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cheers to a long weekend! planning to have a little hotel staycation here in los angeles and maybe a beach bbq with friends. what are your plans? if you’re hosting a party of just hanging out by the pool i recommend trying these colorful fruit ice cubes….


for starters we bought a variety of fruit and herbs. then, we cut the fruit into really thin slices before adding them to the water in the tray. it was fun to play around with the colors and shapes, experimenting with different flavors. we kept some simple with a small slice of lemon and made bolder combos like mint + cucumber and lemon + sage.

you can add them to a cocktail or to a pitcher of plain water for a punch of color.

we used the leftover fruit to make fusion water for the office. it’s so much easier to drink water throughout the day when it’s this pretty! hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! - bri

(above photos by sheila gim for designlovefest)

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i remember a friend made me a laundry bag once when i moved away…she wrote all of our inside jokes all over it, and i still treasure it. i thought it would be fun to make a laundry bag that you would be proud to showcase in your room. you could customize the colors with your decor and have it sitting pretty in the corner. i wish i had one of these during my college dorm days!

DIYLaundryBag018 DIYLaundryBag001

what you’ ll need:

• 2/3 yard of 72” heavy weight (14 oz) cotton canvas (we used artist’s canvas from Blick)
• Fabric paint (we used Jaquard in Ruby Red and White, which we mixed with the red to create a shade of pink)
• Foam core cut into two irregular circles of different sizes
• Scissors
• Masking tape
• Foam brush
• Ruler
• Pins
• Sewing machine
• Iron


how to make it:

• Cut fabric into four pieces; 36”x23” rectangle, 13” square, and two 4 1/2”x13” strips

• On the large rectangle use a piece of masking tape to mark 5” from the top of the long edge (this space will be left un-stamped)


• Using sponge brush, coat the foam core circle with a generous amount of fabric paint.
Set stamp gently on canvas and press firmly. Paint coverage won’t be entirely even, but that’s part of the beauty of hand-stamping. If there’s an accidental drip of paint, just stamp over it!

DIYLaundryBag002 DIYLaundryBag004

• Cover the canvas with dots, reapplying the paint to the stamp each time. Leave room between dots for the second color and don’t stamp above the masking tape line (because this section of the canvas will later be folded over)

• Repeat with second color and allow to dry.


• Fold in half so that right (stamped) sides are facing, pin, and sew down the long edge.


• Cut a circle out of the 13” square of canvas. A good way to do this is to fold the canvas in half and then in half again. Holding the ruler so that the “0” lines up with the folded corner (the center of the circle), mark at 6” and continue moving the ruler to create an arched dotted line.

• Cut along this dotted line and unfold.

DIYLaundryBag016 DIYLaundryBag026

DIYLaundryBag027 DIYLaundryBag028

• For the handles, fold each of the 4 1/2”x13” strips of canvas in half length wise and pin together.

• Sew and then flip inside out, creating a tube.

• Iron tube flat, hem each end (folding once), and set aside.

• Sew the circle of canvas to the stamped fabric tube by pinning around the edge with right sides facing. Sew together with a 3/8” seam. It’s a little tricky to get the circle bottom to line up exactly with the tube of fabric and slight adjustments may need to be made.

• Flip right side out and fold top edge twice, creating a 2” folded edge at the top of the basket.

• Attach straps by pinning to the inside of the basket and sewing. Ends of straps should be about 2” apart and they should be sewn slightly under the folded edge so that stitching isn’t visible from the front.


so… this DIY is a little more complicated but you’ll get so much use out of it that it’s more than worth the effort! make one for yourself and let me know how it turns out. go laundry!

