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lacausa | designlovefest

one of our favorite brands is having a massive spring sale and we’re here for it! LACAUSA is an LA based brand that both bri and i wear on the regular. ethically made in los angeles, they have effortlessly cool pieces (like this easy striped dress i’m buying!). great basics, like my all time favorite tee shirt, and amazing jumpsuits, easy dresses, etc. one of those places, once you order once, you’ll be hooked! they are doing 40% off all their sale pieces with code” SPRINGCLEAN”. they usually do this once a year and i make sure to stock up on my favorites! act fast, things sell out very quickly!

white linen top – i own this top and love it. linen/cotton blends are some of my favorite fabrics and it looks so clean with jenas!

baby ribbed tee – dream tee! anything ribbed and in this pale pink combo with a subtle v-neck is everything good!

sage green top  – slightly boxy, dusty sage green and super easy to wear!

bell sleeved sweater – cotton cashmere blend, perfect summer sweater after a day at the beach or over a long dress.

Stella trouser – bri and i both have these, a great fit. true to size.

floral print wrap dress – i have the pantsuit version of this dress and get so much use out of it. this wrap dress is the perfect transition piece into spring and summer!

striped tee – a classic striped tee is a great wardrobe staple. i wear this one at least once a week!

cropped jacket – my friend merritt was wearing this a couple of weekends ago and it a great look, a little retro but sophisticated.

frank tee – never enough frank tees in my closet!

love these easy breezy pants and also the all white look below!

lacausa | designlovefest
lacausa | designlovefest

and below is the charlie jumpsuit that bri has, it’s super cute on!

lacausa | designlovefest




handbag round up | designlovefest

i’ve been carrying the same Cuero and Mor crossbody bag for years. i love it but it’s getting pretty worn in and feels like it’s time for an update. i’m the kinda girl that buys one bag and carries it until it’s worn to death. i don’t like having multiple bags and swapping things back and forth. i inevitably forget something in one of my other bags and it ends up just being a hassle. since i carry it with everything it has to be a versatile color and also a shape that can go from day to night. here is a round up of bags that i have my eye on, everything from target to Gucci (i like to look at round ups and see if you can pick the most and least expensive items, hard to do!).  – joanie

do you have a handbag you love? i’m all ears!

handbag round up | designlovefest
handbag round up | designlovefest



red swim | designlovefest

this photo popped up on my pinterest and i was really drawn to the clean lines and bright red color. i’m generally speaking not a red girl but i’ve been more in to it more lately. it’s such a flattering color on so many different skin tones. i’m a big believer in bathing suits being practical  (into subtly sexy swimwear) and this one fits the bill. you can shop a similar top and bottom by COS.

also into these one piece styles, especially the color blocked one!

red swim | designlovefest
red swim | designlovefest
red swim | designlovefest
 image credit 1,2 and 3.



shot from the street | designlovefest
cutest photo via shot from the street

dresses are fun but recently i’ve been really into the jeans and blouse look. tops that aren’t t-shirts are an easy way to add a little kick to your outfit while still be comfortable. there are so many chic options out there right now. i love something with a little movement, not too fitted, with a tie or a sleeve. and i think they’re still great in spring and summer, tucked into cut off shorts or a skirt. here are a few faves i found from Need Supply (and lots of options under $100!) – joanie

Palm wrap blouse $95 – few things are as timeless for spring as a stripe and this green and white top is a fresh take on nautical.

Polka dot in mustard $51 – love this mustard color and also the fitted sleeve.

Pajama top $39 – the addition of the black piping on the collar and sleeve really makes this pj top chic. the cut is flattering and has enough room to either hang or be tucked in.

Lavender long sleeve $58 – this is exactly what i mean when i say “easy to wear”. the pleating on the sleeve makes it sophisticated but it hangs just right to wear all day or night with comfort.

Satin PJ top $98 – sorry for the double pj tops but i think this is so pretty for evening. with dark or black jeans.

button up blouse $103 – a button up blouse, especially in a crepe fabric has something so subtly sexy about it.

One shoulder top $78 – one shoulder tops are coming back loud and proud this year and i’m all about them. love the ruffle on this one!

Tie neck top $108 – there is something very 70’s Chloe feeling about this without the $$$$ price tag.

Embroidered top $84- i love a classic white button down and the embroidery detail on this is a fun take on that.



Benihana inspired dinner | designlovefest

i personally have never been to Benihana (that i remember?!) but bri has some seriously fond childhood memories there, like when she hosted her 10th birthday party there and had three tables full of friends with her eating fried rice and watching onion volcano towers (lol). she recently became extremely nostalgic for a meal there and since there isn’t one close to us we decided we should try and create a Benihana inspired dinner at home and it was a success. we searched the web for some tried and true recipes that were inspired by the restaurant’s dishes and served up a feast! – joanie

Benihana inspired dinner | designlovefest
Benihana inspired dinner | designlovefest

we used three already existing recipes as part of this meal, this recipe for the Benihana ginger sauce (which is bri’s favorite, seriously! she was trying to get me to eat it by the spoonful). the Benihana magic mustard sauce and also this recipe for the fried rice which uses 5 eggs and a whole lotta butter but is worth it!

Benihana inspired dinner | designlovefest

we served ours with mushroom, zucchini, steak and shrimp and here is how we prepared that part!

what you’ll need// this served around 5-6 people
• 2 lbs steak
• 2 lbs shrimp
• 2 zucchini, washed and sliced lengthwise
• 6 cups mushrooms, washed and dried.
• white rice

Benihana inspired dinner | designlovefest
Benihana inspired dinner | designlovefest

• pre-heat oven to 350. start by patting your steak dry and generously coating with salt. heat a cast iron skillet, once hot add a bit of oil, wait a minute and then add the steaks. test that the oil is hot enough by touching the meat down, it should sizzle, if not, wait a bit longer. brown the steaks on each side, and then put the pan into the preheated oven and cook for 5- 7 minutes or until you reach desired temp (i overcooked our steak, so watch it closely) 

• once the steaks are done, remove and set aside, covering lightly with foil. using the same pan, keep all the juices in there and put on the stove top. once hot, add the mushrooms and pinch of salt. let the mushrooms get really brown and cooked down.

• for the shrimp, rinse and pat dry. you can either cook these under the broiler or on the stove in a pan. since there are so many flavors going on with this meal you can cook the proteins very simply!

• we cooked the zucchini in our panini press and then sprinkled  it with white sesame seeds. we didn’t use oil on these as there is a lot of fat already in this recipe.

Benihana inspired dinner | designlovefest

images by: ivan solis

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