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entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest

so…we did it! we finished 20 weeks of cooking school at the new school and we couldn’t have loved it more. both bri and i can’t believe how much we learned and how it has changed the way we cook and think about food. i was very apprehensive about signing up. committing to anything for 20 weeks as an adult feels like a tall order but i’m so glad we did and i truly believe it’s one of the best things we could have done for both our minds and our stomachs. it has also really inspired me to continue exploring adult education, i’m in the middle of 10 weeks of watercolor class (i will not be posting my art work here, haha) and plan to continue taking classes, we’re open to recommendations if you have an LA favorites! our last culinary lesson was on canapés (aka small bites) and we made gougères which is essentially a savory french pastry cheese puff. soo good and soo easy! we had just received the insanely gorgeous cocktail book, Floral Libations by Cassie Winslow, and she has us all inspired for floral cocktails. this book is a must buy, the styling and photos are out of this world pretty! – joanie

entertaining tips | designlovefest

cooking school definitely reinvigorated our love for hosting and the power of food, cooking for both yourself and entertaining others. American’s can have such a complex relationship with food, so many diets, and trends and wellness tips and guilt and do’s and don’ts. learning the techniques of cooking is so powerful because it connects you to the process of what you’re eating and it also gives you a respect for the finished dish. i’m a big believer in paying attention to the attitude and mentality in which we eat and share food. is it from a place of guilt or rules or is it from a place of joy? i encourage you, even if cooking school isn’t an option, to crack open a cookbook, to make a meal that sounds delicious to you and to pay attention to the process. turn on some music, enjoy the chopping, don’t stress about messing up the recipe and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. creating a meal out of a place of love is loving and carrying for yourself (and those you serve it to!)

now on to the entertaining aspect! if you’re looking to throw a little spring/summer party here are a couple ideas that will make your guests vvverrryyy happy!

entertaining tips | designlovefest

she had us make a lavender gin for this drink which required using dried lavender (organic!) and infusing it in gin for up to 5 days. we did it for two days and it was plenty strong for us! we buy all our edible flowers from gourmet sweet botanicals. not an everyday purchase but really worth it when you want to bring things up to the next level!

entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest

lavender gin daisy, serves 2
recipe by: Cassie Winslow
• 1/2 cup lavender gin
• 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
• 2 tablespoons grenadine
• 1/2 tsp sugar
• ice cubes

  • combined all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake well and strain into two cups.

entertaining tips | designlovefest

a margarita is top two favorite drinks for me, alternates with a manhattan, depending on the season. this drink is so delicious and refreshing. the chamomile infused syrup is so lovely and delicate. we used chamomile teabags for this part and it worked great. both of these cocktail recipes are perfect right now when citrus is abundant and inexpensive! our favorite tequila is Espolōn and we used that in this recipe.

entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest

pansy margarita, serves 2
recipe by: Cassie Winslow

• rose salt
• lime
• 2 tablespoons chamomile syrup
• 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
• 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
• 2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
• 1/2 cup tequila
• ice cubes
• fresh pansy flowers to garnish

entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest

first step is to make the chamomile simple syrup: combined  1/2 cup cara cara orange juice, 1 tablespoon cara cara orange zest, 3 chamomile tea bags and 1 cup cane super with 1/2 cup water in a sauce pan. simmer over medium heat until sugar dissolves and mixture thickens, about 5 minutes. let cool and strain. set aside.

• to make the rose salt, mix sea salt and dried rose petals in a blender and pulse.

• run a lime around the rim of 2 glasses. turn upside down and coat with rose salt. mix the cocktail by adding all ingredients into a carafe and stir. pour into glasses and serve!

entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest

and now for the gougères! my aunt first taught me to make these last winter and told me to pop them in the oven right before guests arrive to make your house smell amazing and she was right! we made these in class and they are heavenly. airy and salty. best hot out of the oven!

what you’ll need//
serves 4

• 1/2 cup of water
• 3 tb of butter, cut into cubes
• 1/4 tsp of salt
• 1/2 cup of AP flour
• 2 eggs
• 2 tb of chives, finely minced
• 3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

entertaining tips | designlovefest

you’re going to make your dough on the stove top. the idea is that you want to cook out as much moisture from the dough as you can. start with the water and salt, add the butter and once it’s melted added the flour. keeping it on the heat, and using a wooden spoon, stir it constantly, it should be a in a ball. keep doing this until the dough starts to dry and a thin layer is left on the bottom of the pan.

