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creatures of comfort knew what they were doing here. fresh styling, bold colors and just the right amount of spunk. lookbook design is one of my favorite things to research.

we go over pairing images in blogshop, this will definitely be an example i use in class!



you know those people that make you go “maaaaan, they have great taste!” we all have a handful of people (or more) that we look up to in style. i figured i should tell you more often who mine are! in no particular order, every week or so i will throw some beautiful links your way.

1. megan gonzalez. one of my favorite things about megan, besides her being a design bad ass, is that she really understands how to make a concept come alive. i always notice that her mood boards are so well rounded – filled with unexpected patterns, colors and vintage inspiration…she makes the feeling take true form. just check out her splendid summer pinboard!

2. miss moss. this is one of those blogs that never disappoints. she throws a buncha stuff your way and it’s always good. she does a lot of great throwback stuff too.

3. catherine sheppard. she’s been a friend of mine for a few years and i have always admired her for her put together looks and eye for detail. she’s been kickin her blog into high gear lately, which is something i always love seeing!

4. lab partners. what a well-designed site! and awesome content too. they just get it, it seems.



this weekend it’s all about getting settled in our new place. there is literally stuff everywhere! it’s funny that now we are in a house again, all of our industrial loft decor looks….real wrong. i need to work on getting more timeless items i suppose. i know a lot of people that really enjoy the unpacking process…finding a home for all the knick knacks. i wish i could say the same, but it’s definitely not a joy for me. the other day i had some wine and danced around while unpacking my bedroom. that helped for about 12 minutes.

enjoy your weekend everyone, and if you are mid-move too…i feel your pain! -bri

photo: the designlovefest instagram — ps for those of you who asked about my gold hangers in this picture, they were spray painted for this photo shoot. i wish i knew a place that sold them like that.

also, thank you cassandra daily for interviewing me here!



it takes a while to figure yourself out, doesn’t it? i was talking with a friend today about when she felt like she came into her own. you know, that year when you felt like your style was consistent or when your taste evolved?

looking back, this is something i always struggled with. i was always a person who appreciated style and all things artistic…but i couldn’t really nail what my style actually was. the more i think about it, i guess i can pinpoint a certain year where things started making a little more sense for me. when i finally got to the point where i wasn’t looking at something and trying to copy it, instead i was just doin’ my own thing. i wasn’t saying to myself anymore, “am i boho? glam? girly? edgy? SERIOUSLY, WHO THE HECK AM I?”

in 2007 i gained a bunch of weight (remember this post on how i lost it?) i remember that year going through a lot of personal changes and feeling very lost. it was a really low time, and while i was picking up the pieces, i started this blog. i found so much enjoyment in it because it felt like i was discovering who i was finally. i was documenting what i liked and why i liked it. really studying what made me feel inspired.

it wasn’t an overnight shift or anything, but i would say around 2009 i felt like something had clicked. i knew where i wanted to be, i knew the people i looked up to, i knew what made my heart jump. and after that it just took practice and research. there’s really no short way of getting to that point.

i bring this up because i look through my pins sometimes and if feels a little emotional for me. which sounds totally cheesy. but it’s true. it feels like i figured myself out. what makes my brain tick. what i love. what i definitely don’t love. it doesn’t feel so all over the place now, and that’s a nice feeling.

i say this mostly to inspire you to find those things, and to encourage you to experiment. and to let you know it’s hard. but that’s okay. and who knows, maybe two years from now i will laugh at this post and say to myself  “oh geez, you thought you had it all figured out, didn’t you?”

what about you? what year did you feel like you had a consistent style that was your own?


MAKE IT / 16

today we are adding a little interest to those white frames you have in your home. we ended up using some beautiful patterned paper from our favorite LA paper shop urbanic! this would be a thoughtful gift for a friend, or your mom, or anybody really!

what you’ll need:

• white mat to fit your picture frame
• decorative paper
• spray adhesive
• glue stick
• ruler
• exacto
• pencil

follow these steps (and the animation) to make it yourself!

• cut paper 2 inches larger than you mat in each direction, thereby giving yourself an inch border around each side of your mat.- draw a line with pencil along the length and width of your paper so that you have a guide for gluing.

• spray front of mat with spray adhesive and lay face down of the reverse side of your paper, taking care to line it up along your pencil marks.

• trim outside corners at a 45 degree angles.

• cut the inside of the paper from the mat, giving yourself 1/2 inch of paper along the inside and then cut the corners on a 45 degree angle as well.

• fold the paper around the edges, taking care to smooth paper along the inside beveled edge.

• secure flaps with a glue stick.

and voila…

just like mixing patterns in fashion it works the same way for these frames. oh, and you have to check out this video my boyfriend made for my pal emily henderson on mixing the patterns on your sofa! it’s seriously helpful.

go on now, spice up those frames!

project by: natalie shriver for designlovefest
photos by: kimberly genevieve
more DIY projects here

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