money talk workshop | designlovefest
we are incredibly excited to launch our 4th workshop – the money talk workshop! in the fall of 2020 we launched a financial column on instagram. we couldn’t have expected the feedback that we received, countless messages filled with financial stress, worry and questions and a through-line of please do more of this, we need it.  money plays a huge role in all of our lives, whether we want it to or not. we created this workshop to meet you where you’re at, no shame or judgement.  you don’t need to prepare anything before hand or get your ducks in a row. come as you are. we hope you enjoy this course. – bri and joanie

money talk workshop | designlovefest

class description:
This workshop is for anyone who has ever felt scared, isolated, lonely or stressed by money. If you’ve felt like you’re too far behind, can’t catch up, making financial mistakes that you don’t even understand or like you have no where to turn with your financial questions. This is for anyone who wants to gain clarity and peace when it comes to money.
We believe that judgement and shame keep people from experiencing true freedom and peace in all things but especially in money. We designed this workshop to be as calming and grounding as possible. We want you to experience a sense of release and connection when watching this workshop.

 This workshop is not a quick fix. We are not going to tell you what stocks to buy, how to make millions overnight or some secret way to beat the system. It is simply about getting to know the financial side of yourself. And that might be something you’ve never thought of yourself as having. We believe that empowering yourself to take control of your own finances and to face conversations and decisions about money from a place of confidence instead of fear is the answer. 

what should i expect out of this workshop?

decreased money anxiety
increased peace around finances
the ability to speak about money with less stress and tension.
the ability to log on to your bank accounts without panic
clarity around your own feelings and experiences with money
clarity around your own financial picture, debt, savings, retirement and what you want from your money
guilty free spending
less contentiousness with your partner and money
real and sustainable change, slow and steady.

class details: 

when: once you purchase this class you will have access to the information for for as long as the class is hosted. we currently plan to sell the workshop for one year. This class has a run time of 75 minutes, you may watch this class as many times as you like.

downloads: there are some interactive slides with questions and journal prompts on them. all of those slides are available to be downloaded and saved as a PDF on your computer so you can reference them at anytime.

where: anywhere in the world. please ensure you have a high-speed internet connection. this class currently does not have closed captioning, this is something we are working on.

price: $79 U.S. dollars (introductory price for the first week of launch!)
tuition includes: individual streaming permission
what’s required:
• your own computer, mac or pc
• a reliable, high-speed internet connection to stream video

money talk workshop | designlovefest



shelter island | designlovefest

hellllo from shelter island, new york! we did a 2 month house swap with a couple who lives here  and we are headed back to LA in two weeks, driving across the country again! i’m sad that it’s coming to an end because it’s been such a special time here, but also ready to get back home. i’ve been going through a bit of a hellish emotional rollercoaster myself, dealing with my own trauma stuff and having a LOT of time in my own head. luckily this has given me some new scenery, a cozy fire to sit by, a bathtub, beautiful snow, and a whole different vibe than los angeles. i’ve never really spent much time on the east coast…lots of weekends to new york mostly for work, so to spend two months really getting to explore has been nice (well, as much as we can with covid). even feeling how different the beaches are and all the seafood and slower lifestyle here is cool. we will definitely be back someday! (ps I rounded up some airbnbs below that I am marking for the future)

shelter island | designlovefest

I have also been reading and doing the exercises in the artist’s way book. I had skimmed it in the past but never really put in the real effort like I am this time. i’ve been committing to the 3 morning pages every day and it has become something I went from hating to really enjoying and needing! doing the artist dates with myself has unlocked a childlike creativity that’s been VERY freeing to explore. I highly recommend it. I have spent the last few months dealing with some really really heavy emotions and this art therapy aspect is literally saving me. i’ve been painting, shooting film pics, collaging, cooking, collecting shells, making little videos for fun and even took a watercolor class. I realized I have spent the last 10 years creating for work and never really explored this younger side of myself that just wants to create for FUN. it’s been really really cool and I will always remember this stay for this reason.

shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest

we also celebrated justin’s 40th bday last weekend! two of our friends got tested and came for the weekend. we had a blast actually. I forgot how much I missed connecting with people and just having a good time dancing, drinking, and letting loose. covid has put us in such a bubble it’s hard to even remember what that’s like. I also had fun wrapping his presents with some construction paper and magazines!

shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest
shelter island | designlovefest

so even though I am going through cycles where I feel totally lost, depressed, and uncertain…i am also experiencing a ton of joy and freedom and fun. it swings back and forth for me during this quarantine. endless groundhog day and feeling very in transition. it’s been hard on me working less too, I guess i  didn’t realize how much work and productivity and travel distracted me from the pain underneath. while I am grateful to be facing it all head on now, it’s most definitely been a challenge. just know that this past year has put us all through a LOT. I really think we will come out of this stronger and wiser.

shelter island | designlovefest

I had some time today and rounded up a bunch of pretty homes near here. we have spent a little time exploring shelter island, greenport, and sag harbor and it’s SO charming here. whether you need a little winter retreat or want to plan a summer trip with some east coast vibes, here’s a bunch of picks! some affordable and some just fun to look at. I love all the farms and the small town community feeling here…

shelter island | designlovefest

this historical cottage in east hampton with all that beautiful light!

a greenport bungalow with epic reviews!





bright outerwear | designlovefest

a year or so ago i found a rachel comey bright pink jacket on super sale (pictured above!). it has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet and something i look forward to wearing when the temps drop. the winter months can feel dark and grey, i’m originally from michigan so i understand dark and cold! having a bright coat to wear can feel uplifting and a departure from the gray, camel and black that is the majority of outerwear. a few favorites below! – joanie

Anthro faux fur jacket $60 – cute and cropped! this little jacket can be worn all year round.

