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today we’re featuring a very cool wall hanging DIY from michelle bablo who is an NY based event designer, stylist and florist!

“i’ve always loved the weavings of fellow Brooklynite Maryanne Moodie – the colors, the textures, the interesting shapes. so when i moved into a new studio space, i wanted to create a textile-based wall hanging that had a similar vibe & made a big impact in my space! what i love about this project is that you don’t need any special tools & it’s extremely easy to make. plus, depending on what kind of yarn you use, it can cost as little as $10 in materials. there are also lots of great ways to customize it – you can paint the dowel a bright color, hang it from a branch or piece of ribbon, or even use different thicknesses of yarn. my cat, unsurprisingly, also LOVED this project – tassels make the perfect cat toy.” – michelle





you know what we think there’s a shortage of in the world? stylish animal beds! natalie took on the DIY cat bed challenge and her little kitty fell in LOVE with it. the stacked pillows would look good on a couch, on the floor…pretty much anywhere. i love that you can use fabrics that match the decor in your home. we used these beautiful rebecca atwood fabrics in different shades of blue…


• 4 yards of fabric, we used  approx. 1 yard per textile patter
• 6-8 yards of super loft batting
• yarn
• yarn needle (with a sharp point)
• fabric marker
• scissors
• pins
• large piece of sketch paper
• pencil
• ruler
• sewing machine

*this project is great for novice sewers, if you have a sewing machine and have been intimidated to try a project this one is perfect. it is as easy and straight forward as sewing a pillow. if you are not familiar with sewing terms we recommend the “SEW U” book by Wendy Mullins or the myriad of youtube tutorials. sewing gets easier and easier with practice and this project is a great place to start.

how to:

• the first thing you’ll want to do is make a pattern for the cushions you want to stack. our model cat is on the petite side and we made our cat bed 18 x 22 inches but you can make yours larger for bigger cats (or dogs). add a 1/2 inch seam allowance to all 4 sides. on one one the long sides mark a 4 inch opening in the middle so that you can stuff the batting inside





i’m excited to be partnering with boots beauty on this DIY post. they have an amazing line of plant-based skin care products that are completely affordable and really pull their weight in the skin improvement category. some office favorites are the all bright balm (makes you look like you slept 8 hours, seriously!), the facial oil and the toner which magically doesn’t bother my sensitive skin.

in keeping with the green theme, natalie came up with this genius DIY for wall hanging planters. you can use air dry clay so no need to get crazy with ceramic throwing and you can make them at home with very few tools needed.

what you’ll need:
air dry clay (we used Crayola)
• rolling pin
• canvas about 18 x 24 inches
• exacto blade
• ceramic pin tool (available at art and craft stores)
• sandpaper
• craft or spray paint
• tissue paper or newsprint and drawing paper
• small sponge

how to make them:

• first make yourself a pattern of the shape you want your plant pocket to be. make two of the exact same shape by tracing your shape and then cut the top off of one in a nice rounded shape, that piece will serve as the front of your pocket. round and oval shapes work the best and they can be perfect or irregular, what ever you like

• roll 2 balls of clay, the size of a fist, in between a folded piece of canvas until they are about 1/4 inch in thick. note: rolling the clay on canvas will keep the clay from sticking to your work table and make it easier to pick up

• cut out each pattern piece from your flattened clay with an exacto knife (clay is surprisingly easy to cut with a sharp blade)

• roll one coil of clay long enough to go around the bottom curve of your front pattern piece taking care to taper the ends a bit

• with the pin tool make score marks along all the edges that your two pieces will meet to form your pocket

• on your front piece attach the coil to the area that you have scored. add a little water to the clay to help the coil stick to the other piece of clay, score the top of the attached coil as well

• cut a piece of drawing paper slightly smaller but in the same shape as your front pattern piece. it doesn’t need to be perfect just enough to cover the surface of the exposed clay inside the coil area. this will help keep your two clay pieces from touching when you join then and also help you keep the shape smooth

• with a sponge put a little water on the coil and the scored part of the other piece of clay

• crumple a little piece of newsprint or tissue paper and put it on the large flat piece of clay. this will help you create the shape of the pocket when you join the two pieces

• now you get to join your two pieces together! when you have them lined up so all the edges are in the right place pinch the 2 pieces together kind of like a pie crust

• with your sponge smooth all the edges and surfaces. if your edge is a little bumpy from pinching it run the pin tool along it and take off any small pieces

• shape your pocket and put in extra tissue paper if necessary to keep it propped up while drying. after the clay has dried for an hour or so you can put your last finishing touches on the pocket shape and smooth it all out one last time

• after your clay is dry (time depends on climate conditions where you are, in Southern California we find it takes a day or two) you can smooth your pocket even more with sandpaper. use a medium grit first to take down any lumps or bumps and a fine grit to smooth before painting

• we used white spray paint and colored craft paint to finish ours but you can really do anything! dots, stripes, all white, it’s up to you

• use a clear acrylic spray to seal your paint since you will probably need to water your plants, be sure to read all directions on paint dry time so your project stands the test of time.

we decided to use succulents as they require less water and still look great but the plant selection is up to you. have fun and show us what you create!

