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last december, justin and I were watching “walk with me” about the zen master thich nhat hanh. we spontaneously decided to book a trip to plum village, a monestary in france for a week long meditation retreat. this would be our christmas gift to each other. let me tell you, it was a rollercoaster…we learned a lot, but it wasn’t easy…




i have so many friends with jobs and great opportunities opening up and i wanted to share with you the details in case you are on the lookout for work. you can always click that link up top in my navigation bar that says “jobs” to check the job listings on a regular basis, we update this often. see if there is a position you might be the perfect fit for!  


see the list below for job listings near you! keep in mind it is always best to send all appropriate links & materials when submitting for the positions. -bri



company name: STRIIIKE/ Beverly Hills CA

job title: Part Time Front Desk Associate

description: Beauty Studio in Beverly Hills is seeking a PT Front Desk Specialist committed to growing within the company and with a set schedule of roughly 25 hours per week (including Saturdays.)

Ideal candidate has an interest in the world of beauty, experience with customer service and scheduling systems (please list those you have worked with), and the ability to commit to a set weekly schedule.

tasks include: Responsibilities include (but not limited to) prompt response to client phone calls and emails, client relations and comfort while they are in the studio, funds management at check out, as well as light cleaning to maintain esthetic throughout the work day.

more details: Salon experience preferred, business uses STX for scheduling and payment processing.

contact: If interested, please reach out with cover letter (or simply intro email) & resume to [email protected] with the subject line: Front Desk Associate 


company name: KRISTIN ESS HAIR // LA


description: Haircare brand based in Los Angeles is seeking a full time director of social media for all platforms. Job will require 5 days per week. 

Ideal candidate will have at least 2 years experience of social media with another brand + portfolio of work. Candidate must have up-to-date knowledge of functionality on all social media platforms. Obsession of the beauty industry is a huge bonus.

tasks include: Responsibilities include creating stories daily for IG, Snapchat, sharing content from Kristin Ess on IG, FB and Twitter, helping to create visual content for all platforms, attending photoshoots to create BTS footage for social media. 

more details: Must live in Los Angeles and must be on time all the time. Dependable transportation required. 

contact: If interested, please email Kristin Ess Hair at [email protected] with your resume, some examples of your work, your own social media handles with the subject DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL MEDIA. 


company name: Show Me Your Mumu LLC/ Los Angeles CA

job title: Lead Graphic Designer

description: Love working collaboratively with creative, photography and merchandising teams?  Enjoy infusing analog hand drawn typography into digital media like email, web and social?  Value deadlines, organization and teamwork? If the preceding description describes you in a nutshell then you might be the Graphic Designer Show Me Your Mumu has been looking for! The ideal candidate not only needs to possess a strong array of skills with a focus on typography, photo retouching and digital illustration but also should have a strong aesthetic that complements the brand’s vision.  In addition to day-to-day projects with strict deadlines this position will also require a designer that can navigate long-term projects that involve great organization and teamwork.  

tasks include: Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) Design and create all digital creative assets, this includes artwork, photo compositions, banners, email layouts, and typography that appears on Show Me Your and multiple digital marketing channels. Build and create signage for Mumu retail store, this includes window decals, flyers, brand books and press one-sheets. Assist with print lookbook; this involves digitally assembling product details and product photography into lookbook layout that is used to communicate the collection to buyers. Develop visual brand guidelines this includes defining brand color palette, typography and logo usage. Be proactive in suggesting new ways we can use graphic design to elevate the brand. Ensure consistency across all platforms, emails, flyers and print

more details: 3-5 years of of graphic design experience with a emphasis on e-commerce and digital, Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree from an accredited college, university or design institute in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Required: Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite or higher, this includes Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, Experience working with a lifestyle contemporary women’s apparel brand is a plus

contact: If interested, please send resume and portfolio examples to [email protected] with the subject line: Lead Graphic Designer


Company name/city: ZERO GRAVITY / Los Angeles, CA

Job Title: Operations Manager

Tasks Include: Inventory Control: daily monitorization of inventory levels, input purchase orders into inventory system, facilitating purchase order quantities, ensuring product is delivered on time. Strategic Planning and forecasting: acute planning responsibilities, forecasting inventory per quarter, new product launches scheduling. Systematic Development: improvement of operations, initializing new roll out producers, communicating to team and coordinating with production team in HK.

More details: The ideal candidate for this position will lead operations and will be accountable for the development and execution of the strategy that delivers the operational necessary to sustain growth, enhances the predictability of profit, optimizes utilization, drives improvement in all processes, and generates world-class customer satisfaction with quality. This is a full-time position based in downtown LA. The growth potential is endless! We want you to do well and succeed in all you do with us. Benefits include working in a fun and creative workspace with like-minded young individuals and a consistent schedule and flexible time off policy. Compensation is based on experience.

