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thanksgiving is a week away and i’m already looking forward to a big meal followed by a nap. i’m making this almond cake that i mentioned a few weeks back and a side dish that i haven’t yet decided on, i want to make something with non-traditional flavors like fish or soy sauce. one of those memory photos popped up on my phone of thanksgiving two years ago in england and it made me miss the rainy, grey days with big fires and rich food. the first three photos are from my stay at the pig hotel (which we loved) and the bottom photos are from the soho farmhouse which i’ve never been to but looks charming.  –joanie 

so many sales to shop next week. i’m eyeing 20% off at parachute home, 30% off at H&M (check out this post for some favorite sweaters), and 30% off at adidas which is always when i buy a new pair of running shoes, i love the ultra boosts! i like to bookmark what i want before the sales start so that i can shop quickly and go back to enjoying family time.

musings | designlovefest

these knives from food52 are so beautiful and would make a great fit. and as far as knives go, are very affordable for Japanese steel. i love the pink and orange color best. if you’re going to upgrade one knife in your kitchen i’d 100% say the chef knife, it’s definitely my MVP.

if you want to contribute something to thanksgiving but don’t want to cook/bake, order a caroline’s cake! my mom sends me one every year for my birthday and they are truly delicious. my favorite is the carmel cake and coconut cloud.

musings | designlovefest

my friend just launched a travel company called allcall where you can buy curated itineraries for destinations for just $8/day. your trip is basically fully laid out for you without having to do all the time intensive research. lots of fun destinations in there already like aspen and tulum and bri’s guide to new orleans!

bri made this vegan curry last week (you might have seen on stories!) and i loved it so much i made it this week. our edits were japanese sweet potatoes instead of russet potatoes, two cans of regular coconut milk, and i left out the cumin seeds and did a teaspoon of cumin powder instead and doubled the turmeric. i feels very nourishing but also comforting.

the net-a-porter sale just started, i always pick up a few things every year. in my opinion, it has one of the best sale selections. i’m on a big sequin kick and had a birthday gift from my mom to cash in on so i bought this dress to try for New Year’s Eve. i also love this emerson fry dress and this one from mango. nothing more festive than wearing something super sparkly to ring in the new year!

musings | designlovefest
musings | designlovefest

we took a ceramics class last weekend at still life and it was so much fun! i highly recommend looking up a studio in your area and seeing if they offer an intro class. it’s a good outlet.

and finally, i need a good holiday chill on the couch book recommendation. i’m currently reading the healer within, which i love but it isn’t really a fun, easy holiday read so send your recommendations my way!

musings | designlovefest
musings | designlovefest

source for the bottom four photos is trendland




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cold weather is upon us and there are so many cute coats, sweaters, jackets, knits, etc. out there right now that need to be highlighted! i know i’ve said it many times before, but if you’re looking to up your winter game without breaking your budget h&m is where it’s at! for sweaters, i often like to order them oversized (if you like that look), i’d recommend going one to two sizes larger than you normally wear (unless it’s cropped, than order your regular size because cropped sweaters will just get bigger, not longer). lots of neutral sweater picks below because they go with everything from jeans and can be worn over your favorite dress, paired with skirt, under overalls…. and if you’re looking for some real chilly weather styling inspo, check out Sézane. Us Army Oakley Sunglasses Discountthey are always killing it with their color and texture combos!

all the sweaters directly below are from h&m and many ring in at $35!

sweater with pearl beading $35: i love this sweater in white with the chic beading detail. perfect paired with a stain skirt for a holiday party or with jeans on the daily.

Balloon sleeve sweater $35: this comes in two great colors but i’m always going to be partial to anything in a shade of green. i love the ribbing on this, makes it very chic!

fine knit hooded sweatshirt $25: this has a slightly sporty look to it and it’s great for layering under a jacket or wearing during your travels. also comes in lots of great neutrals!

knit sweater $35:  this sweater may look simple but it’s the classics that always get used again and again. Khan Sunglasses Wholesale Cheap Pricesand this is a great example of one i’d order in a size bigger for a chic oversized look.

leopard sweater $35: animal print is a major trend this season and this is a great way to test the waters and see if it’s a fit for your style. next stop, animal print coat!

light purple sweater $60: this is the prettiest color and one that will certainly life spirits on grey days. digging the fitted sleeve which makes it very practical for reaching across tables 🙂

alpaca cardigan  $80: on the pricer side but this cardigan might be my favorite in the whole round up. i love the way they have it styled over a dress. it has a 70’s feel to it and the buttons and color are perfect.

chunky turtleneck sweater – a big YES to this sweater, especially in the rose color. i had a similar one from the Gap in year 2000’s and i still regret giving it away.

beaded wool sweater $99 – sure to sell out, this is a fun piece for holidays and again, i really dig the beading!

styled | designlovefest

and now for some picks from & other stories, urban outfitters and need supply! slightly more expensive than the options above but very cute and practical.

fuzzy coat $69: fuzzy coats are all the rage and there is a reason why, they’re so cozy and fun to wear!Electric Bpm Polarized Sunglasses

plaid belted coat $279: there are so many long jackets i love out there but if you’re looking for a plaid one i dig this print.

workwear jacket $149: this is a great structure piece and would be really cute with something flow-y on the bottom, like wide leg pants or a skirt.

