we always have a good time teaching this video class. it feels new and exciting to us to teach, we love seeing the students practicing video on their blogs after class…it’s an all around good time. this time we all met at the new & hip makeshift society in san francisco to have our first video lesson (have you heard of it? if not, you must check it out. great workspace for creative freelancers!)

bright name tags encouraged our video students to get to know one another.

we pranced around in hayes valley and talked about arian’s favorite video shooting tricks.

hanging at makeshift society

the next day we went full forced on teaching photoshop video editing. the decor from something blue looked stunning in our natural light space.

i like to stack these delicate bracelets from vylet collections.

there’s my guy explaining the scavenger hunt that our students went on…

balloons are always a good idea. here, arian is explaining the importance of getting all sorts of angles for your video…

little hand painted idea notebooks by sparrow nest script held all their newly acquired knowledge.

and nothing works up a hunger like learning, so these adorable cupcakes from cako were a welcome addition to the class.

we are switching up our video classes to be one jam-packed day now, check out the cities here!

you can never have too many different patterns of washis. each student got a roll from amelia presents.

the photojojo shop has so many sweet photography accessories, and they sent super cool lenses for the iphone and these keychain color gels to give to a few lucky class members. it’s amazing what you can produce with your iphone and photoshop! we have more video classes just announced here.

thanks for continuing to inspire us and we can’t wait to teach more of these in the upcoming months!

happy friday everyone. here’s to going out and shooting some footage of something that inspires you…-bri


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    Lily says:

    I’m snagging a spot in your New York class this February and I’m more excited for that then I am for Christmas!!!!!!

    any chances you’ll have a video class in miami sometime soon 🙂

    Melissa says:

    Thank you to Bri and Angela for an amazing class! I’ve already made a short film for work and they LOVED it! I’m working on another one…posting soon! Now I just need to take the traditional Blogshop class so I can fancy up my own blog!

    For those of you who are debating on taking this class, TAKE IT! You’ll be so surprised at how easy it is to edit video in Photoshop CS6! And they send you home with some awesome goodies!


    Kelly says:

    Wish you came to New Zealand!

    So so happy I could contribute to this lovely event! Looks like you all had a blast! xo

    I’ve learned quite a lot about editing video in photoshop just from the bits and pieces you give away in your photos and posts about the classes (ok so I do my own research as well)… Actually attending the workshop? I die just thinking of such a thing. Here’s the deal. I’m moving back to Canada next year and I’m kind of noticing that you’ve avoided us in your world itinerary… I’m thinking you can fix that by doing this: Hop on a plane. Tell your pilot that from where you are on the map, you just need to fly straight the hell up and you’ll arrive in Vancouver (more or less). That general area, I feel, needs a touch of video blogshop. You don’t know it yet, but you really want to hang out there. So like… late 2013, I’m thinking? Ok? Ok great. <3

    Claire says:

    Where can I find those fabulous name tags?

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