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does anyone else oddly feel like time is moving quickly? we’re definitely in a time wrap right now during this period of quarantine. the days are long but the weeks go by fast, or at least that’s how it feels to me. it also feels like things are a bit more “normal” compared to last week which felt like change and stress everyday. people are adjusting to staying home, sharing more positivity on social media, there is a lightness that is shining through and it feels good. humans are amazingly adaptive and resilient. we can move from stress and agitation to peace and happiness quickly.

week 2 | designlovefest
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of course, my days still include a range of emotions like everyone else but i’m trying to focus on finding peace in the rituals of staying in. coffee in bed in the morning, the light peaking through the curtains, meal planning, books on my kindle, facetiming with my family, cooking dinner every night, watering my plants, 30 minute walks outside, a weekly trip to the grocery store. there is a feeling of we are all in this together which is unique to this time and i’m focusing on soaking up that feeling while it’s here, neighbors that usually look away when we pass by are now saying hi, people stepping up to buy groceries for others, donating money, volunteering their time… it’s pretty cool.  how are you feeling? all feelings are always valid but especially now, give yourself some grace during this intense time of transition and unknown. – joanie

p.s. in honor of how much time we’re all spending at home, enjoy this photo round up of some really cool kitchens from around the web! 

a few things that have brought me joy the past weekish:

did you see that we launched presently a couple of weeks ago? i can’t wait until we can keep cooking and creating videos but in the mean time, this matcha latte is my daily go-to, it’s so good.

i haven’t been shopping but i’m adding one of these Babaã sweaters to my wish list, my sister has one and i love it. they come in so many pretty colors, like this plum blossom.

this lemon chicken soup from pinch of yum is SO good. i couldn’t find orzo so i used white rice and shallot instead of onion. the lemon egg mixture you add at the end really takes it to the next level.

week 2 | designlovefest
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i ordered these peanut butter cups from perfect bar and they are so good. i find an excuse to have them every day.

i try to do at least one melissa wood health video every day, even if it’s under 10 minutes. it makes such a difference in how i feel. it’s like yoga/pilates combined and it’s only $10/month. she has a calming voice and she brings you back to yourself.

my husband says i stomp around the house, which is a little bit true. these slippers help and are also very comfortable.

the only make up i’ve been wearing is this glowy super gel from saie beauty and i love it.

anyone play euchre out there? my mom and sisters and i have been playing virtually in the evenings some times. it’s a fun and low key way to connect. we use trickster and there lots of other card games they offer.

i know many people are going through tremendous financial difficulties right now and my heart is with you. if that is not you, and you are able to either order take our or purchase gift cards from your local restaurants and food establishments please, please do. the hospitality industry is taking a huge hit right now and it breaks my heart to think about all these people who pour their heart and soul into their restaurants struggling so much. they are the people who have facilitated wonderful memories for all of us. they have cooked us delicious food, cleaned our tables, washed our dishes, worked nights and holidays and were the backdrop for us to have evenings out and to celebrate special occasions. they need us right now. personally, my husband is not working right now so we’re cutting back in areas that we can but we are also focusing on 2-3 small businesses a week that we can support through ordering. even if you order one pizza and leave a nice tip, that makes a difference. or ordering a CSA box to support your local farmers. and if you don’t want to do take out, buy a gift card and start thinking about how fun it’s going to be when this is over and we can leave out houses and go out to eat!

week 2 | designlovefest
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happy weekend to all!



lotta maija | designlovefest

how are you? we know that everyone is feeling the shift and that things are a little rocky right now. hang in there. i’m trying to focus on what we can control and surrendering the rest. there are a lot of shining moments to notice too, all the videos i’ve seen coming out of italy with people singing and playing music together on their porches, restaurants that are open for takeout and all the patrons that are stepping up to support their local small businesses, places like sweet green giving free food to medical works, the friendly smiles we share with people we walk past at a distance which reminds us we’re all in this together. there is nothing to do in this moment but to be present, exactly where we are, with who we are with and whatever emotions this time of uncertainty brings up. feelings and anxieties shift from moment to moment and that’s okay. i know many of you are suffering greatly during this time and i’m thinking of you. if you’re in los angeles, and can’t get to the store or need help in some way, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and i’m happy to help in any way i can. – joanie

p.s. the art featured above and below is by finish illustrator lotta maija, you can follow her on instagram here and buy her prints here

many of the small clothing designers that i love have sent out notes about how they are struggling during this time of unknown. a few to highlight, LACAUSA which we have loved for a long time. they are boosting sales by offering 25% off site wide with code LOVE. you can’t go wrong with one of their jumpsuits and their t-shirts are amazing.  ace&jig which we also adore is doing a sale on sale with 15% off additional with code 15FORYA. bri has this dress in rhumba which is beautiful on. i also love this jumpsuit.

