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you guys weren’t lyin about seattle having a starbucks on every corner, were ya? and i thought it was funny that i always hear friends complain about the gloom there, and when we went the sun was shining bright the whole time! the seattle blogshop was great (our biggest class yet!). we taught at this really cool artist space called fred wildlife refuge. (check out this huge open room!)

scout rentals made our space all good looking with her awesome furniture & decor (like these pillows i loved!) and look at that beautiful teal + gold laura burkhart abstract painting that we raffled off. i would definitely put that in my loft.

we included a lot of wonderful artists that i’m excited to share with you all. it’s still really fun for me to hand pick the items that students get in each city.

our seattle sponsors!
1. AuRetour – a print studio in brooklyn makes these cool geometric totes!
2. Julia Kostreva – silver foil dotted gift tags & those journals that i quickly became obsessed with!

3. Field Guide Design – those colorful DIY paper ornaments! i hung mine in my office at home!
4. Balue/Co – i was really drawn to this jewelry when i spotted it on etsy! i like the simple silk cord!

5. Our Paper Shop – my dear friend emma just started a card line. it’s hard to pick a favorite!
6. ravenna girls – neon rope bracelets!
7. Lime Greenorganic soap trio

wonderful food by:
homegrown catering, cupcakes with adorable heart toppings by trophy cupcakes, pesto jars by rialto pasta bar, AND these cool cookies thanks to be coolinary!

to see a cool behind the scenes video that Stephan Gray put together, head right on over here!

it was great meeting new friends and exploring a new city for me. thank you all for your creative energy! and as always, thanks to our friends at Adobe Photoshop for your generous gifts!

onward bloggers! (oh, and we have ONE more class that just opened up!)



it’s starting to get wild how many of these blogshop classes we have taught! we just had an LA round 4! here are some highlights of the photoshop-tastic weekend…

the bash please gals put together the most darling little floral arrangements & super cool triangle decor! those girls are so full of talent, it hurts!

we silk screened these cardboard boxes to hold all the presents for the students. it was a nice change and i found it really entertaining to watch the girls open them!

our awesome sponsors!

1. knot & bow: silver and gold metallic twine – perfect for special packages!
2. something’s hiding in here: adorable brightly colored wishbones
3. leah duncan: three pack of blank patterned notebooks – great for list makers.

4. twig: that quirky letterpress love print – i want it in my office.
5. we see rainbows: my assistant made these adorable little gold + pink clothespins! craft queen.

5. show me your mumu: everyone got to choose a patterned flowy mumu top

we swear by heirloom LA and their ridiculously good food. i don’t really know how they do it, but i think they are putting magic crack dust in their lasagna cupcakes. i’ve been eating these babies every night since class.

and thanks for the sweet treats, frosted cupcakery!

and students, make sure you check out all the fun smilebooth photos from the weekend!!

NEXT CLASSES FOR SALE: London (2 spots just opened!)



austin was so good. so good i cried at the end of class. i was so overwhelmed with how creative and driven these gals were. they asked questions about how to BE inspired. the philosophy of blogging and doing what you love. i will forever remember this class.

we taught in this really rad space called palm door. a big open canvas. the perfect size, all white beams, and it even came with delicious food from next door, pink avocado! i will most definitely be callin these people back if we make it to austin again. and if you have an event or wedding, mariah is amazing to work with.

i get a little giddy to say that chronicle books is sponsoring blogshop now. and first up was Oh Joy (a very close friend of mine!) + Meg Mateo’s book Creative Inc. I can seriously recommend that book to anyone who is even slightly considering going freelance. it helped me make the jump!

i can never ever get over how powerful geronimo balloons are. they are serious show STOPPERS. my wedding will be filled with them, that’s a fact. (and how cute is this valentine balloon idea. hint hint mr. boyfriend!)

those neon + gold ampersand posters?! all i can say is thank goodness i got to keep one of those for my office, because they are adorable. and those beautifully packaged vegan soaps with colorful washi tape were in the bags too. (this picture of them totally got me)

i just got a new instax mini 7S camera and i have been having way too much fun taking mini pics in all our cities. memories in mini form.
those striped cards make me happy. really happy.
and pugly pixel was generous enough to give all the students 50 bucks towards her awesome marketplace of blog textures, layouts and goodies. they loved that.

milk shots, homemade strawberry poptarts and an array of sweets were put together by andrea from bake sale. if you live in austin and have an event, this is your gal. so professional and you can tell she really loves what she does!

and these folks at son of a sailor were so cute, they put so much effort into their presentation of these chevon bracelets. this bracelet is perfect to pair with color! i really appreciated their love of packaging.

and of course those etsy props made things more fun. (similar here!)

big shout out to two incredible interns meg & ana. they were proactive and full of joy.

alright you guys, if you want in on blogshop, there are quite a few left in san francisco! yep, we just added that city! sign up here for either:



you have no idea how excited i am to go to austin! i’m staying with my friend camille, who is even throwing a little dinner party tonight, and she is goooood at those. some of you have sent over food recs (which i always appreciate!) and we are teaching blogshop in this cool space!

i’m off to the airport…and i have these geronimo balloon beauties packed up nicely for the decor! i’m sure i’ll be blogging here and there. but you can BET i will be instagramin.



two photos via max wanger’s tumblr

first of all. thank you so much for all of your adorable intern emails. you guys are making this a very tough decision for me.

second of all. we’ve added a couple more spots to our london & new york blogshops, seeing that they fill up mad fast. and we totally understand that some of you need a little time to save those pennies. currently, there are 4 open spots in london and five in new york for march. i hope to see you there!

and for those photographers out there you can sign up for our vegas class. that one will be bananas.

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