entertaining tips | designlovefest

transfer the dough to a mixer with a paddle attachment, turn on medium and keep mixing until the dough cools slightly, about 3-5 minutes. add the eggs one at a time, mixing after each. dough may seem lumpy but will smooth out. add in the cheese and herbs. keep mixing. you want the dough to have a webbed look to it.

entertaining tips | designlovefest

• i couldn’t find our pastry bag for this part so i used a plastic bag and cut off the corner, and it worked great! line a tray with parchment paper. you want to pipe these so they stand tall, fill the tray with the puffs. then take a little dish of water and using your finger, dip it in water and smooth the top of each one gently with your moist finger. top with a bit of flaky salt and bake. you can also sprinkle more cheese on top but we found that wasn’t necessary. pop in the oven at 375 for around 15- 20 minutes, cooking time varies greatly depending on how big or small you pipe them! they should look golden brown on the top! remove from the oven, serve hot and bask in the glow of being an excellent host!

entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest
entertaining tips | designlovefest

cocktail recipes by: Cassie Winslow
images by: Ivan Solis 



i just finished a week of antibiotics for strep and i’m so looking forward to being able to have an evening cocktail again. i’m generally not a huge champagne fan but there is something about the holidays that makes me want to have bubbles in everything. i think serving punch is both festive and practical for holiday entertaining as it allows for you to relax and let people refill their glasses on their own timing instead of trying to peer in everyones drink all night and see if they need it freshened up. this one was made with champagne, ginger ale and pureed cherries, but you could use any frozen berry instead. i think blackberries would be nice.  also, i wouldn’t worry too much about the quality of the champagne you use as it’s going to be masked by the other ingredients. – joanie

Champagne punch
what you’ll need
servings: fills a punch bowl, i’d say serves 15-20
• 3 bottles of champagne, sparking wine or Prosecco
• 5 cups ginger ale
• 2 cups frozen berry of your choice blended with 1 cup water on high for at least 1 minute
• sprigs of fresh rosemary

• assemble the punch right before serving by placing ice cubes in your punch bowl, and pouring the champagne, ginger ale and pureed fruit on top, mix a few times and serve!

we made fancy ice cubes for our punch which is a fun and colorful addition and takes very little time, just a bit of foresight. place whole berries and fresh herbs (mint and rosemary are great!) in ice cube trays. fill with water and freeze over night!

images by: ivan solis
styling by: joanie cusack + ivan solis



ceviche | designlovefest

we’re constantly working on creating food and recipes for you that are equally beautiful and practical. it’s really important to me that we bring you recipes that will actual work when you test them and that won’t let you down in how they taste because that’s what really matters. we also really focus on meals and foods that are approachable for an everyday cook and that don’t require a lot of time or bizarre ingredients. it isn’t always easy to find that combo but it’s always the goal! this ceviche recipe is just that, beautiful, practical, approachable and delicious! obviously, the fresh fish aspect of it is the most important. the citrus actually cooks the fish when you add it so you don’t need to worry about bacteria but you do need to worry about freshness. you don’t want even the remote taste of fishiness or it will ruin it. we recommend telling the person at your market what you’re using the fish for and what came in most recently. and the homemade chip aspect, don’t even get me started, i never want to buy corn chips again! – joanie

ceviche | designlovefest

makes 4 servings

what you’ll need:
• half a pound of white fish (we used tilapia, wild caught is preferable)
• 2 lemons squeezed
• 1 bunch cilantro chopped
• 1 large grapefruit peeled and hulled
• 1 jalapeño
• 2 persian cucumbers chopped
• quarter red onion diced
• 1-2 avocados diced
• 6-8 tortillas
• 1 tablespoon paprika
• sea salt
• grapeseed oil

ceviche | designlovefest

ceviche: chop the tilapia into small cubes and mix with two squeezed lemons in a ceramic bowl or glass bowl. Add salt to taste. Mix in the cilantro, grapefruit, Persian cucumbers, red onion, avocados and jalapeño. We de-stemmed our jalapeño and left a few seeds to add a little kick to our ceviche. Set aside in the refrigerator and let it sit in its juices for at least an hour ( this process will cook the fish from the salt and acidity in the lemons).

ceviche | designlovefest
ceviche | designlovefest

paprika chips: put 6-8 tortillas in a stack and cut into quarters. On a cast iron skillet heat 4 tablespoons of grapeseed oil on medium to high heat. Reduce heat if oil begins to smoke. Fry the tortilla quarters for about a minute on each side or until crispy and golden brown. Set aside on paper towels and gently tap any excess oil. Repeat the process until all chips have been fried.

