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hey everyone! we held two social media workshops in our studio last weekend, and i was really happy with how they turned out. everyone had awesome questions and it really felt like we were all involved in a big conversation to help each other’s businesses. in this two hour workshop you will learn how to use pinterest, instagram, twitter and facebook for your blog or brand. i put together a ton of visual examples, stats and did a presentation on how i shoot and edit for instagram.

the next round of classes was announced yesterday to the mailing list and the new dates are half filled. go grab your spot right here. (there’s still a couple spots in the mixology workshops too!)

we set up our modernica chairs and hung up our new pinatas from prospect goods!

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the perfect combination: delicious treats from donut snob (you have to try them, seriously) and a caffeine fix from handsome coffee roasters while everyone chatted before and after the workshop.  hope to see you at the next session! -bri

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(photos by designlovefest & bottom photo by justine dorsey)



something i’ve learned after blogging for 4 years…you NEED resources. and you need to organize them. you may think of an idea and there should be a list that you can refer to so that you can make that idea happen. we use google docs so everyone on the team can easily add to the resource page.


we all want to make original content. i know for me, the posts that i have been most excited about where when i collaborated with other creatives! (this flower bomb, a backyard party, benefit beauty posts, my living room, style shoots, blogshop events) all of those posts took multiple people to make them possible, and they also made the process more enjoyable. (and easier!) here’s our list we keep around the office…





today’s question is: “what makes a great boss?” (it’s a long one, we know!)best_boss3


i love to ask this question to potential directors when i go on interviews. i’ve worked with amazing and award winning bosses and ones that made me cry and want to quit. watching the good and bad has made me realize what kind i want to be one day.




i have so many friends with jobs and great opportunities opening up and i wanted to share with you the details in case you are on the lookout for work. you can always click that link up top in my navigation bar that says “jobs” to check the job listings on a regular basis. see if there is a position you might be the perfect fit for! (i’ll be adding even more soon!)


see the list below for job listings near you! keep in mind it is always best to send all appropriate links & materials when submitting for the positions. we can’t wait to hear from you. -bri


company: designlovefest | Los Angeles, CA

job title: creative contributor; photographer, stylist (prop or wardrobe)

tasks include: we’re always on the hunt for creative people to help us create compelling content. we’re constantly putting together photo and video shoots and have room to expand our team. have a talent we didn’t mention? feel free to send your portfolio our way!

more details: we are looking for someone who is eager to learn and contribute to the studio and brand. you’ll be perfect if you’re a fast learner, articulate communicator, highly organized and detail oriented, forward thinking, able to prioritize tasks AND super fun. This is a part time paid position for a trial of 3 months, with hopes to grow into full time.

contact: please send portfolio with links and a little bit about yourself to:


company: artist representation, inc. | burbank, CA

job title: social media intern 

tasks include: the position includes developing, implementing and managing a social media platform and working closely with the agency owner to develop a consistent brand message. other opportunities include working directly with the roster of professional photographers, producing photo shoots, networking with industry personnel, editing images, creating marketing campaigns, managing photographer portfolios, producing estimates, and helping maintain the agency website.

more details: the internship requires a general knowledge of photography and a passion to learn more about the industry. candidates should be self-starters with web and computer savvy who posses a motivated and dynamic work ethic. a creative thinker with a strong knowledge of pop culture is a must. previous office experience and a vivacious personality and the ability to educate and inspire is a plus. there’s a strong possibility the position will grow into a paid position with the agency.

