this week’s craft is super spring-y! you can tell the sun has gotten to us. in fact, we’re seeing spots–literally!

bri loves color, especially punchy pinks, so we decided to go with an ombre palette of rosy hues for this project. i’ll show how to make these cheery tea towels-turned-napkins below.

this is one of the simpler projects we’ve featured, and it can be adapted in countless ways. all you need is white tea towels (we got ours at crate and barrel, and cut them in half) circle foam dobbers (ours are martha stewart brand) and acrylic or fabric paints in colors of your choice. we just used graduated circle sizes and started at the bottom, using smaller circles and lighter colors as we worked our way to the top.
these would be a great housewarming gift, custom brunch napkin or kitchen tea towel. we can’t help but think of all the things we could stamp, spot and polka-dot!
in fact, we loved these so much bri’s giving them away in the london blogshop this weekend!
as always, we’d love to see your adaptions of this project, as well as hear any ideas you have for us!
see you next week! -alex

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    Melanie says:

    So cute and easy! I love it.

    Alessandra says:

    This is soo cute! Actually I made something similar a couple of weeks ago for my little cousin’s birthday party! but with roses made out of a “celery stamp”… if you wish so check it out here: http://almalusplaceblog.com/party-diy/diy-roses-tablecloth

    Ginny says:

    Must make these!! So cute!!

    Jenna says:

    SO adorable. will definitely become a staple in my party planning.

    Yasmin says:

    These are very cute. I think you need to e very precise and use the right amount of dots so that the napkins don’t look used. Great idea though!

    JEALOUS of those lucky bloggers in London this weekend. These are adorable and so fun…like ALL your make it column, Alex.

    adele says:

    I’ve not got a creative bone in my body, but even I could make…I think!! Thanks for such a fab idea.
    Have a lovely weekend xoxo

    Dennise says:

    Alex, Bri! This is sooo great! I’m gonna make this for all my friends! xoxo

    Love this!! Going to make tons of napkins with fun polka dotted prints.

    Andrea says:

    Do you have to treat them in some way so the paint doesn’t one off in the wash?

    Karen says:

    I’m going to use this method on white cotton cafe curtains in my bathroom. Have been looking for a fresh inexpensive idea. Thanks.

    bougiehippie says:

    This neat, I may could do this for my new blazer!

    I am loving this idea–think it could be a great mothers day idea.

    I’m a sucker for polka dots!! What sweet sweet idea.

    I’m a sucker for polka dots!! What a sweet sweet idea.

    Sarah says:

    These are definitely a weekend project for me for spring! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Les says:

    Soo. Cute. I did this for a party next weekend. Thanks.

    Gaby says:

    target has packs of white napkins on sale for $3.50. i scored mine yesterday in hopes of doing something very similar!!

    Victori says:

    so cute and super easy :). Love it for tea party! It will spice up my life my life! Thanx.
    p.s how do you wash it without it getting ruined?

    lauren says:

    i love this column! i saw this on apartment therapy and now i will be back every week for more of alex’s crafts!

    sandra says:

    alex…bri…I LOVE this feature! Every week I check back looking for more. I am going to use this idea for sure as a gift for an apartment house warming. More, please!

    Kairu says:

    I LOVE this idea, but how do I treat it so that the colour doesnt come off?

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