DIY created by: natalie shriver
photos by: Ivan Solis 

(this post was sponsored by boots beauty. thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create original content for you.)




Hey everyone! It’s Ashley from Sugar & Cloth here again with another simple home decor tutorial. This time we’re putting those cute matches that you picked up solely for the cute packaging to good use. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done that!

You can actually use whatever small objects or patterns you’d like, but this DIY matchstick patterned vanity tray definitely fits the bill for a statement piece for the bathroom, guest room, living room, or any other place you can squeeze in a little extra color.

• Matches (or another small object to create a pattern with!)
• Tacky glue
• Plain tray
• Spray paint in the color of your choice (optional if you want a colored tray!)
• 3 Dimensional Magic (you’ll need at least two bottles depending on how big your tray is)

• If you want the bottom of your tray (or entire tray) to be a different color, you’ll obviously spray paint it first and let it dry. Once dry, lay out the pattern of your objects or matches to make sure you like it first.

 • Use a small amount of tacky glue one by one on the bottoms of each matchstick and place it back down firmly to make sure it stays in place. This will keep your design from moving once you have the top coat!

 • Squeeze on the 3 dimensional magic all over the bottom of your tray until there’s enough of it on the bottom that it completely covers all of your objects. The idea is that it will harden and create an even surface for you to place things on, so be generous! Let it dry for about 12-24 hours depending on the temperature and humidity.

 • Once it’s dry you can style and place it however you’d like, and the clear coat will create a waterproof surface as well.

In case you missed the last DIY home decor post, you can check out my DIY gold foil brushstroke pillow here!

project by: Sugar & Cloth
photos by: Jared Smith



DIY Toilet Paper Holder

i am VERY excited about this one. one night natalie and i were hanging around her house eating thai food, as usual, and we concepted this idea to upgrade your toilet paper holders in a stylish way. these are something everybody has in their homes, and they are very rarely given second thought when it comes to design. but why not? it’s so simple and can make a bathroom look that much cooler!

so we decided to make a little project out of it. we thought of hotels that we loved and designed TP holders based on their aesthetic. because we’re weird like that. but i truly love how this came out! i need to change the holder in my bathroom immediately. now, let’s get to the project and how you can make your own…

the ace hotel is mid-century desert modern

Desert Modern Toilet Paper Holder
DIY Desert Modern Toilet Paper Holder


• drawer pull (ours are from anthropologie here, here, here, and here. i also love this one.)

• half inch tube or pipe cut to six inches in length, you can use brass or copper pipe, we love clear acrylic tubes because you can slip any kind of colored paper or fabric inside like you see here. plexi tubes can be found online here.

• 24 inches of leather cord, rope, twine or ribbon, whichever suits your fancy

DIY Toilet Paper Holder
DIY Toilet Paper Holder

how to:

• make loops at either end of your cord that are large enough to fit around the drawer pull easily.

• drill a hole in your wall that is just slightly smaller than the hardware on the back of the drawer pull and twist the pull into the wall to create a knob.

if my dreams come true one day and i can design a hotel, it would be scandinavian inspired with no shortage of color…

Scandinavian Inspired Toilet Paper Holder
DIY Toilet Paper Holder
DIY Toilet Paper Holder

• feed the cord through the pipe and hang both loops on the knob.

the beach was understated luxury in a relaxed natural environment

Tulum Hotel Toilet Paper Holder DIY
DIY Toilet Paper Holder
DIY Toilet Paper Holder

• to replace your TP simply pull one loop off the knob and feed the cord through the TP roll. it’s as easy as that!

classic sophistication and contemporary chic

Contemporary Chic Toilet Paper Holder DIY
DIY Toilet Paper Holder

which style is your favorite? hopefully your mind is spinning with what materials you are going to use to make your own at home!

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

photos by: jesse chamberlin
art direction by: bri emery, designlovefest
props by: natalie shriver

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