Teddy coat $120: another teddy, but i love the pockets on this one.
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metallic sweater $69:  the perfect holiday sweater! i love this coppery color.

leopard sweater $119: another leopard sweater, i know. but i really like this one. the slightly puffed sleeve makes it.

mock neck sweater $99: i own a sweater in this color and it’s such a nice jolt of energy and can bring vibrancy to any look.

cropped striped sweater $69; black and cream is one of my favorite color combos and it’s surprisingly hard to find. happy to stumble upon this one!

Janet liner jacket $175: i saw someone wearing this in person and it was so cute i had to track it down!

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it’s back in the 90’s this week in southern california, i enjoyed the fall weather while it lasted and will welcome it back with open arms next week. in honor of the heat, i’m including images of all the coats we can’t wear right now. so many cool oversized jacket looks right now! bri is out of town on her honeymoon road trip which has been fun to follow on instagram. road trips take so much work to plan as there are so many stops so i’m excited to see it all happen first hand. her stop in Antelope Valley looked insane! it has been almost a year since bri and i started cooking school. i was looking through recipes from our classes last night and realized how much i miss the ritual of going every week and spending hours chopping, mixing, tasting  and plating. i’m making clam chowder tonight with the recipe from class. if it turns out well, i’ll share it next week! – joanie

• i finally landed a pair of the glove booties from everlane as an early birthday gift from my mother-in-law. i went with the bone color despite my better judgement that they’ll probably get dirty really quickly. they are super comfortable and flattering and i already want them in black. they fit true to size

• speaking of jackets and coats, uniqlo has some great reasonable priced options. i own this knee length fleece coat which i love.  the shorter version with the belt is also very chic. i have a coat very similar to this one from Vince that i get tons of compliments on, the clean lines and simple closure are ideal and it’s $90. i also really love how many colors this $80 cocoon down jacket comes in, buy it in bright pink and make people on the street happy with your pop of color this winter!

musings | designlovefest

• i’m headed to Rosemary Beach Florida in a couple of weeks for my birthday. i’ve never been so if you have suggestions on what to do, where to eat, drink, i’d love to know so please share!

• i’ve made two different versions of m&m cookies over the last week. my favorite still remains, the monster cookie. recipe below. this recipe (by my mom!) makes 36 cookies, i bake them all and freeze some. have cookies stashed in your freezer is a pro-move. i think monster cookies may be a midwestern thing? because i’ve mentioned it out here in california and no one knows what i’m talking about.

monster cookies
makes: 36 cookies

• 1 stick of butter at room temp
• 1 cup brown sugar, packed
• 1 cup white sugar
• 3 eggs at room temp
• 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
• 2 teaspoons baking soda
• 1 cup peanut butter (i used skippy, creamy!)
• 4 1/2 cups quick oats
• 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
• 1/4 pound M&M candies

directions: cream the butter and sugars together until smooth and creamy (about 5 minutes). beat in one egg at a time, stir in vanilla, add baking soda and mix well. stir in peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips and finally M&Ms. i make the whole thing in my kitchen aid and just run it on low for the stirring parts. bake at 350 for 12ish minutes. you want the tops and corners to have a hint of brown.

• have you watched “Working Moms” on netflix? i don’t like many tv shows but i really liked this one.

• did you see our fall reading list post? i love book recommendations so this was fun to put together. i’m almost done with “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” and i’m really liking it. it’s honest and funny and relatable.

• i also made a post of some j.crew favorites, and learned a hack from my cousin that sometimes you can stack discount codes, so when they are having 40% off site wide you can also add “theskimm” on top for 20% off additionally. i tried it, it works!

musings | designlovefest
musings | designlovefest
source 1, 2

• my favorite podcast is ear hustle. it’s created inside the San Quentin prison, the stories are beautiful. i listened to this episode yesterday and was crying on the way home from the dentist. it’s really well done and i think humanizing prisons is really important.

• stocked up on seasonal candles from pf candle co which is one of my favorites. their seasonal scents sell out fast so order early. code “rekindledflame” gets you 20% off too.

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fall colors | designlovefest

has anyone else noticed that j.crew has been on their game lately (case in point, those cool purple tweed trousers above!)? i feel like they do fall + winter really well. i love their blazers and jackets. they’re having a big site wide sale so i thought i’d show some favorites. their styling is making me crave fall temps and all their cozy teddy jackets (almost everything i’m showing is 40% off right now!) – joanie

fall colors | designlovefest

i’m so into this plaid wool coat, i love the classic red and blue combo. i like winter coats with a bit if color as that season tends to be a bit drab and this fits the bill perfectly. you can put on a pair of jeans and a basic top and you have a great outfit when you add a statement coat like the one above.

fall colors | designlovefest

i really love a long sweater like that can double as a jacket on a gently chilly day.  have one and i wear it all the time when i travel, it’s nice to be able to wrap something around you on a plane. if you’re buying it for travel, i’d recommend the black as stains won’t show up easily.

nude and black is such a chic combo and i love this ankle length skirt. can easily be dressed up or down.



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a few weeks back when we were scouting the rooftop at ROW for our tiki party. a happy windblown colorful shot. bri is wearing this colorful floral blouse by sezane, with these ace&jig pants (that are currently on sale!) madewelland metalic loffler randall shoes. i’m wearing a vintage silk dress from the 80’s and sandals (in my experience madewell shoes are very comfortable!) 

a few more colorful things that caught my eye!

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