want to take our new bedroom (even though we moved in last summer!) see my whole pinboard here to get the full picture.

shopping credits above: target threshold brass side table, west elm marble side table, persian pink rock salt lamp, commune yellow light socket, douce nuit poster. inspiration photo from mae engelgeer.

i am a strong believer in keeping the bedroom the most calm place in your house (or at least trying to.) we don’t watch tv in there, we try to not work on laptops in bed (although somedays it works out that way.) i like to keep it a stress-free zone as much as possible. i actually have even been working on not having arguments and late night heavy talks in the bedroom…i think it can change the energy in the room. i don’t want to remember it as a place where we fought about money or chores…i just want it to be a place we sleep and relax and dream. i know that sounds pretty hippie, but maybe you can relate.

shopping credits above: target threshold ombre pillow, joss & main cloud table lamp, joss & main white chair, boucherouite colorful rug. inspiration photo from femina.

so keeping with the calm theme, i’d love to have a lot of neutrals going on. white curtains, white bedding, white walls…and i WISH i could turn the floors white. however, it wouldn’t be me if i didn’t add in some hits of color here and there. i’d love to keep the rug a main color focus (and maybe layer a couple together), bring in some bright pillows and small decorative items and that’s it. my living room is color WILD (see here) and i love it…but it’s time to tone it down in the bedroom.

do you keep your bedroom more minimal and neutral? have you notice it helping your stress levels? i’d love to hear about it! -bri

(This post is sponsored by Target. Welcome to Threshold. A new line for house and home.)


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    Sarah G. says:

    Where is that bed set from? I like it ha.

    Quinn Cooper says:

    Love your color palette. The light pinks/blush is super pretty. Its a nice way to bring in color without it being crazy. It still gives a calming vibe.
    xo Quinn

    Ally Ebdon says:

    I totally agree bedrooms should be calm and zen. We’re moving in September to a place where the bedroom is as big as the lounge (about 350sqft) and so it makes sense to partition it up and use it as our workspace as well…but urgh. We’re trying to find a way to separate the room in some way so we can keep the sleeping area calm. This post really helped! Maybe colour scheming is the way to go.

    My bedroom is light as well and it’s so good to wake up in it 🙂

    I love the colour palette that you’ve chosen! So pretty + light + fun! It must look fantastic with all the California sun coming through the windows and bouncing around!

    The chairs too! OMG, in love.

    kate says:

    Love your direction, no doubt it will be amazing! Sidenote – I have the threshold gold side table and I love it! it’s makes me so happy every time i walk in the room

    i’m loving target’s threshold collection! every time i go to the store i end up with another item. this week it was new sheets. i have a problem 😉

    stella says:

    awesome collaboration – thanks for sharing it!

    alicia says:

    As someone who works a lot from home and until recently had her desk IN her bedroom I couldn’t agree more with your stress-free bedroom rules.
    We recently moved a bunch of stuff back and forth and now have a bedroom and a hang-out-living-work-room (which due to space issues also has our clothing closet…
    Both rooms really neeed to get a make over, it’s just a matter of deciding which one goes first. I really want to to the bedroom because I feel like I know what I want, or at least the direction. However I know I will lose my sanity if I don’t get my work area organized soon.

    Colleen says:

    I have that target side table as well and it is pretty fantastic looking. I do agree, I have like a whole lot of rooms in my house and have been trying to get the downstairs reasonable looking. But the upstairs is beyond pitiful. Ciest la vie, I just won’t take people up there.

    Elizabeth says:

    Love Threshold from Target! Those colors are fabulous!

    I am totally a fan of keeping your bedroom dreamy, zen-like, calm & all that hippie stuff. Let’s just hope my next place isn’t a studio (which is very likely) because I don’t think I can keep my kitchen zen-like & calm…

    Good luck! Your room looks beautiful regardless!

    Jasmine says:

    Our bedroom is very neutral colours, creams and beiges. I would like to paint the walls white to lighten the space up but that’s just a matter of time really. I also think I want to go more the way you’re thinking – more whites with pops of colour. A rug is a very good idea – even if I do have carpet already! 😉

    Jenna says:

    Oh yes! Our bedroom is uber minimal. We have a simple blonde wood platform bed (Malm from Ikea), matching bedside table with a brushed nickel lamp, coordinating dresser, full length mirror and one other small table across the room with the alarm clock on it and about 2 books. I keep a couple trays of my jewelry on top of the dresser but literally this is IT in the bedroom. All white linens, no pictures on the walls, NO TV! It is pure heaven in our bedroom. So peaceful and since it is so minimal its really easy to keep clean!! And someday we will paint all the walls white and get bamboo flooring. Right now the walls are taupe with white trim, which i like a lot too, but would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and all white house.

    Amanda says:

    I love what you said about trying not to argue or have heavy talks in the bedroom. I’ve heard so much about keeping electronics and work out of the bedroom, but never thought of arguments, etc. It should be so obvious, though!

    kelsey says:

    I am hoping to paint ALL my walls white very soon. Do you have a recommended color?

    Sarolta says:

    I love how you try to keep it calm and peaceful in the bedroom (no TV, no fights). When it comes to design I try to keep it light and airy, too. The bedroom is for relaxing!

    kimberly says:

    i recently replaced the saddest side table in the world with that marble top one from west elm. it’s fantastic! my last side table was similar to the target one but, despite religious coaster use, had become super stained and water marked. when i saw the target table in the store last week, it was pretty stained and beat up already (yikes). i’m pretty sure though that you could take the west elm table into the pool with you and be perfectly fine 😉

    Nikki says:

    I have pretty much this exact color pallete in my bedroom, and I love it (we added a couple pops of mustard yellow). After having such bold and bright color in the home for the last several years, I was craving a more neutral and serene room, and the bedroom was a no-brainer. I love your inspiration photos!

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