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Tomorrow is April 1st. Instead of playing a prank on someone, how about doing something to make someone’s day? For the past couple of years, Yasmine has been doing little surprises for people on this day. Here’s a few ideas on how to turn April Fools into April Rules…

The flowers used for this project (tulips, lilacs, ranunculus, daffodils, feverfew, wax flower, lavender, and kumquats) were mostly sourced from the grocery store (Trader Joe’s). All fairly affordable and accessible. Inexpensive vases and craft paper were purchased at the dollar store. Leave an arrangement on someone’s doorstep. Or…

Give $5 worth of gold dollar coins to a homeless person. Pass out “you’re cute” cards to strangers. Improve someone’s spirits.


Wrap some inexpensive flowers in craft paper. Fill up a basket and pass them around to people you see. This project is supposed to be fun, affordable and doable for all!

I loved watching people’s faces light up when they received their free surprise! April rules.

florals by: yasmine floral design
photography by: julia stotz



this was one of the prettiest shoots i’ve worked on in a while. amy merrick & max wanger brought their talents to the studio last week and we collaborated on this gorgeous floral shoot. amy had been wanting to do a project with edible flowers and decided to adorn a white cake with them. the  inspiration came from this dreamy watercolor dress shown above. (which is on sale here) this would be such a gorgeous wedding cake, don’t you think?

Edible flowers used in the post- rose petals, geranium, dianthus, carnations, calendula, violets, pansies, violas, lilac, camomile and nasturtium leaves and blossoms.

Sourcing edible flowers- try to search your local farmers market, garden center or specialty grocery store for flowers and plants that have been organically grown. Since many of these flowers won’t have been grown to consume, they may have a much heavier application of pesticides which is why sourcing organic is important.

To prepare your flowers- throughly wash and dry the flowers. Generally only the petals will be edible, so avoid eating any stem, leaf or stamens. You want to avoid eating any pollen, and people with allergies should be extra careful when eating flowers.

How to keep your flowers fresh- cut your flowers off their stems as close to serving as possible. Many flowers will last longer when kept in a refrigerator, but it’s best to keep them in water until immediately before use. Once cut, they will look fresh for about an hour at room temperature.

Ways to eat flowers- Many petals are nearly tasteless and can dress up everything from baked goods to salads, soups and vegetables. Some flowers have more of a herbal or spicy flavor (nasturtiums, flowering herbs) and those are best left on the savory side of the plate.

florals by: amy merrick - see more floral posts here!
art direction by: bri emery
photos by: max wanger
model: siri thorson



i’m really happy to share this story with you. kristen created this STUNNING floral wreath and these mini bouquets to match the decor in CHAY, a store in LA i fell in love with quickly. i had to hold back in this store, man. so many beautiful objects, sheepskin rugs, and quality creations. take a look at the next edition of “florals in your space” -bri





there’s something about plants that just liven up a room, right? (just look at how many i have in my living room) however, if you’re like most, you’ve bought a beautiful fiddle leaf fig or exuberant fern, and before you know it…it’s not looking so great. thankfully, having lush and happy houseplants is truly very simple! a little bit of research and a whole lotta TLC go a long way.

check out our favorites to grow indoors:


light: these little darlings are delicate – ferns do best with indirect sunlight to shade; strong sunlight should definitely be avoided.

water: keep soil moist, but not water-logged. i’m also a HUGE fan of misting (just picked up this cute brass mister), since it keeps them hydrated & happy.


light: moderate shade to bright indirect light; like ferns, they’re not the biggest fans of strong, unfiltered sunlight.

water: keep soil moist at all times, and make sure your container allows for good draining.


light: bright, indirect sunlight is best – like next to a window that has sheer curtains, for example.

water: allow the soil surface to dry slightly in-between waterings. if you notice droopy leaves, it’s time to water.


light: these cuties can seriously take the heat. give them the sunniest spot in your home. my windowsills are lined with them!

water: water very sparingly. soil should be dry to the touch at all times, but if you notice that their petals are withering and puckered, it’s time to water.


light: like rubber trees, these fellas love bright, indirect light. a west or south-facing window is best.

water: allow soil surface to dry in-between waterings. overwatering is actually the biggest killer of the fiddle leaf fig.

and there you have it! which plants are you going to try in your home? best of luck with them.

art direction by: bri emery
plant care guide by:
mehreen qudosi - see more floral posts here!

photography by: sheila gim



i am really getting addicted to hosting these workshops. they always turn out so pretty and i leave feeling inspired and excited by all of the new energy. the theme behind this series of floral classes was citrus and early spring blooms. kristen selected a beautiful and unique range of florals and each student learned how to create a citrus hued arrangement. spring happens to have some of my favorite flowers; ranunculus, sweet peas,  garden roses and poppies. and i loved seeing how kristen combined those with kumquats, ferns and hyacinth to make something truly spectacular.

PS! this workshop was also covered by chalkboard magazine, check out their site here!

amy from moon canyon created these ridiculously awesome color-wheels that depicted the range of citrus tones that the students would be working with, it really helped in understanding how to select a color palette when you are arranging on your own.

those fiberglass chairs have proved to be a great investment. they add the perfect finishing touch to the studio on workshop days.

brittany did such an amazing job with these photos, it made my morning looking through all of the images and it was nearly impossible to narrow down my selects!

kristen taught the students the trick to building a base for your arrangement and how to follow an asymmetrical pattern. i love looking at each students final arrangement because even though they all start with the same ingredients they all look different and unique at the end. everyone takes their own spin on kristen’s instructions and the finished products are always impressive.

pressed juicery supplied the students with juices that were the perfect colors to compliment the flowers. my favorite was the cucumber, pineapple and lemon.

valleybrink road created a stunning spread of citrus themed dishes including grapefruit salad, homemade croissants and lemon shortbread cookies.

i love how simple & fresh the spread looked in the white studio.

floral arranging is a definite skill and it’s crazy to see how one small tip or trick can dramatically alter the bouquet. we had a Q&A at the end of each session where the students could ask kristen questions about florals, anything from how to cut the stem to the ins and outs of the flower mart. 

i was particularly fond of the kumquat branches in the arrangement.


the morning set-up before these events is frantic but it is always more than worth it in the end. i love seeing the studio transformed in so many different ways and watching the student’s faces and excitement as they arrive never gets old.


it was great to see all of the elements come together and i can’t imagine a more perfect way to spend a sunny saturday.

we receive a lot of e-mails asking about when our next series of workshops will be. if you’re curious, you can sign up for our workshop newsletter here. we send out announcements for upcoming classes and ticket sales ahead of time so you’ll be able to beat the rush!

p.s. thanks for putting up with the long post, i cut it down as much as possible, i promise!

photos by: brittany wood
see more floral posts here

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