contact: for consideration, please email your resume to the agency owner, tricia burlingham, at personal references and a link to your website and/or other work is encouraged. for more information on the agency, please visit


company: roomforty | los angeles, CA

job title: events coordinator 

tasks include: we are looking for someone with experience in events that can walk prospects through the sales process, and then coordinate their event from a catering perspective. the in house coordinator would be the primary contact for the client from the time of inquiry  to the actual event day, and to that end has experience dealing with sales, client services, events, rentals, venues, and all of the accouterments of this industry. a critical distinction for interested parties is that our product is food AND service–so to that end, someone would need to either knowledgable about food, or a very quick study. we need someone who is an articulate communicator (both on the phone and in emails), psychotically organized, comfortable with the negotiation process, natural at selling,  and can maintain grace under pressure. creating proposed menus and contracts is a big piece of the scope of work. to that end, this position juxtaposes the creative/intuitive (understanding the client’s vision and providing a resonant menu) and the administrative (minding the numbers of the contract, revising the contract, coordinating the details).

more details: the salary would be a combination of base plus commission. our office is located in highland park and and shares a property with the fig house.

contact: please email cover letter and resumé to


company: drybar |irvine, CA

job title: graphic designer

tasks include: Eeerything from packaging, web updates, print, collateral, guerrilla marketing, emails, videos – literally everything under the sun. every day it’s something different!

more details: please apply only if you have an online portfolio, are able to work in-house in our irvine, CA office and you are looking for a full time position. you must be proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. ideally this position would start as freelance, with intent to hire. let’s date first, before we get married . for more info, please visit:

contact: subject line: graphic designer applicant


company: deerfield | brooklyn, NY

job title: intern/freelance designer

tasks include: the candidate will be designing logos, packaging, experience design, promotional sales kits, assist on photoshoots and web design. a mastery of nuanced typography and adobe creative suite is a must, as well as attention to detail and an ability to work in a range of mediums from print to web. experience in hand illustration and print production is a real plus. a successful candidate will have an interest in current design and fashion trends and be able to exercise their skills on a variety of exciting and fast paced projects for high end clients.

more details: we are deerfield. deerfield is a boutique design agency located in williamsburg, brooklyn, first established in 2013 by partners yael eisele and melanie wiesenthal. we are problem solvers that believe in a cross section between art and commerce. we have a passion for launching new brands and inspiring existing ones to excellence. we believe in the power of strong design and that all brands benefit from a narrative that people can make an emotional connection to, no matter the medium. we aspire to create campaigns that are integrated across all channels and love to apply our skills to different formats be it print, packaging, online, video, visual merchandising or guerilla marketing.


 (photo in poster by max wanger)



hi guys! i am out of town this week teaching in san francisco, but katie is going to take over for me this week and answer today’s advice question: “what do you look for in a designer or intern?”hand_shake_1

i look for a solid portfolio that shows a variety of print and web, a nice sense of color and layout. their site is usually straight forward and easy to navigate. when i contact them it’s nice when they respond in a timely manner. don’t keep people waiting or they’ll move on to the next person.

when i’m looking for help i also reach out to people in my network to see if anyone has a good recommendation. i keep in touch with one of my favorite professors from MICA and she always has someone’s info to pass along. every designer she has sent me has been hired. note to students: keep a good relationship with your classmates and your professors. think of them as your coworkers and your boss. they will be one of your most important assets when you graduate. your classmates will go off into the real world and get real jobs. when their boss says “we need help, know anyone?” they will think of you and if you showed up to class on time and if you presented killer work.

when i look at students i think it’s great when they take their project past what was required. i’ve seen some start with a packaging project. then they turned it into a lifestyle shot and then a social media campaign. it’s so great to see people thinking about the big picture. it’s also a major plus when a candidate has lots of skills vs just one. they are more valuable because they can help with so much more.

when it comes to the interview i like it when people look me in the eye. i also like a firm handshake. nobody likes a wimpy one. i know i shouldn’t but when someone gives me get a weak handshake they go down a couple notches in my book. i like when the person laughs or makes me laugh. i like to be around happy people so don’t forget to smile. i like when people ask me a lot of questions (makes me feel better about asking them a ton). i want them to be curious and have an extreme hunger for knowledge. it shows me they’re ambitious and eager to work hard.

(illustration by katie evans. read more freelance advice posts are over here!)

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