Contact: Please email resume and cover letter to [email protected]







today you can win $500 to spend on clothes at show me your mumu! they have so many adorable boho clothes. i’m loving their faux fur jackets so much lately. what are your favorites? comment with links to them below to enter to win!

show me your mumu giveaway! | designlovefest





my e-mailing life looks a little like this – load emails, go through and delete junk/unwanted emails, then go back and prioritize the important ones and start working my way down the list. that lasts for about 15 minutes when new emails start coming in and my little system is totally blown. i send and receive hundreds of e-mails a week and creating some sort of system is completely necessary for survival. i asked beth, who is a professional organizer (and helped me with my closet) to offer up some simple, time saving hacks for our inboxes, hello canned responses, my new best friend!

watch these short 1 minute videos and see if they help ya…


Stop Using Your Inbox as a To-do List: Because you can’t prioritize your email inbox, it’s time to stop using it as a to-do list. Scrolling through a long list of emails usually means something gets left undone and it’s a big ole’ time waster.


Canned Responses, Your New Best Friend: 

Do you feel like you write the same e-mail over and over again? Searching through sent mail so you can copy and paste your previous response to someone? Setting up canned responses in your email program basically feels like you’re performing magic. Because you save so much time by not having to write the same thing over and over again! We use these with blog submissions.

Work Smarter – Turning Off Your Email Notifications: 

If you do nothing else, turn off all notifications. Getting distracted when an email comes in is a huge time waster and effects our ability to get quality work done. It’s impossible to focus on projects when you’re getting constantly interrupted by email dings. We’ve all been there, typing away at an email and then “oh look, ASOS is having a sale…” 


Automating Email with Filters: 

I love automating my email inbox by setting up filters; it’s the easiest way for me to stay in control and it just takes a teeny bit of time to set up on the back-end. You can set up a filter for just about anything (my favorite is setting up one junk mail). I set up a filter to look for the words unsubscribe—the amount of emails that don’t hit my inbox because of this filter is amazing.

hopefully these will save you some time and help you get organized. let us know what you think! what else would you like to organize in your life?




the idea that you need to be creative or productive all of the time can often feel like a lot of pressure. we’re constantly working to stay ahead of the curve and put our best foot forward and honestly, sometimes it’s exhausting. one of the most rewarding things i did for the blog was to take a leap and rent a studio space. it felt like a big undertaking at the time but has really paid off in the things that we’ve been able to create. i thought it’d be fun to share some tips about workspaces and what i’ve found to be helpful in establishing a work zone and reimagining the places that we create. no matter if you’re working from your living room, home office, shared space or the 21st floor of a high rise we all need to mix it up every once in awhile because let’s be real, no matter your job, things can get kinda boring day after day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.54.51 PM

make it fresh – take the time to keep your workspace clean, organized and tidy. it does take time -those plants that you love need a lot of care, and those white floors need to be re-painted every year (ours just were!), be willing to invest the time and sometimes money to keep up the things that matter to you. figure out what’s important in your space, and be sure to not let those things go. sometimes just simply rearranging my desk, changing my desktop wallpaper and organizing my desktop folders can put me in a better headspace!

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

make a statement – i’ve wanted to get a custom neon sign for the studio to hang over our desks. help me think of cool phrases! i was considering “be here, now” (since i have a problem with always thinking into the future) or “you better work, bitch.” (ha! a good b.spears reference).

make it yours – having your workspace feel like it’s a reflection of you is important. you’ll be more enticed to spend time there and invite people in when you feel comfortable and confident in your office. it took us almost a year to furnish the studio because i wanted to wait for the right pieces and not fill it with things that i’d get sick of down the road. we spend a significant portion of our day at work so spend time making it personal and filling it with the things you love, it’s worth the investment.

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make a mess – whenever i’m feeling uninspired or stuck, i need to just make a mess and create something. call a friend over to the studio to paint or do a fun project. i keep a large area in the studio free to be a blank canvas that is solely meant for projects and shoots. i love taking these behind the scenes “not as pretty” shots. they’re a fond reminder of the creative energy and beauty that has been created in my studio.


make a new layout – don’t be afraid to move things around and mix up your layout. keep yoga mats around for afternoon stretching, put your feet up and work from the couch, push your desks closer together to encourage collaboration, work outside in the sunshine…there are so many ways to work – experiment and see what’s ideal for you.