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this saturday will mark one month of living a healthier lifestyle for me. obviously i have setbacks and i’ve learned a few things about going 0 to 60. however, i feel like i’m still doing a good job staying motivated and striving to make real life changes.


joanie: bri skipped town on me last week so i was left to my own devices. i’ve gotten back into doing pilates plus which is pilates on steroids. the first class is really awkward because everyone knows the names of the exercises and it’s fast paced and overwhelming but if you stick it out it’s a great workout, and only 45 minutes. i also think there’s nothing better to lift your mood then running, i always leave the house at 7am grumpy and tired but come back feeling like a million bucks. getting out the door is always the hardest part, always.

bri: well, i had a setback that i’m pretty bummed about. after rolling my ankle last year it seems the pain is coming back in my knee and left ankle. i’m guessing it was the running, or not giving my body enough resting time in between workouts. after all, i was working out 0 days and then started doing 6 days a week. i was forced to take a working out break when i went to new orleans for a 4 day work trip, but stuck to doing 150 sit-ups in the room every night with my friend anna. and no, that’s not what i look like when i do sit-ups, i guess something was hysterical. i also made sure to do a lot of stretching when i remembered and walked a ton before my ankle started bothering me.

so after a 4 day rest time on my ankle, i’ve been wondering if i can incorporate working out again? i went to see a physical trainer who look a look at my hips, knees and ankles. turns out, i’m not in the best shape in those areas. i have reeeeally tight hip flexors and need to work on strengthening the muscles around my knees with a professional who knows how to help me do that. i think i am going to dedicate 1-2 days a week to seeing him so i can learn about the best way to workout for my body so i don’t injure myself long term. (it’s crazy how you take advantage of something as simple as walking without discomfort!) he did a lot of pressure and rolling out my muscles and it actually helped a lot. i am going to do some lower impact workouts this week like yoga (i got this this yoga mat) or swimming (has anyone been to any cool pools in LA?!) and hopefully my ankle will feel better soon. i really want to stay on a good track with this health challenge, so i’m staying hopeful! what are your favorite workouts to do if you have had knee or ankle injuries?







i’m so happy that one of my very best friends cammy lives in california (we went to high school together!) and we got to collaborate on this fun event. her and her lovely partner cologne have a company called show me your mumu, a very beachy clothing brand based in venice. we thought it would be fun to bring our friends to the beach in malibu for a day of shopping for mumus, eating and drinking…it was the perfect summer party!

we let each girl pick their favorite mumu to wear to the party. i loved seeing which ones everyone was going to show up in, and it made the party so festive and colorful!

cologne’s fiance sam brought his australian coffee, vittoria, to the party…and i fell in love with those patterned cups! aren’t they so cool?

we set up a room upstairs in the beach house where people could each pick 3 of their favorite mumus and a pair of sunglasses. then the rest of the day we spent on the beach swing, lounging on the deck, and catching up with each other. it was my favorite day in a long time!

and how about our coffee boy’s cutoffs?! COOL.

heirloom la set up the most beautiful vegetarian spread with an ocean view. beet lasagna cupcakes, fresh crudite, peach gazpacho, spicy peppers…it all tasted just as good as it looked. i am never disappointed with this crew!! the presentation blew me away.

and how funny that out of 100’s of mumus…my best friend jen and i chose the same exact two patterns and mixed them together. when she walked in, i couldn’t stop laughing. we’re soul mates, i guess!

a day i’ll never forget…and here’s to hoping for more summer parties in my future! love you, mumu!

photos by: ryan hebert



It’s heating up pretty much everywhere right now, and as one of the many without central air conditioning in their home, I’m looking for any way to cool down. Luckily, this method not only involves delicious frozen sweets, but it pretty much the easiest thing to make, ever. Just empty all the ingredients into a blender, run it for a few seconds, pour the mixture into popsicles molds, and let your freezer do all the work. It’s absolutely perfect for the heat-induced apathy of the summer months. You can also make these a little more ‘adult’ by adding a shot or two of rum, just be careful not to go overboard, as alcohol doesn’t freeze, so if you add too much the popsicles won’t solidify and you’ll be left with boozy blueberry n’ cream slushies. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing… – eva

Blueberry Popsicles
By Eva Kosmas Flores of Adventures in Cooking
Makes about 10 popsicles

• 3 cups blueberries
• 2 cups milk
• 1/3 cup granulated sugar
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1 teaspoons vanilla extract
• 2 tablespoons roughly chopped fresh basil leaves
• popsicle mold
• popsicle sticks

Empty all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Evenly distribute the filling between the popsicle molds. Insert the popsicle sticks into the center of the mold, using the cap of the mould to secure the sticks in place. Place the popsicle mould in the freezer and allow to freeze overnight.

To remove a popsicle from the mold, dip the mould in hot water up until the rim of the mold, but not any higher. Hold it there for 5 seconds, then try to pull the popsicle out. If it doesn’t come out, repeat the process again until it slides out. Enjoy!

recipe + photos by Eva Kosmas Flores of Adventures in Cooking for designlovefest– want more food posts? go here!



hand-drawn love | designlovefest

“the colors in this little lyric from wild thing are inspired by isa arfen’s colorblock jumpsuit.” –maddy

hand-drawn love | designlovefest

(photo source and hand drawn type by maddy nye for designlovefest)




good morning! i’ve completed week one and two and now i’m in my third week of the health challenge. there have been a few struggles, but also some good progress. read about it below!

also, follow the hashtag on instagram called #dlfgetfit to see others getting healthy and giving motivating advice and recipes. tag your photos so i can see them and i repost them sometimes!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.26.09 AM

joanie: it was friday morning and bri and i were in strength yoga class, dripping in sweat and i couldn’t stop laughing thinking about all of the classes and workouts we’ve done together in the last two and a half weeks. i tell her she went from zero to hero because she has literally been game for anything and everything when it comes to working out. except fencing, she drew the line there. for me, weekly workouts are always mixed, i’m a long time classpass user and really appreciate that they allow you to try different classes with zero obligation. since you can only go to each place three times per month i mix in yoga, barre, and pilates. i’ve also been going to this fitness climbing class called rise nation which is so intense but it’s only 30 minutes, and i just keep telling myself i can do anything for 30 minutes. plus, you feel like a champion athlete when you’re done.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

bri: this past week i have worked out 6 days (pats myself on the back for that one) and took sunday as a day of rest. i honestly never thought i could stick to it, but i’m really learning to like this workout thing. last week i also tried the walking/running again (it’s about 3.5 miles around the reservoir and back home) it was hot, not easy, and i can’t say i’m a huge fan still. maybe it will grow on me. i just enjoy the bar method and pop physique classes so much more, they keep me active and i can really feel my body working out those spots i want to work on. i also decided to give strength yoga a try and although it was quite challenging, i felt amazing afterwards! my flexibility in these short weeks has already improved so much and i find myself wanting to stretch all the time. classpass has me trying new things with friends and it’s kept things interesting. on monday, i went back to the hip hop dance class with my sister and it’s a fun tradition i’d love to have together. +twerk+

my favorite workout this week was the cardio bar method class i tried for the first time. my heart rate was up the whole time and i loved the fun music. each week i try a few more of the harder pose options presented in the class and it makes you feel really accomplished when you work through the pain!

i’m doing two different barre classes this week before i head to new orleans for a few days (i probably won’t work out there, but will try to walk a ton and maybe do sit ups at the hotel. my friend is going to make fun of me. ha)

ps i got these nike workout shoes and really like them!




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