sometimes video says way more than words. (and i sure wrote a lot of words in this recap post)

thank you arian for documenting our trip to spain and making it so special to look back on. it looks like we jumped & danced all over that city…

video by modshift. this post is a collaboration with the creative council by UGG Australia– see our barcelona photos & links post here.


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    Ashleigh | Love Stoned says:

    I have been obsessed with film lately – there is so much personality in it and you can really remember emotion with film unlike with just snapping pictures. I just posted a little video from my Lomokino Movie Maker on my blog today ♥

    xx Ashleigh

    Ange says:

    Has anyone ever told you your beau looks like that guy from New Girl? 😀

    Marta says:

    How cool to see Park Güell and Gótico and Cadaqués in your video! Lovely soundtrack, too! Best regards from a reader from Barcelona,

    I love Barcelona, what a beautiful city.

    Quinn Cooper says:

    Barcelona looks amazing! Great video!

    Quinn Cooper Style

    Myrna says:

    Love all your videos. Who recorded this one?



    Viva la Barcelona! xx

    Shawna says:

    Ever since I came across your site last week ,I’ve been inspired by what you do. This came at a great time as I am constantly doubting what I am doing (mainly what I’m studying in grad school). I need a creative outlet and I have been suppressing that for so long. Seeing your site, reading your blog, and watching some of the videos has definitely inspired me.

    Sarah says:

    FANTASTIC!!! I’m in LOVE with those colorful paper mache animals !!!

    alicia says:

    This is so great 🙂

    So fun! Love the music!

    Kait says:

    I love this! Looks like you two had such a good time – inspiring me to make some vids of my own 😉

    Chelsea says:

    It looks like you had a blast Bri. I just love these sweet videos!

    Chelsea & The City

    That video makes me want to take a vacation! LIKE NOW!

    Fabiola says:

    Totally awesome video and I loved the spanish music, nice detail. Your guy’s pretty talented, good catch bri!

    Oh that was lovely and SO fun!! And isn’t Cadaques just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!?! When we went it was SO windy and SO cold so I’m glad it looked like you had wonderful weather!! Oh Spain you’re beautiful and I love you.
    Besitos from Spain,
    Tessa Lynn

    Amanda says:

    Such a fun video!

    Tiffany Reed says:

    A very fun video:) Now, I really really want to go to Barcelona!

    I enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing.

    Sarah says:

    Beautiful! Such a nice memory of your trip. How many hats did you bring with you?!?

    Julia says:

    Ah! Your videos make me want to start documenting trips with my husband this way! They probably won’t be as awesome, but I’ve got to start somewhere, right?!

    Thanks for sharing!

    PS – can you post the songs used? Great summer dinner party music!

    Mary Beth says:

    love the video and the music! wouldn’t it be great to watch a collection of these when you’re older.. all the cool places you’ve traveled. I want that!

    mekeesha says:

    what a fun video! he did a great job and it looks like you all had such a nice time. 🙂

    melissa says:

    Beautiful. you didn’t look like you had a sick bone in your body 🙂
    every time i see barcelona I dream of visiting there… soooo ga-ga over Gaudi.

    fawn says:

    So happy! Songs please?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tracks. So funny, since I know what they are saying. Perfect match Arian 😉

    This is WONDERFUL! I am going to film more on trips! Great idea!

    I always get equally inspired and jealous when I see videos like this capturing someone’s travels!

    ivana says:

    Cadaqués is amazing!

    saeyoung says:

    Looks amazing. What lens did you use for your video? I have a Canon 5D Mark ii but I only have 50mm lens for photos. Not so great for videos….Any recommendation will be great.

    Teressa says:

    Bri, you know I love all your work and this is kickin it up a level. Everything is rad!

    Christine says:

    ¡Los Locos Del Ritmo! My dad listened to them! Awesome! Only, they are Mexican. Still, they are singing in Spanish, so it fits.

    Carly says:

    Fantastic I loved your little video, it’s crazy I only just blogged about Parc Guell the other day. Barcelona must be on everyone’s mind 😉

    Anes says:

    BRYYYYY ypu where in my hometown!! in my neighborhood!! in my favorite Cadaqués!! I hope you come and make one of your blogshops here in Barcelona!

    Anneli says:

    love your videos! ♥

    Melanie says:

    I just love all the videos you guys make! Sums up your vacation perfectly!

    Melissa says:

    I loved the Paris one but I love this one even more! Great job Bri & Arian!

    Kelsey says:

    What is the first song playing?? Love it!

    Vaneshua says:

    Me encantó la selección de música! definitivamente Bri, eres una chica alborotada 🙂 KUDOS!!!

    Khali of Bss says:

    doesn’t it make you want to travel more just to see how beautiful your trip was through Arian’s lens? well done, sir.

    Helen says:

    Awww yayyy! Awesome vid, brings me back my memories of hanging around Barcelona with the boy too 🙂

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