last december, justin and I were watching “walk with me” about the zen master thich nhat hanh. we spontaneously decided to book a trip to plum village, a monestary in france for a week long meditation retreat. this would be our christmas gift to each other. let me tell you, it was a rollercoaster…we learned a lot, but it wasn’t easy…




i picked out several faux shearling pieces from H&M last fall and i’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since. i put this $15 half zip on my birthday list, i didn’t have high hope for it but thought it was worth a try. and it turned out to be perfect. i wore it for almost the entire week once i got it and now reach for it all the time. it’s the perfect thing to wear with a pair of fitted high waisted pants as it’s slightly cropped and oversized so it gives a balanced silhouette. it’s super soft and cozy (and it washes well, which is a big deal to me!)  i love the brown color, it has a slight green under tone too it. highly recommend snagging one (or two!)! i also got this jacket in black (but i also love the cream!) which is super warm. i  just returned from telluride and it kept me comfortable in 20-30 degree temps and it’s very chic and looks like it cost more than it did. the other piece i got is no longer available but the two i highlighted above are great finds and will carry you through winter and into a chilly start to spring. – joanie



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what are you up to this weekend? tonight we’re trying out a new to me restaurant in downtown LA called nightshade and then tomorrow we’re having friends over for soup dumpling. i use this recipe and it’s so easy and delicious. i add a lot more garlic, ginger and soy to the meat than the recipe calls for and make adjustments as i taste along the way. when i’m not eating or entertaining i plan to cozy up with a good book, i just got the giver of stars from the library and i’m excited to dive in. hope you have a relaxing weekend! Xx, joanie

some fun things for a cozy winter weekend like these perfectly draped satin pj’s. also found these reasonable priced pillar candles from world market that come in several colors, i’m into the lavender one.

tunic sweater – love this deep green color and the fact that this is an elevated hoodie.

cozy slippers – cozy and over the top slippers that come in lots of fun colors.

cable knit sweater – i’m drawn to the contrasting stripes and the center design on this sweater. white + warren makes beautiful pieces.

tie dye hoodie – very into these matching sweat sets that LACAUSA is making. you might have seen bri wearing it a week or so ago on IG stories, very cute!

alpaca sweater – this sweater comes in lots of lovely colors. i love the soft rose one. alpaca is soft and has a beautiful visible texture.

striped pajama set – love a matching pj set and this striped one is working for me.




affordable home finds | designlovefest

oh man, there are so many cute things at H&M home right now. a small round up below but really you should dig around for yourself because there are some very cool things (like that printed tablecloth above). i love that they’re doing 100% linen bathrobes for $50.

cotton velvet cover $18 –  the soft peach color with the contrasted piping feels very elegant. it comes in two sizes and three different color ways.

stoneware vase $30 – a statement piece all on its own with or without anything in it. and the reviews of people who have purchased are shining!

plant pot $18 – this also comes in two sizes. if you’ve ever tried to shop for fun and interesting planters you know that they are generally hard to find and/or very expensive. this one is a win/win.

green glass vase $25 – i did a deep dive on vases recently. i wanted something simple, glass but beautiful and this is one of my favorites that i found.

small metal tray $15 – make sure to read the dimensions because this tray is small but i love the idea of using it on your bedside table for earrings, and little trinkets or in the kitchen for salt and spices.

ceramic toothbrush mug $18 – looking to add this to my bathroom counter top asap. chic and practical!

ceramic vase $18 – would be fun to display a few in varying sizes on the side of a fire place or in the middle of a big coffee table.

fluted glass $6 – water, wine or whiskey on the rocks would all be beautiful served out of these glasses.

wooden bowls $18 – a set of wooden bowls to lay out with cocktail snacks like olives, crackers, nuts, etc.

affordable home finds | designlovefest



january can feel like a very transitional month. fresh off the holidays, not ready to jump right into the new year. there is pressure to set goals, hit the gym, eat less sugar, drink more water, discuss your future at length, etc. which frankly can seem a bit overwhelming to me. i like to view january as a hibernation month, a time to rest and reset after the holidays with little expectation on output and achievements. cooking at home, going to bed early, reading good books, taking walks to soak in the winter sunlight and anything that feels rejuvenating. i don’t like restrictions or cleanses to start off the year but i do like cooking balanced meals. it helps to think of it less as eliminating things and more as adding things in, more leafy greens, more veggies. here are a few ideas to cook up if you’re looking…

the broccoli cheddar soup from smitten kitchen.

this kale and squash bake that is just as good reheated.

refried beans to eat with fried eggs, tortillas or with a good ole’ rice bowl (recipe is half way down the post).

chicken noodle soup, always. you can sub rice instead of noodles or leave the noodles out all together and just make it chicken and vegetables.

this veggie curry, sub in sweet potatoes, add an extra can of coconut milk and double the spices. finish with a big squeeze of lime.

lentil soup. i made this twice in december. inexpensive and comes together easily. i use curry paste instead of powder.

tortilla soup. i wait all year for soup season, i love the simplicity and versatility of a soup.

roasted carrot and avocado salad. skip the cheese and just do the carrots with avocado. the warm spices on this make it perfect for colder months and i have been finding the best avocados at trader joe’s recently.

i hope you’re january is off to a peaceful start. – joanie



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