ali golden is an oakland based female designer who makes very chic gingham pieces and is offering 15% off site wide. i love this raw silk set.

lotta maija | designlovefest

and now a few local LA things: 

the left bank which is my favorite LA second hand store is doing shopping via instagramstories. it’s owned by an amazing woman who has an all female staff that she is committed to paying and keeping her business flowing. if you’re able to support by shopping, please do.

sister wife is high end consignment and the owner jessica has gorgeous taste. her shop is also closed and she is selling on instagramstories. again, if you’re able to support through purchases i know they’d really appreciate it!

if you’re in LA, heiroom la is offering incredible options for pick up and delivery. they work to support tons of local farms and their quality is top notch.

Dune which has incredible middle easter food is offering zero delivery charge on Caviar.

Palette food + juice has healthy delicious food to go as well.

there are too many spots to name but the point is that many of these small businesses will suffer greatly during this time and if we are able to support them we should try, even ordering gift cards (like from proof bakery which is a favorite of mine!) if you aren’t wanting to leave your home is a great option. you can tuck it away and spend it later after this passes because this too small pass.

honey hi is another local favorite of ours, owned by two cool ladies, they make delicious healthy food and bomb smoothies. and they also have free delivery through postmates or cavier (details here).

lotta maija | designlovefest

i’ll continue to do round ups of places to support so if you have one you want me to highlight leave it in the comments! XO



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things feel a bit crazy in the world right now so i’m taking comfort in the small grounding rituals of life. my morning matcha latte (recipe coming soon!), watching Jeopardy at night (recently obsessed!), reading lots of good books (just finished The Dutch House and The Giver of Stars, and loved them both),  buying flowers every time i go to trader joe’s, evening walks in the cool california winter weather and looking forward to a trip to Big Sur this weekend. we’re staying at Deetjans which is the coziest spot and dinner at Big Sur Bakery, i can’t wait. what are you up to? (p.s. how fun are all these bright outerwear photos?! all of the credits are linked in the photo if you click!) – joanie

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i’ve been cooking really simple meals these days. my aunt introduced me to rancho gordo beans and i’m hooked. she sent me this sampler pack and i’ve been having fun making my way through it and eating lots of beans and rice combos (always topped with cilantro and hot sauce!). i made this one pot chicken and rice dish which is super easy and yummy. i love peanut sauce on basically anything! try as i may, i can’t get away from incorporating thai flavors into everything i cook. adding a splash of fish sauce to soups, using ginger and lemongrass along with my onions and garlic and topping everything with fresh herbs. i made a variation of this tom kha gai soup last week. i used green curry paste instead of red and it really complimented the flavors of ginger and lemongrass that are in the base. it’s a simple and nourishing weeknight dinner.

and a couple finds from around the web. i love these Chanel look alike woven flats for summer. i got this louise roe jewel vase for christmas from my mom and it’s gorgeous. if you’re looking for a timeless vase to leave out all the time, this is it. i’m a big fan of levi’s as everyday jeans, and i tried on these rib cage denim yesterday and the fit is 100. i didn’t buy them yet but they are on my wish list! i think they run one size small, so size up! forever an H&M fan, i love this $20 green dress for summer. the silhouette is very romantic. and this $10 puff sleeve top which looks great with a pair of statement earrings. we’re going to be seeing a return to the 80’s sleeves, lots of puff happening! oh, and these pants which remind me of the ulla johnson ones from last season.