Using a pestle and mortar grind the paprika and sea salt into a fine powder. Garnish the chips with the paprika salt.

ceviche | designlovefest
ceviche | designlovefest
ceviche | designlovefest
ceviche | designlovefest

Serve with your favorite hot sauce and enjoy!





so you go out with your single girlfriends, dance around, and sing loudly to “don’t cha in the car ride home (been there.) on valentine’s day, you ladies meet for this fun brunch and recap the night, tell funny stories, and eat heart waffles with boozy maple syrup…

after this valentine’s brunch, those stuffy tea sandwiches will be a thing of the past. it’s waffle sandwiches from now til forever! we will have hands covered in syrup and we won’t care. that’s how good these are.

but before we even get into the food stuffs, let’s talk drinks. ’cause really, that’s what brunch is all about. as much as i love to mix a drink for my friends, i also love to give them the opportunity to create their own concoction.


lillet rose
blood orange soda
sparkling wine (i used Sofia Blanc de Blancs, mostly cause sofia coppola rules!)
rosemary syrup (recipe right here)
pink grapefruit juice

and for garnishes . . .

lemon wedges
lime wedges
maraschino cherries
and rosemary sprigs

set out a bunch of colored glasses, (shopping guide below) let them choose their favorite and build their own drink with a little guidance from you. it’s more fun that way. if for some silly reason you think your pals will be overwhelmed with the responsibility of mixing the perfect drink, help em out with this recipe

• throw some ice cubes in one of those cute glasses you pulled out.
• fill 1/4 of the way with grapefruit juice
• then split the next 1/4 of the way with blood orange soda and lillet.
• a healthy splash (maybe a tablespoon) of rosemary syrup.
• and top with the sparkling wine.
• garnish
• and gulp!

here’s the mix i recommend. you won’t use measuring cups, just eye it like a real pro!

alright, now let’s get ready for these waffle sandwiches.

since this was a special occasion, i got kinda fancy with all of it. so it’s gonna take a bit more preparation than usual. i promise, it is totally worth it.

first things first, you need to make those cute salted rosemary butter hearts.


• 1 stick of unsalted organic sweet cream butter (softened and cubed)
• 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
• 1 tablespoon of maldon salt

• remove the leaves of the rosemary and discard the stalk. then coarsely chop the leaves.
• place the butter cubes, rosemary and salt in a small food processor and pulse until smooth.
• take a small sheet of wax paper and place on a plate or cooking sheet.
• spread the butter mixture on thick, 1/4 inch or a bit more (you don’t need to cover the whole sheet.  you want to have some height to the butter).
• pop in the fridge for a couple hours (or if you are in a hurry – the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes)
• once the butter has hardened, use a mini heart cookie cutter like this and cut out the hearts.

then you can place the hearts on a chilled plate and keep in the fridge until right before the waffle sandwiches are ready.

next, onto the crispy prosciutto.

this one is so easy.  also, you will probably never eat bacon again. so you may want to mentally prepare for that transition.

• all you need is 6 slices of prosciutto, and this is what you do.
• preheat oven to 400.
• cover a large baking sheet with foil.
• lay the slices of prosciutto side by side on the sheet (if you don’t have room, do it in batches – this stuff is as good cold as it is hot)
• slide that sheet in the oven for about ten minutes, or until they are crispy (not burned).
• remove crisped prosciutto from sheet and let sit on a paper towel until you are ready.

oh, and you should watch these babies like a hawk, cause they tend to go missing in my kitchen when backs are turned.

butter done, prosciutto done, now onto some boozy maple syrup.

