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you know how when you decide you finally want to work out and get in shape, you dedicate like 3 days of hard work and think you should have abs already? (ha, well i did) i finally realized that this is what i was doing with my healing journey for a long time. knowing what I needed to do and actually DOING it are two very different things. we are SO stuck in our ways, comfortable (even with our pain), that we continue our patterns and behaviors year after year, over and over…frustrated when we receive the same outcome. until we finally decide we are exhausted. and only WE can decide when that time is. someone can recommend all the books, podcasts, workouts, diets…and you still might not be ready. you might read this, and it might not resonate, and that’s ok! i just hope it helps even one person feel less alone.

the problem is, we have to get comfortable with the UNCOMFORTABLE. accepting parts of ourselves we have tried so desperately to stuff down and hide. we have to actually feel the pain that we’ve experienced in our lives, that we don’t even realize are completely running the show. we have to start to listen to our bodies when we get overwhelmed with emotion and we feel tense and scared and anxious and sad…instead of just numbing those with food, alcohol, shopping, working, relationships…really feeling it fully. that’s the only way they will go away for good.

it’s uncomfortable (VERY), and people have a hard time with that. i know i did! but there was a little voice inside of me that started to become stronger. i started to finally see results, and was able to experience real JOY. and after a lot of hurt, anxiety, trauma, resentment, shame, and guilt…JOY is something you do not want to stop searching for. get addicted to joy! once you commit yourself to actually healing those dark corners and really living your life with more peace (and i really think i am only 50% there!) it all feels so much easier. lighter. more manageable. because life is already hard, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

i wrote this first post a few months ago when i started to truly break through and find my true self. (which you will see feels a lot like a younger, innocent you. for me that was building forts with so much excitement, climbing trees without a worry in the world, picking cherries off the tree at my grandparent’s farm, riding my bike to school and feeling the warm wind rushing over my body.)

now i feel excited to share PART 2 (and it’s LONG but stick with me, ok?). i want these posts to be a place you can come back to if you are on that edge with yourself and need support, need resources, need to feel understood. a place that will inspire people, encourage healing, and ultimately bring people back to their own pure joy (because i really believe we all have that inside of us! it just feels harder to access the more pain you have endured).

last note before i start. sometimes it can feel over the top (i have struggled with it feeling self indulgent) to read all these books, spend time and money going to therapy and meditation and working out. it can feel endless and exhausting when framed the wrong way. i want to remind you that even the smallest changes (cooking a meal and focusing on mindfulness, or meditating 5 mins in the morning, or quickly writing down something you are grateful for that day) will start to SHIFT your mind. out of your old patterns and into a new place. don’t allow that part of yourself that wants to keep you in pain to discourage you.

believe me, i was a person that watched tons of reality tv, never read books, didn’t really workout, ate badly, drank too many nights a week, had co-dependent relationships, had little boundaries, avoidance issues, i was a workaholic….i tried all the ways to hide from my pain. it was a slow shift, and will probably change for the rest of my life, but i promise if you start small you will see results!! haha, man, i sound like a motivational speaker, but i guess i just have to be ok with that.

and remember, this is just MY journey. we all have such different lives. we all feel and experience pain differently. i never want to come off as a know it all, or arrogant, or like i have it all figured out. because i most certainly don’t. but i also know the changes i have felt are too big not to share and start concersations around! nothing but love for you all!!!


ok let’s start with a helpful tip that changed the game for me. having a library card allows you to use apps like Libby, Hoopla and Kanopy to rent FREE books, audio books, and movies. you can literally take yourself back to school, for free! (my husband calls my kindle my pacifier haha) i really encourage this because something that i want to address is that sometimes it can feel really overwhelming and EXPENSIVE to do all of this. but it really doesn’t have to be. and resources like this really take away our own excuses. they are free and available to everyone. if you don’t have time to read a book? listen to an audio book while you drive to work. you will want to start prioritizing your time to feel better. because when we feel better, everyone around us benefits too.



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i feel like i’m on a continual quest of achieving balanced wellness. making smart choices that benefit my body but also not living within a strict set of guidelines that limit my ability to enjoy life and for other people to enjoy being around me. i’m always looking for new resources and new inspiration that aid me in that journey, new recipes that don’t involve $75 of powders and potions, work out gear, articles, etc that encourage a healthy mindset. and weekly we’re going to share some of that with you. if you have a topic or something you’d like to share let us know! – joanie

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i made this recipe almost two years ago and i’ve been re-visiting it lately because of the extreme heat and lack of ac in my apartment. it’s essentially the idea of a smoothie bowl where you can throw a range of topping on there and call it a day. the one piece of advice i have for these it to try and have several different textures of toppings.

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i love this simple popsicle recipe by donna hay. the only adjustments i’d recommend is to make them with coconut water and honey or maple syrup instead of agave.

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we all know that water is important but i read this book called “you’re not sick, you’re thirsty” and although it sounds extreme it really does make you think about the healing powers of water.

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love this post on watermelon pizza from because i’m addicted!


this article on the healing power of mushrooms is fascinating to me. i recently started using a mushroom protein powder from moon juice (20% off your first order if you click hereand i’m loving it so far. the reishi in it is suppose to have a calming effect on the body so fingers crossed it works! i mix two scoops with 8 ounces water, 1 tablespoon almond butter, 5-10 coffee beans and 1 frozen banana.


my friends and i are continually debating the pros and cons of different birth controls and the effects on the body so i appreciated this article and the insight into picking an option. feels like a constant debate between of the unknown side effects of each one so any amount of insight feels valuable. (image from goop)

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out of all of the workout clothing i own i by far wear plain black leggings most often. i’m excited to try the new girlfriend leggings that just launched. i’ll keep you posted on how i like them!