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i made one of these posts for 2018 and wanted to update it for 2019. i find it to be helpful when people share what they own and use often. some of these items are things i’ve had for years and weren’t well used and then become an MVP this past year or they’ve always been well used and deserve another mention or they are new to me. i live in an apartment so we’re careful about what comes in as we don’t have a ton of space/don’t want clutter. i had fun putting this together and hope you find it helpful. here are some 2019 favorites! – joanie

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maybe my top pick for the entire year is the dyson V7 cordless vacuum. we got it on black friday sale and use it almost every day. it’s super light and cordless so it’s basically the high powered version of sweeping. it also comes with attachments so you can use it in your car or on the ceilings, furniture, etc. we got the least expensive version and it works great. highly recommend!

bri got me a new work bag this year for my birthday. for the past 6 years i’ve been using the transport tote madewell which i love but isn’t great for keeping lots of things organized as it doesn’t have dividers or lots of pockets. we combed through tons of options and landed on the cuyana zippered satchel i have it in forest green which appears to be sold out but i also love it in the stone and cappuccino color. it fits everything from my wallet and phone in the zippered pouch to my laptop and workout clothes.

nothing takes your at home coffee or tea game to the next level like a milk frother. i like to either make a latte (with the bialetti for espresso which is $40)  or matcha latte with homemade almond milk and it always comes out super creamy. i’ve had a frother for 5+ years and it still works great. the one i own isn’t available any longer but this one is similar.

i’m active and have flat feet so my sneakers matter. i love the addidas ultra boost and had previously found them on sale but wasn’t able to last year and i’m not willing to pay the $180 price tag. so i switched to these new balances and have been super happy. they come in four widths which is really nice. watch for a sale, i got mine 30% off, they often do markdowns!

i’m not just saying this because i love geri, which i do, but her Saie Beauty mascara is one of the best i have ever tried and it just happens to be non-toxic. it doesn’t irritate my eyes, or flake off, it makes your lashes insanely long. i use it with their eye lash curler.

my brother gave me airpods for christmas last year and i thought they were a sweet gift but kind of unnecessary for my life. but they turned out to be a daily used item for me. it’s so nice to be able to workout without worrying about yanking your headphone cord, going for walks and tucking your phone in your back pocket, watching something on your laptop and being able to move around, they really are so useful.

true botanicals is still my favorite skin care products but i can’t afford them on the regular so i explored cocokind skincare and i was very pleasantly surprised. the price point is very reasonable (you can also buy it at whole foods when they have their 25% off skincare sale). so far i have used and love the facial repair oil (i use daily), the cleanser and their highlighter. i also started to use a gua sha daily, especially on my jaw area and it helps so much with tension.

i have three kitchen related items to mention: first, is the omega juicer. my aunt gave this to me and it is simply the best. i have always shied away from juicers because of the hassle of cleaning them up but this one is so easy to use and simple to clean. in the summer i was using it everyday and now that it’s a bit colder a few times a week. my favorite easy juice to make it celery, apple, lemon. second, the le crueset cast iron dutch oven, another item i have had for almost 10 years and use multiple times a week for everything from making rice, soups to braises in the oven. this is a life piece and it holds up so well. and third is two of my favorite cookbooks from last year, the night + market cookbook and repertoire.

at the start of last year, i signed up for melissa wood health online steaming workouts. i still kept my pilates studio membership until the end of the year when i decided to cancel it (and save a lot of money) and just stick with melissa’s workout. i pay $10/month vs the $160 i was paying for my other membership. i love everything about her workouts, the pace, her voice, how effective they are (i always start shaking right away), and the fact that i can do them at home. she makes you feel very empowered and proud of yourself even if you just do 15 minutes of movement. i also recommend getting the 1lbs ankle weights she uses.



i was recently struck by all the fun colors that outdoor voices is putting out right now. they do a great job of capturing a fun and playful spirit when it comes to exercising and not taking things too seriously. i’ve always loved their mission of getting the world moving by “doing things”. it doesn’t have to be a specific sport or class, just get out and do something, and that alone can bring a little more happiness into your life. working out can seem so daunting sometimes, but when you look at it as just a walk outside, or tennis with a friend, it becomes more manageable. anyway, i’d love to see someone out and about in this yellow set soon. if you’re looking for some winter time movement inspiration, a bright color might be just what you need! here are some favorites. – joanie

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