• 8 oz pure maple syrup
• 2 tablespoons unsalted organic sweet cream butter
• 2 tablespoons bourbon (i used bulleit bourbon and i was really happy with it)
• in a saucepan over medium heat bring maple syrup and butter to a boil.
• add in the whiskey, stir and remove from heat.
• depending on how long the brunch setup takes, you may want to quickly reheat just before you serve.

and the final piece of the puzzle . . . WAFFLES!

• 1 box of pancake/waffle mix, plus the ingredients that the box calls for (i needed water, eggs and oil) *note: let’s not beat ourselves up for not making these from scratch, k?
• zest of half an orange
• 1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

follow the instructions on the box for the waffle and simply add in the zest and vanilla.  see, so we’re not just boxin’ it after all. the box will tell you the rest, which is basically heat up the heart waffle maker, add batter, cook, remove, repeat.

now all you need to do is stack waffle/prosciutto/waffle/butter and cover in syrup.

oh, and prepare to fall in love.

it’s all about mixing and matching for this brunch. some tall glasses, some short…mix in lots of bright colors, vintage glasses, simple tumblers…patterned paper napkins…here’s a ton of our favorites:

shop these items: 1. Anthropologie gold water glass  2. Anthropologie pink goblet, 3. Anthropologie gold highball glass, 4. Terrain juice glass, 5. Jonathan Adler lips place holder , 6. Fishs Eddy pink dots glass, 7. Jonathan Adler white rocks glass, 8. Kate Spade polkadot plate, 9. Ebay fuchsia glass bottle, 10. Kate Spade pink bottle stopper, 11.Etsy retro gold glasses, 12. West Elm rose gold flatware, 13. Target heart paper napkins.

and how about a couple of tunes to play for your girls get together? thanks for helping me put this list together, kelly!

and who are we kidding? you can do this brunch anytime of year with your single or your coupled up friends. but we want to see photos when you do, k?

(photos & recipes by jen gotch, art direction by designlovefest – want more food posts? go here!)


FOOD / 07

this drink is so full of anti-oxidants that it might as well be considered a tonic. it also seems to make people very happy. and it’s really pretty. yeah, it’s a wonder drink all right.

it was born out of my desire to not watch another tub of blueberries i bought go to waste. i have a tendency, when i am at the grocery store to stock up on fruits and vegetables assuring myself that i will eat every last one. then someone asks me to go out for pizza, or ice cream, or brunch and the next thing i know i’ve got an almost full tub of blueberries that has gone bad.

follow this recipe and this will never happen to you…

what you’ll need:

for syrup:
• 4 cups of blueberries
• 2 cups of water
• 1 cup of sugar
** you’ll have lots of syrup left over.  you can cut the recipe in half . . . you’ll still have syrup left over.  i recommend drinking a lot or pouring it over vanilla ice cream.

for the cocktail:
• 2 oz of blueberry syrup
• 2 oz pomegranate juice
• 1 oz gin
• tonic water
• lemon wedge for garnish

what to do:

• first, you’re gonna want to make the syrup.  i would recommend doing this well in advance of when you are planning to impress people with this cocktail, mostly because the syrup is hot and you want the drink to be cold.
now be warned because this syrup business will garner you a lot of respect and i just want to be sure you are ready to handle it.
• in a saucepan bring the water and blueberries to a boil then reduce to a simmer for ten minutes.

note: simmer = little bubbles.

• while this simmering business is happening, place a small colander lined with a paper towel over a pot or glass measuring cup.
• once the simmering is done, pour the mixture into the colander and gently press on the contents to release the beautiful purple blueberry liquid. don’t let the color fool you, it’s liquid gold.
• discard the smushed, juiceless fruit that is left in the paper towel and place the liquid back into the saucepan set over medium heat.
• slowly stir in the sugar and let dissolve.  once the sugar is dissolved . . . you’re done.
now would be a good time to take a nap, read a book (if you’re into that sort of thing) or do what i do . . . play several levels of angry birds.
• once the syrup is cool, place it in a glass bottle or jar with a secure lid and pop it in the fridge for safe keeping.

an hour later (or a day later, or a week later):

• fill a glass with a few cubes of ice
• squeeze a wedge of lemon over the ice and toss that lemon in the glass
• add the blueberry syrup and pomegranate juice, and of course, the gin.
• give it a good stir and then top off with tonic.

drink, enjoy, repeat.

{ column + photos by jen gotch, design by bri }

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