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i have been focusing mostly on designlovefest + blogshop these days…but I still take on a couple design jobs a month. i really enjoyed designing the new blog. i designed their previous blog and it’s pretty cool for me to see how much my style has evolved since then. i had a lot of fun designing little details for this, for instance that origami-like social media rollover!

*make sure to keep this blog on your radar, it’s gonna be packed with goodness i am sure.


STYLE / 63

when i saw this vintage dress on the hanger, my mind did envision my childhood barbie wearing it. i thought it was going to look over the top, but i figured i would try it on just for kicks. i was pleasantly surprised that i actually really loved it. (that’s why i always try everything on – i have never been one of those girls that could just look at something and knows it will fit)

so here’s my inspiration for this style shoot…

pattern / vibe / decade

then i saw that heather had scouted this beautiful pool that had the most magnificent blue teal colors happening — a perfect compliment to the pink and purple number. and remember that feathered friend i picked up at the rosebowl? i knew i would put that to use one day!

one of my favorite hairstyles has always been the half up look. the fishtail braid pinned back was a nice switch up. (i actually had to brush my hair for this shoot which was pretty awful. but it’s nice feeling a little more girly every now and then) this outfit might be a little too fancy for a date, but i would wear it to a party or an event for sure. this dress shape was made for dancing.

for the past few months i have been really into the circle cheek blush look (see, kinda like this). it’s doll-like and fun to pair with bold eyelashes for a night on the town.

see some of the outtakes over on my facebook page!

{photos by heather gildroy, find more style posts if you click right here}



i know this post is going to make it look like i am over here planning my wedding. but really i just stumbled across this dress and said THAT is a dress i would get married in someday. i rarely ever see wedding dresses that i feel like are me. however i would walk down the aisle in this fancy frock in a hot second. i love everything about it, don’t you?

photo by Brian Daly / Playing Fashion / April 2011



it’s pretty awesome to be back in our old neighborhood. silver lake just feels like home to us. we have been taking evening walks to some of our old hangout spots and enjoying every minute of it. we used to live on the other side of silver lake, and although the area isn’t very big, it feels like a whole new adventure.

one of the problems i had at the loft was that i never wanted to get groceries. i didn’t want to lug them from the parking structure to the kitchen (lazy, i know) now that we are so close to the store again i am really excited to get back into my cooking ways. it’s one of the things that makes me really happy to do. i hit up the spice station the other day so i could stock up our cabinets with delicious spices for our nights in.

i like it here because it feels kind of like a secret all tucked away.

you can taste & create your own little sets. i have always been a fan of containers, so i get some sort of strange satisfaction from bringing home a stack of these.

so much to choose from! but the staff there is super helpful if you are a beginner like me. they have tons of chilies, herbs, peppercorns, and i always go for the unique salts!

(ps, i got this striped sweater from brandy melville — so many great summer sweaters in that shop!)

spice station

3819 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

323 660 2565
Mon, Wed-Fri 11 am – 7 pm
Sat 10 am – 7 pm
Sun 12 pm – 5 pm

photos by kimberly genevieve for designlovefest



Here are my Etsy treasure findings for this week. That leopard collar has got to be my fave. It could update any outfit in a snap Stephanie

shop these items: 1. Detachable collar by Equeglitz 2. Typographic print by Nicole ap 3. Vintage scissors by Cute Old Things 4. Orange and gold buttons by Il mio bottone 5. Orange clutch by LunaBlu and Co.

want more? you got it here.

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