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our last DIY post, we showed you how to fancy up those ugly power cords running around your office. this week we’re going to show you a VERY simple way to add some glamour to your bookshelf. buy some rocks…or just go on a walk and find some you like. then all you have to do is spray paint them gold. (makes me miss sifting for gold in that computer game oregon trail) we added a pink ombre to the bottom…we made paperweights…polkadot designs. make yours unique!


what you’ll need:

• large rocks (available at building supply shops, be sure that you find ones that sit at a nice angle when you place them next to each other. we also recommend giving you rocks a good scrub before you start your project so that the paint adheres well)

• metallic gold spray paint (be sure to get the super shiny stuff)

• small cork adhesive pads

• we added cork pads to the bottom so they don’t scratch the surface & move easily.


and that is IT! not a hard project, but a nice impact on the shelf, right?


we hope you give this one a shot!

project by: natalie shriver for designlovefest
photos by: kimberly genevieve
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    Aah…I love this idea. I’ve been wanting a pair of cute bookends for a while, but my are they ever expensive! Total sticker shock. This is so simple and lovely. Must try. Happy weekend, Bri!

    Quinn Cooper says:

    Super cute and super affordable if you actually find the rocks yourself.
    Love the ombre ones in the first photograph.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

    Sarah says:

    LOVE – I’ll be making these this weekend. Thanks for the idea!!!

    Such a simple but fun DIY! I will definitely be trying this!

    X Kenzie


    Hanna says:

    These look so cool and easy! A simple addition my desk might just need…now I just have to go outside and find some appropriate stones!

    Sally says:

    this is amazing, i loved them in your office tour! i’ll definitely be making some of these soon!

    LOVE this idea! How fun and they look really nice too!

    The simpler the DIY the better! It’s so amazing what a little spray paint can do!! Thanks for the inspiration…

    valentina says:

    Awesome idea! I will try it this week. Thanks guys! <3

    excellent, it’s easy and looks wonderful.I’ll definitely try it

    Sarah says:

    BUY some rocks? That notion is just hysterical to me. We live in a Philly rehab, and have a backyard full of roughed up bricks. I’ve been meaning to spray paint a few as bookends for my daughter’s playroom. Maybe I need to do a few for my office too.

    Selena says:

    I am in love with this. Definitely sectioning off my design books this way. Thanks for the diy!

    Emily B says:

    I love these types of DIYs; so simple, yet they make such a statement!

    Stephanie says:

    Cute! Quick question – does the spray paint every rub off or discolor the bookshelf??

    Noor says:

    What a great idea and they look really great.

    Giò says:

    The result is simply perfect!!! love

    Kissa says:

    I love this idea! I definitely have to try it

    Andrea says:

    With the gold triangle – how did you get just that bit painted and not get splotches on the rest of the rock.

    Sarah says:

    Ok, please tell us how you got the ombre effect. I tried to no avail – doesn’t look nearly as cute as the ones you have photographed. Please tell…

    Nikki says:

    I was JUST searching the internet for some fun bookends last week. This is perfect! Can you give us any clues as to how you achieved the ombre effect in the first photo? I’m dying over those.

    Andrea says:

    Love it! Looking around the house for things to paint metallic hehe 🙂

    Sarah says:

    Love this! I am rock OBSESSEDDD!!

    Sarolta says:

    Love the idea! I’m not a big DIYer so the simpler the better 🙂

    Such a great DIY that I remembered it when I found this: http://www.horsesandheels.com/2013/10/diy-gold-pink-rock-bookends/. Looks like you didn’t get the credit you deserve :/

    Lindsay says:

    You mention that you want readers to let you know when credit is not properly given, and this post idea is contained exactly on the radical possibility site (Lazy Sundays: Making Your Own Gold Bookends from April 29, 2012). I think she deserves credit here.

    Rilane says:

    I love this so much! Ideal decoration on the shelf 🙂

    Jessica says:

    Really cool and simple idea. This will go very well on my white shelf!

    Abel says:

    Τhеre is certainly a great deal to find out
    about this topic. I really liкe all of the pοints you’ve made.

    Gifts says:

    Lovely golden nugget book ends.

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