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my boyfriend and i watched the woody allen documentary on netflix…wow. he is just so fascinating! one thing that really spoke to me was his go-go-go attitude. once he got started doing what he loved as a teenager, he just never stopped. he would finish a movie, and already be on to the next one. he didn’t care what people said about his movies, or whether they were huge hits…he made them because he believed in the stories. it gets me a little teary eyed when i think about it, because i feel so fortunate to be doing what i care so much about. i really admire this guy.

there was a quote he said in the movie that i immediately wrote down. “the only thing standing between greatness and me…is me. so there’s really no excuse.” it’s so true. just think about what you want, and go get it. people have been saying it for years and it’s still as powerful as ever.

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belle jour – this wallpaper is a simple reminder for us to enjoy our beautiful day. dress your tech with these two new free desktop downloads today!

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you can download more pretty wallpapers here, here and here!

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toronto blogshop was a real delight. easy travel, beautiful weather, a bunch of eager learners, a park picnic, drinks at the drake and yes, we got to try poutine too…

and here’s where you can grab a heart tote of your very own! i’ve been carrying mine everywhere this summer.

snap + tumbleit’s true, we DID wish you were there with us. snap + tumble is a letterpress line of small stationery goods hand-printed in toronto.

sorelli jewelryi love these little crystal cluster earrings (below) + that coral gem necklace up above.

my lovely assistant alex made the students these little craft kits – glitter, tags, colorful strings + clips.

3. shevon/nacho – these cute little heart pins, because who doesn’t like a red heart? in her shop, you can submit a photo of your animal and she will make a stuffed pillow from it. funny huh?

we had an outdoor picnic while giving our brains a photoshop break, it was really awesome to chat with the students outside of the classroom.

gus and abby – i am a big fan of her illustrated cards and color choices!

we have started using a hashtag each class so people considering taking the class can get a feeling of the workshop from the student’s eyes. you can see all their snaps here! the flowers that dee (our go-to toronto gal) made were a big hit.

like what you see? you can sign up for the three blogshop classes we just put up here! let us teach you our photoshop tricks for your blog!

and we have joined facebook and updated all of our class albums. we’d love if you would tag yourself in your class photo!



the question today is: “how do you handle your accounting and bookkeeping?”


good question! i’m still figuring out what works for me. i was using Numbers for Mac, but it was annoying to keep up with because sometimes i work on a desktop and sometimes i work on my laptop. for a while i’d “file” an email into a bookkeeping folder as a reminder to do it later. it worked until i started to forget to mark it.

right now i’m currently using google docs. i can access it from any computer, iPad or iPhone. i keep organized in the tabs and color code categories. i also use it as a project management spread. i’ll note that the project is with me for design round two, or the invoice has been sent (and note the due date). so far its working. i also just started using google calendar. i can sync up reminders on my projects and easily toggle back and forth from drive to calendar. i can’t wait to hear what works for you! do you have any cool apps to recommend?


oy vey. i am hiding under the desk right now just thinking about this. i am not a numbers gal, so this has been the most difficult part of freelancing for me, but i will shamelessly tell you what i have going on over here anyways. the FIRST thing i did was opened up a business account at the bank. that way i know that anything i put on that card, i can write off for taxes. it’s much easier to track everything down this way – checks coming in, checks going out.

i am also using google docs to keep track of all my income. one tab is for blogshop, one tab is for the blog/ads, and one tab is my design work. i make notes next to it that say if they paid their deposit, or if the job is done and i am waiting for payment. i put reminders in my google calendar to check that the payment has been received on time. (it’s really frustrating when a client doesn’t pay you on time and you have to hunt them down) i also am a fan of wunderlist for my reminders and sharing lists with my assistants.

even with these systems in place, it’s all a little overwhelming still. i am actually going to meet with a bookkeeper next week to go over quickbooks and try to get everything a little more legitimized. when you are starting out, just keep track of everything to be safe. you can save all of your invoices in a desktop folder (or at least a copy of them) so you know that all the jobs you have done that year can be found in one place.

best of luck on this, creatives. we know it can be daunting, but you can do this!

(illustration by katie evans. read more freelance advice posts are over here!)




so you know how my boyfriend is a videographer? (he’s shot videos like this and this for this blog) i love watching him choose which angles to shoot, or how to move the camera in an interesting way.

i thought he would be a perfect addition to our video blogshop for bloggers to show YOU how to shoot too. not only will we take you on a little adventure around downtown LA the evening before— shooting at the Poketo store, practicing a little style shoot, live action and more — but the next full day we will show you how to edit video in photoshop!

this is your unconventional video workshop…and we can promise fun and inspiration. there is no better time than now to get video up on your blog! and don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy camera, your phone will work too!

for all the information and to sign up for this workshop you can go right over this way! and remember, this one is our first test of this version of class, so there will be a lower rate than usual!

we have students all the time who are sent from their company bosses! it’s worth a shot, eh? hope to see you there! -bri

(photo found here, read all about blogshop here)

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