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make some of these pretty wooden vases for your plants or flowers. i love the look of these!


what you’ ll need:

• 40 craft sticks
• 4 square dowels (3/16×3/16”), each 6 ½” long
• acrylic paint: white and teal
• water for diluting paint
• sharp scissors or jigsaw
• blue tape if using jigsaw
• sponge brush
• sandpaper
• rectangular glass vase (6”long x 4”wide x 6”high) available at JoAnn • fabrics
• measuring stick


how to make them:

• Cut craft sticks into these lengths: 18: 3” long, 20: 4 ¾” long, 2: 2 ¼” long

• If you’re using the jigsaw to cut the sticks, you can bundle them in stacks of 9 or 10, mark the length with blue tape, and cut through the whole stack at once.  If you’re using scissors, measure, mark and cut each stick individually.

• Line up two of the 6 ½” wood dowels so that they are about 2 ¾” apart and attach nine of the 3” sticks.  Glue the top and bottom sticks first to keep dowels aligned.

• Repeat with second pair of dowels and group of nine 3” sticks so that you have two sides.

• Connect the two sides with nine 4 ¾” sticks.  Again, glue the top and bottom sticks first to hold structure in place.  Repeat on opposite side.


• On the top of the vase, glue two 4 ¾” sticks on two sides and then glue the two 2 ¼” sticks underneath them by reaching in through bottom of structure.

• Sand corners by hand or with a hand sander to even out the rough edges.

• Paint a gradient from white to teal by adding increasing amounts of teal to the white.  Top of vase is 100% white and bottom is 100% teal.  Dilute the paint slightly with water so that it is more transparent and the wood grain remains visible.


• Slide vase over the glass vessel and fill with water and foliage.


project by: bramble workshop for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
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MAKE IT / 52

i’ve been really into crystals lately. i love the combination of the rough texture and vibrant color. i picked up a few at the rose bowl flea market last weekend that have been living on my nightstand. today we are going to make a beautiful amethyst mirror…

what you’ ll need:

• 11 inch round wood clock face
• 10 inch round mirror
• amethyst crystals (we purchased 200 amethyst pieces from BlissCrystals on etsy)
• Loctite Go2 Glue
• Silver spray paint
• 2 small eye hooks
• wire

• Spray paint both sides of clock face. The back of the clock face will be the front of the mirror.

• Glue mirror to clock face and press surfaces together. Allow to set for 30 minutes.

• Using a generous amount of glue, attach crystal pieces around the border of the mirror, with some overlapping the mirror edge to conceal it. Let the glue cure overnight.

• Attach eye hooks to back edge of wood (pre-drilling holes makes it easier.)

• Thread wire through eye hooks and twist to tighten so that the wire is taut and not visible from the front.

and there you have it, simple and so pretty! i think this mirror would make the best gift for those hard to buy for friends. i know i sure wouldn’t mind receiving one! what do ya think?

project by: bramble workshop for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
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MAKE IT / 51

between decorating my studio and redoing my bedroom i have a lot of wall space to cover. i am really into the idea of using wall hangings, i love the organic texture they add to a room. i’m excited to share this DIY that jessica created for us, the muted tones with the copper accents is right up my alley…

what you’ll need:

• Thick yarn in varying textures (we purchased four wool blends from JoAnns and used a total of seventeen 40” pieces.)
• Everbilt 1/4 in. x 10 ft. Copper Soft Type Refrigeration Coil
• 10 pieces of ¼ in. Copper Coupling
• Measuring tape
• Scissors
• China marker
• Wire cutter

how to make them:

• Unroll and straighten 30” of copper rod. Copper is soft enough that you can bend it with your hands.

• Using a china marker, measure and mark at 5”, 15”, 25”, and 30”

• Cut at 30” mark using wire cutter (or hacksaw.)

• Bend at marked points to create a triangle.

• Push the two ends together – they will be concealed by the yarn.

