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we have different moods for different months. whether it’s a shift in our lives, our style, or the weather. over here at designlovefest, we really still love putting pen to paper, and taking it back to the old days of cutting our favorite clippings out of magazines.

so, we made this 2013 calendar mood board calendar for you to download and keep next to your desk. each month glue a few new things to it that inspire you…colors, patterns, interiors, outfits, shapes. anything you’d like to look at for the next couple of weeks while you work…


make sure to print the calendar on nicer, card stock paper for the best results.
we used colorful binder clips to hold the pages together.

add some brightness to your desk with a new color each month…

project by: natalie shriver & bri emery for designlovefest
photos by: kimberly genevieve
more download last week’s printable here
sponsor: these holiday printables are brought to you by HP.
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    Al says:

    Ok, I kind of love this. I kind of love this lots.

    Stephanie T says:

    Such a great idea!!! Maybe now my mood boards will pop off the screen and really inspire me!!

    Thanks again for the lovely DIY!

    Sylvie says:

    Thanks Bri! These are great!

    Stefania says:

    thank you Thank You THANK YOU! 🙂

    This is a fabulous idea. So glad to make an inspiration board each month next year!

    Lacey says:

    Ah! This is so cool! Definitely going to be using it this year. =D

    Thank you for this, Bri! I love me a good calendar. This would be really awesome for fashion-y inspiration and to keep track of my blog posts. Awesome!

    alicia says:

    I love the idea of a “monthly mood board”. I always find myself putting stuff up and then adding and adding and adding until I’m sitting in front of a colourful but messy clutter.

    anisa says:

    oh wow i absolutely love this definitely printing it out

    Kiti says:

    what a great idea!!

    love this – love the template too, i might just go minimal and start with a nice clean blank one for planning out the year – i love blank calendars, so much possibility. but i love reviewing my full ones at the end of the year to see what i’ve done – outlook just doesn’t give that same year-end satisfaction!

    Ah, you’re the best! Definitely doing this.

    sue says:

    this is fab, thank you! off to find my glue stick! 🙂

    Sarah says:

    These are so awesome! Reminds me of my celebrity collage covered walls as an angsty teenager. I’m definitely doing it!

    Joan Born says:

    I love this idea! Printing mine out today.

    Marisa says:

    Bri, this DIY turned out great. Nice work! Glad to see you kept some of the things from my leave-behind, too 🙂

    lindsey says:

    going to create 5 different ones for christmas gifts!

    Kory Woodard says:

    Love this idea! What a cool way to keep track of what inspires you throughout the year!

    Sister Disco says:

    Loving the disco ball inspiration in January!

    Daisy says:

    Love it!! Thanks! 🙂

    charlotte says:

    this is by far one of my favourite of your posts!! so creative and fun. can’t wait to start using it.

    fun! i always love a good old fashion collage.

    Tara says:

    Love this! I’ve been looking for a calendar for next year and this will be absolutely perfect!

    Anna says:

    Great idea, thank for sharing! I really like the layered triangles at the bottom of the January calendar too, so I guess I’ll have to add metallic sharpies to my wish list…dang

    Kenzie Lee says:

    This is great! Can’t wait to download and decorate!

    xo, Kenzie


    Camille Iman says:

    I was debating buying a calendar! This is a great idea!

    I love this idea! Having a mood board within a calendar brilliant!

    Kayla says:

    Love the gold sparkle pom pom from shop ban.do! Your layouts are beautiful!

    Sarah says:

    PS: Maybe this could be a contest down the road?

    ashleyj says:

    U love this idea. I think it would be a great project for a crafternoon get together. I’ve been thinking about hosting a collage party – because it’s fun, easy, & old skool!

    Amanda says:

    What a fantastic idea! Thank you!

    Emmy says:

    Love this, so happy I found this blog! x

    shana says:

    it’s january 21st and i still do not have a 2013 calendar! this is the best idea yet. visions, inspirations and calendar all in one. love it, love it. i just saw jen lee’s right brain business plan and this complements her work beautifully.

    thanks much from shāna

    comfi says:

    i tried to this out but it wont work i have microsoft 2010

    Chrissy says:

    Will you PLEASE do another one? It was my Christmas gift to my father last year- i decorated each page with a family member who was celebrating a birthday that month. Including his parents who had passed on, our immediate family and his siblings… and he said it was the most thoughtful present he’s received in a long time. A 2014 calendar would be amazing! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    Lianna says:

    I’ve also come back searching for a 2014 version! As a manager I printed these for each of the girls in my department to keep track of our important dates, they could then personalize them.

    Calendars says:

    I love your DIY calendar.

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