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good morning! i woke up verrrrrrry early to catch a plane to france today. i’m slightly nervous considering i’ve never flown abroad by myself, but i’m sure it will be just fine. i’ll still be checking in daily to the blog and obviously posting tons over on instagram.


for the first time ever, i haven’t planned one single thing to do while i’m there. so unlike me. so seriously, if you have something amazing to tell me to do in paris or provence, PLEASE DO! i always love reading your suggestions.


i will be with some people in paris for a week, and then taking the train (so excited about that!) down to provence for the second week. i’ve got a couple of possible new projects in the works while i’m there, which hopefully i can talk about soon!

ok, i keep seeing all these photos of lavender fields in provence. will i seriously be able to see those in person? because that’s like a dream. i can’t wait to just wander around and explore a new place…have a great week everyone, talk soon! - bri

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it’s a new month. life has been so different for me over the past two months. i’ve been adjusting to living in this house alone, and then my friend just moved in for a month or two while she looks for her own place. i’ve never lived by myself, and i gotta say it’s kind of nice. while i love having people around me, it’s been interesting to explore my time alone. sometimes it makes me very anxious and other times there’s no where i’d rather be.i assume that will even out to a more neutral place soon. i don’t normally handle large changes in my life very well, so i am doing my best to stay focused on the fact that this is just a phase in my life.

everything feels very up in the air right now, which is suppose is exciting. my career, my love life…all of it. i was inspired by my friend james from bleubird and filled out this goals list too! i’ve always loved thinking about the future. goals. dreams. it’s fun!

Eating / Everyday i wake up and say I am going to eat healthier and almost everyday i fail. i need to cook more often and not eat out almost every single meal!
Drinking / My drink of choice right now is a paloma (tequila, grapefruit soda, lime juice & salt)
Practicing / Alone time and meditation
Mastering / How to poach an egg
Learning / About myself
Trying / To travel as much as I can
Playing / With my cats
Finishing / The things that I start. I tend to come up with ideas and get too overwhelmed to execute them.
Reading / Was Girl Boss any good?
Remembering / It’s okay to take the weekends off.
Wearing / Striped tee shirts and jean shorts. Easy dresses and pons sandals.
Cooking / I would like to know how to make salads I actually have a desire to eat.
Working / On what makes me happy.
Traveling / Yes please. Just booked a trip to France with some good pals. I’ve never been to the South.
Wanting / To have more dinner parties and to find a therapist. Hey, that’s the truth.

try making your own list, it’s a good brain break. happy friday! -bri

above drawing by wasted rita…and just for fun, more dark & humorous drawings…






you may or may not have noticed i’ve been a little quiet lately. some people have noticed my energy has shifted some. i’ve been going through some personal issues that i haven’t really felt comfortable to share in this space until now.


click through to read…




here’s a little of what i’ve been up to lately…

photo 2-1

solo trips to ikea are my favorite. have you seen their polka dot bedding?

photo 2-2photo 3-2

i’ve been art directing a lot of fun shoots lately. my favorite thing to do is team up with creative individuals and create beautiful pictures. just for fun. and to get better at it. and to keep the inspiration going for the week. this one is from yesterday with amy merrick and max wanger. cannot wait to show you the images!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.56.36 AM

i’ve been working on building the “prop shelves” for shoots. sourcing from around the city and some from my best friend jen who has amazing taste. we have had so many shoots recently, it seemed like everyday i was dragging tons of dishes back and forth from my house to the studio. it’s time to make the studio a one-stop-shop.

photo 4

speaking of props…look at these cuties i picked up at dream collective. i gave the face an 80′s side part plant, which i love.

photo 1-1

the bedroom is almost finished and we are shooting very soon! i pretty much only want to hang out in this room, it makes me so happy + calm.

photo 3Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.14.46 AM

my friends often take photos of me instagramming. mostly because they think it’s funny how much i over-think the process. glad i can bring them some entertainment. ha.

photo 1

i found my dream chair in highland park’s matters of space.

photo 3-1

and look out this week for a pretty epic “florals in your space” post. this moon canyon spring wreath is absolutely, freakishly perfect.

hope you are having a lovely week so far. see you back here tomorrow for a PARTY giveaway!



i’ve always been a worrier. my personality is definitely type A. a splash of anxiety, a few drops of paranoia, and a heavy dose of worry. the remedy? TAKE A CHILL PILL, BRI.


there are definitely times when my worry becomes heightened. i noticed on our trip to thailand recently how many times my mind was spinning with worry. here, check out just SOME of my inner dialogue…and realize that my worry is real. this may sound crazy if you are a type B person…but type A’s, you can relate i think. right?!line

snorkeling instructor: “ok, so just jump off the boat. the water is beautiful! if you see a jellyfish, swim the other way. the coral is sharp, so be careful in this direction. and there are sea snakes sometimes, but don’t worry at all, they are harmless. have fun!”

bri’s dialogue with her own mind: “oh HEEEEEELLLLLL no. did that dude just say sea snakes? not harmful? HA! it’s harmful to my emotional state if i see one of those stupid things slithering by me. (pictures herself cutting her leg on coral, bleeding and attracting snakes, sharks and everything else terrible in the ocean who want to feed on her fresh blood.) bri, when else are you going to be able to snorkel in water like this! jump in, everyone else is doing it. ummm, did you hear he said there are SEA SNAKES IN THERE?! i need a drink.”

we get in a cab at the airport, and ask the guy to take us to our hotel…10 minutes go by. i sit back and start taking in the fact that we just got to THAILAND. this is awesome. cue the inner dialogue…

bri’s dialogue with her own mind: hmmmm. are you sure he is taking you to your hotel? i mean, he didn’t really seem confident when you showed him the address and i don’t see any signs on the road. do you think this guy has a machete? bri, he is a cab driver who is going to a hotel. don’t do this. (checks locks on the door to see if he was possibly inspired by the “bone collector” movie) ok, locks haven’t been removed. cool. let’s just enjoy this drive, we will be there soon. ok, but this road does kinda look like a back road. (looks over at arian with “do you think he’s taking us on a back road?” eyes) he’s not even worried. why are you? chill. ok, but if this guy has a machete i’m just gonna jump out of the car. but i should probably jump with my passport so i can get out of the country. right?!” (puts crossbody purse on in preparation for fast exit.)line

on a small boat that looks like a canoe, with our luggage…

bri’s dialogue with her own mind: “sinking would seriously suck right now. i wonder if luggage floats? probably not. do you think they accept water damaged passports at the airport. i really don’t want to lose my photos from the trip, my phone is going to get ruined. you should have backed those up on dropbox. ugh, stupid. this is fun, adventurous. smile!”


on plane during turbulence. my favorite.

bri’s dialogue with her own mind: “this is it. we’re goin down. that flight attendant TOLD you that accidents don’t really happen during turbulence. it’s fine. but remember that scene in LOST when the whole back of the plane flew off?! you better say your prayers, sister.”line

so it seems funny to me, looking back…but worrying is awful! my imagination builds up these insane movie-like scenarios and it can be really stressful. are you the worrying type? does it get better with age? (i feel like mine got worse!) how do you deal with it? be honest…is it xanax?

(spooning spoons gif by randi brookman harris)

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