• Fold pieces of yarn in half and tie to frame using a larks head knot.


• Attach the copper couplings to the ends of the yarn by threading the yarn through and then tying a knot. Distribute the 10 pieces evenly across the bottom edge of the wall hanging.

• You will have enough materials left to make two more wall hangings. Experiment with making different sizes of isosceles triangles and using varied yarn lengths.

Pretty easy, right? We hope you give them a shot!

project by: bramble workshop for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
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MAKE IT / 50

i have been searching for the perfect placemats for our dining room table ever since i hosted thanksgiving at my house and realized i didn’t have any! today we will be making some dip dyed linen placemats that i just LOVE. this would be a great DIY project for a wedding reception or your next outdoor event. the texture of the linen looks really great, and each placemat has it’s own unique look.

what you’ll need:

• Heavy weight linen fabric (one placemat = 13×18”)
• Fabric dye (we used Fiber Reactive Procion dye in Bubble Gum and Elephant Grey from Dharma Trading Co.)
• Soda Ash and salt (for Procion dye; for Rit Dye follow instructions on packaging)
• Plastic tub
• Two plastic cups
• Two wood craft sticks
• Plastic spoon
• Measuring spoon (do not use utensils also used for cooking with dye)

how to make them:

• To start, rip your pre-washed linen into 13 x 18 inch pieces, leaving a raw edge. To rip linen, make a small 1/4-inch cut on the edge of the fabric with a scissors and then tear so that the linen rips along the grain of the weave.

• Combine 2 teaspoons of dye and a small amount of water in plastic cup. Stir with wood stick to create a paste and completely dissolve dye (this step prevents “freckles” of undissolved dye on finished piece.)

• Combine dye mix with about 8 cups of water, ½ cup salt, and 2 tablespoons of soda ash in the plastic tub.  (Or follow more precise dyeing instructions on the Dharma site.)  Stir with plastic spoon until everything is completely dissolved.

• Hold placemat above plastic tray and lower one end into dye bath, keeping as straight as possible. Submerge about 2-3 inches and let dye penetrate for a minute.

• Remove fabric and set on a piece of plastic to dry. The dye will continue creeping up the fabric a bit while drying.

• Repeat previous steps with second dye color and dip dye opposite edge of placemat.

• Rinse each end in cold water and then wash the whole placemat in warm water with detergent. Hang to dry.

So, will you be trying these out? Experiment with a bunch of colors and send me pics!

project by: bramble workshop for designlovefest
styled by: bri emery
photos by: brittany wood
more DIY projects here 


MAKE IT / 49

Here’s a festive piece of decor to brighten up your valentine’s day. use this super easy to make mobile for an over the table centerpiece, or just a fun pop of love anywhere in your home!

what you’ll need:

• white hoola hoop
• bakers twine of your choice
• tape
• variety of sizes of honeycomb tissue balls (here) – I used 12 total in sizes 5”, 8”, and 12″

step 1 – trace and cut the tips of the honeycomb tissue balls to make each one the shape of a heart. start in the center of the half circle then cut at an angle all the way to the top of the ball.

step 2 – tape your bakers twine to the cardboard part of the tissue ball. keep it super long, so that you can cut it to your desired length once you attach it to the hoola hoop.

step 3 - tape your tissue ball/heart together so it will stay open.

step 4 - cut your bakers twine to the desired length in order to make it cascade in different lengths around the hoola hoop. tie each ball/heart to the hoola hoop.

step 5 - now you need to make the contraption that will hang your mobile to the ceiling. tie 3 pieces of bakers twine that are exactly the same length to your hoola hoop. measure out the distance between each piece of twine, so that each piece is tied equal distance apart. this will ensure that your mobile will hang balanced.

step 6 - screw in a screw hook to the ceiling.

step 7 - tie all three pieces of bakers twine together at the very top and hang it above your table!

project by: jesi haack design for designlovefest
photos by: ryan haack
more DIY projects here

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