DIYLaundryBag019 DIYLaundryBag029

project by: bramble workshop for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
this post is in partnership with Caldrea. all opions are my own. more DIY projects here



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our white studio is such a great blank canvas. we were having an office party and wanted something super simple but impactful for the decorations. so why not fill the entire ceiling with colorful balloons? to add to the beauty, jesi added some pretty metallic brush strokes to random balloons, some gold and some copper. the studio felt like a dream and it was the perfect touch for the party.

all you need is some metallic paint & a brush, balloons, and a helium tank. loosely add paint strokes to the bottom of the balloon after they are blown up. we got our balloons here, they have such beautiful colors.

then we just tied them to a chair and let them dry before releasing them up with the rest.

a funny fact: you may notice i am wearing headphones below. ha. while i truly love balloons, i am SO afraid of them popping. so for this shoot we blasted loud music and i wore headphones for any casualties.

facing balloon fears…

this project came out so pretty! such a great way to add impact for not a lot of money.

project by: jesi haack design for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
more DIY projects here


MAKE IT / 53


make some of these pretty wooden vases for your plants or flowers. i love the look of these!

DIYVase014 DIYVase002

what you’ ll need:

• 40 craft sticks
• 4 square dowels (3/16×3/16”), each 6 ½” long
• acrylic paint: white and teal
• water for diluting paint
• sharp scissors or jigsaw
• blue tape if using jigsaw
• sponge brush
• sandpaper
• rectangular glass vase (6”long x 4”wide x 6”high) available at JoAnn • fabrics
• measuring stick

DIYVase005 DIYVase007

how to make them:

• Cut craft sticks into these lengths: 18: 3” long, 20: 4 ¾” long, 2: 2 ¼” long

• If you’re using the jigsaw to cut the sticks, you can bundle them in stacks of 9 or 10, mark the length with blue tape, and cut through the whole stack at once.  If you’re using scissors, measure, mark and cut each stick individually.

• Line up two of the 6 ½” wood dowels so that they are about 2 ¾” apart and attach nine of the 3” sticks.  Glue the top and bottom sticks first to keep dowels aligned.

• Repeat with second pair of dowels and group of nine 3” sticks so that you have two sides.

• Connect the two sides with nine 4 ¾” sticks.  Again, glue the top and bottom sticks first to hold structure in place.  Repeat on opposite side.

DIYVase008 DIYVase010

• On the top of the vase, glue two 4 ¾” sticks on two sides and then glue the two 2 ¼” sticks underneath them by reaching in through bottom of structure.

• Sand corners by hand or with a hand sander to even out the rough edges.

• Paint a gradient from white to teal by adding increasing amounts of teal to the white.  Top of vase is 100% white and bottom is 100% teal.  Dilute the paint slightly with water so that it is more transparent and the wood grain remains visible.


• Slide vase over the glass vessel and fill with water and foliage.

DIYVase017 DIYVase016

project by: bramble workshop for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
more DIY projects here


MAKE IT / 52

i’ve been really into crystals lately. i love the combination of the rough texture and vibrant color. i picked up a few at the rose bowl flea market last weekend that have been living on my nightstand. today we are going to make a beautiful amethyst mirror…

what you’ ll need:

• 11 inch round wood clock face
• 10 inch round mirror
• amethyst crystals (we purchased 200 amethyst pieces from BlissCrystals on etsy)
• Loctite Go2 Glue
• Silver spray paint
• 2 small eye hooks
• wire

• Spray paint both sides of clock face. The back of the clock face will be the front of the mirror.

• Glue mirror to clock face and press surfaces together. Allow to set for 30 minutes.

• Using a generous amount of glue, attach crystal pieces around the border of the mirror, with some overlapping the mirror edge to conceal it. Let the glue cure overnight.

• Attach eye hooks to back edge of wood (pre-drilling holes makes it easier.)

• Thread wire through eye hooks and twist to tighten so that the wire is taut and not visible from the front.

and there you have it, simple and so pretty! i think this mirror would make the best gift for those hard to buy for friends. i know i sure wouldn’t mind receiving one! what do ya think?

project by: bramble workshop for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
more DIY projects here

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