BE WELL / 01

it feels like summer is packed with way more weekend trips and weeknight outings then the rest of the year making it more difficult to stick to the same workout routine. but, the plus side of that is that the summer months naturally feel more geared towards health and wellness. trips to the beach, weekend hikes, more time outside and less time in front of screens, lighter foods and more produce, etc. here are a few summer health and wellness things we’re currently into:

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this berry bowl by nutrition stripped, her site is full of genius recipes but this one really fits the bill since berries are plentiful this time of year.

summer sweat | designlovefest

these pink tights by outdoor voices actually make me want to go for a run.

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have you heard of daily harvest? i just found out about them and i’m dying to try. they ship you pre-portioned smoothies that you just add liquid to and blend. sounds too good to be true!

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have you watched this ted talk on sleep? i think it’s fascinating.  and i feel like it’s a good excuse to buy this calming mist!

summer sweat | designlovefest

after a recent trip to the dermatologist i’m on a big sunscreen kick and love that some of J.Crew’s suits have SPU 50 in the fabric. cool!








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it has been awhile since we did a #dlfgetfit check in and i’ll be honest and say that 2016 hasn’t involved much working out for me. i was on a crazy travel schedule and consistency just wasn’t possible. all of my trips did involve a ton of walking which was good but i definitely needed to step it up a bit. i’m back in LA for awhile now and have been refocusing my energy on creating a manageable fitness schedule. that joanie, she always has a way of bringing me back to this healthy side.


last year when we started this challenge i really dove in head first and took it super seriously. i completely changed how i ate and went from working out zero to 5 days a week. looking back, i think setting that pace for the start wasn’t really manageable for me. i went full force for awhile and then completely burned out. so this time around i’m focusing on consistency and setting myself up for long term success. i shifted from doing all different types of workouts to just one studio and that has been a great adjustment. i realized that i need structure and moving around all the time wasn’t providing that for me. i also realized that i needed a place that doesn’t allow for an excuses, no lack of parking, or super busy studio. basically, don’t give me a reason to skip my workout because i will take it. and so far it’s worked, i’ve started by committing to just two days a week which i know doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s better then my zero. and i hope to increase it to three days a week in the next few weeks.

i’m working out half on the treadmill, and half pilates. the class size is small, it’s close to my house and i’m actually loving the running portion. well…i don’t love it while i’m doing it but i love the feeling afterwards and it’s been cool to watch myself get faster and faster. i’ve probably only gone about 8 times so far and i am already seeing small changes in my body and mind. i’m excited to see the real results!


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i must admit…this part is the hardest for me. still struggling with the same story…i eat out too often during the week, and with a travel schedule it’s hard to limit myself and feel like i’m not depriving myself of something i want to do. eating and drinking is FUN. but, i do know that if you want results with your body you have to put in the work. there aren’t a lot of shortcuts. so i’ve been cutting back on drinking during the week. i guess i don’t really neeeeed that glass of wine or two with dinner. it’s probably more of a habit anyway. and i don’t keep unhealthy food in my house. if i stay in more, i’m bound for success, right? usually the working out kickstarts the healthier eating, so i am just waiting for that to kick in honestly.

so where are you at in the fitness journey? are you working out, struggling for motivation, killing it and never felt better? we’d love to hear. health and fitness is a journey and we all need as much love and support as we can get!

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This recipe has been adopted after a similar lunch i like to have at cafe gratitude in my neighborhood. it has so much flavor and it’s guilt free! I like to make this at the beginning of the week in large batches since the ingredients keep well in the refrigerator for a few days and make a convenient lunch.

makes 5 servings

• 2 medium sized sweet potatoes
• 2 cups kale de-stemmed
• 1 jar pickled turnips (found in health food stores)
• 1 cup quinoa
• 1 cup brown rice
• black sesame seeds as garnish
• 2 tablespoons cashews as garnish
Pesto sauce
• 1/2 cup olive oil
• 1 lemon squeezed
• 3 garlic cloves
• 2 cups basil
• 3 tablespoons pine nuts
• salt and pepper to taste

• In a medium sized sauce pan drop 1 cup of quinoa with two cups of water. Bring to a boil on medium heat and reduce to low. Stirring occasionally for about 20 minutes or until tender and water has absorbed. Repeat the same process for the brown rice with two cups of water. Brown rice tends to take around 40 minutes to cook.

• Thoroughly wash and slice two medium sized sweet potatoes. Place in a medium sized pot and fill with water until it is just about covered. Cook on low heat for about 30 minutes or until tender when poked with a fork. If you also have a steamer, it is another great option to cook your sweet potatoes, just fill the bottom with around 2 inches of water. Once hot steam for about 7 minutes.

• In a separate small pot fill with water and 2 teaspoons of salt, bring to a boil on high heat. De-stem and wash the kale and drop into the boiling water for about 30- 45 seconds to blanch the kale. This process will slightly soften the texture of the leafy greens and add some flavor. You will notice a bright green will emerge from the kale, this will let you know it is ready. Remove the kale and place in a strainer to slightly cool.

• For the pesto sauce, we used a vitamix blender. We found it more efficient to use and easier cleanup than making the pesto in a food processor. Cut the steams of the basil and drop into the blender. Next add the garlic, olive oil, the juice of a squeezed lemon and the pine nuts. Salt and pepper to taste. Blend on the lowest setting first and gradually increase the speed until ingredients are finely blended. This process only took about 30-45 seconds.

• Begin layering your veggie bowl with the brown rice and quinoa. Next add your toppings of sweet potatoes and braised kale. Add a side of pickled turnips. Place a generous amount of pesto and garish your bowl with black sesame seeds and cashews. The flavors of the pesto and pickled turnips bring every flavor together. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did!

photos and styling by: ivan solis