Puffed sleeve coat $228 – very much love the bright yellow/green color of this coat. it appears to be on the lightweight side so you can buy it now and wear it into spring.

Theory wool/cashmere coat $208.50 – this is a great price point for a wool/cashmere jacket. and I’m a sucker for a vivid pink. i think it’s a pretty color on everyone and it really pops.

Mango wool coat $230 – I’m into the oversized silhouette, especially for winter when you may want to layer up underneath. Wearing it open, during warmer months, would also be very chic.

Quilted satin down coat $524 – put this on the dream list! the wide quilted panels and this jewel tone make a really beautiful jacket.

J.Crew boiled wool coat $165 – i’ve had great lucky with J.Crew coats over the years. i love this one in the saffron and coral color too.

Shawl jacket $100 – this one looks to be half robe/half jacket and extra cozy.

Club Monaco relaxed jacket $159 – not a bright at the others but this shade of blue is lovely and this would work well for a polished work look with broken-in jeans and a t-shirt on the weekends.

Balenciaga floral trench$996 – another one for the dream list! but now i’m inspired to shop vintage and find a fabulous 60’s trench coat. i love to look at designer pieces and then find similar options shopping vintage on ebay or etsy for a fraction of the cost!










today i felt SO excited by jellyfish and coral and the fantastic colors of the ocean and went on a pinning spree here.



bri made the most incredible gift guide yesterday of 52 places to shop and support over the holiday season and i wanted in on the action! now more than ever, where we spend our dollars matters. there are so many amazing artists and companies creating beautiful products to love and cherish for years, these are some of my favorites!  as a note, with the exception of one or two, these are all personal recommendations of companies and items that i have bought, loved and stand by. sometimes in the age of the internet it’s hard to know what’s a general recommendation and what has been owned, used and personally tested which for me, makes a difference.  – joanie

TO WEAR (section above): 1/James Street Co – wife and husband owned company, they create beautiful knits. i love their sweaters and this beanie would make a perfect gift for someone. 2/ Ali Golden – oakland based, she used to have a shop in LA. she has her own line and also has a great curated selection of other independent designers. i saw this leopard trench on their IG and loved it. 3/ freda salvador  – i’ve followed this female founded brand for years. their shoes are beautiful and i’m obsessed with these chic rain resistant boots. 4/ hannah Keefe – i met Hannah at a craft fair a few years ago and fell in love with her beautiful handmade earrings. i love this silver pair. 5/ emerson fry –  we’ve mentioned our love for emerson fry many times on the blog. i’ve had by eye on this silver sequin dress since last year and i still love it. perfect for a post-covid party! 6/ Olo – my sister is the first person to introduce me to this Oregon based company and last year i bought my first scent from there. it’s called lightning paw and it’s beautiful. their bottles are small which makes them great to throw in your bag and they last forever, i’ve had mine for over a year and still lots left. 7/ individual medley – this is a local store that’s really close to my house. they have an amazing storefront but also a great online selection and they can use your support. this fuzzy bag is really fun. 8/ intentionally blank – they are los angeles based and i have several pairs of their shoes that i love. this mule with the deep green and the wood heel is very cool. 

STAY HOME: 1/ le feu de l’eau – they make really beautiful candles in the prettiest colors, they make a great gift. 2/ happy habitat – i love her blankets, especially this one. she has tons of great patterns and you can machine wash and dry them which is very important for a throw blanket that gets a lot of us. 3/ helen levi – helen is a new york based ceramic artists that i’ve loved for years. i have a vase and tumblers (which are great for coffee + wine) from her. and i love this splatter mug she makes. 4/ victoria morris – a local LA artist that i’ve admired for awhile. i don’ town anything of hers (yet) but i love her work. this blue vase is a beautiful investment piece. 5/ maro carpets – i stumbled on this etsy rug shop and found so many gems. she has an amazing selection and excellent reviews. i love this pink one. 6/ farmhouse pottery – this is a shop that’s near where my sister lives in woodstock vermont. i picked up a couple of mugs last time i was there which i love and now i’m eyeing their beautiful home goods like these candlesticks

FOOD DRINK: 1/ mike’s hot honey – my brother brought one of these home for christmas several years ago and i loved it. it has a surprising amount of uses, like on a cheese pizza! 2/ cowgirl creamery – i’ve loved their cheeses for years and always like to visit their stand in the SF ferry building (they have the best grilled cheese), the cheese of the month club is a great gift that keeps on giving. 3/ madcap coffee – this shop is in my hometown of grand rapids michigan and i always make sure to stop in when i’m back in town. they make delicious coffee and roast their own beans. 4/ fly by jing – my aunt gave me some of their chili crisps a few months ago and i reach for it all the time. on eggs, with dumplings, white rice, baked potato, the options are endless! 5/ helen’s wine – helen is our friend who really jump started my love and understanding of wine. she has an epic wine club that ships internationally and i honestly thing there is no better gift. 6/ jeni’s ice cream – ice cream is always a welcomed gift and this thanksgiving set with bramble berry crisp sounds divine. 

GIVE: 1/ helping women period – this charity works to address the lack of access to menstrual health care products for low income or homeless. 2/ eviction defense network – many people are facing eviction due to the pandemic. you can look up local non-profits in your city that are working to make sure people are able to stay in their homes. this one is in los angeles but can provide consults across the nation.   3/ homeboy industries – works with formerly gang involved or previously incarcerated men and women. it is an incredibly community that was started by father greg boyle. i have visited their LA facility and can say they are doing amazing work at creating a healing and hope for people who are often left in the shadows. 4/ preemptive love – they are on the frontlines of many war torn nations and they are committed to creating a network of peace keepers and work in many tangibles ways like feeding and clothing people. they do amazing work and i highly recommend checking them out.